xDEATHSTARx – Generation: A Video Breakdown



xDEATHSTARx may not be a name to you, but I definitely remember them. I mean, I never listened to them, but it’s hard to forget about a straight edge Christian metalcore/hardcore band with (at least) five vocalists. When I say five vocalists I don’t mean that everyone in the band (guitars, bass, drums) also does vocals. I mean that there are multiple members of the band who just do vocals. If you think having something like 10 hXc dudes running around on stage would be some sort of shitshow, you’re pretty much correct.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It was just a different time”? It certainly rings true for the metalcore/hardcore revival of around 2002-2006. Having that many vocalists was still weird, but kind of fit. I never got to see them when I attended Hellfest (US) in 2004, but it probably would’ve been something to see. While some of the members have changed, the band is now back with a new video. Pull up your mosh shorts, X up your hands, tilt your head to the side, tattoo your favorite Poison The Well lyrics to your ribs and open this shit up. If you don’t like hardcore, blame fellow ToH writer Ron Deuce. This was his suggestion.


0:05: Oh snap, it’s about to go down.
0:08: Game of Bros
0:10: I wonder how Dead Prez feels about a white guy wearing one of their shirts.
0:16: Everyone knows Comics Sans is the most hardcore font.
0:23: They must have serious back problems after this video.
0:29: And hand/wrist problems.
0:35: Just a small gathering of guys that you would never want to make eye contact with at a show lest you want to hear all about their new side project that you should totally join.
0:39: Nice Yasser Arafat scarf.
0:43: The girl on the left has no idea what to do.
0:49: More bounces than a Flubber-filled bouncy house on the moon.
0:53: Shirtless dude in the center is either really feeling it or is having a seizure. Either way, he’s about to bite his tongue off.
0:59: Hey, Spider from Powerman 5000!
1:06: The human version of 🙁
1:10: Regret: A new exhibit on tattoos now at the Museum of Modern Art.
1:15: “Grrr I’m so mad I could…I could…nyaaaah!”
1:21: This video has more finger pointing than the Salem witch trials.
1:28: She still has no idea what to do.
1:34: “Thanks for letting us borrow your car for the video, Mom!”
1:41: “We promise to have it home by 6 so you can go to the PTA meeting!”
1:47: Uhh, let’s take a step back, shall we?
1:54: Why no tattoos on the face? It never looks stupid!
2:00: I know he is holding a Bible, but don’t they look better suited for the Nation of Islam?
2:02: Someone please make a gif of all these dudes spastically bouncing around.
2:20: I guess that’s the best we’re going to get from her.
2:23: This is what it’s like when worlds collide.
2:35: Supernova goes pop.
2:39: Drop the bombshell.
2:41: Cool, he’s using an invisible Shake Weight.
2:47: So no Padres fans were available?
2:50: Nobody’s real.
2:55: Wow they got the E-Money to direct this? What a huge get!

Did you spread this shit out? Did you give one for the underground? Did you stay true? Did you keep it posi? Did you spinkick someone? Did you punch someone in the back of the head and run away? No? Well, there’s always tomorrow.

The song “Generation” is available now through iTunes and Amazon via Facedown Records.

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  • The W.

    xDEATHSTARx is up there with bad band names like Pitbulls in the Nursery. I suspect that you aren’t supposed to say the x’s, but still.

    • It’s pronounced zshdeathstarzsh

    • equisDEZDESTÁRequis

    • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

      or Cunthunt 777. Coincidentally, it’s like the German version of this poopoo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=827SjYdZBxg

      • Tyree
        • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

          This sounds like heavy white noise with the snare from St. Anger, and water from a faucet pouring into a tin container for vocals.

          • Tyree


          • No wonder I’m loving this so much.

          • CyberneticOrganism

            I’m hearing elements of a cinderblock being dragged on the apartment floor above.

      • Whenever I’m feeling down, I just pop this on. Cheers me right up.

      • KJM

        Best video ever. Those guys want to fite you so bad.

      • CyberneticOrganism

        Ja Klaus, ze sweatpants signify our desire to fight zem all.

        • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

          ze director: “Dieter und Frtiz, turn off ze Kraftwerk und get bacht to ze moshing!”

    • more beer

      No those x`s are just to let you know they don`t like anything that is fun.

      • KJM

        And they’re happy to let you know it again and again and again…

        • more beer

          Yep. Ian MacKaye saying it in 1981 wasn`t enough. All these guys just have to drone on.

