Weekend Nachos are Calling it Quits :(


Welcome back to our regular posting schedule. First up: Some shit-ass news. Weekend Nachos, the greatest powerviolence band to ever come out of DeKalb, Illinois, is calling it quits.

Weekend Nachos announced over the, uh, weekend, that this will be their final year as an active band. It sucks, brah. I’ve been obsessively following Weekend Nachos like a total Stan dork for years. If you haven’t followed the band as closely, you’ve been missing out on one of the best (and quirkiest) bands in punk.

Weekend Nachos isn’t leaving you empty-handed; Relapse will release their final full-length Apology, sometime this year, and the band is playing a bunch of shows throughout 2016. Be sure to check them out if you don’t wanna wait til the reunion gig at Maryland Death Fest 2025.  Can’t make it? This memorial video is just for you:

The band’s statement and remaining tour dates below:

2/5 New Albany, IN midwest blood fest
2/19 Darien, IL @ q bar w/foundation
2/20 Detroit, MI @ sanctuary w/foundation
2/21 Indianapolis, IN @ savage yard w/foundation

Japan (w/ PRIMITIVE MAN, Endzweck, FIGHT IT OUT)
4/6 Yokohama
4/7 Tokyo
4/8 Osaka
4/9 Nagoya
4/10 Tokyo

SE Asia (w/ PRIMITIVE MAN, Tools OfThe Trade, Wormrot)
4/14 Manila, Philippines
4/15 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
4/16 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4/17 Singapore, Singapore

East Coast (w/ The Afternoon Gentlemen)
5/20 New York, NY
5/21 Boston, MA
5/22 Philadelphia, PA
5/23 Pittsburgh, PA

6/2-6/5 Bristol, England @ temples fest

Europe/UK (w/ Wormrot and The Afternoon Gentlemen)
10/6 Hamburg, DE @ hafenklang
10/7 Copenhagen, DK @ pumpehuset
10/8 Berlin, DE @ Cassiopeia
10/9 Prague, CZ @ modra vopice
10/10 Budapest, HU @ durer kert
10/11 Ljubljana, SL @ orto bar
10/12 Munich, DE @ feierwork
10/13 Kassel, DE @ goldgrube
10/14 Eindhoven, NL @ bloodshed fest
10/15 London, UK @Nambucca


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  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    Bummer they won’t be at the Primitve Man gig in Finland. Never a fan, but I would have liked to witness them live.

  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

    Never checked them out, won’t start now. 2016 can already fuck off.

    • That cheese is f’d.

      • Microwaved to shit and beyond.

        • Craters and shit!

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Shittin’ rocks.


          I never use a microwave

          • Last summer I tried doing them on my grill. They came out perfect! Just used some tin foil and loaded them up.


            That sounds dope. Oven works fine too

          • Or… ya know… a microwave.


            I dont use microwaves for anything. You lazy bastards can irradiate your food if you want

          • But they are so much more efficient than paying to heat up your oven!


            Microwaves use massive amounts of power, despite the short runtimes

          • True, but you do not run your microwave for 15 continuous minutes (like you would your oven) to warm up your plate of nachos. The math does not work that way.

          • I cannot believe we are arguing about microwaves. maxlolbuttz.


            The real q is: what about week day nachos

          • That is pmuch the only time we have nvhvs!

          • Sounds like a lot of crying, shame, and regret.

          • you only YOLO once



          • Always. It was just nice to have a beer outside and grill while jamming some Celtic Frost or some shit.


            Its actually snowing a tiny bit today. Its about a month too late

          • Fuck dude, no kidding. I just got a bit of snow here the first time last night.

      • Heroic Nipple Farts Of Doom

        Not quite sure if that’s cheese or coral…………..

  • Eliza

    I never heard of them before, but it always sucks when a band breaks up.

  • Dubs

    Weekend Nachos are rad when they grind, but this slow jam is choice.


  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

    What fuck is powerviolence anyway?

    • Dubs

      Hardcore punk taken to its extreme. Very similar to grind.

      • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

        That just sounds like grind.

        • Dubs

          I’m probably not the one to explain the difference between the two :/

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            No worries, I’m not really that concerned anyway.

          • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

            I figured it was like grindcore, but without the slow-er parts, or the metal-ish influence. Just super-fast HC.

        • I always thought it was Hardcore on Speed. It’s mostly political too much like crust. Politics ain’t really my game so I usually avoid the genre.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Sounds like I’m not missing much. Good.

          • A classic Seth moment for you. Anal Cunt Vs Drop Dead…


          • Dubs

            Yo, I’m reading the book Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal and Grindcore. The first chapter focuses mostly on Napalm Death and the early grind scene in the UK. It’s easy to forget how many lineup changes the band went through and how many metal veterans were in the group at one point or another.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            That’s a good book.

