This Toilet Tuesday (9/6/16)


Welcome to This Toilet Tuesday! As your ever-faithful guides over the ever-expanding horizon of the metal landscape, we’ve selected a couple of the best albums from this week to sink your teeth into. Check these out and then peruse that list for more; we might have glossed over something that deserves some time in the spotlight. Share your own picks in the comments!


Dwell – Innate (Blood & Ink Records) [Dissonant Hardcore]
Listen to “Scars of Grief”

Heed the call of the almighty SKRONK. “Scars of Grief” perfectly mirrors the frustration I feel at trying to write about it, with its rejection of groove in favor of math and erratic outbursts of flesh-pounding beats. There’s really nothing I can say about this that won’t be said a thousand times better by just listening to the damn thing, so go do that before my skull cracks open against this wall I’ve been pounding it against. 9/9/16 (Spear)

infecting the swarm

Infecting the Swarm – Abyss (Lacerated Enemy Records) [Brutal Tech Death]
Listen to “Obscuring the Seventh Sun,” “Spiral Fragmentation”

Though it might seem counter-intuitive, I prefer my brutal death metal to have a cleaner cut to it, maybe even with some melody in there(Unfathomable Ruination notwithstanding). Infecting the Swarm do this exactly right, with just enough nastiness to offset the overall polished feel of Abyss. There are moments of bleak melodies interspersed throughout the myriad writhing guitar riffs, and the bellowed, guttural vocals are as incomprehensibly savage as ever. It rips, and you’d be remiss to skip it. 9/9/16 (Spear)

Abductum – Behold the Man (Art Gates Productions) [Heavy/Speed Metal]
Listen to “Behold the Man”

Ayahuasca – Yin (Independent) [Speed Metal/Punk/Sludge]
Listen to “Dinosaurs,” “Mountains of Snakes”

Belenos – Kornôg (Northern Silence Productions) [Black Metal]
Listen to “D’an usved”

Black Funeral – Ankou and the Death Fire (Iron Bonehead/Dark Adversary) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Ankou and the Death Fire”

Colosso – Obnoxious (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Of Hollow Judgements”

CrystalMoors – The Mountain Will Forgive Us (Casus Belli Musica) [Folk/Black Metal]
Listen to “Memories,” “Over The Same Land”

Darmage – El gran titán (Rock-CD Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “El Gran Titán”

Devin Townsend Project – Transcendence (InsideOutMusic) [Prog Metal]
Listen to “Stormbending”

Devoured Flesh – Feeding Frenzy (Independent) [Death Metal]

Die No More – Destruction Complete (Independent) [Thrash]
Listen to “Save Yourself”

Dragon Eyes – Forsaken Gods (Red Emperor Records) [Power Metal]

Encephalo Swarm – Elephants Dominate The World (Independent) [Slam]

Evergreen Refuge – Anima (Auris Apothecary) [Folk/Post-Black Metal]

Evergrey – The Storm Within (AFM Records) [Dark/Prog Metal]
Listen to “Distance”

Exalt – The Shape You Took Before The Ache (New Damage/Goodfight) [Hardcore]
Listen to “Judas Wolf,” “Sacrifice to Purify,” “Worship”

Guns of Glory – Strafing Run (Pure Rock Records) [Rock]
Listen to “Running From You”

HI-GH – We Hate You (Independent) [Edgy Skeleton Memes Metal]
Listen to “We Hate You”

Hungarica – Haza és hűség – Ojczyzna i Wierność (Hammer Records) [Heavy Metal]

Inthyflesh – The Flaming Death (BlackSeed Productions) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Blood Howling Eternity”

Iron Woods – Gods and Men (Mutilation Records) [Folk/Black Metal]
Listen to “The Time Has Come To Fight”

Kraken – Kraken VI: Sobre esta tierra (Athenea Producciones) [Heavy Metal]

Mortanius – A Voice From Beyond (Independent) [Prog Metal]

Necropanther – Necropanther (Sailor Records) [Black Thrash]
Listen to “Death Eyes,” “Machines,” “No Fate”

Oddland – Origin (Sensory Records) [Prog Metal]
Listen to “Thanatos,” “Hidden”

Омела – Хрустальная сторона (Омела) [Folk Metal]
Listen to “Хрустальная сторона”

Pain – Coming Home (Nuclear Blast Records) [Electronic/Groove Metal]
Video Breakdown

Pentarium – Schwarzmaler (Boersma Records) [Melodeath]

Power Quest – Face the Raven (Independent) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Face the Raven”

Serious Black – Mirror World (AFM Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Castor Skies”

Serpent Crown – Incantations of Violence (Independent) [Sludge/Thrash]
Listen to “Uncertain Life Certain Death”

Stages of Decomposition – Crawl Space Burial (Gore House Productions) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Killing Under Possession”

Toter Fisch – Bottoms Up Treasure (Independent) [Folk Metal]