    • TheRedman(formerly God ov All)

      I’m digging Pitbulls in the Nursery’s latest effort

    • Pitbulls slays, i have our friendo Decimus to thank for them. also:
      My Dick

  • Tyree

    I call on Albert Brooks to fork these jerks in the eyes.


  • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

    Marky Markcore.

    I’m by no means gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), but given the choice between listening to a full album of this, or getting fucked in the ass, I think I’d chose the latter.

  • nothing says tough like a beige Cadillac deville sedan

  • I wanted the video to end much like this Deathstar…



  • Is this video becoming the new Attack Attack?


    • Herr Schmitty

      Pink sweater’s ‘Ice Skating on Land’ dance is top fucking notch.

      Bailamooooos, let the rhythm take you over…

    • Tyree
      • I lost everything in:


        “I see you!”


        • Tyree


      • Jajajajaja!!

        “Lemme see dose jámmers!”

        I would like to dance La Macarena with that band playing live.

      • CyberneticOrganism

        Fuck this is awful

      • Howard Dean

        I love how everyone is so high/drunk/disinterested that they can barely move and/or keep their eyes open. That is the most low key circle pit I’ve ever seen.

        The footage of Devourment at Mountains of Death from the same Spoon Magazine segment is awesome, though.


        • Tyree

          Now we are talking.

          • Howard Dean

            The first track in the video, “Devour the Damned,” is one of my favorite Devo tracks. So fucking brutal. Has one of the most perfect slams in it.

            I love the dude in the helmet, ski goggles, and face mask that pops up in the crowd at around 1:10.

        • Tyree

          By the way dude. Obituary was heavy as fuck live.

          • Obituary is one of those bands that you can hear the record and they’re good. But live they can unleash!

          • Tyree

            Dude, they had the best sound out of any one at MDF.

          • I remember hearing Dead (the live DVD) and Dying sounded so full and better. And in the album sounded good. It must be a blast. Dagon went to see them when they reached Brazil too!

          • Scrimm

            I saw them in 1996. Good show.

          • more beer

            I`ve seen them a bunch of times through the years. They have always killed it live.

          • Dagon

            This is true. I became a big fan after the show, every time I listen to a Bitu song I remember how good they sounded live and it makes me chuckle.

          • Howard Dean

            Nice! I’ve never seen them, but this video from Wacken of “Slowly We Rot” has always made me want to see them. So good.


          • Tyree

            Aw yes. This video is balls to the wall heavy.

          • The guitar tone.. It’s massive!

          • Howard Dean

            Fun fact: The lead guitarist in this video with the massive tone (the smaller, bald-ish guy that kind of looks like Vladimir Putin) is also a prolific cooker of Meth. The more you know!

          • Woah! Breaking Death Merol Bad! O.o)

            I was looking at him and I was thinking that he looks like a junkie.

            This was the version I liked and spinned a lot, btw:


          • Tyree

            Ralph santolla used to be in the band too. I heard he has some serious substance problems. I’ve heard from Glenn Benton that the dude is a fucking mess.


          • CT-12

            That sucks dude because Santolla is a fucking badass guitarist. Me and my buddy always joke about the difference in solos from albums with Santolla and without him. Dude shreds and is way more melodic than most of their other lead players.

          • Howard Dean

            Like 90% of those dudes from the classic Florida death metal bands are compete messes. Florida is a helluva place.

            Death metal really used to be a different animal. The dudes that played in the 80’s-early 90’s American death metal bands were legitimately sketchy–it wasn’t just the music and lyrical themes that were fringe. Compare that with the average pseudo-intellectual with a studio apartment and a liberal arts degree who plays death metal nowadays. Haha. The contrast is hilarious. The dudes nowadays are worried that the lyrics might be too provocative, or that the metal scene is too misogynistic or prejudiced or violent. Those old school guys were only worried about where they were getting their next fix and not getting arrested.

            And fans nowadays wonder why these old school guys are fucked up, or why they are criminals or have polarizing opinions. Death metal was actually “extreme” at one point. Fuck.

          • You seem to have a marked distaste for “the dudes nowadays,” HD.

          • Howard Dean

            Nah, not really, since I’m technically one of those “dudes nowadays”–I wasn’t around in the scene in the 80’s or early 90’s.

