This Toilet Tuesday (9/9/14)


Have you ever been to Las Vegas? If you answered yes, have you ever eaten at the buffet at the Flamingo? If not, feel free to ignore this introduction and get straight to the metal. But if you have, you’re likely familiar with the rich and elaborate fare offered at the casino. No matter how exotic your tastes, there should be something to satisfy you. And like any good American, you’ll do your part to ensure gluttony remains one of the seven deadly sins. Well, this week in new releases is sort of like that poop you’re going to take after the buffet; there’s so much good stuff going in that you don’t even mind the crap that you’re left with. Feast yourselves on the new releases. -W.


Nothgard – Age of Pandora (Trollzorn) [Symphonic Melodeath]
Listen to “Age of Pandora”

It seems to me that a fair amount of melodic death metal bands are secretly just power metal bands with a screamer instead of a singer.  I could just as easily hear big, cheesy, soaring vocals over the top of “Age of Pandora” as I could hear the inoffensive screams of vocalist Dom Crey.  However, what their music lacks in bite is compensated for (and then some) in RIGHTEOUS FUCKING RIFFAGE.  Nothgard blaze through “Age of Pandora” with a furious attack somewhere between the realms of Kalmah and Blackguard, complete with unobtrusive orchestrations and leads of liquid fire.  Get your shred on and fill your ears with some Nothgard. (Spear)



Ævangelist – Writhes in the Murk (Debemur Morti) [Soundscape/Black/Death]
Listen to “Præternigma”

I’ve already written about my love and fear of Ævangelist. The band scratches so many itches for me that I don’t even know where to begin. By combining elaborate, murky technicality with inhuman, Eldritch horror and wrapping the whole thing in a mystifying package, this band plays music unfit for mortal ears. But you should totes listen to it anyway. This is easily one of my most anticipated albums of the year, even if hearing every song will undoubtedly crush my soul into the nethersphere. (W.)

sound of thunder

A Sound of Thunder – The Lesser Key of Solomon (Mad Neptune) [Power Prog]
Listen to “Elijah”
Listen to “Udoroth”

A Sound of Thunder really prove the point that metal needs more women.  When slogging through the endless sewer of cookie-cutter death metal bands and one-man black metal projects recorded on a cell phone, it’s nice to come across a band with someone who can actually sing.  And boy, can Nina Osegueda sing.  Her powerful vocals are the primary driving force in their sound, adding texture and pushing the music forward.  Not to downplay the talent of the rest of the band; the riffs aren’t all typical power metal, and their more progressive moments aren’t simply aping Dream Theater.  “The Lesser Key of Solomon” is shaping up to be a pretty exciting release. (Spear)


Fleshbomb – Reincarnated in Abomination (Amputated Vein) [Brutal Death]
Listen to “Reincarnated in Abomination”

Fleshbomb, in addition to having an awesome name, play solid death metal with definite hints of slam. Make no mistake, this is pretty by-the-numbers DM, but that doesn’t diminish the force of this track. I could see myself body-slamming scene ninjas while Fleshbomb burp and blast at high volume. I’ll definitely be giving this album a listen. (W.)


Redsky – Insidious Divine (Independent) [Death Metal]

Based on Redsky’s production, I imagine they went into the studio wanting to create music that would emulate the feeling of being beaten to death with a steak.  By the time “Insidious Divine” is done, it’s impossible to tell which chunks were you and which were the steak.  It’s so meaty!  As to the music itself, it’s some nasty death metal with a lot of motion (think more Decapitated than Cannibal Corpse), but they venture outside of the box with a sprinkling of hardcore-inspired moments and some interesting melodic segments.  If you’ve only got time for one song, I recommend “Elite Terror” as it best encapsulates their sound, but the whole thing is worth a listen. (Spear)


Agresiva – The Time of Our Crime (Independent) [Thrash]
Listen to “Pounding United”

 Albez Duz – The Coming of Mictlan (Iron Bonehead) [Doom]
Listen to “Mictlan”

 Alternative 4 – The Obscurants (Prophecy) [Doom/Depression]
Listen to “Lifeline”

 Ascended Dead – Arcane Malevolence (Blood Harvest) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Ensnared for Eternity”

 Contamination – Nightmare Asylum (7hard) [Thrash/Death]

 Crucified Barbara – In The Red (Despotz) [Hard Rock]
Listen to “To Kill a Man”

 Dead Samaritan – The Devil Tunes (Independent) [Thrash]
Listen to “Darkness Brings the Beast”

 Dominia – Theophania (Independent) [Melodeath]

Earthship – Withered (Pelagic) [Doom/Sludge]
Listen to “Veil of Gloom”

Explorer – Shout in the Fog (Iron Shield/Pure Steel) [Speed Metal]

