This Toilet Tuesday (9/15/15)


Greetings, fellows in filth, and welcome to another This Toilet Tuesday! I’m gonna keep it short this week, because there’s a ton of new material coming out; less reading, more headbanging. With summer mercifully drawing to a close and that most wicked of holidays looming only weeks away, the tide of metal is coming in. Pick your favorites from below and tell us why they’re better than ours. Get some!


Odraza – Kir (Arachnophobia Records) [Black Metal]

This is one of the more interesting releases you’ll find this week. Odraza positioned themselves last year as one of the more unique young black metal bands making waves in the bloated genre. However, Kir, Polish for “pall,” adds another dimension to the band’s intriguing repertoire. This time, the group dabbles primarily in instrumental quasi-doom. Kir was recorded live at the Museum of the City of Krakow for a commissioned event exploring the horrors and suffering of World War II. That lugubrious theme is all pervasive through this 20-minute epic that spans huge chasms of harrowing, open space with a steady, militaristic drum beat. It’s exciting, pensive, and bleak. FFO: Voidhanger, Mare Cognitum, Mgla 9/15/15 (W.)


Deluge – Æther (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions) [Post-Black Metal]

Deluge may have tagged themselves as ambient black metal, but don’t go in expecting any poor man’s ‘gaze. AEther is a bleak exercise in reciting black metal droning incantations through loose, jarring post-hardcore rhythms and chords. Think the apocalyptic revelations of Serpentrance as played by Botch with that special je ne sais quoi characteristic of French metal bands. FFO: Sorrow Plagues, Order of Orias, Converge 9/19/15 (W.)


Tsjuder – Antiliv (Season of Mist) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Demonic Supremacy”

Oslo’s blackened sons return with their first new tunes since 2011’s Legion Helvete, and boy do they have one hell of a 20 minute freeform jazz odyssey for us to delve into. In all seriousness though, you know what you’re getting from a new Tsjuder album. There are no frills, no spoken word poetry breaks, no post blackened shoegaze atmospherics…this is just a straight for the jugular black metal assault. The only way it could be better is if it came with a corpse paint kit. 9/18/15 (Leif Bearikson)


Grift – Syner (Nordvis) [Verdant Black Metal]
Listen to “Aftonlandet,” “Svältorna”

This has been a great year for Ambient Black Metal nature folk flavored music. To compliment the extensive list on this style, the Swedish band, Grift, is releasing Syner. The echoing guitars are layered with bubbly textures, cutted by an agonic vocal display and midtempo blocks of rhythm. With a very blue and cold feeling, the songs here are more sensitive to melancholy and introspection than druidic worship or menacing self-destruction. Grift plays with dexterity the double agent game between the post-metal and ambient black metal countries. 9/18/15 (Link)

my dying bride

My Dying Bride – Feel the Misery (Peaceville Records) [Doom]
Listen to “And My Father Left Forever”

You know MDB, I know MDB and the band knows themselves. That much is clear listening to “And My Father Left Forever”. A very long way away have wandered the days when they experimented (and usually failed) with their sound. Instead we are treated to a melodic death/doom/gothic song with an appropriate dosage of the violin and Aaron Stainthorpe’s clean vocals that, to speak the truth, sound almost as bored as they sound miserable. Overall this is a good thing, the hit-and-miss quality of their recent years considered. Hopefully the whole album continues in the same vein, a predictable but strong latter day My Dying Bride9/18/15 (Karhu)


Tyranny – Aeons in Tectonic Interment (Dark Descent Records) [Funeral Doom]
Listen to “Sunless Deluge”

More Finnish funeral doom for you. Tyranny has been quiet for a long time. After years spent in other bands they have returned to offer us Aeons In Tectonic Interment. It’s opening track – premiered some time ago – creeps slowly as it should, but beneath the layers of doom and dirge lies a foundation of death metal rarely heard as strong in funeral doom these days. Not completely different from Wormphlegm – a project in which both members of Tyranny played. I dimmadig. 9/18/15 (Bearfinn Finnbear)

Abated Mass of Flesh – Abhorrent Postmortal Vicissity (Independent) [Slambourine Man]

