“We’re The Real Deal” an Interview With Cauldron


Cauldron have always impressed me with their genuine dedication to 80s metal, their powerful sound, and exciting vibes. Long story short, I’ve wanted to interview this band for years. Sitting down with them, we took time to discuss record collecting, classic lyrics, and of course, the new record In Ruin.

Conducted in the offices of The End Records, not only was I impressed by their layout, but also the fact that the label offered me donuts and coffee before I conducted the interview. This was a first. Dear record labels, please do that more.


So how does it feel to work for a label that gives you free donuts?

Jason Decay (JD): It’s all new to us!

Ian Chains (IC): We’re in it for the perks! Donuts and coffee are a nice bonus. We didn’t expect anything!

How have you guys been? It’s been a long ride from Canada?

JD: We left yesterday at 10 AM, we had a little issue with the electrical on the trailer. That set us back a couple of hours, then we were a couple hours at the border and wintery conditions forced us to drive slower but somehow we got here.

It’s been four years since your last record, have you been concerned about how it’s going to be received after all this time?

JD: Yes but we prepared for that. We were really proud of our last record so we made a concerted effort to be better. The record was actually recorded in 2014, so it’s pretty consistent with previous stuff.

Why was it delayed?

JD: Switching labels and handling the behind the scenes legalities.

IC: There was a lot of necessary paperwork involved too.

JD: We normally record and mix in a two month period but, because we self-financed this one, we took eight months to do this one. It gave us time to take it home and make sure we did it right.

Obviously it’s early to talk about this but does this mean that the next Cauldron record will be out relatively soon?

JD: That probably all depends how much touring we behind this one but we already have song ideas.

One thing that I found interesting was the production on the new record. It felt different in terms of sound compared to earlier releases. Did you change anything?

JD: We actually changed producers and mixers. We were really happy with the sound on Tomorrow’s Lost and the production we achieved on that one. That was actually a reference point for our producer and mixer but they took it one step further.

Myles Deck (MD): They put their own spin on it.

JD: We are always striving for that perfect production. I think with each record we get a little closer to it.

What defines a perfect production?

MD: Depends on what you like.

JD: Big drums that sound real and raw, and gritty guitar sounds and a warm bass sound that compliments the guitar.

IC: AC/DC Who Made Who!

I can’t help but admire the bangs JD…

JD: To me it’s what I think looks the coolest! That probably comes from most of the musicians that I look up to had hair like this during their peak eras. I like to look how I think is cool regardless.

MD: When Goathorn, their band before Cauldron came to my town year ago one thing on the poster that attracted my attention was the fact that those guys looked like they were living it. My thought was “I haven’t seen anyone who looks like that in a long time!” I thought it was really cool.

JD: To us it means a lot to be the real deal and not play it safe, regardless of what’s acceptable.

Do you fear being labeled derivative?

JD: No whatever. Everyone has their own opinion. They’re welcome to it. It doesn’t change my opinion.

What is Cauldron building towards then?

JD: For me it’s just creating the music that I’m personally a fan of, the kind of stuff that I would want to listen to.

IC: I don’t think there’s any grand scheme. I think it’s just to keep trying to better ourselves.

JD: We don’t consider ourselves inventors or scientists. I don’t even consider myself a musician sometimes, I just consider myself more of a fan. I’m a fan of this music and I want to be a part of it, so that’s why I do it.

MD: I think it’s important just to write songs that mean something to you as opposed to trying to be something else. I think that’s what we do in this band.

To what extent does vinyl obsession impact the sound?

IC: That’s a huge part of it. We are all big record collectors. On every tour we try to hit up record stores. We are all obsessed with finding shit that we don’t have. Jason will tell you that there’s only three records left that he needs and then he’s done! (Laughter)

What are they?

JD: Buster Brown, Hammer, and a third one… there’s a notepad on my film.

IC: I’m looking for the Universe LP stuff, that Swedish band. It will be a hard one to find.

What rarities do you currently have?

IC: The stuff I have that’s rare isn’t necessarily my favorite. I have the original Savatage Sirens. That’s one of my all time favorite albums. I have a few other rare ones.

JD: I have the pre-Anvil Lips LP. That’s pretty rare. I don’t think it’s the most valuable one though. I’m often pretty shocked when I look on the internet at the price of some of the records I own. Oftentimes I will find an album online for $300 that I got for $5.

One thing that I’ve noticed with Cauldron is that you’ve stayed over the top but gotten a little less silly… You’ve moved from “Chained Up In Chains” on to some more serious stuff… why is that?

