This Toilet Tuesday (8/9/16)


You pound your fists on the massive stone gate separating you from freedom. “It will do you no good! Your curse is yours to bear!” comes the impassive call from past the city’s barrier. Sobbing in defeat, you collapse to the ground. It came for you last night; what was once the gift of the gods has become a terrible hex. Once, your body would have began to glow silver and your hair turn a virgin white; instead, you are afflicted with a black jaundice. You should be living among immortals in a city of pristine white stone, but even the city seems to have died, its once immaculate walls oozing a pallid brown sludge. Now it serves as your prison, a small basket of food your only comfort. Despair fading to shock, you gather yourself to your feet and shuffle numbly into the city’s depths.

You realize before long that you are being watched. Peering from the shadows of alleys and broken doorways are the residents of the city, their mottled skin and wispy hair matching your own. Some stare hungrily at your basket; others seem to look past you, muttering softly under their breath. One of them begins to cackle madly. You turn to shout at him, but something moves in your peripheral vision. A group of four men had been following you quietly, but seeing you spot them, they begin to rush towards you. The one in front pulls out a knife as he nears you, its rusted blade a reflection of the decay around you. You step back, preparing for a fight, but your foot catches on the pockmarked road and you stumble. In one fluid motion, the lead man plants his knife in your chest, grabs your basket, and continues his flight down the street. At least my end has come quickly, you think as you fall to the ground sputtering. But it doesn’t come; there is no fade to black, no comforting light to greet you. White hot pain flares in your chest, your coughing spasms causing the blade to cut against you further. No, your mind is perfectly clear, and you come to the horrific realization that your heart hasn’t been beating since you awoke this morning. The comfort of death will never be yours; this is your eternity.

The curse comes for us all on This Toilet Tuesday.


injected suffrage

Infectology – Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment (Gore House Productions) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Forced Unnatural Carnal Knowledge” 8/12/16

Injected Sufferage – Denial in the Grave Torment (Extreme Souls Production) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Revenge Rage” 8/8/16

Rob the jewelry story and tell ‘em, “Make me a grill,” because we’re getting ignorant with a double dose of slamz! First up is California’s Infectology with the track “Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment.” This is pretty much everything I love in brutal death metal: trash can snare, obnoxious ride bell, churning sewage maelstrom riffs, and endless blasts. The only thing that could make this track better is if the band had a poor grasp of the English language, which brings us to our next BDM band, Indonesia’s Injected Sufferage. Interestingly, “Revenge Rage” features a more subdued mix and restrained drum sound. The riffs are muted too, which makes something feel just slightly off, but I like the way the guitars sort of pull you one way or another before that oddly tone-deaf solo kicks off over the breakdown. This song has some interesting elements, but it doesn’t feel like the parts are all there. If you had to choose one, go with Infectology. FFO: Sanguinary Execution, Perverted Dexterity, Defeated Sanity (W.)


Mizmor – Yodh (Gilead Media) [Drone/Black/Doom]
Listen to “Woe Regains My Substance,” “Bask In The Lingering”

We have been spoiled rotten with solid death and doom albums in 2016, and Mizmor’s second full-length looks to continue that delightful trend with a hideously miasmic blend of the two genres into one smog-belching, carbon rich atmosphere of all-encompassing gloom. Opening track “Woe Regains My Substance” immediately kicks the heating of the Earth’s temperature into high gear with some fiery riffs sure to pry a new hole open in the ozone layer, but things get even more interesting when the band slows things down to really let the hazardous fumes spread and blot out the light. The band continues to deftly weave between serpentine riffs and heavy-lead drum pummeling on “Bask in the Lingering,” maintaining your attention with each new harrowing turn. If the solution to pollution is dilution, Mizmor is dumping all the toxic sludge in the river to drown out any hope for a cure. FFO: Yhdarl, Hypoxia, AEvangelist 8/12/16 (W.)


