Track Premiere – Atavisma Unleash Hell “Amid the Ruins”


What’s that rancid odor? Is that funk of 40,000 years I smell? You bet, because the earth has cracked open, and the dead are spilling out from hell to torment the living. This is the sound of Atavisma‘s new 7″ On the Ruins of a Fallen Empire. Today, we’re pleased as hell to ramp up the torment with the EP’s second track, “Amid the Ruins.” Prepare for riffs, death, and doom.

There’s been quite a bit of furor in the underground’s catacombs about noxious newcomers Atavisma, and for good reason! Their rank, poisonous brand of slowed-down, jacked up death metal is absolutely filthy. Hot on the heels (well, as hot as a shambling, putrescent corpse can be) of a remarkably well-received demo and split, the vile trio is finally ready to spread the disease with a debut EP on Blood Harvest Records. If “Amid the Ruins” is anything to go by, this ramshackle corpse is poised for total viral infection.

Filthy. Really, I can’t think of any other word that sums up the sound of “Amid the Ruins” better than that. Atavisma’s death metal by doom metal approach is one of murky, blood-caked violence. The track starts with a down-tempo, deranged funeral riff slicked with sanguine grime, but even as the double-bass kicks into life like a reanimated corpse, the song and its killer riffs never get much faster than an elephantine plod. No, Atavisma just pursue you with the pendulous gait (and burbling growl) or a shambling corpse, but that’s no reason to rest on your laurels. The change-ups between thunderous drums and caveman violence will sink their teeth into you like a hungry ghoul, and those infectious, scale-clawing riffs will spread through your veins faster than a mutagenic T-virus. If the zombie apocalypse starts tomorrow, you can blame Atavisma and the visceral nausea they induce with the mesmerizing repetition at the end of this song.


You can pick up On the Ruins of a Fallen Empire over on Bandcamp. The album drops June 9th via Blood Harvest. Go join the undead horde on Facebook and give Atavisma your brain.
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  • No color gradient on THAT album cover/logo! This rocks though, going on the wishlist for sure.

    Now, back to the ToH podcast. C-ya!

  • Stockhausen

    This rules. Those vocals get me right in the guts. Mmmmmm, guts.

  • Dat guitar tone and dem vocals. Extremely siqqqq.

  • How come some albums are labeled 7″, while others 12″?

    • oh a serious note, this rockets!!!

      • Janitor Jim Duggan

        Jimmy, why did you leave Facebook again? How am I supposed to tell you about how I’m seeing my lady friend now?

    • CT-12

      It’s a vinyl reference. 7″s are generally EP’s, 12″s are LP’s.

  • Adolf Hitler

    Vait! Vhat! …vhere am I?

    Zhis ist nicht Metasucks!!!?!

  • GoatForest

    This is goood!
    [Erupts into a pile of three foot long maggots]

  • sweetooth0

    Yes, filthy death metal is always welcome in my ear holes!

  • Jack Bauer