Toilet Radio Unleashes the Archers


On this thrilling episode of Toilet Radio, we’ve got two exciting segments. First up, Brenocide joins us for a heated discussion about the worst live show we’ve ever seen. Many chuckles are had as we talk mad shit on Sonic Syndicate, Jason Newsted, FSU, Finntroll, and Complete. THEN, Brittney Slayes of Unleash the Archers, one of the most exciting bands in power metal, joins us for a fascinating interview. She helps us learn about about perfect pitch, Warwick Davis, the difference between comics and graphic novels, finding satisfaction with your work, purchasing fine leather gauntlets, and cooking bacon in the Wal-Mart parking lot. This is a good one, folks.

Music featured on this program:
Unleash the Archers – “The Matriarch” from Apex (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Winds of Leng – “Devourer” from Horrid Domination (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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  • Señor Jefe El Rossover

    Holy shit. Joe talking to power metal people? What is this world coming to?

    • He did it for a handful of months at the beginning of the show

      • Señor Jefe El Rossover

        Yeah, but you’re one of us.

    • BobLoblaw

      The 5th frame in or so with the one eyeball is disturbing.

    • GoatForest

      Best gif of all time.

  • Dumpster Lung

    “This has been a garbage dick-week”

    Solid gold, right off the bat.

  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    I’m very interested in what your worst shows are but I’m on my way to work. I’ll listen when I get home. Mine was Twisted Sister.

    • The Arm(KJM)

      I saw TS 3 times and they were great each time. Then again, this is 1984-85 we’re talking.

      • Vault Dweller

        Aye. Personal hunch is that JJD saw them… some time after year 2000, when Dee Snider had retired to his morning radio show in CT.

        There was likely some slippage 😛

        • The Arm(KJM)

          It also helps that they were the opener for 2 of those shows.(Dio- Last In Line & Iron Maiden World Slavery tour).

    • Óðinn

      Guns n’ Roses as the opening act for Iron Maiden. Maiden ruled, but Guns n’ Posers sucked donkey dick on stage.

  • Unleash the Archers is one of the two power metal bands that i trust!!
    brought headphones, will listen at work.

  • J.R.™

    NO WAY
    someone from a band I’ve actually listened to before hearing about them on the flushcast!
    There is an Apex pun in here but I can’t find it

    • You could say this is the apex of your podcast listening

  • Dental_Damnation

    Female Fronted Metal ‘✔️’, verifying they’re signed to Napalm……also ✔️. Everything checks out there

  • Complete is an active band today fyi

    • Dumpster Lung

      I’m disappointed they didn’t spell it with a K or throw some kind of unnecessary hyphen in there.

  • Dumpster Lung

    Oh man, Best of the Beast was the first Maiden I ever heard, too! I think it was 10th grade.

    • Scrimm

      Seeing them tonight

  • Scrimm

    Hey a power metal band I don’t hate!

    • Señor Jefe El Rossover

      WAIT WHAT?!

      • Scrimm

        It happens on rare occasion. It’s ALL down to the vocalist. Usually.

        • Jack Bauer

          Same and she is a REALLY FUCKING GOOD vocalist

  • Jack Bauer

    Haven’t been to that many shows, but I think the worst live band I’ve seen is Soreption. They just kind of were there and didn’t have much of a presence. Then again they were opening for Cattle Decapitation and Cannibal Corpse so…..And Unleash the Archers is straight fucking fire

  • Vault Dweller

    I’ve seen a looooooot of bad bands at local radio festivals in my teens; Bowling for Soup, Authority Zero, Everclear, Unwritten Law, OK Go, Smile Empty Soul, Breaking Benjamin, LostProphets (fucking baby rapist)…

    One that really stands out in hindsight tho was seeing DEP on tour with Gigantour in like ’05. I wasn’t reaaaaaaally into heavier metal yet, was still listening to alt-rock type shit, and had never seen or heard Dillinger yet. They spent their entire set basically beating the shit out of each other, as I remember it, and it didn’t help the music. Puciato straight up body slammed Weinman at one point during a song- just grabbed him and chucked him on the ground as Weinman played. Multiple members kept fucking with the Drummer’s kit and the drummer looked pissed, throwing his sticks at them and shit. It definitely made it hard for them to play their already-difficult songs and they didn’t sound great to my soft-ass ears. I have no idea to this day whether there was real animosity (I suspect there was!) or if they were just fucking around. (Megadeth and Symphony X were fucking awesome on that tour though!)

