TMP: Pyrron, Decrepit Birth, Leprous, and More!


Joaquin is back and ready to share news in a far-less-descriptive style than Karhu’s brand.

As Mr. Briggs promised in his Toilet Interview, here are the dates for the Colors tour.

Goatwhore is touring with Anciients. Sorta weird combo.

New Pyrrhon is coming August 11. The first single is bananas.

New song by Vallenfyre, album out June 2.

Symphonic Black Metal band Carach Angren reacts only released a new video. Album out June 16.

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  • Jack Bauer

    That Pyrrhon track is incredigoodly amazing

  • Joaquin Stick

    Didn’t have a chance to listen to the full Bison track until now. It gets the highest of high recommendations from me. Amazing proggy/stoner/sludge combo.

    • Hans

      Bison sounds kinda like what I hoped Throttlerod’s latest would sound like, but I was pretty disappointed with that. Will keep an eye on these guys. Thanks for the rec!

  • “365 proves yet again that he’s the master of finding the weirdest shit metal has to offer.”


  • SupremeKrieg

    Talk about a slow fvckin news week.

    • we’ve missed you. it’s been too positive up in here!

  • RustyShackleford

    Damn I really love that BTBAM tour poster. Haven’t watched the Red Fang vid and don’t know anything about their new material, but what’s the over/under for the amount of PBR cans that are in the video? If it’s under 100 I am a sad sad Shackleford. Yep.

    • There’s a bunch of PBR 7 seconds into the video.

      • RustyShackleford

        Alas, the world is not such a cruel place after all.

  • Axxon N.

    Twin Peaks >>>>>>>>>>

    • Max

      Kyle MacLachlan. Dune. Desert planet.

      • CyberneticOrganism

        Never one drop of rain on Arrakis

        • Max

          Well, not until the end of Twin Peaks anyway – when Virginia Madsen takes her clothes off (spoiler alert).

    • Depechemodeisgangsta

      Never seen Twin Peaks but from what i have heard and read about it, is a great show.
      Right now i’m digging the last season of The Leftovers on HBO, that has to be the best writing on TV at the moment, sadly not enough people are watching it and this is the last season, but an amazing show.

    • Xinen

      Hell yeah, been going through the show for the first time after some recs by gamer friends. I almost didn’t go through with it after the season 1 beginning but glad we’ve kept at it. Its a great ride. Only a few episodes left.

  • The new Decrepit Birth is some solid tech but I was hoping for more songs along the lines of Solar Impulse. Y’know, with more S P A C E.

  • Doc Torluv

    Vallenfyre’s new one should be a barnburner. Their past two have, to my ears, spawned some new projects (ie: The Lurking Fear) falling in line with their filthy brand of death metal. You can’t wash this shit off.

    • Gromit Burger

      Yep, I still regularly blow out my speakers with Splinters. The track they posted is promising although I’m starting to think I might soon get bored of Kurt Ballou’s ultra saturated HM-2 style production. It sounds killer but so many bands are going for that sound at the moment.

  • CyberneticOrganism

    Uh oh, European-Power-Metal-Band-Films-Wild-West-Themed-Video Alert

  • themaleshoegaze

    Pyrrhon song is expectedly insane-good, Bloodclot song is not exactly bad but even more generic than expected, full points for Iced Earth joke.

  • Riboflavin dreams

    That track is boss. Sounds like they’re Pyrrh-on top of their game.


  • The Tetrachord of Archytas

    i caught the colors tour on its first run all those years ago and it was awesome. Btbam seems to have aged pretty well skill wise, I wouldn’t be surprised if they performed it even better this time around.

    Off the charts for leprous hype as well. I don’t really have any thoughts on the more rock than metal part because their music occupies such a nebulous space anyway. I AM really excited for the more organic less digitized sound. They’re so synth heavy that I don’t feel like any of their previous releases suffer from digital means, but I have always thought that this band could really benefit from workin with a Kurt Ballou type. So we will see what happens

    • Joaquin Stick

      Agreed, I think Ihsahn totally maxed out the electronic/digital use in that style on Artkis (which I like). Something more organic could be a nice change.

      • The Tetrachord of Archytas

        Especially since leprous used (I’m pretty sure) a decent amount of analog synths

  • Came for Pyrron, got Pyrrhon instead. >:(

    • Joaquin Stick

      Damn my keyboardability

      • “How’s the keyboardability on this thing?”

        “Low, man. It’s not very keyboardable at all.”

  • Waynecro

    Thanks, JS!

  • Xinen

    SuperUltraMega Thanks for the Decrepit Birth link, I’ve been dying to hear a new tune by them for some years now. I like the art too. Love the dude’s riffs and leads.

  • lagerbottoms

    new PYRRHON is the best part of all that. The single sounds so fucking good!

    Nasty grooves are the best grooves