Hyponic – 前行者 (Weird Truth Productions) [Progressive Doom]

Speaking of solid death and doom albums, I’ve been thoroughly pulverised by the newest offering from Hyponic. Doom isn’t something that usually holds my tech-addled attention span for very long, so I don’t speak lightly when I say that this album had me entranced throughout. Their sound is incredibly expansive, making its lonely way across vast alien landscapes and exploring the ruins of their monolithic structures. Its dreary solitude is occasionally broken by a terrifying howl in the distance, though its source never gets too close. At once suspenseful and dramatic, this is a journey I won’t forget anytime soon. 8/10/16 (Spear)

Attick Demons – Let’s Raise Hell (Puresteel Records) [Heavy Metal]

Décembre Noir – Forsaken Earth (FDA-Rekotz) [Death/Doom]

Demoniac – Malleus Christianitatis (Misanthropia Discos) [Black Metal]
No, not the Dragonforce one

Demon Incarnate – Darvaza (FDA Rekotz/Soulfood Music) [Doom/Rock]
Listen to “Darvaza”

Devil to Pay – A Bend Through Space and Time (Ripple Music) [Heavy/Stoner Metal]
Listen to “Your Inner Lemmy”

Eleanor – Celestial Nocturne (Rubicon Music) [Gothic Metal]

Enchiridion – The Realm of Blackened Perdition (Independent) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Doomsday (For Our Sins),” “The Realm of Blackened Perdition”

Equilibrium – Armageddon (Nuclear Blast Records) [Folk Metal]
Listen to “Prey”

Gotym – B.O.F.A. (Harambe Records) [Lolbuttz]
Listen to “BOFA”

Hone Your Sense – Phonomena (Independent) [Melodeath]

Iron Attack! – Twilight Under World [Power Metal]

Lacrimas Profundere – Hope Is Here (Oblivion/SPV) [Gothic Metal]

Mean Messiah – Let Us Pray (Independent) [Industrial/Thrash]
Listen to “Let Us Pray”

Metal Allegiance – Fallen Heroes (collaboration- Nuclear Blast Records) [Covers, probably metal]

Morial – Reborn in Endless Hate/Your Belief in Ruins (Narbentage Produktionen) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Hail the Goats,” “Flowing Angelblood”

Orphalis – The Birth of Infinity (Amputated Vein Records) [Tech Death]
Listen to “Encased in a Higher Intellect,” “Reshaping the Omnipresence” “The Atavistic Tide”

The Overmind – The Anthropic Principle (Independent) [Tech Death/Deathcore]
Listen to “The Inquisitor”

Poppy Seed Grinder – Bleeding Civilization (Amputated Vein Records) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Variety X”

Precognitive Holocaust Annotations – Procreation of the Artificial Divinity (Permeated Records) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Reverse Effect”

The River Neva – The Voynich Manuscript (Independent) [Melodeath/Metalcore]
Listen to “Schrodinger’s Cat”

Slaughtbbath/Grave Desecrator – Musica de nuestra muerte (split- Hells Headbangers) [Black/Death Metal]
Listen to “SxSxSx” (GD)

Slug Shell – The Agony of Perseverance (Independent) [Death Metal]

Spirit Adrift – Chained to Oblivion (Prosthetic Records) [Actually Epic Doom]
Listen to “Psychic Tide,” “Form and Force”

Thy Art Is Murder/The Acacia Strain/Fit For An Autopsy – The Depression Sessions (split- Nuclear Blast Records) [Deathcore]
Listen to “They Will Know Another” (TAIM)

Vader – Iron Times (Nuclear Blast Records) [Death/Thrash]

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • New Slaughtbbath is always welcomed. They still have one of the coolest album covers ever IMO.

    • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

      What style?

    • 365ChaosRiddenDays

      It’s a killer artwork indeed, never heard them before but I’ll do it now!

    • Stanley

      It’s weird that they changed it for the reissues. I hate it when bands do that.

      • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

        ^^This, though the reissue cover for Bal-Sagoth’s debut is a thousand times better than the original.

      • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

        Agreed. D666 did it for Cold Steel, because supposedly they didn’t authorize the artwork.