Trumpet the Harlot – Dark Energy (Independent) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Insect Auschwitz”

Tygers of Pan Tang – Only The Brave (Mighty Music) [Heavy Metal]

Whipstriker/Hell’s Bomber – Beyond the Empty Graves/Bombers of Hell (Contaminated Tones) [Speed/Black Metal]

Wolf’s Hunger – Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi (Symbol of Domination) [Black Thrash]
Listen to “Gvozdeni puk (Kult rata)”

Wyruz – Judge and Jury (Battlegod Productions) [Death Thrash]
Listen to “Carved in Stone”

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Señor Jefe El Rosa

    Speed Metal/Punk/Sludge? You have my attention

    • Señor Jefe El Rosa

      Ayahuasca have a very interesting sound, indeed. I will check out the full length after it is released.

      • I checked this is well, pretty unique sounding and the vocals remind me of Alice In Chains.

        • Señor Jefe El Rosa

          Ha, i got that vibe too, worried it was just me!

      • Ted Nü-Djent ™

        I decided to randomly check these guys out while reading the comments. So far it’s yielding positive results

        • Señor Jefe El Rosa

          Thank you for the reminder!

          • Ted Nü-Djent ™

            No problemo

  • Joaquin Stick

    In non-metal releases that I can’t frigging wait for, The Dear Hunter’s Act V is out on Friday!

  • Señor Jefe El Rosa

    I’m looing forward to hear new Tygers of Pan Tang, i wonder if they still riff.

  • Found these dudes last week. They rip, hard.

    • Señor Jefe El Rosa
    • Señor Jefe El Rosa

      This is good, really good.

      • It is literally the only Youtube Rec I have found useful. Ever. !

    • Stanley

      They need to turn that snare up in the mix. I can’t hear it.

      • The mix is not all the great, but its poor quality adds to the songs fervor.

        • Stanley

          It’s good. I looked them up on MA and noticed that it’s mostly the same dudes from Bulldozing Bastard. This is more polished than BB. High Roller are, wait for it, on a roll this year.

  • Black Funeral >>>>>

    • Chongtlewis

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  • Pentagram Sam

    Might have to put the new Evergrey on the list to check. Despite being kinda Iced Earthy in terms of members going in n out, they somehow revolved back around to the “classic” 2004 lineup. They weren’t inactive either, releasing albums and touring not just sitting on their asses and phoning each other to go shit out one more album.

  • TrundleTheGreat

    Not sure if any of you would be interested but Pagan Records is having a 50% off sale on bandcamp until next week I think. The discount code is 4ania. If you haven’t picked up Ragehammer’s debut yet now is your chance.

  • Nothing struck with me today of the list, but I will check out Power Quest and Crystal Moor when I have the chance.

    Thanks for your neverending job, Mighty Spear!

  • Dwell sounds pretty swell, reminds me of Ion Dissonance a little.

  • I feel like most of these bands names could be added to this list:


  • RustyShackleford

    BRUTAL TECH>>>>>>>>>>

    Infecting the Swarm is all I want today. Yep.

    • Scrimm


  • RustyShackleford

    Also, this is probably the first Devin Townsend release I’m just not stoked for at all… I’m usually a big Devy fan tho so maybe I’m just not in the mood or something this week. It’s either that or I’m just bored of his shit. I’m placing a bet that someone will review it in a week or two, dislike it, and I’ll be the one vehemently defending it in the comments. Oh well. LIFE.

    • Joaquin Stick

      After a wee bit of googling, he’s put out ~10 albums in the last 10 years? Even though they are across multiple projects, he brings a sound that doesn’t change much. Over-saturation kinda kills the buzz/hype for me too. I’ll still listen on Friday, but not super pumped anymore.

      • RustyShackleford

        Totally agree. I honestly think the best thing he has put out in recent years was the Casualties of Cool record. Such a different sound and he did it really well. Gave me something cool to show all my non-metal friends!

      • EsusMoose

        I don’t think it’s so much the sound but how he’s willing to work with in it, he hit a wall creatively around Epicloud and has been stuck working with the same elements over and over, ad nauseam. Still gonna be hyped to see him live and the new album but he’s turning into an acdc/slayer like entitiy, where you know generally what you’ll get

    • I am ready to swoon hard over it come Friday.


    • Jack Rabbit

      Doesn’t seem as lifeless as Z2,both production wise and in terms of songwriting. I’m liking it so far.

      • The album part of Z2 could have been an EP with just Fallout, Universal Flame, and Sky Blue, and Before We Die, if you ask me! The rest was fodder.

        • Jack Rabbit

          Agreed, even though Sky Blue was just basically a reworked Usher song.

  • 365ChaosRiddenDays

    Shrine of Insanabilis, Black Funeral and Aum are under my radar, speaking about Aum they will release their debut album this Friday on Bandcamp, check Iron Bonehead’s page, in the meantime here’s a tune: