This Toilet Tuesday (9/20/16)


Welcome once again to This Toilet Tuesday! The floodgates have opened as the equinox approaches, leaving a steaming heap of new music on my doorstep and leaving me to clean it all up. Thankfully, W. volunteered to help clean it all up, and we found some pretty cool stuff in the mess. Check those out below, then hit that list and see if there’s anything else that deserves to be washed up and put on display.


Okkultokrati – Raspberry Dawn (Southern Lord Recordings) [Black/Sludge/Doom]
Listen to “World Peace”

“World Peace” is the sound of a mescalin-fueled bar brawl in a dusty old town in the Wild West. The jangly, jaunty, crusty punk riffs strike and slither like rattlesnakes in boots while weird little drum accents and guitar licks volley across the bar like beer bottles and bloody fists. It’s violent, but it’s also fun in a weird, psychedelic way. FFO: That one The Chariot song, Darkthrone, Plague of Carcosa 9/23/16 (W.)


Carnophage – Monument (Unique Leader Records) [Tech Death]
Listen to “At the Backside of Our Civilisation”

We have been extremely spoiled with regards to tech death this year, and it looks like that trend is going to keep up. Carnophage plays not-quite-brutal death metal along the same lines as bands like Cognizance, but what they lack in novelty they make up for in ferocity. Monuments hits hard, but it does it with finesse. 9/23/16 (Spear)


Allegaeon – Proponent for Sentience (Metal Blade Records) [Tech Death]
Listen to “All Hail Science,” “Gray Matter Mechanics,” “Proponent For Sentience III – The Extermination”

Allegaeon has long been one of my favorite bands for their focus on melody over complexity, making them stand out amongst their peers. Proponent for Sentience picks up musically where Elements of the Infinite left off and adds the considerable talents of vocalist Riley McShane to the mix. The orchestral backing from Elements is still intact and better integrated than before, and the songwriting in general seems to have been stepped up. If you like your melodeath with a side of tech (or vice versa), then this is for you. 9/23/16 (Spear)

Alastria – Dream in Shadows (Independent) [Power Metal]

Athos – Noht Lerapot (Symbol of Domination/Lupus Niger) [Black Metal]

Aura/Xerión – Aura/Xerión (split- Nigra Mors) [Black Metal]

Bhavachakra – Bhavachakra (Translation Loss Records) [Dissonant Black Metal]
Listen to “Kali Yuga”

Celestial Crown – Rebirth (Symbol of Domination) [Gothic Metal]
Listen to “Consumed By Fire”

Chamber of Malice – Crime City Slam (One Life Crew) [Slam, probably]
Listen to “Scum City”

Charred Walls of the Damned – Creatures Watching over the Dead (Metal Blade Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “The Soulless”

Children of Perdition – Children of Perdition (Independent) [lolbuttz]

Codex – El gran devorador (Independent) [Death Metal]

Darkwell – Moloch (Massacre Records) [Gothic Metal]
Listen to “Yoshiwara”

Disfinite – Godmode (Blackened Death Records) [Death Metal]

Dysentery/Shroud – Blissful Apathy (Unleash the Underground Records) [Slam/Grind]
Listen to “Echo Chamber” (Shroud)

Dysrhythmia – The Veil of Control (Profound Lore Records) [Instrumental Progressive Metal]

Eigengrau – Verse (Hammerkrieg Productions)

Eraserhead – Remnants of Decadence (BretHard Records) [Death Metal]

Fatalist – The Bitter End (FDA Rekotz) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Bloodfest”

Fieberwahn – Ewige Nacht (BretHard Records) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Ewige Nacht,” “Inquisition”

Galmet – Unlimited World (Independent) [Melodeath]

Grim Reaper – Walking in the Shadows (Dissonance Productions) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Walking In The Shadows”

Hailstone – Epitome (BretHard Records) [Melodeath]
Listen to “The Shore”

Hryre – From Mortality to Infinity (Code666 Records) [Black Metal]

Insanity Alert – Moshburger (This Charming Man Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “The Times Are A-Thrashin'”

Insomnium – Winter’s Gate (Century Media Records) [Melodeath]

Iron Mask – Diabolica (AFM Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “All For Metal”

Lectern – Precept of Delator (Via Nocturna) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Diptych of Perked Oblation”

Kayser – IV: Beyond the Reef of Sanity (Listenable Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “Asphalt and Suicide,” “I Sold My Soul”

Komatsu – Recipe for Murder One (Argonauta Records) [Stoner Doom]
Listen to “So, How’s About Billy?”