    That one sticks out to me because I later learned to love them… and the next time I saw them, no band members fighting! Just the weird death-defying antics of Puciato and Weinman as they climbed into the rafters of the venue and leaped into the pits mid-performance and generally being awesome as hell.

    • Dumpster Lung

      I had a similar, but far less exciting experience with Converge. Had never heard them before, and it was when they opened for Mastodon and Dethklok (what a weird lineup that was), right after Crack the Skye came out. I hadn’t heard any Converge at all before that point, so I had no idea what they were supposed to sound like. It was a larger space, and all the reverb just made it sound like a chaotic mess (that was also before I had started wearing ear plugs to every show), so for a good while I thought I hated Converge and they just sucked.

      So much regret hahahaha

      • Vault Dweller

        It seems rare for a good band to have a shitty show that really puts listeners off, but it def still happens! Always good to remember you can see a band and they can have a shit night that doesn’t represent them at their best.

        • Dumpster Lung

          And looking back, I bet it probably wasn’t even their actual performance, but a combo of acoustics and just being really unfamiliar with what they were even supposed to sound like in the first place. Just shameful on my part hahaha

          Then again, the last time I saw Carcass, the sound was complete garbage, but it was just the venue. It’s so echoey and shitty for anything heavy. It was Carcass, then Testament, then Slayer, and each band sounded better than the last, because the music got more simplified as it went, so there was less damage done by the shitty sound. I saw Opeth and Gojira at the same venue, and it was a lot better this year, but still nothing like our smaller, dive venues that seem to be far more on-point.

        • BobLoblaw

          Almost any DEP show to the uninitiated would seem like a disorganized mess. Nature of the beast. Take your current self back to that show and you would have assuredly had a better time. EVERYTHING aside DEP is one of the best bands live ever. Hands down.

      • BobLoblaw

        Almost any DEP show to the uninitiated would seem like a disorganized mess. Nature of the beast. Take your current self back to that show and you would have assuredly had a better time. EVERYTHING aside DEP is one of the best bands live ever. Hands down. Accidentally responded to vault dude

      • Spear

        I saw that same tour and had the same experience, though I think it was more on the sound guys at the one I went to (High on Fire sounded like shit too).

        • Dumpster Lung

          Oh nice, well I don’t feel as bad, then haha. Funny side-note: I missed High on Fire both then and at least at one other tour they opened within a year or so, both times (or all 3, maybe? I don’t remember) I missed them due to not accounting for time zone changes :/

          Finally saw them open for Meshuggah last year, though and they were fantastic.

  • tigeraid

    One of the best albums of the year, so far.

    Will grab this podcast when I get home.

  • BobLoblaw

    Leprechaun 2 is a solid movie goddamnit. Also Life’s too short (the glaringly absent credit to Mr. Warwick) is amazing. Worst show ever witnessed/played was with a band called “Scourge” from Boston if I recall correctly (definitely know the band name). They got added to the show during the days of MySpace when bands were taken for their word, they showed up with what looked to be a sixteen year old as their replacement drummer (soon found out he was replacing drum programming and was drunk) played nothing from the recordings we knew of them and tried to hock cheap merch in between songs (oddly enough it was thrown into the crowd for free by people not affiliated with the band providing lots of cricket lighters and the opportunity to peel the cheap stickers off to add “scourge” to everything, “scourge” lite anyone?). The kicker was when “Gregorian Dalton” (the singer) refused to use the house microphone as he had brought his own, a bass drum mic which as everyone knows was designed for vokills. They were horrible and I am glad that i can find basically nothing about them on the old net now.

  • Decapitron

    Brittney Slayes is one of the unambiguously wonderful people in metal. <3 <3 <3

  • NDG

    Another solid episode.

    I think the Ulrich/Echobrain scene you discussed is the single greatest example of how out of touch Lars was/is with modern music.