Track Premiere: Somnium Nox Have a “Soliloquy of Lament” for You


Everything in Australia is trying to kill you… even the music.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the list: Great whites, cone snails, Stargazer, syphilis-riddled koalas, Sewercide, the platypus… it’s a seemingly endless list of vicious predators and cuddly things as dangerous as they are adorable.

Slotting right into this murderers’ row are newcomers Somnium Nox. You may have laughed at some of the animals listed above, but I assure they were selected for a very good reason and that Somnium Nox have more in common with them than you realize. “Soliloquy of Lament,” the opening track of their debut album Terra Inanis, isn’t the immediate threat that a great white is. I’d dare say it’s most like the cone snail. The song, like the snail, is unassuming at first glance. The track opens with a beautiful acoustic guitar that belies a sinister intent and eventually gives way to the ominous hum of a didgeridoo (!!!). Much like the murderous snail the song takes its time, but when it stings you damn well know it.

After a brief and devastating initial sting of distortion, the track slips you into a muscular paralysis, clean guitars chiming hypnotically and repetitiously. It’s gorgeous and calming, but truly only a setup for the pain and fury to be unleashed. The final three minutes of “Soliloquy” rage unlike any other moment of the track, the guitars and drums blistering your nerves. It only lets up long enough to let you know that the end is near and then, well, the end.

The irony of the cone snail sting is that buried within all of the venom are healing agents that can be used as painkillers. That’s certainly not unlike black metal at all, is it?

Somnium Nox’s Terra Inanis is out on May 15th via Transcending Obscurity. You can check out the rest of the album on their Bandcamp page and keep up with the band at their Facebook.

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  • Lacertilian

    Pretty spewin’ I missed their release/launch gig last week. Can confirm the album is a great debut.

  • Wet W’s Whistle

    I love the didgeridoo and want to hear more of it. Am I a bogan?

    • Joaquin Stick

      Didgeridoo is probably the instrument I’m most proficient with, and even then I kinda suck. I can make all the noises change pitch easy enough, but circular breathing is a bitch.

      • Wet W’s Whistle

        I basically figured everything out except the circular breathing. I got suckered into buying one from the lady behind Inlakesh. I went to her exhibit at an art fair and got talked into it.

        Sidenote, every time we move, the wife asks if I’m ready to get rid of the didge.

        • Guacamole Jim

          I hope you didgeridon’t!

          • Wet W’s Whistle

            The will is strong. Plus, I think there’s a link between didgeridoo ownership and the mighty sorcery of the volcel.

        • Joaquin Stick

          Ha, I wasn’t allowed to bring it with to CT due to the same reason (Also I didn’t want to move it so I didn’t argue). I will have it back at some point though. I bought mine at a Renaissance Fair, which totally makes sense. Don’t think too much about it.

          • Wet W’s Whistle

            Look, man, I’m not pointing any fingers here.

        • Hans Copronym

          “No, but I’m about ready to get rid of the BITCH! Hiyooooooo!”

          *dodges flying kitchen knives*

          • Wet W’s Whistle

            That sounds like an excellent way to end up with arsenic in your bloodstream.

    • Lacertilian

      TL,DR: Naah mate.

  • KJM, Drug Honkey

    Drop bears…(shudders)

  • Joaquin Stick

    I can dig this. Checking out the other tracks on BC now.

  • Howard Dean
  • Waynecro

    “The irony of the cone snail sting is that buried within all of the venom are healing agents that can be used as painkillers. That’s certainly not unlike black metal at all, is it?” This guy totally gets it. Excellent review, Bearikson!