            However, where I think I distance myself from the “typical” extreme metal fan of today (i.e. the reader/commenter of ToH, Metalsucks, No Clean Singing, etc) is that I gave zero fucks about metal being P.C. or pseudo-intellectual. Some dude in the band is an asshole? I don’t care. As long as the music is good that’s good enough for me.

            To me, the “dudes nowadays” of which I speak are more interested (or at least equally interested) in whether the members of the band are guilt free or apologists or model citizens or have associates degrees in Eastern philosophy. I honestly don’t care about those things. I listen to metal for the music.

          • You realize how strawman-y that last paragraph sounds, though, right?

          • Howard Dean


          • It may not mean that explicitly, no, you’re right, but so often that kind of mentality is present conservative reactionary culture that it’s kind of the first thing I think of when I see “People these days are just [insert complaint here].”

          • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

            Isn’t Cynic technically a classic Florida death metal band? They didn’t seem like sketchy dudes at all.

            I partially disagree, but agree. I think the dudes nowadays are trying to be technical, or trying to be brutal. It comes off a sterile and bland because there’s no real drive behind it. That old stuff, like you said, was spawned from dudes constantly on edge and in states of desperation. It bled into the music and made it feel dangerous. In other words, real emotions came out in their playing. Now it’s “that riff sounds cool, go with that” instead. More of a thought process that a musically painted emotional landscape.

          • Tyree

            Cynic, Boooooooooooo.

          • Howard Dean

            Yes, they are from Florida. Yes, they are an exception. Yes, that is why I said “like 90%.” Because obviously not all of them were that way. But a lot were.

          • more beer

            Back then people said what was on their minds. Not what society wanted them to say as it is today. As a metal head you were living on the fringes of acceptable society. It was much more of a great big fuck you to society back then than it is now. Political correctness has crept in now. It`s fucking everything up.

          • Dagon

            I saw them live this year. Fucking awesome. Slowly We Rot was the encore.

          • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

            He certainly looks like he’s involved with meth.

            Obituary vocals summed up perfectly.

      • How much is the drummer’s grill worth?

        • HessianHunter

          That is such a weird fuckin’ drum kit. Two bass drums, a teeny tiny snare, NO TOMS, and too many goddamn ride cymbals.

        • CT-12

          The fucking singer reminds me of a metal version of Kenny Powers hahaha

        • Tyree

          Fucking rusty spoons to the eyes and ears.

    • CyberneticOrganism

      Ha ha ha ha ha wow

  • I could’ve won another whiff ov the week with this one. The wiggerish arm movements are impossible to contain.

  • Void Dweller

    Core Core.

  • Hubert

    Wait, this is NOT a parody video? Oh dear….

  • That’s a paddlin’

    Oh lawdylawdylawdy…

  • Oli Fucking Sykes, Son.

    I have a dead prez rbg fit club hoodie

    • Guacamole Jim

      I can respect that.

  • J.R.

    I’m all or music that express desire to life up to a higher calling / denounces degeneracy/ etc etc. it’s why I like a lot of Hopsin’s stuff and most religious themed metal etc etc.

    As long as the music is good. This…is not. Thanks xDEATHSTARx. Imma scatter like Alderaan

  • Stockhausen

    Aside from being the absolute worst in every category, they’re not bad.

  • Kevin Nash & Friends

    What the hell did I just witness?

  • Óðhinn
    • KJM

      Well, that’s one way of getting your opponent to tap out.

  • @disqus_kqxyUNPxty:disqus will agree with me: Send the xDEATHSTARx:


  • *in an alternate universe in which Jimmy MacNulti was allowed to do said video breakdown…
    0:00 white guy waving hands at video
    0:10 white guy waving hands at video
    0:20 white guy waving hands at video
    0:30 white guy waving hands at video
    …… and so on and so forth. Great job @365daysofhorror:disqus!!!

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    tribute—to xdeathstarx

    (both at once- full vol)


    • Tyree

      Get drunk zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • KJU’s Dancing Testicle Teethys

      Hillary Clinton’s penis melted the steel beams. Jesus gave me a carrot, and it made my boner explode into Napoleon’s undead brain. Fart sandwich, TRUTH!
      Dingleberries made my pubes explode. Skronk sandwich with a deathly pickle deepthroat. Mayo optional.

  • KJU’s Dancing Testicle Teethys

    Wigger Four Loko drinking bros playing wannabe hardcore. This is almost as bad as King 810!

  • KJU’s Dancing Testicle Teethys