Want to Win a Free Copy of the Three-Disc Scream Bloody Gore Reissue? Bring Your Dank Game


“Yes, perfect!” you think to yourself as you ponder all of the impending likes your timely and topical meme featuring a vaping Dat Boi being announced as the running mate for Gary Johnson’s campaign is about to receive. You lick your lips at the thought. “Surely this will prove to the normies that I am the meme king.” As you tap the enter key, you sit back and marvel at your work. “It’s clever, ironic, and way ahead of the memecurve. I dare these plebs to stand against my withering memecraft.” You survey your ironic, dank kingdom, chortle to yourself, and heat up a personal pizza for lunch.

Brave internet warrior, this contest is for you.

You like Death, right? Sure you do! Everyone likes Death. You especially like Scream Bloody Gore, right? Sure you do! Everyone knows Symbolic is for nerds! Well, dank memonaut, today is the day that you put your vast knowledge of the memecurve to use in order to win a fabulous prize. The ToH Foundation has in its possession an unopened copy of the 3-disc deluxe Scream Bloody Gore reissue from Relapse Records, donated to us by a very sensual and mysterious benefactor. All you have to do is bring your dankest metal meme.


I wouldn’t suggest something like this.

The rules are simple.

1. Make your own dank metal meme. OC, please.
2. Post that dank meme in the comments section of this article.
3. Upvote the dankest memes.

Submissions will be accepted until 5 p.m. central time on Friday, June 3rd. We will announce the winner next week. Good luck and don’t take an arrow to the knee huehuehue.

Friendly reminder: if your memery suxx (and I’m certain this applies to a number of you), you can still purchase the reissues from Relapse here.

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  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    what does OC mean?

    • original content

    • Dubs

      Original Content

      • Elegant Gazing Globe

        I didn’t know there were anything but stolen memes

        • Dubs

          The Masterlord actually minored in memenomics and will appraise all memes posted here.

          • Super Nintendo Chalmers

            His major in living in his parents basement just isn’t getting him the jobs he hoped for.

          • what? he’s going to visit the site again? yay

  • Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Our memes will blot out the sun.

  • Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Also it’s true, Symbolic is for nerds.

  • Gloomeme

  • James Dankfield

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    all I got

  • devil, câlisse!

    want my adress now?

    • Elegant Gazing Globe

      hey new guy lets see what you got

      • tigeraid


      • devil, câlisse!

        there u go, son

  • Dubs

    Wildest Dreams (RFI)

  • Can third world poor people or half-elves participate in this contest?

    • Super Nintendo Chalmers


      • Yeah, beibi! I told to myself, post that ugly Nic Cage, those gringos won’t put a wall in front of me to unleash the meme.

    • RJA

      the shipping costs can’t be that bad right?

      • Insanely high, jajajajaja.

        • RJA

          It looks like I could send you some cd’s (4lbs max) for about 30-35 dollars shipping. I had to investigate.

          • That doesn’t include the blood tax the gov’t will impose on Link for him to get it from his mailbox. It’s fucked.

          • That Armageddon CD costed me the triple of the original price. And it was last year. With this year inflation I will have to donate three months of salary, jajajaja!

          • BACH!!!!!!!!

            From what I’ve read, Venezuela has the highest inflation on Earth. Even worse than Zimbabwe, which is really saying something. Coming soon to Venezuela:


          • Yes. Is right now the registered highest inflation, and yes, is happening like in Zimbabwe in which the prices went high every week.

            Is insane how last week I went to buy a pizza and my pockets were full of the highest denomination bill because the pizzería didn’t have a debit card machine to pay.

          • Thanks a lot, but sorry, dude. I have to decline. I don’t have a personal mailbox and the taxes and payments to the shipping here are very expensive because the dollar problems.

            Thanks again! <3

          • RJA

            I figured it might be more hassle then it’s worth – I’ll set something up for winner of riff of the week or something. I’ve got 6 or 7 cd’s that dark descent sent me as a duplicate order and then told me to keep them.

          • Yeah, right now is too much expensive to me to receiv something from an international pal. Like I said, the inflation and high taxes makes everything so impossible. I don’t have access to dollars or something, so I’m very restricted in physical media, games, books or clothes. So, no worries. I think this will get better in the future.

          • When it does get better we’re gonna drown you in merch. Your wife will hate it.

          • Thanks, beibi. My wife will oblige me to wash all that merch, jajajaja!



  • tigeraid

    This sucks, I suck at memes. Can’t we just have a contest of witty, intellectual retorts?

  • ChuggaChuggaDeedleyDoo

    Quick, dirty, immature, and uninspired

  • p-please don’t scold me…

  • Scrimm

    I cringe at the thought of what’s to come. Wish I didn’t have to leave for work and miss the “fun”

  • Me at deathfest

  • Stanley


  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    The only real question here is whether the sensual and mysterious benefactor is as sensual and mysterious as the caped crusader behind Mast… Sequestered Keep.

  • Guppusmaximus

    ‘W’ says my meme isn’t dank enough?!

  • ChuggaChuggaDeedleyDoo

    One more for good measure

    • I regret that my one vote, cannot solely send this to the top.

      I am sorry.


  • Hans Müller

    Bet I’ll regret not coming up with a Abbath-er pun.

    • Señor Jefe El Rosa

      Winner, please make this the winner

  • How is everyone doing today?? Hopefully you all have had a quick week, it is almost the weekend!


    • It rained today. I’m cool <3 Listening one of my fav records meanwhile I wait for the third episode of TOILET FREE RADIO to buffer.

    • BACH!!!!!!!!

      Pretty good, outside of it being rainy as hell the last few days. Enjoying my morning coffee and cigarette, aka the breakfast of champions, and jamming some Metroland. How’s everything around your way?

      • Rain <3

      • Rain>>>>> good for the crops! Coffee>>>>>>>
        Things are good, jamming Mastodon!

        • BACH!!!!!!!!

          Sweeeeeeeeeet (unless it’s their newer stuff)!!

    • Good! Having one less workday from the holiday >>>
      Work has been suuuuper slow this week so I’ve been getting paid to surf the internet for like 4 out of the 8 hours a day. Not looking forward to having to start packing for the move later this month, though. Moving <<<<<<<<<<<

      • When 50% effort = 100% pay, things are a good.

  • BACH!!!!!!!!
  • I cannot create, only shitpost

  • BACH!!!!!!!!
  • Waynecro

    He actually prefers OSDM.

  • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

    Dank memes you say? When do get up my prize beeeehuaachtes?

    • Dubs

      I don’t think this is OC.

      • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

        Guilty as charged…yet DANK AS PHUCK!