You Need to Hear the New Zenith Passage Song: Simulated Reality


I have been patiently awaiting new material from The Zenith Passage for a while.  Their debut EP Cosmic Dissonance was fantastic.  Check that out here along with a brand new track.

Thursday, Unique Leader Records  released a video of a pre-production track called “Simulated Reality” from their upcoming debut full length and it is a doozy.  This is really good stuff you guys.  Not only do I get a major Archspire vibe from them (never a bad thing), but they even managed to tastefully integrate some clean vocals into a tech-death song.  What blew me away was that those clean vocals actually felt like they belonged there.  Check it out!

Check out their facebook and bandcamp which has their debut EP.

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  • Steve Smithwick


  • Ann Coulter’s Flaccid Penis

    This song is clean butthole.

    • Lol is that good or bad?

      • Christian Molenaar

        When has a clean butthole ever been a bad thing?

        • Well I mean if we are talkin about bojangles it could be bad?

          • Ann Coulter’s Flaccid Penis

            Anything about Bojangles is bad, amiright?

          • Well yea, he is a evil maniacal cat hellbent on world domination.

          • Ann Coulter’s Flaccid Penis

            To the linen closet! Every man, woman, and child must arm themselves with a suction device. Children can take the hand-vacs, men the industrial shop vacs.

          • CyberneticOrganism

            Shhh, he’ll come in here and start shitting all over everything.

        • depends on how hawt the girl is.


      *cue conan posting extremely innapropriate photo here*

  • Xan

    That EP was excellent. It has a really great album cover too. Speaking of album covers, Exodus released their album cover for the new album (out October 14). Here’s the source:

    • Sweet

    • Tyree

      Them fools be eatin their own limbs.

    • exodus turns tech-death.




      I couldn’t be happier that rob ” tuff guy” pukes is out and zetro is back in. If they even put out something even half as good as tempo it’s going to blow away the competition, this and the new anthrax will no doubt both kill.

      • I like the Rob Dukes era. When it was announced that Souza replaced him, all I thought of was, “What the fuck?”. Well, whatever.


          yea, dukes has been in there so long he has developed a strong fan base, its probably a 50-50 split among fans. He is doing ok with generation kill though, not my cup of hot beverage, but growing up on 80’s thrash i still crave the old school vocal approach.

        • Nordling Rites Ov Karhu

          I liked Rob too, though I don’t know anyone else who did. Admittedly he fits to GK better (they’ve never had a Baloff or Souza).

    • I wonder why they have a picture with Rob Dukes in the background.

  • Notice: unique leader records. Again!

  • RustyShackleford

    Jack you are the fucking tech death master. Already given me a lot of new shit to listen to in your posts. My noble Puff Puff and I bow down to you!


    • Haha thanks!

    • Mother Shabubu III

      For you, Rusty and the Shackles.

      • RustyShackleford

        Wow. Nice fucking riffs there. No tech-wankery, got a groove to it! Also I’m stealing Rusty and the Shackles for my future old-man rock n roll cover band, I promise to give you credit if I remember.


        • Mother Shabubu III

          As long as you don’t take my band’s name of Lithopædion, I don’t give a fuck what you call your future old-man rock n roll cover band.

          • Lord Archon

            Just looked that up, fucking fantastic name

  • JWG

    Apparently when I finally pick up that last Archspire album I’ve got a few more tech-death gems to add to the list; and a few more to look forward to (soon I hope).

    I thank you. The anthropomorphized spirit of my wallet, however, will need therapy: he’ll be feeling empty inside for a while yet…

  • A Feed From Cloud Mountain

    Looks like it’s finally time to attempt a THC overdose and start on my list of new music, which is now overflowing.

    Not a bad thing.

    • Steve Smithwick

      There’s never been an unpleasant THC OD.

      • A Feed From Cloud Mountain

        Especially not when you’re first hearing Psylosis, Septic Flesh, and the billion other bands I’ve heard about at this point. Might be time to check into Spotify as well.