JD: With “Chained Up In Chains” there was supposed to be a comma in the title. That’s what threw everybody off. With a comma it makes more sense.

IC: That song is why we always get the tongue in cheek thing. Almost every review people say It’s a good time but it’s tongue in chee”‘ but it’s not! That song kind of started that

JD: That song is not about that though, it’s about being a stalker with some dark thoughts. It’s the kind of thing that you don’t act upon but that might cross your mind. It’s about stalking a woman and taking her out to the woods and raping her.

IC: The title is easy to make fun of. We should have known better.

JD: Back then we didn’t think about how others would perceive it.

IC: He just said it one night when we were drunk, and it just stuck in my brain.

MD: It sounds cool!

JD: If you sing it in two separate lines it’s not funny.

IC: All the chain references on the first record also made us seem like a joke.

JD: That also was a coincidence though. We weren’t like, “Oh we have to have chains mentioned in every song and the album title!” It was just once the record was put together that we realized that here was a lot of chain shit going on that we didn’t think about.

Do you feel like you are in that song’s shadow?

JD: No! That’s who we are.

IC: We don’t even care about it.

JD: It was perceived differently by others than it was to us.

MD: We don’t think we are a comedy band like Steel Panther or Skull Fist.

JD: We’re dead serious. We live the life. We’re the real deal.

How does that manifest itself in your non-tour lives?

JD: We’re all alcoholics! (Laughter)

MD: We have shitty day jobs so it’s inevitable that some of that crushing despair find its way into our music.

JD: We make a lot of sacrifices for this lifestyle. Without this band we wouldn’t have much else. We would have to start from scratch if we didn’t have the band.

Do you ever feel robbed of a normal life because of the band?

JD: No we chose this. Not everyone can tour around the world with a band. In a way we have something that other people don’t. We chose this over a normal life at home.

Do you feel like this tour shows that it’s all coming together?

IC: We’ve toured with Enforcer before, and they’re good friends of ours, so it should be a good time.

JD: We definitely feel like things are moving forward. Tomorrow’s Lost had an okay push in Europe but was ignored here, by and large. That was discouraging so it’s cool to see our label is really pushing our album now.

Is America where you are going to set your sights now?

JD: Not necessarily. Europe and North America have been our main stomping grounds I guess. We will probably continue to do that and hopefully branch out if the opportunities arise.

What do you love so much about the NWOBHM, and what inspired you to make that your thing?

JD: Well I like the US power metal bands it influenced. That’s where I really take influence from. Ian is more of the NWOBHM guy.

IC: I guess early on I was more inspired by direct NWOBHM stuff.

JD: A lot of German metal got me, like Scorpions, Stormwitch, and stuff like that. And of course Savatage.

Final words of wisdom for me?

IC: Drink responsibly! Take a nap after every five drinks! (Laughter)

Go like Cauldron on Facebook and catch them on tour in a city near you: 

Cauldron Enforcer Tour

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      “Play ‘Taking Care Of Business’!”
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        Homer is the best. He also loves Grand Funk Railroad.

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          Grand Funk Railroad paved the way for Jefferson airplane, which cleared the way for Jefferson Starship. The stage was now set for the Alan Parsons project! Which I believe was some sort of hovercraft.

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            Technically speaking Jefferson Airplane existed before Grand Funk but I do love this line.

  • Dubs

    You’re my boy, Matty B.


    This looks like a killer, high energy tour. Too bad I missed the stop at the venue in my area

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          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            Either Thundersteel, Riot Down Under or Narita is my favorite.

      • Janitor Jim Duggan


      • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod


        • Janitor Jim Duggan

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    The real joke is Cauldron’s new album, but I digress

    • Super Nintendo Chalmers

      For real. All the 80s cliches, none of the riffs.

      • I think if they tried to be tongue in cheek they might write better riffs

        • Super Nintendo Chalmers

          Kind of embarrassing when a comedy band writes a better album then your band and you’re the ones that are taking it seriously.

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          • Dubs

            I don’t think I would enjoy Alestorm on record, but they were fun in a very goofy way live.

          • Their crowd was really into us when we opened for them, so that was cool

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            Something something Manowar something something………..

    • Janitor Jim Duggan

      I have to listen to the Skull Fist album now. I love a good comedy band.

      • I think they were joking when they said that.

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          I should have guessed. It’s a good joke though. I’m pissed. Why is it so hard to find Blow Up Your Video on CD? No stores near me have it. If I have to buy it on Amazon I will because I want to get it signed by Simon Wright when I see him with Geoff Tate.