        • Lame, I was wondering about that. Thanks for the info.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Yeah, stupid. I never cared that artwork, but bands need to leave past albums alone, no matter how much they want to fuck with based upon their “artistic” merits.

        • Stanley

          I think that they’ve done that for all their albums. The new version of Phoenix Rising is pretty cool.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Yeah, I noticed that was changed too.

          • They managed to keep the wolf on the reissue of Unchain the Wolves. I like the design way better on the reissue though.

          • Stanley

            Me too. But if they’d left it alone I’d never have known how how good it could be. 🙂

            I like King’s comment above. Leave the old stuff alone. Use all your new found creativity on new things.

          • Exactly. I tend to agree. Or just keep the new artwork as an insert or something.

        • Howard Dean

          To be fair, the old artwork for Cold Steel is pretty fucking lame:

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Yeah, I agree. Very bland.

          • Looks like something I would have done in Photoshop class 10 years ago. That’s like a 10 minute Photoshop project there. Hahaha!

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Hahaha. Terrible, but the album rules hard.

          • Oh yeah! Honestly, the only thing holding me back on purchasing these reissues is the artwork.

          • This honestly looks like something Nyogthaeblisz would use on a shirt design of theirs.

          • Howard Dean

            Haha, it does. With some type of slogan like, “Nihilistic Holocaustic Slaughter of Satanic Mastery” on the back.

          • Hahaha! Exactly man.

  • Thank you for the “No, not the Dragonforce one”

    On that note, why would you name yourself Demoniac

  • Howard Dean

    Lean week. Slaughtbbath/Grave Desecrator split is interesting. Didn’t even realize Vader was releasing an EP. Looks like more cover songs, I guess?

    Also: What the fuck is a Poppy Seed Grinder? I will likely check them out simply because they are ESL death metal (Czech) and therefore probably have a few awesome songs about blood rape necromancy or necrohomicidal pitchfork butchery. Hopefully slams and gurgles.

    • They have been on the cover song thing for a while. Not sure what the deal is with that. Stop wasting time with covers and write new material dammnit!

      • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

        I just researched and saw that. Bands really need to stop doing it. A cover on occasion is cool, but NOT a fucking album or series of releases.

        • I never quite understood it myself. Leave that shit for Six Feet Under.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Probably something else to blame on Metallica…

          • Probably… At this point I blame most all shitty things on Metallica.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain


          • OldMetalHead

            Metallica deserves a lot of blame for a lot of things, but I always felt “Garage Days” came about sort of organically from songs they’d already been covering in live shows. “Garage Days Revisited” on the other hand was an obvious cash grab 😛

    • Howard Dean

      Checking out Poppy Seed Grinder now. Sounds like some kind of shitty later Decapitated mixed with hardcore vocals and deathcore breakdowns. Definitely not BDM, ESL death metal, or third world slam/gore. I am disappoint.

      • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

        Ouch, harsh description.

        • Howard Dean

          Yeah, it’s pretty fucking bad. Not at all what I was expecting. I can usually count on my obscure BDM bros with silly names from far flung non-English speaking places to bring solid, disgusting brutal death metal. Poppy Seed Grinder is not it. *flush*

    • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

      Two covers (one from Peter’s other band), two new originals (possibly from the upcoming full-length) on that Vader EP.

      • Howard Dean

        Huh, not too bad, then. Would be interested to hear the two new tracks.

  • Spear

    If Dubloons didn’t satisfy your brutal death metal needs already, that Precognitive Holocaust Annotations is pretty good.

    • Howard Dean

      Dat cover art <<<<<<<<<<


      That being said, a couple of decent slams (particularly the one at the end of the track). I prefer my BDM a bit grittier and uglier in sound. For Italian BDM, I'll stick to Vulvectomy.

      • Dubbbz

        If I was a betting man, I’d wager Par Olofsson did that cover.

        • Spear

          Jon Zig, actually. Very similar style, though.

        • Howard Dean

          That is without a doubt my least favorite type of artwork, and I will actually avoid buying an album with that type of shiny SciFi art. I don’t know why tech death and some BDM continue to use it. Maybe it’s cheap?

