Toilet ov Hell Radio Ep. 9: Fast, Sloppy & Outta Control


In this episode of Radio Toilet ov Hell, Joe and Randall get punk as fuck with Tom Waits covers and righteous indignation at Metal Injection’s the dregs of society’s coverage of Ozzy Osbourne. This week features music from Dialysis, Bleak, Goreshack, Ernia, Widower, and Curb Slaughter.

Music Featured in this program:

Dialysis – “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” from the Bleakalysis split 7″ out today on Hex Records (Get it here)(Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Bleak – “God’s Away on Business”  from the Bleakalysis split 7″ out today on Hex Records (Get it here)(Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Goreshack – “The Slackrifice” from Tombstone Tide (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Ernia – “Lunatic Lovers” from their upcoming self-titled record (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Widower – “Unholy Force” from The Unholy Oath EP (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Curb Slaughter – “Eddie Vedder Can Lick a Turd, I’m going Thrashin” from Sixteen Easy Steps to Killin’ Cops & Thrashin’ (Bandcamp)

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  • Lacertilian

    Moshito, that track was fucking rad, mate!

    • EsusMoose

      Danahnahnahnahnahnahnah na TIME LIZARD timelizard

    • I 2nd this. That track splits faces.

      • Mosh Hoff

        That is the goriest compliment I’ve ever gotten this week.


        • You’ve earned it playa.

          • Mosh Hoff

            I’ve earned it… beach?

    • so it’s cool to like him now? cause I’ve been waiting

  • Mosh Hoff

    It’s spelled Daniel Valcázar, but it’s pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove. I understand the mistake.

    • Guacamole Jim

      Receive all my upvotes for this reference.

      • Señor Jefe El Rosa

        I’m happy 14 other people got it.

  • Widower is doing it for me.

  • Möthër Shäbübü

    Goreshack, baby, Goreshack
    Goreshack, baby, Goreshack
    Goreshack, baby, Goreshack (Gore, baby, that’s where it’s at)


      -The B52’s

      • I’m glad that you cleared it up for me that this was a B52’s reference.

        • Did it feel like I dropped a bomb on you? When you read it?

          • Dubs

            I think he went under a dock, and there he saw a rock.

          • Möthër Shäbübü

            It wasn’t a rock.

          • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

            It was a goreshack.

  • Leif Bearikson

    I blew my friends mind by telling him that “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” was a Tom Waits song and not a Ramones song.

  • Saw Bleak play yesterday at a record store near my house. Go see them if they come to your town, they tear shit down.

  • lol “lead bass”


    • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

      Lol GL



  • did i ever tell you guys how much i dont like punk

  • Möthër Shäbübü

    Real talk: back before this place existed, a long, long time ago (5-6 years ago), Metal Injection used to actually be pretty cool. They had a few good writers, funny, memorable interviews, and a forum that was very similar to our wretched little FB group. Then one day they decided to delete the forums. Then the generic Best Part of/Favorite Thing To Do type interviews started popping up. Then slowly, but surely it became a runoff of MS and all the other sites who copy/pasted articles from each other. It went from being a cool hang to being, like Joe accurately described, the dregs.

    • Max

      I fully yearn for the return of Cosmo Lee to Invisible Oranges. That guy had some of the most original ideas for metal articles I’ve ever stumbled across, and an effortlessly effective writing style.

      • clee>>>>>>>>>>

        • Max


          • Mosh Hoff


          • mattdamon???>>>>>>>>>>

      • Dubs

        What I’ve read from Cosmo Lee was quite enjoyable.

        • Max

          Hence my yearning.

          • Dubs

            and burning.

          • Max

            While the world keeps turning. And computer fonts make redundant the art of kerning.

        • The Cosmo Kramer Seinfeld episode was on this Saturday. I was quite pleased.

    • I rarely read Metal Injection so I can’t speculate too much on their content. I just got super irritated at the guy from MI claiming that a person had gone missing (when he HADN’T) and then openly speculating that he was off the wagon. That’s scumbag shit.

      • Mosh Hoff

        You’re just mad because TovH stole Tech Death Tuesday from MI. And you did it before they even started. The NERVE.

        • Möthër Shäbübü

          Also; stole Joe’s Katy Perry article.

      • Möthër Shäbübü

        I ditched them a while back, but anytime I see a link for a music stream it’s the same shit.

        I agree with your irritation.

  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    I really liked how I actually could tell both Tom Waits songs, despite them having been mauled into something completely different.

  • Vault Dweller


    I’m goin’ Thrashin’
    (I’m goin’ thrashiiiiiiiiiiin’)

    • It’s the perfect song

      • Vault Dweller

        The use of the opening riff is fuckin’ perfect, because for 3 seconds I thought you played the wrong song. Then it changed and I got real excited

    • Maik Beninton™

      I laughed out of that, good shit.

    • *Artwork by T-bizzlebizzigzagg

  • RJA

    Curb Slaughter’s album is worth checking out for the song titles alone. brilliant.

    My favorite – other than the Eddie Vedder one – “what’s up with the bitch givin birth”

  • Digging those Ernia tracks. Damn!


  • Waynecro

    Good show, gents! Thanks very much!

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    Randall I found you the perfect shirt

  • A.P.

    The bass on that Goreshack track was fucking awesome, I’m glad you took the time to talk about it.
    Great show as always, I have really high hopes for this podcast and want nothing more than to see it continue and grow. Are you guys thinking of expanding it into maybe interviews, segments dedicated to particular discussions or anything like that in the future? Not that it isn’t fine as it is, I’m just curious what you guys have in mind for it.

  • tigeraid

    What’s with the fucking punk? You’re lucky I find Randall’s voice dead sexy.

    • tigeraid

      dat Widower tho. Good stuff.