  • GNU MUSIC: http://witchhelm.bandcamp.com/album/j-tunn Opinions coming soon.


      Id like a helmet made out of all them witches

    • I stumbled upon these guys the other week. Pretty rad shit.

      • Conjuring and Invocations were on my Best Of 2015 list.

        • Swamp Bitch is kicking my ass right now.

    • Eliza

      Seriously great.

      • It is, especially considering they’ve put out two great albums already.

        • Shit ton of atmosphere to this doom. It really makes it extra eerie. I Am ( Wolf ) is some chilling stuff.

        • Eliza

          I’ll take a little time to listen to their other albums as well, since I love this one.


    Nooooooo, not weekend nachos!!


  • Heroic Nipple Farts Of Doom
  • The added dankness of the Carpenters It’s Only Just Begun, really adds to their video.


  • Oh no. Where else will we get our interchangeable powerviolence from?

    • Whats ur favorite pv record

      • Does Nails count?

        • No.

          • Damn.

          • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

            AC/DC’s second coming is p dope.

            I can hardly tell if a record/band is pv or not.

          • Think like grind but with less technique.

          • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

            I know what it’s supposed to be, I just can hardly differentiate it.

          • Some of the shit from Spazz was pretty killer.

          • Did you ever get into Iron Lung? Two man band that seems like it’d be up your alley. Drums 4 days.

          • Oh yeah, we almost played a show with them one time in Florida. Yeah, drums for days indeed.

        • Heroic Nipple Farts Of Doom


      • 2016 is gonna suck if this is as mad as you get over such a statement

        • New Year’s Resolution: Deflect all trolls.

          • i want this added to the annals: Gurp is a troll

          • I should know; I’ve seen him at Troll Meetings in Montreal, Monterey and Bent Knob.

  • Anyone else have a srs cause of the Mondays??

    • Eliza

      I usually do, but today is an exception because I’m still in vacation.

      • NICE. Vacation FTW!

        • Eliza

          It’s my last week. Naturally, I have to get all my homework done in a few days. But I never stress out.

          • What are you studying?

          • Eliza

            Literature. I have to write essays about some books I had to read.

          • I meant in school, as in your degree.

          • Eliza

            Foreign languages and Romanian.

          • Ahhh I vaguely remember discussing that now. Excellent!

          • Eliza

            Are you sill in school?

          • No ma’am, I finished my masters in 2013.

          • Eliza

            What did you master in?

          • Boss the Damage Case Ross

            Guitar SHREDDING!!!!!!

          • Eliza


          • Boss the Damage Case Ross

            I am an Air Guitarist Motherfucker as well.

          • I would expect no less from Boss The Damage Case “Hoss” Ross!

          • Eliza

            I wish I were a Real Guitarist Motherfucker.

          • Boss the Damage Case Ross

            I’m a real guitarist as well, but not a motherfucker. I haven’t reached that level.

          • Eliza

            I’m intermediate level. I’m just not that talented.

          • Mechanical Engineering. Which was my focus for my bachelors, as well.

          • Eliza

            That’s great. Are there many job opportunities?

          • Indeed. Even for those who did poorly in school. I am not aware of anyone I graduated with that did not have a couple within a few months of graduating.

          • Boss the Damage Case Ross

            I’ve been thinking about doing something like that. I’m in the aerospace field, but as a technician right now.

          • Are you an aerospace technician now?

          • Boss the Damage Case Ross


          • Sweeet. We do a lot of aero analysis. Structures specifically, bird strikes, life cycle problems. Fun!

          • Boss the Damage Case Ross

            Okay, right on. I’m the guy that collects all the bird pieces and changes out old parts hahaha!

          • NICE. I knew there was something I liked about you, lol.

          • Eliza

            I hope there’ll as many when I graduate, too. I remember that an old maths teacher I took extra lessons with told me that there aren’t as many. He might very well have said that because I didn’t continue studying with him, so I’m not sure.

    • Normally I would be envisioning the Void right about now, but I am off today on account of having to work all day on Friday.

      So, no?

      • Boss the Damage Case Ross

        Rotten bastard.

        Not really! Good for you!
        What does all day entail?

        • Working from 6am-3pm on New Year’s Day because CORPORATE GREED. Then I had to spend the night moving into a new apartment. I think I overworked myself; I’ve had a scratchy throat for three days running.

          • Boss the Damage Case Ross

            Ooh, last friday. That blows
            Sorry to hear that.

          • But hey, now I’m spending Monday listening to metal, writing and Toileting instead of wanting to snuff it, so . . . Yin & Yang or some shit.

          • Boss the Damage Case Ross


          • Did you made skrill, though???

          • If by skrill you mean “serious dollar bills”, then no. We get paid Chinese overtime. Plus no holiday pay on account of getting today off . . . But hey, I’m not standing by the highway exit holding a cardboard sign that says “Please Help God Bless!” so it’s not all bad.