Feline Melinda – Dance of Fire and Rain (7hard) [Heavy Metal]

Funereus – …Return of the Old Goat (Forever Plagued)

Gunfire – Age of Supremacy (Jolly Roger) [Heavy Metal]

 Hammeron – Wired for Sound (Dark Star)

 Hod – Book of the Worm (Arctic) [Blackened Death]
Listen to “Through the Gates (They Come for Me)”

 Jack Starr’s Burning Starr – Jack Starr’s Burning Starr (Limb) [Heavy/Power Metal]
Listen to “Sands of Time”

 Lethal Vice – Thrash Converters (Suspiria) [Thrash]

 Martyrvore – Malevolent Desolation (vinyl release- Iron Bonehead) [Death Metal]

 Megaton Leviathan – Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell (Seventh Rule) [Psychedelic]
Listen to “Past 21”

 Misanthropic Might – Menschenhasser (Black Skull/Trollzorn) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Doomsday”

 Morphinist – The Euphoria Session (Independent) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Aroma”

 My Dominion – Consumed (Nihilistic Empire) [Melodeath]
Listen to “They Came to Conquer”

 Obzidian – Damned Eternal (Rocksector) [Thrash]

 Phobia – Grindcore (Deep Six) [Self-descriptive]

 Pord – Wild (Solar Flare) [Noise/Hardcore]

 Post Profession – Frozen Feelings (Independent) [Crossover Thrash]
Listen to “Nateo”

 Project Arcadia – A Time of Changes (Nightmare) [Heavy/Power Metal]
Listen to “Formidable Foe”

 Psychonaut 4 – 40% (Depressive Illusions) [DSBM]
Listen to “Lethargic Dialogue”

 Raff – Raff (My Graveyard) [Heavy metal]

 Sacred Sin – Darkside (reissue- Envenomed) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Darkside”

Sons of Crom – Riddle of Steel (Debemur Morti) [Conan Metal]

 Sorrows Path – Doom Philosophy (Iron Shield) [Doom]
Listen to “Empty Eyes and Blackened Hearts”

 Stallion – Rise and Ride (High Roller) [Heavy/Speed Metal]
Listen to “Rise and Ride”

 Stormhold – The Lost World (Metal Scrap) [Melodeath]

 Strydegor – Enraged (7hard) [Viking Metal]

 Stryvigor – Forgotten by Ages (Svarga) [Atmospheric Black Metal]
Listen to “Mysteries of Darkness”

 Subterranean – The Great Bazaar (Taklit) [Prog]
Listen to “Reliving the Feelings”

 Thrash Bombz – Dawn (Iron Shield) [Thrash]

 Towers of Flesh – Antithetical Conjurations (Candlelight) [Blackened Death]
Listen to “Veiled Conception”

 Wolfen – Evilution (Pure Steel) [Power Metal]

 Wömit Angel – Holy Goatse (Inverse) [Black Metal/Punk]
Listen to “Skin ‘n’ Fuck”


Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Randall Thor

    The ASOT album is like a power metal band taking a stab at doom. I’m listening to the album now, and they have most definitely succeeded.

    • Spear

      That’s a far more apt description than mine. I’m impatiently waiting for my copy to show up in the mail so I can give it a proper listen.

      • Randall Thor

        It’s on spotify right now, but yeah I can’t wait for the swag package I bought to arrive

  • Tyree

    Totally forgot about the new Ævangelist. Awesome sauce!

  • kapsberger

    I was gonna mention this last week, but I forgot: You tragically omitted Yob’s new one from last week’s flush. For shame. SHAME!

    • Spear

      I was already flushed once for that, thank you very much.

  • Edward Meehan

    Phobia – Grindcore [Self Descriptive]


    • Tyree

      New Phobia!?

      Shit I missed this. Looking up now.

      Edit: Holy fuck! This is tearing my soul to shreds.

      • Edward Meehan

        I’ve been reading up on this lately but haven’t gotten a chance to check it out, yet. I was just talking about the [Self Descriptive] genre tag lol.

        • Tyree

          Phobia don’t fuck around. Simply Grindcore. Hahahaha.

          • Edward Meehan

            I listened to Longhena last night, and whilst I love it immensely, I wondered if the softer and more melodic passages put off some trve grvnd pvrists.

          • Tyree

            I think Gridlink is highly praised by so called trve grvdists.

          • Stockhausen

            I friggin’ love that album.

  • Tyree

    Oh yeah, Albez Duz is colossal! Really diggin their sound so far.

  • Nothgard managed to make me both like and hate their album artwork.

    • Xan

      Plague doctors are always a nice addition to any artwork.

  • Stockhausen

    Nina! Did she ever make it over here?