All We Expected/Raum Kingdom – All We Expected/Raum Kingdom (split- Independent) [Sludge/Post-Metal]
Listen to “We’re Not Born to Live Like Brutes” (AWE)

Almagor – From the Agony to the Battle (Martyrdom Records) [Unblack Metal]

Ancient Spell – Forever In Hell (Minotauro Records) [Death/Doom]

Annihilator – Suicide Society (UDR Music) [Thrash/Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Suicide Society”

Arcano Arconte – Bey Kaziklu!(Independent) [Black Metal]

Ass – Shitty Wizard vs. Super Satan (PRC Music) [Crossover Thrash]

The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal (Metal Blade) [Melodeath]

Bleed Someone Dry – Postmortem | Veritas (Fire Was Born Records) [Dumbbandnamecore]
Listen to “Our Martyrdom”

Carnivorous Voracity – The Impious Doctrine (Amputated Vein Records) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Secularize”

Christian Mistress – To Your Death (Relapse Records) [Heavy Metal]

Concerto Moon – Between Life and Death (Happinet Corporation) [Power Metal]

Creature – Ride the Bullet (Karthago Records) [Heavy Metal]

Dragon Eyes – Prayer for the Sad Stories (Red Emperor Records) [Power Metal]

Dragon Guardian – 少年騎士と3人の少女の英雄詩 (Independent) [Power Metal]
Listen to “英勇に憧れた少年の物語”

Dust In Mind – Never Look Back (darkTunes) [Industrial]

Elarmir – Human Wisdom (Revalve Records) [Off-brand Epica]
Listen to “Human Wisdom”

Grimner – De Kom Från Norr (Independent) [Folk]
Listen to “De Kom Från Norr”

Grönholm – Relativity Code For Love (Power Prog) [The 80’s]
Listen to “Home in our Hearts,” “Strangers”

Guttural Disease – Periodical Torment (Brutal Mind) [Brutal Death]
Listen to “West Java Central Legion”

Harlott – Proliferation (Metal Blade Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “Cross Contamination”

Hemlock – Mouth of the Swine (Independent) [jumpdafuckupcore]
Listen to “Revolution”

Hatred – War of Words (MDD Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “War of Words”

Hermóðr – What Once Was Beautiful (Wolfspell Records) [Black Metal]

In Twilight’s Embrace – The Grim Muse (Arachnophobia Records) [Black Metal]

Is – When the Frost has Brought the Silence (Independent) [Black Metal]

Kill Ritual – Karma Machine (Scarlet Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Rise”

Kraanium – Chronicles of Perversion (Comatose Music) [Slurm]
Listen to “Evisceration of Pre-Teen Cadavers”

Magister Templi – Into Duat (Ván Records) [Doom]

Masters of Metal – From Worlds Beyond (Metalville Records) [Speed Metal]
Listen to “Supremacy”

Maïeutiste – Maïeutiste (Les acteurs de l’ombre productions) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Absolution”

Moon – Render of the Veils (Moribund Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “As Stars Merge With Ice”

Moonreich – Pillars of Detest (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Believe & Behead”

Mosfet – Screwing the Devil ( [lolbuttz]
Listen to “Road Song”

Mustasch – Testosterone (wat) [wat]

Necroblaspheme – Belleville (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Le Discours Du Bitume”

Nomad – Tetramorph (Witching Hour Productions) [Doom]
Listen to “Tetrawater”

Non Opus Dei – Diabeł (Witching Hour Productions) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Milk of Toads”

Obsidian Tongue/Infera Bruo – Obsidian Tongue/Infera Bruo (split- Bindrune Recordings) [Black Metal]

One Machine – The Final Cull (Scarlet Records) [Prog Metal]
Listen to “The Final Cull”

Regarde Les Hommes Tomber – Exile (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions) [Sludge/Post-Metal]

Reverend Hound – Release the Hounds (Independent) [Thrash]
Listen to “Among the Pigs”

Rex Shachath – Revocation of the Blood Elect (Great Dane Records) [Death Metal]

Ritual Killer – Exterminance (Season of Mist) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Bury the Earth, Bury the Sky”

Sacred Oath – Ravensong (Angel Thorne) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Taken”

