Video Premiere: Plague Throat – “Conflict Resolution”


If you like your death metal all killer and no filler, we have just the video premiere for you.

You know that feeling when an album’s been out for over a month, you had no idea about it, and it turns out it crushes massive amounts of pelvic area into a fine powder-like mist? This has been my past few days’ experience with India’s own Plague Throat, and their debut full-length The Human Paradox.

The album is packed with anti-nonsense in the form of tremolo-laden guitar riffs, prominent bass lines and blasty, busy drumming, all of it presented in a decidedly “real” fashion. No semblance of any performance enhancing shenanigans is to be found here, yet the mix is very clear while retaining every bit of grit and, yes, heaviness. This is crunchy death metal for crunchy brains.

Today we have the privilege of premiering the lyric video for “Conflict Resolution”, a track that’s a good representation of the record as a whole and showcases the band’s ability to weave the slightest amounts of catchy melodies into their sonic assault.

The Human Paradox is out now on Transcending Obscurity India, and is available on Plague Throat’s bandcamp. If you dig it, like the band on Facebook and keep an eye on Transcending Obscurity for many more killer releases.

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  • what a thoroughly enjoyable four and a half minutes! i love that the guitars were employed to do more than settle down with one or two riffs for a long time, especially in the second half. they kept things interesting with some light adventurous jamming. thx Moshito

  • Jack Bauer

    Damn my wishlist is getting pretty bloated these last few weeks

    • Brutalist_Receptacle

      Is this your FiberCon?

  • Joaquin Stick

    The duders crawling through the mud is creepin’ me out.