Kryptos – Burn Up the Night (AFM Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Full Throttle,” “One Shot to Kill”

Lost Hours – III (Independent) [Drone/Doom]

Mental Apraxia – Against Human Manipulation (Coyote Records) [Brutal Death Metal]

Neurosis – Fires Within Fires (Neurot Recordings) [Sludge/Post-Metal]

Nothgard – The Sinner’s Sake (NoiseArt Records) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Shadow Play,” “Draining Veins”

Operation: Mindcrime – Resurrection (Frontiers Music) [Hot Garbage]
Listen to “Left For Dead”

Predatory Light – Predatory Light (Invictus Productions) [Black Metal]

Profane Order – Marked by Malice (Independent) [Death Metal]

Reapter – Cymatics (Revalve Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “Repeat”

Religious Observance – Boiling Excrement (Independent) [Sludge/Noise]

Rifle – ‘Til Death (Craneo Negro/Grotesque Sounds) [Speed Metal]
Listen to “Recoil” (NSFW)

Ruptured Birth – Transmutant (CDN Records) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Saprogenic”

Sahg – Memento Mori (Indie Recordings) [Doom]
Listen to “Sanctimony”

Sectasys – Brotherhood of Chaos (Satanath Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Brotherhood of Chaos”

Seven Sins – Due Diaboli et Apocalypse (Satanath/Murdherr) [Symphonic Blackened Death]
Listen to “Mors Atra”

SickMorgue – Surgical Mutation (Coyote Records) [Brutal Death Metal]

Sin of God – Aenigmata (Satanath Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Phosphorus”

Skullwinx – The Relic (Metalizer Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Attila The Hun”

Sorcier des Glaces/Ende – Le puits des morts (split- Obscure Abhorrence/Dread) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Dans l’immensité blanche de la plaine” (SdG)

Soulwound – No Peace (Inverse Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “Altars of Skin”

Stheno – Liberty Crawls in Waste (EveryDayHate) [Grindcore]

Swine Overlord – Entheogenesis (Gore House Productions) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “A Delusion’s Paradise”

Symphonity – King of Persia (Limb Music) [Power Metal]
Listen to “The Choice”

Torrid Husk/End – Swallow Matewan (split- Grimoire Records) [Black Metal]

Trap Them – Crown Feral (Prosthetic Records) [Grindcore]

Uroboros – धर्मपरिणाम (Zann’s Music) [Post-Metal]
Listen to “Silencio,” “Calma”

Usurpress – The Regal Tribe (Agonia Records) [Death Metal]

Veonity – Into the Void (Sliptrick Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “In The Void”

Vociferatus – Mortenkult (Eternal Hatred Records) [Death Metal]

Witchhelm – Dead Nights of the Moon Fear (Wyrmwood Records) [Stoner Doom]

Wolf Counsel – Ironclad (Czar of Crickets Productions) [Doom]

Worthless – A Portrait of Mankind (Independent) [Black Metal]

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Lacertilian

    A few gems in that list this week.
    Cheers Spear!

  • Señor Jefe El Rosa

    Okkultokrati had me cautious due to the title and cover, but that description is compelling

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    Hot Garbage PLZ!

    • Janitor Jim Duggan

      I have to admit the singles were good but I haven’t heard the album yet so I can’t judge it.

  • RustyShackleford

    I feel like some of the Allegaeon tracks got some mixed reviews round these parts, but I’ve been digging them. I thought the video for All Hail Science was RAD AF. Also, while they’re songwriting isn’t always amazing, if you’re like good drumming you shouldn’t sleep on Charred Walls of The Damned. Richard Christy is badass. Yep!