Saxorior – Saksen (Einheit Produktionen) [Viking Metal]
Listen to “Saksen”

Senior Fellows – Shallow Grave for a Dying God (Horton Records) [Sludge/Hardcore]

Serial Butcher – Brute Force Lobotomy (Unique Leader Records) [Brutal Death Metal]

Seven Witches – Way of the Wicked (Independent) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Better Days”

Serial Hawk – Searching for Light (Bleeding Light Records) [Sludge]
Listen to “Desolate,” “Lying in Wait”

Stellar Descent – …fading… (Dusktone) [Goose Metal]

Swamp/Fetid Zombie – Necromantic Passages (split- Morbid Visions Music) [Black/Death Metal]
Stream (FZ)

Tank – Valley of Fears (Metal Mind Productions) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Valley of Fears”

Terminal Function – Clockwork Sky (Willowtip Records) [Djent]

Terra Deep – Part of This World, Part of Another (Dusktone) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet Part I- Wax Photonic”

Third Storm – Tarîtîya Me (Dark Descent Records) [Black Metal]

Thousand Eyes – Endless Nightmare (Spiritual Beast) [Melodeath]

Thy Worshiper – Ozimina (Arachnophobia Records) [Folk Metal]
Listen to “Ozimina”

Tsar Bomb – Exterminans IX:XI (Cimmerian Shade Recordings) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Ad Maiorem Legio Gloriam”

Vänlade – Rage of the Gods (Independent) [Speed Metal]
Listen to “Frozen For All Time,” “Hail the Protector”

Venom Prison – The Primal Chaos (Soaked in Torment) [Death/Hardcore]
Listen to “The Primal Chaos”

Wheelfall – Glasrew Point (Sunruin Records) [Industrial]

Windhand – Grief’s Infernal Flower (Relapse Records) [Doom]

Witches – The Hunt (Independent) [Thrash]
Listen to “Riding and Hunting”

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    Yay, Tank, Annihilator and Gronholm!

  • Maik Beninton™

    You guys can’t miss that Ass.
    Shitty Wizzard vs Super Satan who will win?

  • RustyShackleford

    Been way too long since I had time to come chill here! Loving Deluge. Yep.

  • Guacamole Jim

    Æther is rocking my socks this morning. Good call, bDubs.

    • Vote for Jeb

      I was very pleasantly surprised by that one.

      • Guacamole Jim

        The “post-black metal” tag got my interest. It delivers, but in a very good way.

        • Pagliacci is Kvlt

          The post-black metal tag got me too. I’m going to listen to it posthaste, then post my opinion.

        • President Chester A. Arthur

          I’ve been listening to a lot of post black metal lately. I like Joy Division a lot and I like Black Metal so it seems like a natural progression. I’ll check this out. Any suggestions for other good bands?

          • Amesoeurs!!!!

          • Amesoeurs!!!!!

          • Vote for Jeb

            Sorrow Plagues are good!

          • Vote for Jeb

            Les Discrets too.

          • ^ That’s why this man became president of the glorious United States of America.

          • xengineofdeathx

            Fucking love those guys.

          • Vote for Jeb

            Cormorant and Vaura might qualify too.

          • Guacamole Jim

            I’m not the dude to ask, since it’s a genre I’m relatively unfamiliar with. @disqus_kqxyUNPxty:disqus is a good guy for that kind of stuff.

          • xengineofdeathx

            An autumn for crippled children

          • CT-12

            I love Ghost Bath’s first album “Funeral” a ton, good post-black. A lot of people loved “Moonlover” from this year but it honestly let me down, I wouldn’t recommend it (though check it for yourself before listening to me).


    Thanks Tuesday!

  • Maik Beninton™
  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

    Full Grotesque reunion set. IA Lucifericon!

  • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan2

    Does Slipknot hire someone to wash their masks for them?

    Do they have several of them? Or do they where the same smelly ones over and over for every concert?

    PS: Do you like candy?

    -Gretchen asked, 7 Years Ago

  • Maik Beninton™

    Slambourine Man, jumpdafuckupcore, Dumbbandnamecore, wat, Goose Metal…
    Today is a very productive day.

  • Celtic Frosty

    That Deluge is fire.

