Toilet Radio Talks Juggalos, Video Games, and Wrestling with Kevin Gill


On this electrifying episode of Toilet Radio, Joe and 365 Days of Horror are talking about the only things that really matter with a true renaissance man, Kevin Gill. Most recently, Kevin served as the host of the monumental Juggalo March on Washington. He also hosts a killer pro wrestling podcast. In the past, he was the proprietor of Striving for Togetherness records where he put out debut records from 25 Ta Life, Vision of Disorder, and many more classic hardcore recordings. ALSO, he worked on groundbreaking video games series like Grand Theft Auto at Rockstar Games and Backyard Wrestling at Eidos. Basically, he’s a totally radical dude and we were keen to shut up and let him tell us amazing stories about his experiences in all of his crazy pursuits. We were stoked to talk about all kinds of stuff that typically isn’t covered on Toilet Radio so join us for this nontraditional interview with a nontraditional guy. Be sure to stay up to date with Kevin on Twitter and check out The Kevin Gill show here. Whoop whoop!

Music featured on this program: 
The Old Firm Casuals – “A Gang Like Us” from For The Love of It All… (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Insane Clown Posse – “Juggalo Homies” from The Wraith: Shangri-la (Facebook)(Amazon)

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  • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan2

    ima juggalo- ima b a juggalo for life, but hey – ICPs kool, i live my life by the jokers cards, ima b a down ass juggalo til i die, but NO DISRESPECT TO THE FAM- icp is not the best band in the world! Brokencyde is way more talented then they r! once again- NO DISRESPECT FAM! WHOOP WHOOP! MMFWCL!

    -kingreptar93, 4 years ago

    • Howard Dean

      “LOL I’M A TROLL”

      –Kevin Gill, 17:36.

      • GrumpDumpus


    • Hubert

      This is almost wholesome.

  • Howard Dean

    It’s kinda fascinating how ICP/Juggalo culture seems to be having a mainstream comeback and acceptance. I can’t tell if this acceptance is genuine fandom or if it’s being done ironically (I’m leaning towards the latter, since liking things ironically is definitely a big thing nowadays). Either way, pretty unexpected.

    Disclaimer: My perception may be skewed based upon my consumption habits (toilet-themed metal blogs, meme generators, shitposting pages on FB). i.e. maybe there isn’t heightened attention for ICP nowadays, it just seems that way based upon what’s posted in certain corners of the interwebz.

    Whenever I hear about ICP it reminds me of the group of crossover gothy trench coat Juggalos in middle school who ordered Faygo to drink at lunch (it wasn’t available where I grew up) and used to tell people to “suck their Twinkies.” Good times.

    • Mosh Hoff

      You mean kinda like Nazi culture, but harmless?

    • HessianHunter

      I think the increase in juggalo acceptance has happened just because they’ve just been around long enough to be seen as legitimate. Like how the shock of seeing 80’s thrash bands rocking bullet belts and ripped denim wore off and now that’s just like any other “look” you can have.

      • Howard Dean

        Good point. Could be nostalgia, too. People my age who are entrenched in adulthood and have some disposable income to spend reliving things from their youth.

        • HessianHunter

          I think young people are more accepting too – ICP has been around long enough that “kids these days” probably see them as old-school and legitimate independent artists, which they honestly are. They’re the highest selling independent artists of all time. The only label they’ve ever worked for was their own.

          • Howard Dean

            Wow, I wasn’t aware of that. That’s pretty dang impressive.

      • HessianHunter

        And people obviously still crack jokes at their expense (as they should, because the music is terrible), but these days it’s more of a good-natured ribbing instead of “what the fuck are these idiot kids doing now” which I guess is a sign of respect?

        • “Juggalo Homies” is a tight song

          • HessianHunter

            It is kind of catchy but still pretty fucking awful

    • Hubert

      I actually feel like the March generated a fair amount of mainstream acceptance of them. And while a lot of people like them ironically, I feel like that’s going to shift to actual enjoyment, though many might not become actual Juggalo’s.

    • Dubby Fresh

      Speaking as someone who used to rib on juggalos all the time, I had a hell of a time at their concert, despite not digging the tunes much, and hey if Gwar can win me over that way, why not the homies?

      • Óðinn

        They probably don’t look as bad now ’cause Trump. He’s worse than everything by comparison.

  • Howard Dean

    On the topic of video game soundtracks:

    I had a Dreamcast when I was in middle school (sidenote: it was pretty fucking cool). I got the console version of Crazy Taxi. The game was awesome, but the soundtrack blew. It only had four tracks that were repeated over and over again: two by The Offspring and two by Bad Religion. Womp womp. I used to turn the volume all the way down. Couldn’t take it.


  • Vault Dweller

    Damn, ‘ole KG has been a guest on a diff. podcast I listen to, weird when my podcast worlds overlap!

    • this is what it’s like when [podcast] worlds collide!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    The Juggalos have good taste in discount soda. Faygo is very good.

  • KJM, Blood Farmer

    If I won Powerball I’d go to a gathering.

  • Óðinn

    This is the only white rapper I like.

  • GrumpDumpus