“Vintage” Live Footage From Vintage Vinyl


Stuff from like ten years ago counts as vintage, right?

If you were lucky enough to grow up in New Jersey (that’s right, I said ‘lucky enough’. Deal with it!) then you were also lucky enough to be near the incredible Vintage Vinyl record store. The store, which is just 2 years shy of celebrating its 40th anniversary, is chock full of new and used CDs, vinyl, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and probably a few other forms of media. Rock, metal, punk, and all the sub-genres are well-represented along with a healthy dose of local music. One doesn’t just visit Vintage Vinyl, you time travel because minutes slowly become hours spent pawing through their selection. Their tag line, ‘From the obvious to the obscure’ is spot-on.

Another great thing about Vintage Vinyl is that they have in-store appearances and concerts by all sorts of bands and musicians. One of the treats about walking around the store is seeing the framed pictures of all the people that have performed. It’s quite the eclectic mix as they’ve had bands ranging from the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Dio to Type O Negative and Gwar to, uh, Dramarama.

Lucky for us, some of those performances have been taped and uploaded to Youtube. I’ve gathered together a bunch of the metal and metal-adjacent band sets (there’s plenty of non-metal stuff on their channel if you’re interested) for your enjoyment. Sound and footage quality varies, so consider this your warning.

Monster Magnet (2001)

Queens Of The Stone Age (2000)

Anvil (2009)

Bad Religion (2002)

Spock’s Beard (2003)

Folly (2004)

The Chariot (2009)

High on Fire (2001)

3 (2005)

Nightwish (2007)

Every Time I Die (2003)

Monster Magnet (2004)

Cave In (2003)

Lacuna Coil (2010)

Kerry King (2003)

Lamb Of God (2001)

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  • GL

    Damn, that is freaking cool. Quite a history!

    Them Lamb of God dudes were sure derpy, lol

  • Joaquin Stick

    Was really confused by the Cave In recording until I realized that sounds is really only coming out of the left headphone. They sound pretty good, considering.

  • Señor Jefe El Rossover

    Here is one of my favorite “in store appearance” videos, takes place clear on the other side of the country but still worth the watch. The feedback intro straight into the RIFF blows me away each time. I’m sure the walls of this place wear shaking big time.


    • Óðinn

      Green Amps >>>>>>

      Om, Fuck Yeah!

    • themaleshoegaze

      I’ve seen Al Cisneros with Sleep (massive) and with Shrinebuilder (solid to great) but I’m still waiting for a chance to see Om. This video only reinforces that.

    • Howard Dean

      Always loved this video. “Rays of the Sun/To the Shrinebuilder” is the best track Om has ever written.

      • Señor Jefe El Rossover

        Ooooh, hard fo me to pick a favorite/best for them.

  • Señor Jefe El Rossover

    I’ll definitely check out this store if I’m up in NJ.

  • I took a ride out here once or twice many years ago when physical media was a necessity and can confirm that they had quite the selection. It was about an hour ride so I didn’t make the trip too often.

  • themaleshoegaze

    Boy, does Josh Homme look, erm, boyish in that video. I once missed QOTSA in freaking 1999 when they had some 11 am slot at a festival I’d been to because I didn’t know them nor did I get that there was a reason my stoner rock friend really wanted to go (and did go). Well, hindsight, 20/20 and such shit.

    Oh, yeah, and I love record stores. This one looks really great.