ToH Guest Celebrity Best of 2K15, Featuring Cormorant, Thorr-Axe, Zealotry, Cemetery Filth, Maximum Oversatan, and Barshasketh


Even more guest celebrity top albums of 2015 lists!  Can you handle all this listmania?

Matt Solis – Cormorant

10. GhostMelioraLoma Vista Recordings

9. FalseUntitled | Gilead Media

8. HorrendousAnareta | Dark Descent Records

7. Pale ChaliceNegate the Infinite and Miraculous | Gilead Media

6. MgłaExercises in Futility | Northern Heritage Records

5. LychgateAn Antidote for the Glass Pill | Blood Music

4. EnslavedIn Times | Nuclear Blast Records

3. Chelsea WolfeAbyss | Sargent House

2. NechochwenHeart of Akamon | Bindrune Recordings

1. PanopticonAutumn Eternal | Bindrune Recordings

Tucker Thomasson – Thorr-Axe

10. Thou/The BodyYou, Whom I Have Always Hated | Thrill Jockey Records

9. DeafheavenNew Bermuda | Anti Records

8. DrudkhA Furrow Cut Short | Season of Mist

7. Abigail WilliamsThe Accuser | Candlelight Records

6. LeviathanScar Sighted | Profound Lore Records

5. The Black Dahlia MurderAbysmal | Metal Blade Records

4. High On FireLuminiferous | Entertainment One

3. Ghost BathMoonlover | Loma Vista Recordings

2. Cult LeaderLightless Walk | Deathwish Inc

1. So HideousLaurestine | Independent

Roman – Zealotry

10. MalthusianBelow the Hengiform | Invictus Productions

9. ArcturusArcturian | Prophecy Productions

8. Gospel of the WitchesSalem’s Wounds | Century Media Records

7. Heaving EarthDenouncing the Holy Throne | Lavadome Records

6. CruciamentumCharnel Passages | Profound Lore Records

5. Iron MaidenThe Book of SoulsParlophone

4. Desolate ShrineThe Heart of the Netherworld | Dark Descent Records

3. Blind GuardianBeyond the Red Mirror | Nuclear Blast Records

2. AdversarialDeath, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism | Dark Descent Records

1. Chthe’ilist – Le Dernier Crépuscule | Profound Lore Records

Ryan Guinn – Cemetery Filth

10. RevengeBeyond Total Rejection | Season of Mist

9. Crypt SermonOut of the Garden | Dark Descent Records

8. Temple of VoidOf Terror and The Supernatural | Rain Without End Records

7. NecrowretchWith Serpents Scourge | Century Media Records

6. Napalm DeathApex Predator – Easy Meat | Century Media Records

5. Blood IncantationInterdimentional Extinction | Dark Descent Records

4. EctovoidDark Abstraction | Hellthrasher Productions

3. ExhumationOpus Death | Dunkelheit Produktionen

2. UndergangDøden Læger Alle Sår | Dark Descent Records

1. AutopsySkullgrinder | Peaceville Records

Atomic Destructor From Hell’s – Maximum Oversatan – “Top 10 albums I listened to and liked for the first time in 2015 because new music sucks”

10. Great WhiteGreat White | EMI

9. MutilatorImmortal Force | Cogumelo Records

8. VaticanPower is Obsession | Gravitizer Records

7. Forgotten ChildForgotten Child | Blue Lampion

6. Fifth AngelFifth Angel | Shrapnel Records

5. OblivionQuest for Power | Independent

4. Against the GrainRoad Warriors (ACTUAL 2015 RELEASE ALERT) | Self Destructo Records

3. AnthemBound to Break | Nexus

2. Blind AssassinPut to the Sword | Cult Metal Classics Records

1. Apollo RaRa Pariah | Independent

G. M. – Barshasketh

The lowly lizard was utterly humbled to be graced with guest lists from his #1 and #2 picks from this year. Guitarist G.M. from Barshasketh has dropped in to give us a run-down of some of the releases that he enjoyed this year.

AkhlysThe Dreaming I | Debemur Morti Productions

This second album by Akhlys following on from Supplication [2009] is a decidedly more metal oriented release. The Dreaming I is based around an exploration of dreamscapes. Boasting a well defined, yet mysterious and expansive sound, this is a release that balances aggression with atmosphere perfectly.


AbyssalAntikatastaseis | Profound Lore Records

The third album by enigmatic Death Metal band Abyssal brings a couple of new elements to the table including real drums (as recorded by Timo Hakkinen) and a more textured sound than we heard on previous efforts. A truly labyrinthine album which demands repeated listens to unlock its secrets.


Devouring StarThrough Lung and Heart | Daemon Worship

Through Lung and Heart is the debut album by Finland’s Devouring Star, and it is a heavy one. In contrast to the relatively melodic sound of the demo, JL opted for a suffocating death metal sound on this full length album. Its oppressive atmosphere and furious riffing are definitely worth your time.