  • Matt Pike’s Sweaty Left Nipple
  • Hubert

    That Grift track sounds fucking great, thanks Link!
    That Tsjuder track sounds pretty cool as well.

    • Can’t wait to hear the entire Grift album. I think it would be a great addition to the increasing list of good atmosblackened goodness.

  • Maik Beninton™

    The 80s eh.
    Holy shit it’s not even a joke.

    • Spear

      I -never- joke.

    • Janitor Jim Duggan

      I loved it so much.

  • KJM

    How I spent my Monday night.

    • CT-12

      Hell yeah man, glad you had a good time!

  • Guppusmaximus

    It’s kind of depressing as to what gets labeled as “Doom” nowadays…

    • Spear

      As I understand it, there are two schools of doom: the monstrous, crawling death-doom type and the Sabbath-worship type. Doom isn’t really my thing, so I label anything that I feel fits those descriptions as such (or if the band call themselves doom). Feel free to educate me if I’m wrong.

      • Guppusmaximus

        Oh, this wasn’t an attack on you. Even outside of TOV, most of what people consider killer “Doom”, to me, sounds like Garage Metal. Just my .02


        • Spear

          Oh, I wasn’t mad or anything, I just wanted to explain my reasoning. I wouldn’t even label these things at all if people hadn’t asked for it.

          • Guppusmaximus

            Cool… Just to clarify (besides the obvious Sabbath influences – who can escape them?) Modern Doom is missing the groove, epic riffing and powerful & operatic vocals. That dude from MDB sounds like a poor Dracula imitation.

          • Spear

            Gotcha. I guess I should dig into some old doom at some point. Where’s a good place to start?

          • Guppusmaximus

            Umm…. C A N D L E M A S S


          • KJM

            BLOOD FARMERS.

          • I like to see Doom by different ‘vibes’, ‘textures’ or scenes.

            Aside Sabbath and Candlemass; I think you should check the US brand, apart from being from your country, it have a more bluesy feel mixed with a hard rock structure fixated in the riff: Saint Vitus, Pentagram and Trouble.

            Other scenes are: older doom and 90s death/doom from UK; and sludgy from south US.

          • KJM
          • CT-12

            This song dude…this fucking song. One of the best doom songs ever wrote. The 3rd act in the song (that for some reason this YT video didn’t include) is epic, evil perfection.

          • This Pentagram album is great:

            Trouble’s first album is another milestone:

            I’m not too fond on Saint Vitus, but this is one of the songs I like of them:

          • KJM

            Bottom line when it comes to Rock or Metal(especially Doom/Stoner): If you don’t have the Blues, you don’t have shit. Period.

          • Death

            I’ve never like Blues. Fight me.

          • KJM

            Sorry,don’t have thyme in my schedule for a fight.

          • Death

            Every pun they make… It hurts!

          • Guacamole Jim

            It must be about.. thyme.. to stop this.

          • Guppusmaximus
          • Death

            That plastic bag would be very handy right about now.

          • Guppusmaximus
          • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth

            And when you fall, I will catch you, thyme after thyme.

            (take on Cindy Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’)

          • KJM

            Orange Goblin.

          • KJM cited Orange Goblin, great band. That fuzzy stoner doom is another place to check.

            Specially: Kyuss, Sleep, High on Fire, Cathedral, Electric Wizard…

            The boys here knows a lot on that genre, you can ask them for more of that. I know KJM likes Dopethrone and Weedeater. I like mostly the more riffy, like Sleep, Orange Goblin and Spiritual Beggars (in their older albums that are more fuzz).

          • KJM

            Acid King(who I am seeing in October!)

          • Guppusmaximus

            I’d only disagree because those bands you mentioned, to me, aren’t really doom. Retro 70s Metal? Yes. People forget that what made Black Sabbath “doom” were tracks like “Black Sabbath” while tracks like “The Wizard” were very much their take on the hard rock scene and their influences at the time, imho. Candlemass took that dooming groove and applied their flavor of Metal which was very 80s centric.

          • KJM

            I’ll agree on Kyuss not really fitting the bill, and Sleep could be viewed as more Stoner than Doom, but Electric Wizard not Doom? Ain’t touching that one with a 10ft clown pole.