          I get that all types of cover art can run their course (black/white corpsepainted candelabra covers have run their course, too), but I can at least enjoy many examples of other now-passé cover art styles. I literally cannot enjoy a single cover of this style. It’s just… ugh.

          • Dubbbz

            I’ve seen people make the argument that the cover art totally doesn’t matter, but I disagree. Cover art can have a pretty significant impact on the perception of the music within. If it wasn’t important, black metal bands would stop making everything black and white.

            I guess there’s a sizable market for the sci-fi art style. It doesn’t appeal to me, but someone must be buying albums after seeing the art.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Back before the internet, you made a conscience decision to buy the album on artwork alone. No tunes, just the art.

          • Dubbbz

            Younger folks forget that.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            The first time I saw Secrets of the Black Arts, I was transfixed. Never heard a note.

          • Dubbbz

            I bought High on Fire’s Blood Is This Communion completely on the art, and didn’t regret that at all.


          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Never checked that album out. The last I owned by them was Blessed Black Wings.

          • Dubbbz

            It’s the last of theirs I thought was strong all the way through. Every album after it has some solid cuts but a lot of filler, imo.

          • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

            Won’t agree with yer jibjab about the filler, but DITC is certainly their best album, with an alluring cover to boot.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            That’s what I’ve heard too.

          • Señor Jefe El Rosa


          • BtR knows what’s up, once again!!

          • This is the only record I own by them. I remember it being massive sounding.

          • Stanley

            This is the only record that I have of theirs as well. I bought it because of the riff in Rumors of War. I soon realized that I don’t like this music at all.

          • Yeah, I never got on the High On Fire train.

          • Señor Jefe El Rosa

            I love that album and Arik Roper is an artistic genius.

          • I made that mistake at an early age with Meat Loafs Bat out of Hell.

          • Dubbbz


          • Yeah, what a disappointment that was 🙁

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            So it goes bro. Meatloaf sucks. Love the food though.

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            I have that on picture disc.

          • So, it sounds even shittier then?

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            I don’t listen to it because of the fact picture discs have awful audio quality.

          • Howard Dean
          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            He can’t even sing live anymore.

          • Howard Dean

            I still do that if I’m in a record store and don’t recognize the band name. Haha. Usually works out fine. I’ve ended up with a few piles of shit this way, though.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            It happens. The best job I did was finding Destruction’s Sentence of Death on vinyl when I was 17. RULED.

          • I remember my first Morbid Angel purchase was Gateways, solely for the artwork alone. Was not disappointed at all.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain


          • Howard Dean

            My blind purchase success story: I bought a used copy of the “Galloping Through The Battle Ruins” CD back in the day solely on the strength of the cover art, before I knew anything about the band. I fell for the riffs and atmosphere immediately upon spinning it, but the artwork is what first drew me in.

          • Stanley

            I have this vinyl too. The Steamhammer version. Superb.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Same here. Rules. The jacket is a little rough, but the vinyl sounds good. I also have Infernal Overkill on Steamhammer. Clean copy.

          • Stanley

            My brother bought Infernal Overkill when it came out in 85. So I must of got SOD in 85 or 86, because I know that I’d heard Infernal Overkill first. I also have the Eternal Devastation LP, and that was the end of my Destruction love affair (as far as buying records is concerned). I couldn’t get into Release from Agony and since then I’ve only listened to one or two songs off each of their new albums just to see what they are up to.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Like most bands, the earliest shit tends to be the best.

          • Pentagram Sam

            Why do you think this is? Not trying to be all confrontational, this idea is something that made me think. I too prefer the early stuff to many of the bands I like, can identify “kaboom” career defining later magnum opus albums, but generally the early shit is the best.

            Is it because by the time a band is going for album 3 or 4, they’ve “been in the system” and now label pressures are around? Cos generally the first album and sometimes second one are songs that’ve been played live a shit load. By the time album three comes around it’s allllll new shit. Eg Maiden.