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            What I meant is I’m trying to find Blow Up Your Video by ACDC on CD. I’m having no luck. I want to get it signed by Simon Wright who was the drummer on the album because he’s touring with Geoff Tate and I’m seeing Geoff.

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            Why would you want an AC/DC album? They’re terrible.

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            I like that era. I like the eras of major bands that aren’t as popular such as the mid to late 80s for ACDC.

          • JJD confirmed to like Cold Lake, by Celtic Frost.

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            It is.

          • Blood and death everywhere.

            EDIT: A blender filled with humans.

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    These guys are great at playing their instruments and horrible at writing songs.

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          It’s only down from here.

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        You just hit the nail on the head! At least past ‘Images And Words’ era DT.

  • Wow, first time hearing this band. Sounds like this local trailer park band I saw at a bowling alley years back.

    • They were gracious enough to mention Skull Fist, who are great.

      Or just listen to old school Riot since nothing will ever beat that

      • I’m just going to listen to the newest Serpents Athirst EP for like the 20th time.

      • Steamy Squirt Of Tongue Farts

        Heard Riot V yet? It’s the surviving members of Riot.

        • Janitor Jim Duggan

          I’ve heard their album. It’s good.

        • Dude yes! One of my FB buddies is their guitarist right now (the one from Moon Tooth). I was supposed to help book MT down here, but we never hooked up to do that. Oh well. Now I just get sweet Riot pics in my newsfeed every now and then

          • Steamy Squirt Of Tongue Farts

            Sweet (about the first part)!

          • Tell that buddy that Moon Tooth fuckin’ rules, brah.

  • Bossicus thee Rossicus

    I enjoy them and other newer Traditional Metal bands as well. I’m a sucker for it.

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        Not yet.
        Yet being the key word in that statement. I will be checking them out shortly.

      • Bossicus thee Rossicus

        Battleroar is pretty jamming.

        Heard Antioch?
        Or Black Moor?

        • No and no, i’m listening to a bunch of dad rock for a record swap with a friend. 2 dad rock albums per one of my albums, and she has to listen to it (I was nice and gave her Tanagra and Lord Fist. Next time she’s getting Unexpect)

          I will definitely check these bands out though <3

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus

            Very cool, good choices. What is she making you listen to? I’m interested to know.

          • Bloodbound – Tabula Rasa (pretty good)
            Toby Hitchcock – Mercury’s Down (I love it so much and I hate myself for it)
            Ark – Burn the Sun (meh)
            Saxon – Lionheart (HELL YES DUH)

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            I’ll have to give those a quick listen.
            Besides the Saxon. As you said “HELL YES DUH”

      • Sir Tapir The Based

        If a band has “Battle” in its name, it’s probably gonna suck.

        • Bossicus thee Rossicus


          • Sir Tapir The Based

            Your statement is false.

  • whoa, i just saw this tour a few days ago. Cauldron brought it! well, all the bands did

    • Bossicus thee Rossicus

      Nice, i dont know if I’m going to make it to my stop of the tour.

      • everyone there was super fun. however, you ARE talking to a huge Warbringer fan

        • Bossicus thee Rossicus

          Warbringer kills!!!!! I was looking up warbringer tour dates when i found this tour.

          • Tapir’s gonna be shattered…like…glass!!

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus

            What’s your favorite Warbringer album?

          • tough question, but i’m going to say Waking Into Nightmares. if all other factors are held constant, the drumming on that album >>>>>>>>>

          • Bossicus thee Rossicus

            Thats my favorite as well, the production is strong on it and Shadow from the Tomb is my favorite Warbringer song.

    • Sir Tapir The Based

      Did they bring It by Stephen King? Movie or the book?

    • Spear

      I was a dingus and missed it in MN last night. I’m semi-seriously considering driving up to Winnipeg tonight, because Exmortus. And Enforcer. And Warbringer.

      • overall fun show, and afterwards Dave Rivera from Exmortus was cracking wise and had us in stitches!

        • Sir Tapir The Based

          Did you have the sex with him?

          • MA plz!

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            That doesn’t answer my question!

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            You see, Tapir, when a mommy and a daddy and metal musician really love each other. . .

  • I like this, I would really favour a better singing, but he delivers the necessary.

    Mateo Tocino always brings the best interviews. I love him.

  • Steamy Squirt Of Tongue Farts

    It’s been ages since I’ve heard these guys, and thought they broke up. Good to have them back, and awesome interview!

