Wanna win some ripping death metal? Jam Sepulchral Curse!


Sepulchral Curse dropped one hell of a nasty little EP last December called At the Onset of Extinction. Now Transcending Obscurity want you to own it on CD, absolutely free of charge. What’s the catch, you ask? All you gotta do is answer one question!

If you had to describe Sepulchral Curse’s sound by way of convoluted metaphor, which fictional monster does the band sound most like and why?

That’s all you gotta do. Tell me in the comments which monster this band most sounds like, and why! Do the riffs most remind you of the ravenous Baxbakwalanuxsiwae because of the way they lap up all the bones of the rhythm section in “Envisioned in Scars”? Do the gargantuan drums and cascading cymbal work on “Gospel of Bones” remind you of the plodding, oppressive Yeitso unleashing its cruelty upon fragile man? Does, the long, undulating, and beguiling song “Disrupting Lights of Extinction” remind you of the slithering, snaking Indombe with its shifting riffs and slowly coiling vocals? You tell me!

Sepulchral Curse themselves are going to do us the honors of picking two winners, so dust off your copy of the Odyssey or the Prose Edda and get to work! Winners will each receive a copy of At the Onset of Extinction on CD. And if you don’t win, at least you get to hear some ripping, mid-paced death metal with killer hooks and monstrous riffs over at Sepulchral Curse’s Bandcamp page.

Many thanks to Transcending Obscurity and Sepulchral Curse for the contest! Be sure to toss them both Facebook likes (via the links) for being so generous.

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  • BehlNorth Band

    I’ll say the Guariba-Boia of course because I’m sure it sounds exactly like at 1.56 in the song Gospel of Bones

  • Scrimm

    This kicks ass.

  • Freedom Jew

    Pikachu. All of the lyrics sound like someone slowed down his signature phrase by like 50x.

  • Howard Dean

    Sepulchral Curse sounds like: The fire demon Surtr. The riffs are like Ragnarok on horseback. They gallop out of Muspelheim with firesword in hand, bringing the all-consuming flames that will engulf Yggdrasill from eagle to Nidhoggr.

    • Rain Poncho W.

      Excellent convoluted metaphor!

      • Howard Dean

        Hahaha, my childhood infatuation with Norse Mythology and exposure to Amon Amarth/Enslaved albums proved quite useful in this task.

        • Doom Scientist

          You sure you weren’t just reading Thor comics? ^_^

          • Howard Dean

            Haha, I actually wasn’t a big fan of comics growing up. We had this big illustrated Norse mythology book that told all of the major stories from the Poetic Edda: Odin and his brothers killing Ymir and fashioning the earth out of his bones, Thor being tricked by Utgarsloki, the death of Balder, Ragnarok, etc. It was one of my favorite books as a kid.

          • Howard Dean is not a nerd!!

          • Howard Dean

            YOU’RE GODDAMN RIGHT, JIMMY!! I may be socially awkward, difficult, and borderline autistic, but I ain’t no stinkin’ nerd!!

            [goes and organizes bookshelf alphabetically by author, then rearranges it by subject/genre five minutes later]

          • Doom Scientist

            I liked both kinds of books back then(comic and real).

          • Hans Copronym
  • Damn these contests where I have to be creative or funny! My just-woke-up-from-sleeping-after-a-night-shift brain can’t handle this shit! Damn you!

  • Hans Copronym

    Those vocals are killer. Nice of you to bring back the Book of Creatures, too!

    • Rain Poncho W.

      Imma milk that behemoth till it runs dry.

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    Cherufe all the way! Sounds like it want to burst forth from the fiery depths and eat us all alive

  • CT-12
  • Lord of Bork

    Their grinding style sounds like the gasping screams of the Preta, damned to millennia of torment for their greedy and deceitful actions during their cursed lives. They dwell in the barren wastes, their distended bellies and cruelly elongated necks perpetually rendering them both enormously hungry and perpetually unable to sate their desires. The tremolo riffs (obviously) represent their repeated, constant desire for nourishment due to their cursed physiognomy.

    • Rain Poncho W.

      Love the convoluted metaphor!

  • biclapudic

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    • Howard Dean

      You were unemployed a “pair” of years earlier, and you systematically create $100-130 by “carrying down” Facebook?

      Sounds legit to me! Sign me up. Can I send you some personal information? Howabout my SSN and the name of the first school I attended?

      • Freedom Jew

        I, too, wish to induce a good quantity of wage per month. Sign me up!

        Unfortunately, I am not allowed to click links due to the restraining order. Can you please send more details to my screen, biclapudic?

  • Yves Parent

    Simply hellish.