          • I tend to lump Stoner into the Doom category mostly because the use of textures and slow tempos. Stoner was very influenced by Sabbath’s Master of Reality, anyways.


          • KJM

            The s/t and ‘Master Of Reality’ are the Doom Metal blueprint. Those who say otherwise are smoking bath salts laced with paraquat.

          • Vote for Jeb

            Yah, Kyuss and the other desert rock bands are a distinct but related family.

          • They’re like the stoner cousins, amirite?

          • KJM

            I prefer Fu Manchu myself.

          • The few songs I heard of that band are pretty good!

          • KJM

            ‘The Action Is Go’ is their best album IMO.

          • Guppusmaximus

            Actually, for me, it’s a really hard genre to fill because after Sabbath, Candlemass took it to another level and then there wasn’t anything like them afterwards. Yea, I would be wrong to not call Electric Wizard “Doom”…

          • KJM

            Seriously tho, I believe @CT-12 is working on a Blood Farmers article. They are the best US Doom band that almost no one knows about. They’ve been around since the early 90s, but have only released 2 LPs and an EP.

          • CT-12

            Dude, since you mentioned this (and I’ve been thinking about it lately) I’m gonna try and have a Blood Farmers Porcelain Throne wrote up and submitted for sometime in October. I’ve been putting it off for far too long. And yes, Spear or anyone who digs doom, for the life of you, fucking check out Blood Farmers.

          • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth

            Candlemass is an excellent place to start, as well as St. Vitus.

          • CT-12
          • CT-12

            Also, if you list some of your preferences (such as: more noodly guitars, shorter songs, gruff vox, etc) I can better help to acquaint you with a doom album you would like.

          • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth

            Groove, epic riffing, and powerful, dramatic vocals in your doom? I got your prescription for that right here!


          • The Voice of Reason

            That album cover sure looks familiar…hope H.R. Giger got some royalties.

          • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth

            Dunno on that one. Could be based on most any castle painting of Jacek Yerka.


            Check out the music though!

          • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

            When MDB’s vocalist was in his prime the vocals were a little more miserable than now, anyways the point is – not a single fan of the band ever wanted operatic vocals for them.

            And even though that doesn’t really matter, I don’t think it would have fit them at all, they would have lost much of what they were going for.

          • CT-12

            You should also check out Desolate Pathway, Crypt Sermon, and Anguish. I know there’s more bands that fit your preferences I know of (such as this enclosed Pilgrim album), I’ll try and post if I remember any.

      • KJM

        I prefer the Sabbath-worship variety(as if that isn’t painfully obvious by now).

        • ME GORAK B.C.™


          • KJM


  • “Off-brand Epica”

    An off brand of an off brand then?

    • Spear

      Epica being an off brand of… Nightwish?

      • Guacamole Jim

        Kamelot, though they only ripped the name off, not so much the sound.

        • Death

          You sure they didn’t rip off the sound too? Both sound horrible.

          • Guacamole Jim

            You were nicer as a Tapir 🙁

          • Death

            No I wasn’t.

          • Guacamole Jim

            Yeah, you’re right.

            I hate Epica, on the reals. They lick the asses of a thousand thousand sweaty men.

          • Spear

            I like Epica. 🙁

          • You’re handsome. That’s ok.

          • Spear

            Thanks, Link. Everyone else is butts.

          • “Link>>>>>>>>>>>>>butts”.


          • JJM

            *clears throat*
            if i may interject… Link butts >>>>>>>>>>

          • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth

            Same here. Kinda hit and miss, but overall pretty good.

          • Epica <<<<<<<<<<<<<

          • Count_Breznak

            Never knew they were in that Rammstein video.

      • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth

        Not quite. Now the new Amberian Dawn on the other hand…………..

  • Guttural Disease should be (come to jakarta!) but they bring some heavy shee-it.

  • Dude. I have been trying to remember the name of Odraza for like, a YEAR.
    I knew one day the Toilet would come through for me! I didn’t bother asking because going “whats that black metal band I heard on youtube” wouldn’t yield any results…

    Thank you.