  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    I wasn’t super-impressed by Okkultokrati’s earlier works. But World Peace sounds aight.
    Dunno what to make of those new Allegaeons, more tech, less melo overall, in all of them. We’ll see soon, I guess.

  • I need to listen to that new Insomnium.

    I put my (elf) eyes today into Symphonity (Melodic Europower) and Kryptos (Heavy with shrieky vocals).

    Thanks, W. and Spear!

  • TrundleTheGreat

    Really looking forward to Insomnium and Allegeaon this week. Love both those bands.

  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    You forgot the new Kansas album. It comes out Friday. Also Yay, Grim Reaper!

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    I’m really latching onto what Usurpress is doing with the bluesy feel they’re putting into these tunes.

  • Howard Dean

    That band Bhavachakra reeeeeally wants to be Krallice. I clicked play and thought I had accidentally opened Diotima in a different browser or something. Checked it out not knowing what to expect from the “dissonant black metal” tag, but I was hoping for something like Svartidaudi. I am disappoint. Swing and miss. Strike One.

    That Chamber of Malice is basically beatdown deathcore with a couple weedles and one slam at the end. Fouled it off. I’m fighting it. Strike Two.

    Clicked play on that NSFW Rifle despite being at work (I live dangerously). Riffs abound. Made solid contact. Floated one over the shortstop’s head and reached first, narrowly avoiding the strikeout.

    Upon safely reaching first, I pull the folded up pouch of Red Man out of my back pocket and tuck a wad of the sweet stuff in my cheek. Tastes good, man.*900/112508-Lenny-dykstra.jpg

    • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

      Back when we reviewed Bhavachakra they had the full-album streaming on BC (independently), and, uh, I loved it. Didn’t really think of Krallice really, but then, it’s been long and they aren’t currently streaming it anywhere so…

      • Howard Dean

        The one track they have streaming on their bandcamp sounded like straight Krallice worship to me.

    • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

      Loved Lenny in his prime. Scrappy mother phukcer!

    • Heard a radio interview with Lenny a couple weeks ago. He hung out with Charlie Sheen, did alot of drugs and he has no teeth now.

    • >beatdown deathcore with a couple weedles and one slam at the end

      You say that like it’s a bad thing.

      • Howard Dean

        I like slam. I even like some beatdown hardcore. But that mix just didn’t do it for me. The weird weedling seemed so out of place, too.

        • I think they actually sound like a less adept Katalepsy.

          • Howard Dean

            I really liked Katalepsy’s first album. Just big, stupid slam. The second one was getting a little too techy for my tastes, but still had some decent parts. I haven’t really checked out their latest one.

          • Scrimm

            Meh on the new Katalepsy

          • Howard Dean

            I’ll pass then. I trust your taste in brutal death metal!

          • Scrimm

            Not even really brutal death anymore

          • I doubt you’d like it if Autopsychosis didn’t do it for you, it’s even more techy.

    • Óðinn

      Gross, dude. Gross dude.

  • Wolf Counsel? (RFI)

  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    Also good news for all the NWOBHM fans: Quartz is releasing a new album on October 28th.

  • The necklace let’s you know he is a much better artist than the other dudes in Queensryche:

  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    I listened to the new Grim Reaper song and I wasn’t impressed. I’ll have to see what the rest of the album is like before I pony up 20 dollars to see them in October.

  • That Children of Perdition guy definitely vapes.

  • Elegant Gazing Globe

    Of course Tyree bought this Profane Order. so good

  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    I found a new video breakdown for 365. Fuck this is a bad video.

    • “Ft. Ripper Owens” in the title? Sounds like a bad idea to click on that video.

      • We love Lil’ Rippy.

      • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

        AND Blaze Bayley…

        • JAJAJAJAJA! I didn’t opened the video, so I didn’t knew Bayley was there!!!

          Jajajajajajaja, fuck. Is Tate, Ripper and Bayley together. It’s like the worst supergroup ever!!!