        Good music is always worth a lighter wallet IMO.

        • Was that Typo or is there a band called psylosis as opposed to sylosis?

          • A Feed From Cloud Mountain

            Typo, naturally. Sadly I’m limited to the plague that is iOS 7, and so any incorrect band name or typo that I’ve made happily pops up whenever it’s least convenient. Thanks for pointing that out.

          • Ah yes good ol auto incorrect

          • A Feed From Cloud Mountain

            Indeed. Time to cull the misspellings from the list of accepted corrections again. And yet somehow even though “fucking” is clearly in there, my phone enjoys “ducking” much more often. I will never understand.

          • Lol my phone always capitalizes “Fuck”, and I don’t know why

          • A Feed From Cloud Mountain

            Haha been there too. One time I sarcastically typed “LOLOLOLOLOL” to a friend and for about 2 weeks that’s what kept popping up for regular lol’s.

            Technology. One step forward, one step back.


        off topic, but what do you do with the herb, joints, bong or vaporizer.

        • Steve Smithwick

          I’ve got a bong, gf has a vaporizer, and we bounce back and forth between the two. I tend to use more bong. I roll J’s occasionally, but not that often.

      • Ikillu

        Bullshit! Eat WAY too much weed sometime, hangout for about 90 minutes then enjoy! I’ve had a way more “pleasant time” OD’ing on cocaine, or Muscle relaxers.

  • need more baby in my metal.

    • Interrogation room mcnulty, now.

    • Owlswald

      This babymetal craze is crossing a very serious line as it is essentially bringing bubblegum / pop entertainment into metal. We really don’t need labels jumping on the wave and flooding the market with lip synched choreographed crap with pretty faces. The jury is still out with me on if the musicians in babymetal even play outside of their solos.

    • CyberneticOrganism

      *hits ToH silent alarm button, summoning RiotAct666 to dispense flushing*

    • RuIN?

      nobody puts Baby in the corner.


      check out this shirt ,hahhahhahhahhahahh, apparently people are being ripped off by judd blake again as we speak. A guy on FAILURES FOR BLOGS said JB is blocking people on his facebook if they ask about their merch. This guy is a first class turd. MS posting articles promoting his music has only caused more metal fans to be ripped off. Fucking disgusting. If you can’t see it well, it says blake crush, no reply, no package, no shame, no refund, pretty goddamn clever shirt.

  • Owlswald

    So Jack’s obviously got tech-death covered with a CIA blanket. Others have brought a variety of death / black / power metal thus far. Who’s the resident progressive metal / avant-garde junkie?

    • Steve Smithwick

      Molenaar did that interview feature with Kyo-dot earlier today. I tend to think of Molenaar as going with heavier shit than that, but he’s at least got his hands in it.

      • Christian Molenaar

        I basically like any music that’s not thrash, boring sweep-y tech stuff or cheesy prog/power metal.

    • Christian Molenaar

      That would be me! I’m not really into the proggy stuff but avant-garde metal, noise, etc. is my jam. I wrote a post a while back collecting some recent doom, noise and other weird stuff that’s been released recently but I have no idea when that’ll be published.

      • Next week! Along with (almost) all of the other things that have been waiting on me.

        • YourLogicSucks

          Including design? I’ll have free time Sunday again if you’re ready for it yet!

          • Dope! I’m going to get you set up in the system over the weekend and send you an email. We can coordinate our schedules from there.


          Those ads too?

          • I can get those moving when we get the design stuff ready.

    • Ann Coulter’s Flaccid Penis

      I could bring the -cores and djenty turds…but I doubt many people here are interested in that stuff.

      • I’m fifty fifty on that type of stuff. Some is really great and others make me want to drown myself in a pit of radiation.

        • Ann Coulter’s Flaccid Penis

          Yeah, I’d say that’s true of just about any subgenre, but the proportion of shitty bands to good bands in those particular subgenres is daunting.