  • Dat Senior Fellows is stomping the shit outta me.

  • RJA

    Dark Descent is currently having a sale – can’t go wrong with Dark Descent.

    • xengineofdeathx

      Fucking amazing label.

    • CT-12

      Thanks for letting us know! Also, if you haven’t heard, Agonia is having a sale as well (only on their bandcamp releases)

      • RJA

        I had not heard. I see a couple things I’m interested in – anything in particular you recommend?

        • CT-12

          Not entirely sure what you like, but I would recommend Ephel Duath (jazz/avant garde), Aosoth (weird black), Forgotten Tomb (DSBM/goth metal), Kongh (sludge), and Urgehal (black). Centinex and Nocturnal Breed are good too. Generally, I’ve heard good things from each band on their BC roster, so you’re probably safe getting just about anything.

  • JJM

    Seven witches? bah, not enough!

  • JJM

    really digging the new Necroblaspheme. any other fans??

    • ME GORAK B.C.™

      GORAK LIKE!!!

      • Death

        Gorak and McNulty liking the same thing. Coincidence? I think NOT!

        • ME GORAK B.C.™

          WOT U IMPLY???

          • Death

            You know damn well what I’m >implying.

          • JJM

            that’s like saying Death and Smitty are the same person

          • ME GORAK B.C.™

            DEATH #1!!!!

          • Death

            Smitty is a fuckface, I’m not. Theory busted!

          • ME GORAK B.C.™


        • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth
  • The new My Dying Bride is pretty good. I listened to it on the way to classes this morning and I found it to be quite satisfying.

    • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth

      I really have to catch up on their catalog. I lost track after “Like Gods Of The Sun”. That, Suffocation and Hypocrisy were the first death metal bands I got into, 20 years ago.

      • I haven’t listened to their entire catalog as of yet. Their particular brand of Death Doom mixed with Gothic is something I really have to be in the mood for to appreciate. I typically only have the craving when it starts to get cold outside and it was 39 Fahrenheit here this morning so I thought I’d give it a blast.

      • Pro Tip: Be happy you lost track. They release 20 albums after LGotS and don’t come up with a single new riff, melody or idea.

        • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth

          I heard a couple of tracks off of The Dreadful Hours, and didn’t do anything at all for me.

    • Ted Nü-Djent ™

      I’m listening right now and am having the same emotions

  • Awww yes, new Kraanium!

  • Mother Shabubu 8

    Deluge sounds really promising. This is the kind of blackened music I enjoy: a torrential drenching of angered darkness.

  • JWEG

    I’m pleased you included Stellar Descent, even with the iffy genre tag. And pleased that it’s actually out today rather than Friday (guess they forgot the new rules).

    As of this moment it’s still showing a preorder state, though, so I suspect it has to be switched manually and not at some pre-defined time in the early AM (for Europe).

  • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth

    Oh hell’s yeah, definitely checking out the new Dragon Guardian! Amazed that any news about it came out, since they don’t even have a Facebook or anything on social media. *weebing intensifies*

    BTW, gotta ask……………. Did Tyree get banned? I noticed every last one of his comments a few articles ago were deleted.

    • Vote for Jeb

      We didn’t ban him. Not sure what happened.

      • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth

        Weird. Disqus did that a few days ago on Rawstory, where people’s comments were randomly getting deleted by Disqus. The mods there restored all the comments, but perhaps Disqus still hasn’t fixed their glitch.

    • Death

      I think he may have deleted his account. Dunno why.

      • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth

        Because you broke his heart?

        • Death

          I’m not a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker.

          • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth

            Faaaaaaaaaaartbreaker, I just knew from the start, that you’d go and cut a fart.

  • old_man_doom

    Goddamnit, I love Tyranny. Funeral doom just the way I like it: subterranean, massive, and dick-crushing. I’ve been listening to Towards Darkness’s “Barren” recently too. Holy hell, that is some A+ quality funeral doomage.

  • Waynecro

    I’m digging Grift, and the Thousand Eyes trailer has some promising tunes.

  • Sgt. Poopypanty’s Fartin Teeth

    The new Is is pretty fucking good. Nice, filthy, melancholy, life hating black metal, just like grandma used to make.