          • Link plz! JJD is going to that when it comes to his area!
            But really, you don’t like Ripper?

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            I actually am.

          • Nope. Too showy to my tastes, he never shut ups in the performings. He sure as hell is talented, but unlike Halford, he uses all his talent to cram everything together with no silences and histrionism.

          • Aw 🙁

          • Pentagram Sam

            While I like the three singers in their former bands, this is a terrible idea. I would bet my dick that this was Geoff’s shitty idea to do this. Prob remembered the Three Tremors thing that never happened and somehow wound up with this.

            AND I’ll bet my OTHER dick that in the course of the conversation regarding this “supergroup” Geoff said something along the lines of “I’m an original member from the most known group. Ya’ll are replacement bitches so I get top billing. Sign this and gimme your rights. I need money.”

  • 365ChaosRiddenDays

    AUM – “Om Ha Hum Guru Padma Siddhi Hum” (Black/Death) – Iron Bonehead productions Full Album Streaming at Decibel.

    • RJA

      I’m going to put this link here, because I had to go find the stream to see if this was a joke. I would have passed if it didn’t have Iron Bonehead attached to it. Sounds pretty alright so far.

    • Destructive sound!

    • Howard Dean

      I can’t see the word AUM without thinking of the acronym “Assets Under Management.”

      “AUM, the new black/death metal band from France. Lyrical themes include hedge funds, ROI, and bond arbitrage.”

      • 365ChaosRiddenDays

        Or the acronym for Auburn University Montgomery.

    • Waynecro

      This shit is pretty rad, bro.

      • 365ChaosRiddenDays

        I’m glad you like it brotha, the poisonous guitar tone and the crushing drumming work gives to the entire album a dense and feral vibe of destruction, far from being monotonous, well, I must say that Iron Bonehead is one of the best labels for underground music and try to check the band in “Cruz” too, nasty and tasteful sonic massacre:

        • Waynecro

          That’s pretty rawkin’. I can dig it! Thanks!

  • Haven’t been able to check the new Trap Them yet, but it’s like Sex Panther cologne so you know it’s good.

  • Ayreonaut

    Finally got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. After about 6 years of constant pressure and pain in my head, it’s finally gone and it feels strange.. I woke up without a migraine for the first time on years. They’ve got me on pills, but it’s not stopping me from seeing crowbar tonight!!!!!

    • Howard Dean

      “Thinking about getting some dental work done, myself. What dentist you use?”

      • Ayreonaut

        So glad my other teeth are OK.. I would kill myself if I was toothless.. Implants are stupid expensive too

    • Señor Jefe El Rosa

      Have fun at the show!!!!

      • Ayreonaut

        was an awesome show!!! got a guitar pick from sexy t, i got to shake hands with kirk windstein, and i even helped prevent a fight between the local hardcore bros and some guy who did nothing at all.

        • Señor Jefe El Rosa

          Sounds like a blast!!!

          Kudos to you for stopping the fight!

  • Howard Dean

    This last pre-lunch plug of Levi Garrett and BubbleYum is brought to you by This Dykstra Tuesday. Here’s to you, Lenny. Enjoy!

    • Maik Beninton™

      This guy seems to like putting shit on his mouth, no wonder he has no teeth.

      • Howard Dean

        Yeah, dude was a notorious tobacco chewer back in the day. I think he actually lost most of his teeth from fights in prison and/or smoking meth and crack cocaine. He’s a bit of a mess.

    • Stahp! *Yarls*

      • Howard Dean

        This is the last one, I promise. I’m fresh out of Dykstra pics.

        • RIP in peace, Footballman. Your plays and hustles will be missed.

  • Celtic Frosty

    The new Trap Them album is the good.

  • Waynecro

    Carnophage, Allegaeon, Trap Them, Insomnium, and Stheno are immediate buys for me. And kudos to Gamlet. I’ve never before seen a singer do such scary vocals while wearing a pink polka-dot bow in her hair. Also, ANOTHER NEW ANAAL NATHRAKH SONG:

  • Óðinn

    So much Metal, so little time.