      • RuIN?

        Bring it Ann!

      • The Satan ov Hell

        I could bring the punk, but… eh.

      • you should write an article that separates the quality djent from the “i can do this too!”s

    • NegroD and I have the skronk covered

      • Negrodamus


    • A Feed From Cloud Mountain

      I also did a write up on several groups I’m familiar with and I added a certain avant-garde group to that list. Hoping to bring exposure to some bands that I feel aren’t mentioned enough, and one I would bet real money most people haven’t heard (or indeed will hear from again, sadly).

      Hope everyone enjoys it if/when it’s published 😀

    • Elite Extremophile

      I’m a huge progressive metal nerd myself, I’ve been hoping someone would start writing about that because we’re not all tight t-shirts and horn rimmed glasses

    • JWG

      I may often poke fun at the easy sub-genre stereotypes around stoner/doom metal, but I’m pretty sure “my” area of Internet Metal Nerdiness is right in there, the more crushing the Wall of Sound the better.

      That couldn’t be any more disjointed from my similar appreciation of weedly-deedly tech-death, but I can point again to the fact that my local metal scene is so small that many of its musicians have been in bands from a bunch of wildly mutually-exclusive sub-genres; and the fan bases overlap significantly.

      Although at the risk of contradicting myself, paradoxically, there’s a visible minority of the local stoner-doom audience that doesn’t seem quite as flexible as the musicians in the scene. I rarely see them at anything but the gigs put on by the one surely active local band [Mendozza, if anyone’s keeping a list].

  • Scrimm

    My new toy.


      fuckin eh man !, that finish is killer.

      • Scrimm

        Hell yeah that’s what made me buy it. I love the LTDs.

  • Gurp

    Ah, I’ve heard this before. To be honest I liked the cover art more than the album itself. I think I was hoping for something a little more… guttural, maybe.


    My friday feature Bad lyrics from good 80’s albums continues with Dangerous Toys s/t part deux. Last week you were treated to sport’n a woody.This week’s is the equally trashy teas’n pleas’n

    Wake up lover, shake her off like a slick
    Hung over, tired and shaky, head two feet thick
    Half past noon i got up out of bed
    Ran to the shower to cool of my head

    Now i see the vision, seeing is believing

    Teas’n pleas’n, run for the door
    Teas’n pleas’n she wants more

    Wake up again in a stranger’s bed
    Heard her honey’s voice, i knew i was dead
    Lover’s under the covers, shakin’ in shock
    Blink of my eyes, been stabbed, hung or shot

    Teas’n pleas’n, run for the door
    Teas’n pleas’n, but she wants more
    Teas’n pleas’n, yeah, give the dog a bone
    Teas’n pleas’n, roll over baby, hang up the phone

    Gee, mister, i didn’t know she was your wife
    Hey, a-let’s just shake on it and call it even eh !
    Man, i think i got the wrong house !

    I don’t even make my rules
    That’s why i’m usually the fool
    I never even had no school yea !
    Hey sugar ! Don’t ya think i’m cool !

    See ya next week for another installment of great 80’s albums with piss poor lyrics. Don’t worry, there is no shortage.

    • RuIN?

      Thoughts on the Shadows Fall cover of that song. It does feature McMasters on vocals.


        have not heard it , will check it out and get back to you. I actually am a fan of DT, but the lyrics are hiliarious. It’s obvious they were just fucking around and having a laugh. I would say scared is my favorite song on this.


        Just listened to it , yea it’s cool, the original is pretty much just as heavy though surprisingly. Toys should make a comeback, if kix can do it they can.

    • Check out some of Blood On The Dance Floor’s lyrics. Not 80’s, but it’s like sexting messages from a 10 year old.

  • Lacertilian

    Only 5 minutes in and I’m enjoying this!

  • Loving this! Definitely hitting it out of the park on songs more than Metal Injection!