Crypt SermonOut Of The Garden | Dark Descent Records

Easily the finest traditional doom release of the year. It’s not a style that I listen to on a regular basis, but it’s impossible to deny the quality of songwriting or the performances here. Truly stellar.



Shrine Of InsanibilisDisciples of the Void | W.T.C Productions

The debut album from Shrine of Insanabilis, an act that seems to have sprung out of nowhere to produce one of the finest albums of the year. Powerful sounding both in its artifice and its production, this album radiates pure darkness. I am sure that I am not alone in wondering where this band will take us next with their future work.


VIDe Praestigiis Angelorum | Agonia Records

Taking into account that this band features members of Aosoth, Antaeus and Merrimack, I expected this to be a high quality release, and I was not disappointed. Relatively stripped down, yet powerful black metal. Plenty of excellent riffs and great performances on display here.


OutreGhost Chants | Debemur Morti Productions

A fantastic album in the vein of Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord, full of angular riffs and tortured vocals. Outre showcase an exceptional consistency on Ghost Chants. There really isn’t a second wasted on this rather short album. As one of the best examples of this style to date, I fully expect that this album will become a classic of the genre in time.


AbhorrentIntransigence | Willowtip

I have been awaiting this album for quite some time, to the point where I half expected to be disappointed, such was the level of anticipation that had built up in the seven years or so that it took to put it together. Not so. A veritable whirlwind of abrasive Death Metal riffs and clattering blast beats, interlaced with more atmospheric elements, not too dissimilarly to Gorguts or Ulcerate. Absolutely Essential.

GriftSnyer | Nordvis

I have been following Perditor’s various projects (Arfsynd, Orvicus) for a number of years and while Grift is a departure from his previous musical activity stylistically, a very high standard of quality is maintained, as expected. Syner boasts a multitude of pure and elegant melodies, all building towards creating a deep ethereal feeling. A very personal record and one that will stick with me for some time.


LychgateAn Antidote for the Glass Pill | Blood Music

A delightfully bizarre album that is remarkable for its heavy use of the organ. Quite an unusual instrument to throw into the mix, it must be said. However, it is incorporated quite well into the chaotic, dizzying song structures. Certainly an album with plenty of depth and a wide textural palette.


Shroud Of The HereticUnorthodox Equilibrium | Iron Bonehead Productions

A colossal album, boasting perhaps the heaviest production that I’ve come across this year. Through crawling and forceful riffs and cavernous vocals, Shroud of the Heretic have produced an incredibly sinister piece of work. Yet, Unorthodox Equilibrium is occasionally punctuated by eerie clean passages, which are effective in mixing things up enough to keep things interesting without compromising the cohesiveness of the album.

Short Releases

Lunar MantraGenesis | Invictus Productions

Stunning debut release from these newcomers from Glasgow. Through well constructed song structures and deft riffing, Genesis emanates a highly charged occult atmosphere. Originally a digital release, Lunar Mantra has since issued this EP in digipack format. Highly recommended.


Aosoth / Order of Orias [Split]Split EP | W.T.C Productions

Including this release was a no-brainer for me. With two bands of such a calibre collaborating, the excellent result was a foregone conclusion. An essential purchase in 2015 for any fan of black metal.


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  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    My top 10 non metal albums I listened to this year (Warning:There is one album on here from 2015):

    1. Nazareth- Loud And Proud
    2. Blue Oyster Cult-Secret Treaties
    3. Truth and Janey-No Rest For The Wicked
    4. Nazareth – Sound Elixir
    5. Styx-The Grand Illusion
    6. Elton John- Madman Across The Water
    7. Mahogany Rush-IV
    8. Touch-Touch
    9. The Who-Who’s Last
    10. Toto – XIV

    • KJM, Shake Zula

      ‘Secret Treaties’ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      • Janitor Jim Duggan

        It is a great album.

        • KJM, Shake Zula

          Maybe their best imo. Those first 4 albums are 4-star excellence.

  • Salvador Dalí Lama

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        That’s Acclaimed Metal Vocalist George Clarke of Deafheaven to you, sir.

        But yes, “Gifts For the Earth” would have been so much more epic with some form of melodic vocals, especially during the climax of that song. For some reason, I see them moving to melodic/clean vocals on the next one.

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  • I feel like Panopticon has been covered here. It sounds amazing. The melodies are nice!


      You should go thru the back catalogue.

      • Noted! Thanks man

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      I don’t have a numbered list of my favorite albums of 2015, but if I did, Autumn Eternal would be near the top for sure. I listen to it whenever I do yardwork. Mowin’ dat lawn to some sweet Panopticon.

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  • Waynecro

    Thanks for the killer lists, fellas. GHOST BATH!!!

  • Matt Pike’s Sweaty Left Nipple

    Undergang fucking crushes, love that album. Also nice to see some love for Lychgate. Blood Incantation, Cult Leader, Shroud of the Heretic, and Abhorrent are all badass. Great lists.

  • Stockhausen

    Glad to see Malthusian and Temple of Void getting love. They had great releases. Also, Cormorant rules.

  • That “new” Fifth Angel album really is the shit tho.