TMP: Shining, Artificial Brain, Ufomammut, and More!


If you’re finally done getting your nostalgia buttons pushed by the Power Rangers, come back to the real world and get caught up on the metal news.

Shining, the Swedish one, is touring the US with Revenge and Wolvsomething. In unrelated news, I think we should stop naming tours.

Gorguts has a large US tour set up with Defeated Sanity and Exist.

Death/doom band Loss released a new track from their album coming out May 19.

Solstafir premiered another track. Album out May 26.

  • There are a handful of not cringe-core bands playing at Warped Tour, but I’ve never owned a pair of Vans so I can’t go.
  • Metal Injection premiered the new Artificial Brain song featuring Trevor Strnad.
  • Ufomammut announced that their new album titled “8” (trying to one-up George Costanza) will be out September 22. Check out this recording session video they posted.
  • Belphegor announced a release date of September 15 for their next album.
  • Tool might actually start streaming their music in an effort to try to separate their image from Taylor Swift.
  • Russian Circles announced a live album.
  • Megadeth is touring with Scorpions. Bleh.

Huh, either news has been quiet for the last few days or I missed a bunch. Share your news in the comments.

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  • Señor Jefe El Rossover

    Never owned a pair of Vans? C’mon now!

  • Howard Dean

    I understand Montreal has a pretty strong metal scene, but it sucks when tours use that as their obligatory “northeastern” stop and then move on to NJ or Baltimore. There’s a lot of land (and population) between those two. Yo, fuck Quebec!

    • Doom Scientist

      There’s this little city named “Boston”…

      • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs

        Which is also the name of Carl Brutananadilewski’s favorite band

        • Doom Scientist

          However, Carl hates the Red Sox.

  • AndySynn

    That Gorguts tour should be called “Libraries are Cool Places”.

    • Óðinn

      Shining and Revenge basically named their tour “Reeding is for faggots”.

      • Sid Vicious Promos

        I like Shining. Their music is so sad.

        • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

          JJD likes Shining? I honestly didn’t expect that.
          Either way, Halmstad fucking rules! FUCK THE HATERS!
          (bluesy acoustic licks for life)

          • Sid Vicious Promos

            I love this album.

          • Óðinn

            Older stuff is okay.

          • GoatForest

            I really like Shining, though I wouldn’t piss on Kvarforth if he were on fire.

          • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

            Dude’s an ass yeah. That being said, I like the music of many artists I find to be asswipes on a personal level.

          • GoatForest

            Indeed. That type of separation is the only way to listen to much of the black metal out there. Not everybody’s cool like the guys from Dark Fortress or Goatwhore.

          • Óðinn

            GOATYWHORE! This I still use this song to start the day sometimes. Great energy. Great wake up song. Black Vans at 1:18 too.


          • GoatForest

            Who needs a god, when you’ve got Satan!

          • NDG

            I am not a massive fan of Goatwhore but fuuuuuuuck this is a great track! Whenever I put together a playlist it always makes the cut.

          • Óðinn

            If he wasn’t on fire though….. 😉

        • Óðinn

          Meh. I used to kind of like them. Their newer stuff is pretty lame in my opinion. The dude in the doo rag is annoying. I just think somebody should kick the shit out of them now.

        • Óðinn

          What about Norwegian Shining?

        • GoatForest

          You know, a lot of people say that, but sadness is not something I get out of Shining. I always hear a sort of perverse joy. Like a death, euphoria, I guess.
          Oooo. That’s a good name for a band…

  • Sid Vicious Promos

    Scorpions and Megadeth together? I’d see that.

  • Remember that one guy who loved Belphegor? Someone named RiotAct666 #QEPDinPeace #takentoosoon #flush

    • Óðinn

      I buy Belphegor CDs on the same day they’re released.

  • nbm02ss

    Ohhhhhh, Gorguts coming to town. Anytime I don’t have to drive 4+ hours to Atlanta, or Tampa, is welcome.

  • Brutalist_Receptacle


  • Brutalist_Receptacle
    • Sid Vicious Promos

      Can’t wait to see the new Power Rangers movie.

  • Depechemodeisgangsta

    Would love to see Russian Circles live, i have never had the chance to see them.
    New Belphegor sweet, i’m still mad that i wasn’t able to see them live last year, when they came close to my area, but had other stuff going on that day.
    BTW just saw that Limp Bizkit and Method man will be doing a show in Las Vegas, 12 years old me, would have been all over that.

    • Joaquin Stick

      I saw that as well but found it just too gross to type.

      • Depechemodeisgangsta

        That’s why i had to type it.
        Not all heroes wear capes.

    • Sid Vicious Promos

      I wouldnt see Limp Bizkit if they were performing outside my window.

      • Depechemodeisgangsta

        They came down here a couple of years back and they were playing a small venue about 2,000 people, i was kind of shocked that they played that small place, specially how big they were back in their time, but front what i understand, they are still big in Europe, Thankfully that same day i went to see Alice in Chains.

  • Jack Rabbit

    I always end up missing Gorguts, may be able to catch them this time. Also, that new Artificial Brain is killer, Trevor nailed it

  • Nipples ‘n’ Such

    Weedeater has announced a spring tour with Primitive Man.

    • sweetooth0

      YES! They’re playing in Saskatoon April 22nd. Very excited for this one!

  • Guacamole Jim

    I have owned a pair of Vans, and they were some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. You’re missing out, Walking Styk.

  • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

    Man am I the only one who thinks that Solstafir kinda lost their magic after hitting their highest peak, Köld?

    • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

      And I’m probably being a party killer, but can someone explain to me what’s so good about Belphegor?

      • Depechemodeisgangsta

        I’m probably not the best to answer, but for me is that their music is accessible, for being an “Extreme band”.

        • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

          I always found their music to be a bit bland. I mean, it’s not terrible at all, but it isn’t really all that exciting to me either.

      • Óðinn

        They certainly don’t stand out, and I think that’s why a lot of Metal fans are kind of lukewarm on them. I will say this, they are consistent. They’ll put out an album that is pretty good and gets decent reviews every 2-3 years.

      • Count_Breznak

        Their first few albums where actually damn good..but now they are like the Venom of BDSM-Blackdeath who take themselves actually serious.

  • Grvm Spectre ov Derth
  • Óðinn

    “Megadeth is touring with Scorpions. Bleh.” LOL. My sentiments exectly.

    I used to be a big Megadeth fan. But if I’m honest, they haven’t really been relevant since 1992. I don’t care about Scorpions.

  • Waynecro

    If that Shining/Revenge tour were coming to my town, I’d go–mainly to see Revenge (I saw Shining during the last tour).