  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain


  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain
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        Fucking lethal.

  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    Great article. I’ll give these guys a listen.

  • RustyShackleford

    Great interview Mr. Bacon! I missed this show while I was in NYC because I am a poopybuttface. Also the Nitebreaker video is fun. Yup!

    • Bossicus thee Rossicus


    • Dubs

      I’ll have a review of this album going up sometime soon.

      • It’s like a more crushing Portal. It’s almost too much.

        • Bossicus thee Rossicus

          More crushing than Portal?

          …guess I’ll have to at least check it out.

        • sweetooth0

          Riffs don’t sound as fucked up as Portal though, more straight forward “evil” dark death metal stuff. Like Incantation mixed with something like Teitanblood perhaps.

          • Yeah, I tend to like that aspect more; just straight on blasting and grinding. The guitar tone sounds very similar to Portal though. Not sure how I feel about this yet. I feel there needs to be more vocals or something. It’s missing something I feel like. Guitars sound very monotone.

          • sweetooth0

            I’m loving it, I’m listening to the track over again a second time. Great stuff! Yeah, tone/distortion wise I can hear the resemblance for sure, Portal’s just so completely amelodic and discordant that they sound pretty unique compared to other ghastly death metal bands like this.

          • I’ve listened to it 3 times now. It’s fucking crushing, I’ll give it that. Not blown away by it though. Kind of a bummer since I loved their demo. Riffs are lacking.

          • sweetooth0

            Checking out the demo now. It’s quite nice, but not quite as cavernous and monstrous sounding. It’s kinda funny cuz my initial impression is the same way I feel about Teitanblood’s Seven Chalices vs Death. I like Death a little more because it just sounds immense.

          • Yeah, I remember that conversation with you. That big overpowering production is sort of a turn off for me. I tend to like it rawer. Just a personal taste is all.

          • Shrimp in a Pizza Box

            I definitely prefer the production on the demo, guitars sound a lot more fucked up. Shit is still crushing though.

          • Yup, no denying that. Still excited to hear the rest of the album. The production may grow on me.

          • Also that breakdown part pisses me off. I could do with out that.

          • Dubs

            I’m refraining from sharing my thoughts atm. Stay tuned.

          • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

            I always kinda felt Portal owes a large part of their heritage to Incantation.
            As a sidenote: I like Incantation’s music (especially the early stuff) way better than Portal’s.

          • sweetooth0

            I like Portal for what they are, but Incantation is certainly more listenable. I have to the in the right mood to jam Portal as a lot of their stuff practically verges on noise.

      • Shrimp in a Pizza Box

        Wait, they have a full album coming out already? Shit, that’s pretty fast. Absolutely loved the demo, I need to hear this.

    • Could just be me, but that logo looks tech-death/Djent.

  • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

    I cant distinguish who is serious in the comments and who is busting chops.


  • Guppusmaximus

    I dunno. I feel like with these retro bands that we’re sorting through the ones that didn’t make the cut on a Metal Massacre album. It’s like Ghost Syndrome. The music is okay but there’s no strength in the vocals. Just my opinion but It’s just as easy to go back to the classics if I want to hear “The Real Deal”

    • CT-12

      Been listening to this album a fuckload, so good dude. Just felt like sharing a little more thrash haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyP_x4J1YM4

      • Guppusmaximus

        Fuck yeah! The late 80s was the Golden Era, imho. A time when bands that were labeled as evil & satanic were pointing out the hypocrisy & contradictions of those who criticized them with such awesome fact-based lyrics & crushing music that probably never will be reproduced. Fucking ignorant Christian / Catholic lunatics who didn’t have enough intelligence to understand what these bands were really talking about especially their blood soaked history. AND, fuck the PMRC for trying to censor our Constitutional right that should never be plagued by such illogical & retarded fairytales which have no bearing whatsoever on reality! Mind Wars kicks so much ass that I have none left to fill my pants m/ m/

        • CT-12

          No pun intended, but amen to that dude. I love a ton of different metal and whatnot, but when I hear a great thrash band, there’s just nothing better to me.

  • Waynecro

    Thanks for another great interview, duder!

  • tigeraid

    They are indeed the real deal. I regret missing their show here in London with Enforcer. Hopefully I can catch them at a smaller show themselves, later.

  • Eliza

    Cauldron is a genuinely fun band to listen to. I really appreciate their efforts to sound as 80’s as possible, it feels do good.