You asked for it, so we’re giving it to you. BRENOCIDE makes his triumphant return to the show to help us dissect the life and times of Sirius XM Liquid Metal DJ/programmer Jose Mangin. Who is he? What does he do? Why is he the Worst? These questions and more are answered on this episode as we give Jose the flushing he so clearly deserves. Also on the program, Brenocide relentlessly doxxes us all. If that’s not enough for you, we’re exploring Joey DeMaio’s relationship with his mother, the guitarist from Asking Alexandria ruining his child’s life, and we’re talking about everyone’s favorite blog for hatereading, MetalSucks. It’s a good ass episode.

Music featured on this program:

Martyrdöd – “Wipeout” from List (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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  • Señor Jefe El Rosa

    There better not be any disrespect for Joey DeMaio here.

    • Mosh Hoff





      • Señor Jefe El Rosa


  • Joaquin Stick

    Fucking christ. That goddamn intro. My ears are crying tears of pure embarrassment.

    • That intro really says it all.

      • Guacamole Jim

        Bro but he’s like influential to metal right?? I read that somewhere legitimate

        • Count_Breznak

          Im pretty sure it was “Influenza of metal”.

        • Since he’s a major player on Sirius/XM radio, he has many ears on which to introduce small metal bands to lots of exposure. You know, Slipknot, FFDP, Black Label Society Shadows Fall, et al

    • Eliza

      I was hoping it was a parody. I’ve never seen hope die so pitifully in my front of eyes.

    • Dumpster Lung

      I’m sitting here on a work call waiting for it to end so I can hit play on this glorious thing.

  • Mosh Hoff


    Kill me.

    • Joaquin Stick

      Edit: My gif doesn’t work, but its a “King of the Hill Whack a Mole” gif. Upvotes please.

    • Joaquin Stick

      He even says Sepultura with that fake accent. So terrible. (21:30)

      • I can’t do an impersonation to save my life, but Brenocide fucking nailed it with the “adding a ridiculous accent to one out of every 20 words” thing.

    • mother☆shabubu

      Wakka Guaca Flame

  • Scrimm

    Oh god that header image… then I clicked play.

    • Howard Dean

      Just peeping that dude’s face for one second makes me want to commit an assault.

      • Mosh Hoff

        AN ASSAULT ON THE AIRWAVES???!!!!??!!?!??

      • Scrimm


      • Óðinn

        Tim Tebow?

        • Howard Dean

          This was a controversial event that happened a few years ago in a college football game between Boise State and Oregon. The dude that got punched is Byron Hout. The dude who punched him, LeGarrette Blount, is now a famous running back in the NFL.

          It was a case of both dudes losing their heads and getting a bit too emotional. Boise State had just upset Oregon, and the dude Hout ran up to Blount to trash talk him, and Blount just snapped and leveled him–earning himself a suspension for the remainder of the season.

          • Óðinn

            Thanks, Howard Dean.

          • Howard Dean


  • nbm02ss

    That intro made my left eye twitch.

    • nbm02ss
      • Dumpster Lung

        Yes! The one a week or two ago made me think of this but I was too lazy to go find and link it haha. So good. Also this whole thing makes pronouncing French things maddening.

        On one hand: I know how I’m saying most everything is wrong and it kills me.

        On the other: I don’t want to sound like a twat if I do get it right, and I don’t want to sound like an even bigger twat if I try and still get it wrong xD

      • CyberneticOrganism

        Too true.

  • Dude


  • Eliza

    Only one song in the whole podcast. INTENSE.

  • Mosh Hoff

    “The soundtrack to sexual assault”

    I keep dying here.

  • Rob M

    I dont know who Mangin is, but I feel a strong urge to laugh at him…a lot

  • RJA

    I opened the page and thought “is that what Jose Mangin looks like?” and then I realized, of course that’s what he looks like.

  • Señor Jefe El Rosa

    Ian Christe>>>>>>>>>>>>

    He didn’t do Murder in the Front Row though.

    • Yep, my mistake. He did publish it tho!

      • Señor Jefe El Rosa


        Christe really is the man though, I did a project based on Sound of the Beast in high school. His series on liquid metal was always awesome to listen to as well.

  • Howard Dean
  • Mosh Hoff

    “I just took time off to make this mothereffer’s tacos.”