            So, is it the youthful exuberance / naivety of first rodeos, the pressure of a label to not fuck up or do better for albums 3 or 4, or just simply after some success the band starts to think differently than they did in the demo dayz? Or some kinda combo

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Just being young and hungry, period. Feeling like you have something to prove, etc.

          • more beer

            I have always looked at that like this. A band has their entire life to make their first album. Then a year or two to come up with new material for their next album. Some can rise to this task. Others can not.

          • Ted Nü-Djent ™

            A lot of the time it was all you had to go on

          • It’s branding, absolutely! Tech death heads seek out that style of art, black metal heads seek out minimal greyscale stuff. They’re just making it easier to appeal to a wider market of folks who don’t want to sift through EVERY album. What’s easier for screening new albums than glancing at a bunch of covers? It’s quicker than sampling tunes, it’s a convience like genre #hashtags on a Bandcamp profile.

            For every person like yourself, who may give everything a chance regardless of genre or artwork, there may be ten folks who judge based on that same criteria.

  • Sy-Klone

    That video for Thy Art is Murder makes me want to cry. And it has nothing to do with the music.

  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    Attick Demons still sounds like Iron Maiden, though if that poor-sound preview is to be believed, no more 110%.

  • W, your description of Mizmor is top notch. Whoa!


  • Stanley

    This EP is also released today. Sorry (not sorry) to keep posting. Song of the year so far.

    • Fuck yes! Saw this posted this morning.

    • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

      Top quality.

    • Abradolf Lincler

      yeah, one of yall posted this the other day. super tite bhole

    • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

      That’s cool and all, but what the hell are in those cabinets on the right hand side!?!?!?!

      • Satan files, bro. Gotta keep up on their research.

        • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

          It’s probably from the local library.

          EDIT: READ FOR SATAN!!!!!!

      • Stanley


        • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

          Bills for Satan. Cool track, though. Thanks Stan!

      • Derp!

    • Elegant Gazing Globe

      what kind of satan uses clean guitar tones?

      • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

        The Satan that cares not for your feelings.

        • Elegant Gazing Globe

          then they’re on the right path to hell

      • Stanley

        That’s why it’s so good. That melody is riveting.

    • 365ChaosRiddenDays

      Great news!

    • PostBlackenedWhaleGaze

      Is that a Woodford Reserve bottle I spot? Or just shitty Gentlemen Jack.

      • Stanley

        I think it’s Two Buck Chuck.

    • I don’t want to like this because I cannot look at this picture without sniggering. But I like it.

      • Stanley

        Snigger away and bask in its righteousness.

  • 365ChaosRiddenDays
  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

    Already out, but technically shipping from Invictus this week, limited to 300 copies.

  • Dubbbz

    Spear, I dig Hyponic. Not nearly as riffy as Mizmor, but they have a cool approach.

  • Owlswald

    Slim pickins this week for me.

  • Señor Jefe El Rosa

    Attick Demons has a Maiden vibe going on. You can listen to a better teaser here.!/pages/release-album-lets-raise-hell-attick-demons

    STOKED for Spirit Adrift. Can’t wait to spin that one!!!

  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    Yay, new Vader!

  • *Your Inner Lemmy*

    excellent intro, S’pear!

  • Guacamole Jim

    Classic BOFA

  • xXEmooKiddXx

    I take it you are a fan of Brandon Sanderson’s “Elantris” book then, Spear

    • Spear

      That I am! I just finished the first Mistborn trilogy, so I decided to go back and read Elantris while I wait for my copy of the fourth book to come in.

  • Elegant Gazing Globe
  • Waynecro

    Enchiridion sounds pretty swell, and I kind of like Hone Your Sense. Also, ORPHALIS!!!

  • tertius_decimus

    Digging new Equilibrium. Never was a fan of their music, but now it’s time to look at the band from different point of view. Very nice song.

    • Brock Lesner’s Oily Wonderbra

      Absolutely checking this one out! Been a fan of their music for quite a while, and never disappoint me when it comes to incredibly epic pump-up music.