Worst war metal band ever



Over the weekend some shitty war metal band called Ross Bay Police Department The Lake County Sheriff’s Office released a promo video for their as yet untitled new record, a supposed exploration of the relationship between the power and cruelty of an unchecked police state, opportunistic boot licking politicians, and a terrified civilian population. Combined with the sinister instrumental playing throughout, it’s a little too over-the-top for my tastes.

The genre of war metal has long dealt in fascist themes and flirtations with white supremacy, but Florida’s own The Lake County Sheriff’s Office takes these tropes and dials them up to eleven. This exaggerated take on the American police state is just too silly to be taken seriously. As lead vocalist Peyton “The Sheriff” Grinnell bloviates in the promo video:

“Enjoy trying to sleep tonight wondering if tonight’s the night our SWAT team blows your front door off the hinges. We are coming for you… Run.”

Surrounded by his bandmates, each covered head to toe in thousands of dollars worth of taxpayer funded merch, the band appears to be aping an obscure G.I. Joe mercenary group rather than a believable group of badasses with all the power, money, and weaponry of the state stuffed up their sleeves and zero hesitation to unleash it on nonviolent criminals and peaceful protesters.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office’s new album will drop some time this Summer. Pick it up at your nearest neo nazi distro.

(Big thanks to Justin for that title)

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  • Waynecro

    At least they’re still getting warrants before they blow doors off hinges and whatnot.

    • Butts4Gutts

      Yea, I appreciate that courtesy.

    • Óðinn

      For now. Wait a few years, and warrants won’t be necessary either. We’ve been on the slow train to fascism since 1981. We’re already an oligarchy. We’re almost there.

    • Howard Dean
      • Holy shit what happened here

        • Joaquin Stick

          they blow doors off hinges and whatnot

        • Howard Dean

          Not sure, but it seems like maybe the dude in the apartment set off a bomb or had the door booby trapped. Pretty crazy.

          • GoatForest

            What sucks is that this looks like a time where the cops were being legit.

        • Óðinn

          Somebody knew they were coming.

      • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs

        They sure messed someone’s laundry

  • frozengoatsheadupanunsarse

    What a fucking nerd.

  • Howard Dean

    When comes the die hard vinyl and A5 digipack?

    • Collector’s edition LP comes with a zippo lighter that the band uses as justification for deadly force.

      • Howard Dean

        Nice. Nothing gives me a chubby quite like police brutality and bullying the feeble.

        • Rain Poncho W.

          You should ask Leif about being bullied for being feeble at a baseball game next time he pops up.

  • Vault Dweller

    Fuckin’ Florida, man.

    I hope Sheriff Peyton here gets stabbed with a used heroin needle during a bust.

    • I bet Sheriff Peyton is a petty enough loser to read this. Hey Peyton: get fucked, babydick.

  • Stockhausen
  • Óðinn

    Pretty cliché stuff here. Cowards hiding their faces while posing with firearms. I don’t need to listen their shit. They probably sound exactly like Blaspemy.

  • sweetooth0

    this is fucking bad.

  • Simon PhoenixKing Rising

    1/10 would not leave tied up in a burning building.

  • Doom Scientist

    Guarantee you at least one of these guys takes bribes on the regular.

  • Doom Scientist
  • JWG79

    I don’t doubt there are heavily armed officers patrolling around parts of Victoria, especially downtown overnight.

    But in the actual Ross Bay area it seems like the most excitement they usually get involves cougar sightings.


  • Doom Scientist

    But… but if you’re innocent you have nothing to fear, right? RIGHT?

  • Doom Scientist

    The police are every bit as much of a gang as MS13 or H-Block.

  • Dumpster Lung

    Ah ok, it’s just a real police dept that released a stupid video. Well that’s a relief. I mean, there’s plenty of corruption and abuse of power in law enforcement, but at least it’s not another shitty gimmick band.

  • Sid Vicious Promos

    I can’t hate the police because they get enough flak as it is. This song is bad though.

    • Óðinn

      They wear flak jackets. They can take it.

      • Sid Vicious Promos

        I’m not in favor of the militarization of police.

        • Óðinn


    • KJM, Doom Scientist

      A cop once told me that if he could get away with it, he would kill me and everyone like me.

      • Óðinn

        Oh yeah, most of them are scumbags.

        • KJM, Doom Scientist

          I’ve known a few that were cool but yeah, most of them are a hair’s breath away from being criminals.

          • Óðinn


          • GoatForest

            Without that badge, most I’ve ever met would be inmates.

          • Max

            It’s certainly true that there’s a very thin line for many. In fact, once they’re off the force many cops go into private security work, which, depending upon who owns the business, is essentially joining the mob.

            That said, I’ve never had any problems personally. Just last night I got stopped by a patrol car while out on my evening constitutional, and they were apologetic for asking my ID.

            It probably depends most on jurisdiction and what demographic one belongs to.

          • Óðinn

            You leave the house to take a shit? 😉

          • Max

            So THAT’s why they stopped me? Now it makes sense…

      • Sid Vicious Promos

        Well that’s awful. I guess it’s just convenient that my family knows people in the legal system because I know cops wouldmt like me.

  • Morbidly Obese Angel

    Yeah that video is a bit much. But, truth be told, still sounded better than most actual war metal out there

  • NDG

    The last dude to exit the screen looks very awkward.

    He needs to work on his tough guy walk.

  • Sid Vicious Promos

    If they ever release this on a format remind me to buy a sledgehammer and smash a copy like Gallagher.

  • KJM, Doom Scientist

    Happy Thoughts.
    My friend wants to buy my old PC from me. After which I will immediately buy this guitar.

  • RJA

    War metal for me is like slam for Howard Dean – I just need some ignance in my life sometimes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkDU8U_raBY

  • Patrick Bertlein

    X-Cops this is not, minus five points for not mentioning them.


  • Maciej Nowak

    X-Cops did it better