    • Dumpster Lung

      When I read that, I thought for sure you were making fun of the taco thing in the intro or something. I could not have imagined that it was an actual quote. Holy shit lol.

  • Randall’s Sweaty Space Pants

    You need to actually get the real Mangin on the show.

    • Brenocide/myself should grill him and expose him as a poser

      • CyberneticOrganism

        New Randall column: POSER EXPOSER

        • Vault Dweller

          This column would exclusively be nude pictures of Randall Thor, tho. Why?!

  • I had no idea how to even act with Brenomangin

    • Joaquin Stick

      You acted like a guy who regretted calling in immediately after he started talking. 10 accurate points /10

      • “should have just stuck with the tornado warning excuse and not called in”

  • J.R.™

    I have never listened to this dude before, and you guys were so right about his forced surprise accent syndrome. The worst. Wuacamole. TACOS LOCOS HABLAMOS BANDITOS

  • dingus

    I actually fucking love Byzantine

  • Señor Jefe El Rosa

    I usually don’t like to earnestly make fun of people, but that Mouth For War cover is atrocious and needs to slayed with STEEL.

  • JWEG

    I’ve never listened to XM Radio, so I didn’t know who this person was before he was mentioned on That Other Blog Which Shall Should Remain Nameless.

    Also your Jose Mangin impressions seem to veer a little bit into Mexican Randy Savage territory every once in a while. Possibly intentional? I don’t know. Maybe.

  • Dumpster Lung

    “…And then I bought Tom Araya a leather jacket!”

    Great idea. Why don’t we all pitch in on a Kroger gift card for Gordon Ramsey, or an X-Box Live gift card for Bill Gates, or hair extensions for John Tardy.

    • Rob M

      …but dude, its the same type that Mangin wears

      • Dumpster Lung

        Oh man, I forgot about that detail. “Hey Tom from SLAYER. . .I know you’ve had some success with your band and all that over the past couple years, but I think what you really need to take things to the next level is a new wardrobe. I know you’ve been thinking ‘How can I look as cool as Jose?’ Well now you can, buddy!”

        • Rob M


  • Jom Pootersan


  • Sorry for the Doxing. Not referring to people by their pseudonyms

    • J.R.™

      Of which Mangin lists as one of his Facebook interests, it turns out.

    • Nothing personnel

  • frozengoatsheadupanunsarse

    Minions give me the heebie jeebies 🙁

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    I had a little Rev Jr stack and it melted the PCB it was such a piece of shit

    • For a boutique American made amplifier, they definitely don’t seem as such.

  • CyberneticOrganism

    More like NO WAY Mangin, am I right?! High five.

    • CyberneticOrganism

      Jesus christ I just listened to that intro, now I want to die.

      • I thought you guise might have been exaggerating about dat intro.
        …nobody was exaggerating. To quote a great man, “I am going to throw my computer at the sun”

        • CyberneticOrganism

          Hey I wonder if there’s beer on the sun…

          • with weather so hot, you’d need a refreshing Bud Light Lime to cool off!
            *kills self*

          • CyberneticOrganism

            Better to die.

    • I’d hi-five you, but . . .

  • Óðinn

    Run like Hell, in Hell
    The deadly race begins
    Cyanide, Brenocide
    No prayers or foolish whims…

  • Óðinn

    Up until today, I was only aware of this Mangin guy from TovH Radio and his embarrassing photos wearing clown clothes. Now that I’ve heard his voice, he’s even more annoying.

    …I listen to TovH Radio, Joe. I’m like 1/20th of the audience.

  • Óðinn
  • Bidet: French for “butt spray”.

    • GL

      No, I will not be coming to your funeral.


      • So we won’t . . .

        . . . see you at the party?

        • GL

          Well… when you put it that way, still no.



  • Waynecro

    This was another very funny episode. Awesome work as always, dudes!

  • CT-12

    Damn near pissed my pants when Brenocide started his impression, hilarious shit; seriously picked me up today, thanks.

  • somebody interview this Wikipedia

  • Simon PhoenixKing Rising

  • NDG

    Nice to hear some Martyrdöd. List is a killer album.

  • NDG

    I think spending more than half of the show discussing Mangin is probably too long.