    • Randall Thor

      I plan on writing a review of the album, so I’ll make sure they know to come check us out and dick around in the comments.

      • Stockhausen


    • she posts on FFB, so she’s bound to enjoy our little Toilet!

      • W.

        Does she still go there? Axl was a total jerk to her.

        • Bunk Moreland

          yeah, she commented yesterday on the Tuesday new releases article, telling everyone that ASoT released a video from the new album. (it’s Jimmy, i’m just logged in as my FFB guy)

        • Nina Osegueda

          I just wanted to share all the blood and demon boobies with the world..

    • Nina Osegueda

      I DID! HI!!

      • hey Nina, i just discovered your band from your post on FFB yesterday, it’s good stuff!!! dunno how i missed it.

        • Nina Osegueda

          We hide in a corner of the internet. It’s a scary place.

          • woohoo, you’re on bandcamp. just bought the new album, going to jam it loud at work!!!

          • Nina Osegueda


      • Stockhausen

        Eyyyyyy! Glad to have you, I dig the new album!

        • Nina Osegueda

          Thank you! yay!!

  • Scrimm

    Morning all! Unrelated but I got a laugh.

    • Missouri Madman


      Also, that REDSKY album is fuckin cool.

  • God

    Fleshbomb may be “by the numbers death metal” but holy crap does that album shred.

    • Spear

      Definitely. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to have a good product.

  • Janitor Jim Dvggan

    Well I’ll be a son of a bitch, I know who Burning Starr is! I had no clue they had a new album though.

  • Unrelated but is anyone else excited for the Sons of Anarchy premiere tonight?

    • Edward Meehan

      Unrelated but I did catch The Leftovers season finale last night. Pretty bomb.

      • Dëpütÿ Dïpshït

        Catching that tonight and hopefully some BL2 goodness. It’s lazy time.

        • Edward Meehan


          • Dëpütÿ Dïpshït

            Borderlands 2 😀

          • Edward Meehan

            I’m a BF4 on PS4 man myself, at the moment.

          • Steve Smithwick

            What’s your PSN name? I’m PiercenBaker. Add me!

          • Edward Meehan


            I definitely will, but I am leaving for Arizona tomorrow so I will be off the PSN network until next week.

          • Steve Smithwick

            Got it. I’ll try and find/add you tonight. I just got my PS4 yesterday (the white Destiny bundle one)

    • Janitor Jim Dvggan

      Only because it is the final season and Marilyn Manson is in it.

      • You would comment on the one part I’m not looking forward to lol.

        • Janitor Jim Dvggan

          I like Marilyn Manson. I also want to see how the show wraps up especially after last season’s finale.

    • If it’s unrelated, take it to the forums, ya jerk. That’s what they’re here for.

      • Are they up yet?

      • Edward Meehan

        CM vs. JB, round 1.

    • Xan

      You know it!

    • what’d you think? i think the show has Flanderized itself over the years. and i’m so tired of a montage/song every beginning AND end of each episode. that Bohemian Rhapsody cover was cringeworthy.

      2.5/5 flushes. ah well, i’m going to keep watching it. i’ve come this far.


    maybe late to the party but no link for Strydegor – Enraged?

  • I know I’m gonna listen to something called Thrash Bombz and I already hate myself for it.

  • pigchop™

    EXXXCELLENT…it’s TUESDAY and that means MOVIE NIGHT!!! This week I present a DOUBLE FEATURE!!! (click the SEE MORE button to…see the other film load on this page). The first is a hard rocking, hard living, eat shit and die movie called HARD CORE LOGO. Check it out fuckers! Joe Dick lives on and on and….

    The second film is BAD MOON. This one is a delicious werewolf film. So, kick back and get blasted on whatever it is you groove on – weed, coke, meth, glue, or life in general and enjoy the movies. Cheers.

    • Scrimm

      I love bad moon, except for the awful transformation scene. It is a lot different from the book, but that didn’t bother me in this case. The werewolf itself is my favorite, and it is my second favorite werewolf flick behind Dog Soldiers.
      Also for the horror fans, in case you didn’t know, today the almighty Pumpkinhead is out on blu ray!!

      • Janitor Jim Dvggan

        It’s finally out? I must buy it. I love the Pumpkinhead movies, even the crappy ones.

        • Scrimm

          It is out today, lots of nice features too.

  • LOL @ Conan Metal.
    disappointed to see no lolbuttz metal 🙁

    • Spear

      Fear not, there will be more lolbuttz metal to come. There just wasn’t anything particularly horrendous this week.

  • Virgil the Ghost Poet

    Does Conan the Motherfucking King like Sons of Crom? Just curious.

  • Thanks for introducing me to Nothgard!!!! Sorta reminds me of Wintersun or old school Ensiferum.