Woodcut Records Remasters Thyrane’s Black Harmony Demo


2017 is upon us: The year in which it was once prophesied that the demo recording by your favorite Finnish slightly symphonic black metal band, Thyrane, would return to Earth to cleanse the righteous and lead the wicked to Sodom Eternal.

It was foretold in a millennium past (circa 1980) that a young band of Finnish blood and ill repute would rise from Hell’s lower gastro-intestinal tract to spread faith-shredding riffs and general poor cheer across the lands of this weary planet. That band was Thyrane. The band’s assault began in 1997 with the Black Harmony demo and would continue on until they were struck down in 2006 by in-fighting or a riff deficit or a wintry global economy. But the prophecy foresaw a second dawn of blasphemy for this here ill-fated year of Two Thousand and Seventeen. On January 13th, courtesy of the ne’er-do-wells at Woodcut Records, Black Harmony will be reincarnated to finish what it started: re-mastered, re-released & re-Satanized! Behold!! Tremble!!! Throw horns!!!!


I have read the name Thyrane at least a dozen times in reviews and such, but I have no recollection of ever checking out their music. My early forays into listening to and reading about black metal coincided with the long-defunct Thyrane’s period of activity, yet back then it was not easy to find samples of the music you read about–especially if, like me, you were not computer savvy. So, unless you were absolutely tickled black by a review or an interview with a certain band, chances are you weren’t going to strain yourself in search of the actual music.

If you are similarly unfamiliar with Thyrane’s brand of black metal, prepare yourself for endless double bass rolls, evil chords, and gothic keyboards which provide flavor yet never overpower the riffs. Also, prepare yourself for a high-fidelity recording. The production is crystal clear; all instruments are not only discernible but rather bombastic, except of course for the bass guitar. I had to wonder how the remastering engineer pulled such a crisp, biting sound from a mere demo. So I searched for the original recording on the Youtube and found that the demo itself is a curiously hi-fi recording, to the point where I can’t really hear the difference. How did a mere demo end up sounding so clean when bands with record deals were struggling to make records half as audible? Either someone at Tico-Tico Studio owed these dudes a favor or they made a pact with the Devil: Their souls in trade for that sweet, sweet dynamic range. Listen below and judge for yourself.

Woodcut Records will release the re-mastered Black Harmony on tape, CD and vinyl. Check out their bandcamp page for a bunch of nifty t-shirt bundle options or to download the digital version.

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  • Someone had to, and I’m off work with nothing to do but wait for blog posts, so…

  • “You play bass in a black metal band” – unreleased Seth Putnam demo

  • RustyShackleford

    “all instruments are not only discernible but rather bombastic, except of course for the bass guitar”

    All around the world, I can hear bassists getting TRIGGERED!!! Lol YEP!

  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    Thyrane was, and is, a good. Except that one record. Fuck that one record.

    • Yeah, fuck that record. (Um…which one?)

      • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod


  • Scrimm

    Haven’t heard that name in a long time

  • SupremeKrieg

    Fvckin untrue fvcks with clear recording hi fi bullshit. Burn the false.

    • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

      Symphonic black metal done right.


      • SupremeKrieg

        What the fvck is this symphonic bullshit?

        • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

          I’m not into symphonic black metal much myself, but this is an exception. Check out Alexander Ivanov’s other projects as well. If you like Burzum you’ll dig his work.

      • “Symphonic” might be a bit generous. It sounds like a Fischer Price keyboard.

        • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

          That’s that early Polish black metal sound. Not your thing I know, but early Graveland, Vornat, Veles, and Infernum used this sound. Bagatur simply imitate the sound.

        • Dave Vincent’s Perm

          I believe the word is synthphonic.

          • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠
          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            God damn that fucker. He also stole music and used it in some Dimmu shit, without telling them.

          • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

            Haha, well… Just look at this tool. Not surprising in the least. Hahaha

        • Black Unbeard

          terrible opinion

          • Most opinions are, y’know, opinions and therefore unprovable. In this case, you’re straight wrong as shit if you don’t think that sounds like a $20 Casio synth.

          • Black Unbeard
          • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

            Haha, well if so then it sounds good to my ears. There are people out there that enjoy this sound. The style of black metal I enjoy usually does not require top of the line equipment.

      • Black Unbeard

        want my copy NOW

        • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

          Mine shipped yesterday.

  • SupremeKrieg
  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

    The drummer’s stage name is Blastmor??? Are you fucking kidding me? Was Plafast taken???? Jesus fuck.

    EDIT: He doesn’t play drums anymore, either way who cares.

  • Kevin Nash’s Jackknife

    This isn’t bad. I’m not usually a giant black metal lover but I’m enjoying this