YouTube Comment Roulette


There is a hell. It’s real. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived in it. I’ve spent countless hours wandering through its vast wastes, battling the foul and misshapen creatures that reside in its most malignant corners. Yes my friends, there is a hell and I have seen it. It’s on YouTube. It’s called the comments section.

There are plenty of festering hellpits stuffed with garbage people all across the internet, but none are quite the magical mixture of hate, bigotry, sadness and amusement that the comments on YouTube videos are. No matter what video you click on you are guaranteed to find a comment that fits this description. Hell, we have a commenter whose entire being is built on comments like these! It’s as incredible as it is disheartening; if we’re being totally honest, we love these comments. We love to see the absurdities someone is willing to espouse to the world underneath a video of some grown-ass men in makeup playing instruments, to read the strange confessions of strange people on otherwise inoffensive warehouse music videos.

I love these comments, you love these comments…so why don’t we make a game out of it? I’m going to choose 10 whack ass youtube comments from music videos and you, loyal flushalo, are going to determine what band that comment was dedicated to via our favorite method of testing: Multiple choice. So prepare thine angus, and remember that like all other tests, if you fail we will be forced to put you down.

YouTube Comment Roulette

On which band's video was this stupid comment made?

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  • Guacamole Jim

    6 out of 10, motherfucker! The Nails one slew me.

  • ME GORAK™✓ᶜᵃᵛᵉᵐᵃⁿ

    4/10 !!!!!!! ME PRETTY SURE THAT GOOD THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doom Scientist

    1/10: I am officially too old.

  • GL

    2/10. Cannot figure out if that is for better or worse.

  • Joaquin Stick

    I’m just happy I got any of those right. 3/10.

    • Sid Vicious Promos

      I’m proud of my score of 2/10.

    • Dumpster Lung

      Also a 3/10

  • Señor Jefe El Rossover

    That last one was a doozy!

  • Rain Poncho W.

    4/10 ain’t too bad, I guess.

    • PostBlackenedWhaleGaze

      Same here.

      I would’ve guessed people thought Kirk Windstein looked like a rhino. Man was I wrong.

      • Rain Poncho W.

        Haha, that’s what I picked.

      • Dumpster Lung


      • Leif Bearikson

        I almost picked it and I wrote the damn thing.

  • 1/10. I’m not sure if I’m proud or not

  • 5/10 WOOOOOOOO

    • GL

      2nd largest poser. Nice!

  • 3/10 – This makes me a non-shithead. I don’t know what scoring 10/10 means but it can’t be good.

    • CyberneticOrganism

      10/10 means you spend too much time reading comments.

      • I do that, but generally steer clear of YouTube comments.

  • CyberneticOrganism

    2/10. My neural net processor (a learning computer) needs tuning.

  • Sid Vicious Promos

    2/10: at least I didn’t know most of them.

  • Doom Scientist

    Dudez, Shin Godzilla kicks some serious ass.

    • Rain Poncho W.

      It’s really good!

      • Doom Scientist

        Best one since the originals, easily blows away 1998, 2000, and 2014!

        • Rain Poncho W.

          I think they nailed the tone perfectly. I liked it more than 2014, but I dunno that it will replace some of my very favorite Godzillas. The second half after he goes to sleep is pretty slow, haha.

          • Doom Scientist

            At least they give us some serious Godzilla action right off the bat, some of the best fx I’ve ever seen Toho pull off.

          • Rain Poncho W.

            Definitely Toho’s best FX so far. There were only a handful of kinda herky scenes (that transformation from phase 2 to 3), but man was this movie beautiful.

  • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan2

    At the very moment the music started my eyes were glued to the screen. I watched in amazement at the new sounds that rang in my ears like the chorus of a thousand angles of rock. The sounds permiated my skull, and I felt the music flood my veins and fill an inner desire I didn’t know exsited. I knew that something amazing had passed through the atmosphere of my computer room, and I knew that I needed more. I had found one of the many pieces that were missing in my life, and I knew that it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

    I pretty much raped the replay button on YouTube

    – Joh7X on 3/20/2011, 10:41 pm

  • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs


    That’s gonna be my next tattoo

  • The Tetrachord of Archytas

    3/10….after nailing that insect warfare one I thought I figured out how this was gonna work….i was deeply wrong.

    In Southern California, there exists a place called Riverside… I’m willing to bet that a significant portion of these comments come from that dark land

  • 2/10 would smash.

  • frozengoatsheadupanunsarse

    4/10 for me. Good-ish I guess. I try not to read Youtube comments. Bad for my digestive system.

  • Hans Copronym

    Great idea, this!

  • Maik Beninton™

    3/10, I kinda got the gist of it after the first answers.

  • Morbidly Obese Angel

    Actually kinda glad I did terrible on this one

  • 1/10. Nailed the Pantera one!

  • SavageMessiah

    1/10. I’m going to assume that makes me only 10% worthless douchenozzle, though that’s probably being too kind.

  • Vault Dweller

    4/10. Def. proud!

  • Eliza

    5/10, eh? This is what is means to be raised by the Internet.

  • gacharicmeatspin

    1/10. Honestly, I watch youtube all day long and I read too much comments for my own good and often engage in the idiocy, so I really expected better of myself.