On this episode of the Toilet ov Hell Radio Show, Joe, Randall, and 365 are the boys that are also back in town again. Join us to discuss being straightedge, news predictions, and shows with 15 friggin’ local bands on the bill. We’re listening to Hellripper, xCRIMEDOGx, Skyliner, and Oak Pantheon.

Music featured in this program:

Hellripper – “Hell’s Rock and Roll” from Complete and Total Fucking Mayhem (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
xCRIMEDOGx – “Marijuana (Don’t Try It)” from 1982-1986 (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Skyliner – “Stargazer” (Facebook)
Oak Pantheon – “Float” from In Pieces (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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  • Señor Jefe El Rosa

    This lineup is stacked today!

  • W.

    oak pantheon are pretty cool. h/t tyree on that one

    • W.

      Wait, I was thinking of Oak (for Tyree). son ov wolf (I think) is the one who likes oak pantheon.

      • Joaquin Stick

        I was going to say, I like Oak Pantheon, there’s no way it was a Tyree rec.

      • Oak >>>>>>>>>>

        One of the best doom performances I’ve ever witnessed. Wish that band was more active.

      • Señor Jefe El Rosa

        JR and Pagliacci are big fans too. The album is really good.

    • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

      They hit a really sweet spot with In Pieces, they did.

  • Randall’s Sweaty Space Pants

    Less Joe, more Albus.

  • Kevin Nash’s Jackknife

    I’ll have to give this a listen. I hate shows with more local openers than there are touring bands.

  • Randall’s Sweaty Space Pants
    • I can smell the crust punks from my desk.

      • Mr. Bojangles

        I can smell the dirty finger nails from my scratching post.

  • Kevin Nash’s Jackknife

    I know it’s a little late for news but Mayhem from what i can tell is doing a US tour with Inquisition and Black Anvil.

    • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

      Terrible lineup.

      • Inquisition is a big NOPE! Never gave Black Anvil a chance. It’s a Relapse band, so that doesn’t help matters.

        • Kevin Nash’s Jackknife

          I’ve never heard Inquisition.

          • A lot of people love them. Check em out I guess. I can’t stand them.

          • Kevin Nash’s Jackknife

            I shall. I need to have a bit more knowledge on black metal anyway.

          • Well if you like frog toad vocals, then this will hit the spot.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            I wouldn’t start with them, then.

          • RJA

            I’m a big fan – but yea, people are pretty divided on them.
            That Sadomator box set looks pretty sweet by the way – will have to check out.

          • Sadomator is some ugly stuff. If you like Archgoat you’ll dig them.

          • RJA

            listening to Sadomatic Goat Cult right now – this is pretty savage stuff!

          • Fuck yes!

          • Also, check out that new Bolzer song.

          • Elegant Gazing Globe


          • Agree to disagree.

          • Elegant Gazing Globe

            the 10 string BC Rich octaves effect can only disguise boring riffs for so long

          • Lol

        • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

          Same here.

        • Scrimm

          I have never listened based just on on your non recommendation.

    • All three of which being bands we know you cherish <3

      • Kevin Nash’s Jackknife

        If they’re playing what I think they’re playing which is the debut in full I might go.

        • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

          Their debut is Deathcrush, you’re probably thinking of De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

          • Technically Deathcrush was an EP, most people refer to a band’s first full length album as their debut.

          • GL

            Dongcrush would have been a better name amirite?

          • Well, that release certainly crushes dongs. That’s for damn sure.

          • U RITE, BRO!

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            True, I was just thinking first official release post demos.

          • Scrimm
          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain


          • Óðinn

            That one had more of a Bahamian happy vibe.


          • Kevin Nash’s Jackknife

            I was thinking of that album considering it’s their first full length studio album. Deathcrush was an EP.

      • Right!?!

        • Kevin Nash’s Jackknife

          I’m actually a fan of Mayhem. I’m not the world’s biggest fan but they are influential.

          • And Satanic.

          • Kevin Nash’s Jackknife

            That is true. Although I’m religious I don’t hold their beliefs against them.

  • Is it bad that I look forward to this now?

  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    Randall, you’re a poser – for not listening to the Radio Show last week.

    • Señor Jefe El Rosa

      Usually I stick up for him, but that was my debut. He can rot.

      • #condemned

      • Scrimm

        Shit I better go listen

    • GL


  • Howard Dean

    Hellripper kid talking about his new compilation:

  • Al Bundy

    Never heard of Marijuna before now. Remimded me of Good Clean Fun

  • Joaquin Stick

    Actually kinda like that Skyliner track. That repeated line is kinda ridiculous after the 8th time, but the rest of it is fun.

  • nbm02ss

    Pontypool is pretty excellent.

  • Waynecro

    Great show, dudes! I saw Pontypool several years ago and thought it was pretty cool–especially the concept.

  • Mr. Bojangles

    I used to be straight edge, then I had remy martin and a gurkha 15 year cellar reserve.

  • I assumed xCrimedogx was being sardonic.
    Silly me.

  • J.R.™

    I dont listen to the radio show to hear music I already own. gosh.
    Relatedly, Oak Pantheon rock my socks

  • good stuff, my dudes. (as always.)
    oh look, Oak Pantheon is a good. thanks for the rec! investigating moar…