TMP: Astronoid, Darkest Hour, Psycroptic, and More!


Looks like it’s studio week in the metalverse. Is your favorite band recording new music? Clickbait here and find out.

Psycroptic and Archspire set up a tour that will take them across the whole of the Canadian road.


Two of my personal favorites, Astronoid and Moon Tooth are touring in February.


Norma Jean is touring the US with He is Legend.


I forgot to mention this Havok tour over the past few weeks.


Windswept, another black metal project featuring Drudkh’s main man, released a new song.

Grindcore band The Drip released a new song. Album out on Friday.

Darkest Hour released a new song. Album out March 10.

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  • Mmmmm, gotta catch that Norma Jean tour.

  • Man, those drums on that Windswept track…

    “Crank that snare up to ‘MUFFLE’.”

    Not a bad tune, though.

    • Joaquin Stick

      The drums just have some weird production all around. Still a decent song though, agreed.

    • Black Unbeard

      no info on Metal Archives as far as i can tell. would like to know which drummer it is

      • Joke from 2003: It’s Hellhamer.

        • Black Unbeard

          As a joke or if hellhammer actually a brony

          • Black Unbeard

            You confused the s*** out of me I can’t help they both look Mexican

          • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

            He’s a meathead for sure. Bro totally lifts bro!

  • Well well, another bunch of bands coming to Canada but NOT playing St John’s, NL! Including one who skipped out on their show a few years ago due to bad weather and promised to return but STILL HAVE NOT (looking at YOU, Havok! Actually for this show I’d rather see Extinction A.D. than Havok or Exmortus).

    Not that I blame any of them. I live in an out-of-the-way cesspool of cold weather and fog on the far side of an island.

    • Your home sounds amazing. Do you have to enter through a magical closet?

      • No, but to live downtown where I live, your house has to be made of colouful Legos. It’s a great place to live honestly, but the weather sucks and no bands come here, haha.

        • KyleJMcBride

          Strangely enough, St John’s is somewhat warmer than Boston right now. : (

          • Jesus, you’re right! That’s the nature of our winters though. Huge snowstorm, then it warms up and rains (which it did the past two days), then it gets cold again and all the rain freezes, and repeat.

          • CyberneticOrganism

            That town looks awesome. Can I come visit?

          • KyleJMcBride

            We get close to the same weather pattern. Boston really isn’t that “far” off. In 2 days it’ll be about 55F.

        • Looks a bit like a Scandinavian town. Also like the kid who built the Lego village was blind. (I like it.)

    • more beer

      The weather must of really sucked there for Havok to have cancelled. Since they are from Denver and are used to some really shitty weather.

      • It was in the summer actually, and it was like the tail end of some crazy hurricane weather system or some shit. SJ’s was their last Canadian date before heading to Europe, and if their flight was delayed out of here (which it would have been!) it would have fucked up the rest of their tour. Fair enough!

        • more beer

          Well hurricanes tend to really fuck up travel plans.

  • Howard Dean
  • KyleJMcBride

    Still very strange to me seeing Somerville on Metal tour dates, especially playing a venue whose previous claim to fame is hosting townie prom parties that get broken up by the cops.

  • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

    Word on the street is that there is a new Kaevum album in the works. Purely speculation, but holy butts would that rules. Natur was a masterpiece.

    • Howard Dean

      Heck yes. A new Kaevum album would be like grabbing metal by the haunches and humping it into submission.

  • tigeraid

    The new Tengger track is badass.

  • Black Unbeard

    new Roman Saenko jamz?

  • Brutalist_Receptacle


    • atchdav

      I’m looking forward to this show.

  • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

    Anyone here like the latest Irkallian Oracle album? It seems to have really gone under a lot of peoples radars. I thought it was one of 2016’s best. Just curious is all, I haven’t seen anyone talkin’ about it much.

    • RJA

      #10 on my 2016 list – and yes that one didn’t get as much recognition as I expected. I loved the first record though so I was anticipating it.

      • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

        I thought the material on the second album was better but I much prefer the production and atmosphere of the first EP.

    • Black Unbeard

      I tried it a couple times it’s okay not my thing really

      • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

        I’m surprised, since you like Diocletian. It’s a bit similar but just with more of an occult sound perhaps. Sort of on the lines of Void Meditation Cult. Either way, I know you aren’t much into the really crushing war metal/death metal stuff.

        • Black Unbeard

          What Diocletian is usually on the end of that spectrum that I can listen to and enjoy it and I really like them more for their messaging than anything else

          • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

            Oh, gottcha. I can like a bands message and not like their music. Music usually comes first for me. Unless it’s some P.C. Crust shit. I’ve really moved away from that messaging.

          • Black Unbeard

            Which is also why I can’t listen to much Punk at all

          • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

            There are some good ones out there in the hate-core/punk/hardcore scene. I can list some off for you but that would be a TOH no no. So I’ll be a good Tyree 😉 Send me a message if you are curious.

          • Black Unbeard

            just shoot me a text at some point with some stuff you think I might not have heard before

          • Joaquin Stick

            As the owner of this particular article, go ahead and list away.

          • ≠ Voidscape Tyree ≠

            I appreciate that friend. I just know Joe would not like me endorsing this type of stuff on his blog.

          • Joaquin Stick

            I think filling the feed with like 30 youtube vids is a bit overwhelming, but just list them in text form and I’ll never be upset.

          • Óðinn

            I think Joe is against promoting alt-right stuff.

          • Joaquin Stick

            Ah, I misread that part of what Tyree said. Yeah probably not the best idea. I thought he just meant posting a bunch of shit all at once.

          • Óðinn

            These guys hate cops, so I don’t know if that fits in with your political ideology. But they are otherwise apolitical.


          • Óðinn

            Give Zoloa a try. They’re into that sterotypical, tired, angsty balaclava and firearms look, but the music is solid.


    • Elegant Gazing Globe


    • Óðinn

      It’s pretty good.

  • The Tetrachord of Archytas

    Been waitin on that East Of The Wall for a long time now

  • This came out today as well. Fucking good shit.

  • Waynecro

    Immolation must be getting ready to tour as well, because the band IS COMING TO MY CITY IN MARCH!!!