This Toilet Tuesday (7/28/15)


Tonight has been painful. You had a bad day at work, your house is a mess, and your friend has decided to drag you to a show with nothing you’re even remotely interested in. You’ve decided the best way to cope with the terrible local bands is to drink until they sound good. The good news is that it seems to be working; this stoner band actually seems kind of catchy now that your brain is moving slow enough to appreciate it. The bad news is that you’re five pints in and need to piss like a racehorse. You know the bathrooms here are rarely cleaned, but you can’t avoid it any longer. You finish your beer and head to the restroom.

A stench more rancid than usual hits you immediately. Coughing, you try waving away some of the thick odor, but to no avail. This toilet has clearly not been flushed in days, and there’s a weird coppery undertone to the pungent scent. You step over a small pool of suspect liquid to the stall door and push it open. You do not expect the horrific scene before you. The ragged torso of a man is suspended above the toilet, blood and viscera dripping from where his legs should be. He appears to be plastered to the wall with a strange yellowish goo. Impossibly, the man is still alive. His arms twitch violently as he gasps for air, perhaps to scream, perhaps to beg for death. You start to back out of the stall, and bump into something hard. You never see it though. Before you can turn, before you can shout for help, before anything, you feel a sharp pain in the back of your head and see a black spike suddenly protrude from your forehead. Your tattered brain manages one final thought before darkness consumes you: I need better friends.

Don’t let your destiny be shaped by others. Welcome to This Toilet Tuesday.


Barshasketh – Ophidian Henosis (Blut & Eisen Prod) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Ophidian Henosis IV”

As much as I like discovering new music and new sounds, I occasionally find myself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of metal bands out there. It’s times like these that I like to turn to the familiar and put in something I know I can take solace in and enjoy. While I hadn’t heard the name Barshasketh prior to last weekend, their sound is something we’ve all heard before; lots of tremolo-picked riffs, blasting, and melancholy harmonies. Though that may sound like a condemnation, it’s this familiarity that made “IV” so instantly enjoyable for me. The music carries plenty of emotional heft, and all the instruments sound excellent. If you need to simply sit back and lose yourself in some black metal, then look no further. (Spear)


Kataklysm – Of Ghosts and Gods (Nuclear Blast) [Melodeath]
Listen to “The Black Sheep,” “Marching Through Graveyards”

I know there aren’t too many melodeath fans lurking around these parts, but I for one quite enjoyed Kataklysm’s last output, Waiting for the End to Come. Their newest, Of Ghosts and Gods, goes along the same lines as that album, but with a slightly more eclectic sound. The production is largely the same (for better or worse), but each song is quite distinct from the others. “The Black Sheep” is loaded with groove, whereas “Marching Through Graveyards” blazes by on more traditional melodeath riffs. Most of the album is online at this point, and I believe the whole thing will be on Youtube come July 31. I doubt it’ll be earning Kataklysm any new fans, but it’s a fun outing with plenty of headbangability. (Spear)


Perversor – Anticosmocrator (Hell’s Headbangers) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Bestial Path”

Perversor is here to pervert your mind and twist your limbs with blackened death and thrashing riffs. A nonstop assault of blasting drum barrage and sharp riffs ‘neath raspy growls. Perversor is madness. Perversor is hate. Perversor is the unrelenting chaos unto which even the strongest submit. (Bearing Paddles of Ritegod)


Shroud of the Heretic – Unorthodox Equilibrium (Iron Bonehead) [DOOOOM]
Listen to “Sprawling Black Mass Consummation,” “Metempsychosis”

From the moment I pressed play, I knew that this was going to be the kind of doom that tickles my pickle. “Sprawling Mass Consummation” is huge, booming, cavernous. Every drum beat, every riff, and every belch from the elephantine throat of the swollen underworld hits you with an otherworldly gravity unseen in even the heaviest of Shroud of the Heretic‘s contemporaries. The pivoting dynamics are an excellent touch that shows these bastard sons of Canaan have more up their sleeves than the average doom band. FFO: AEvangelist, Incantation, Catacombs (W.)


Veilburner – Noumenon (Independent) [Blackened Death]
Listen to “Ever Relapsing Fever”

The esoteric Veilburner have returned hot on the heels of last year’s warmly received debut The Three Lightbearers. “Ever Relapsing Fever” opens with a military march and a spoken word declaration that sets the stage for the insanity that follows. When the actual song goes into full swing, it quickly becomes evident that this band refuses to play it safe. Schizophrenic vocals swing wildly between pitches, elastic chords bounce and reflect off each other, and the drums pound the ground with a dystopian fury. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. FFO: Grethor, Autokrator, Jute Gyte (W.)

A Loathing Requiem – Acolytes Eternal (Artisan Era) [Tech Death]
Listen to “Prismatic Delusion”

Antarcht – Bastard Dawn (HOTA Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Deified Consumption”

Arcano Arconte – A Espera da Morte (Independent) [Black Metal]
Listen to “A Espera da Morte”

Archer – Culling the Weak (Rough Trade Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Belief”

Dalit – Descent (Endtime Productions) [Death/Doom]
Listen to “Descent

Dark Plague – When the Last Christians Die (Fallen Angels Productions) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Frozen Years”

Dark Warrior – The End of Peace (Pacheco Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “Torture, Blood, Kill”

Dawn of Chaos – The Need to Feed (Ukem Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Abominatrix”

Festering – From The Grave (Caverna Abismal Records) [Death Metal]

Giza – Migration (Independent) [Sludge]
Listen to “Cenotaph”

Godhunter/Destroyer of Light – Godhunter vs. Destroyer of Light: Endsville (Battleground Records) [Doom]

Golden Bats/The Steady As She Goes – Cities (Independent) [Sludge/Doom]

Goya – Obelisk (Independent) [Doom]
Listen to “No Place in the Sky”

Hollow World – The Wrath Kept Within (Independent) [Melodeath]
Listen to “The Wrath Kept Within”

In Dread Response – Heavenshore (Dreadstorm Media Ltd) [Melodeath]

Iron Kingdom – Ride For Glory (Independent) [Speed Metal]
Listen to “The Samurai”

Krotchripper – Stalactite Cunt Shrine (Sevared Records) [Brutal Death]

Meta-Stasis – The Paradox of Metanoia (Depraved Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Disintegrate”

Midgard – We Are The Destroyer (Independent) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Kaleidoscopic”

My Hollow – On Borrowed Time (Independent) [Metalcore]
Listen to “On Borrowed Time”

Nebiros – VII (Folter Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Staruch”

Necropsy – Buried in the Woods (Xtreem Music) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Buried in the Woods”

Nihilistic Legion – The Hunt (Independent) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Destroying the Temples of the Gods”

Obsidian – Time Erodes (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “My War”

Ogotay – Dead God’s Prophet (Selfmadegod) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Dead God’s Prophet”

One With Nothing – Misanthropic (Independent) [Death Metal]

Reduced – Gradually Executed (Dismembered Records) [Brutal Death]
Listen to “Pleasure of Eating Rotting Bodies”

Rygel – Revolution (Power Prog Records) [Thrash]

Skialykon – Vestigio (Naturmacht Productions) [Ambient Black Metal]

Social Black Yelling – Naluri Pembunuh (Play Loud Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “Ilusi Layar Mistik”

Strife Machine – Esotericism (Independent) [lolbuttz]

Subterranean Birthright – Ostracism (Speed Ritual Records) [Black Metal]

System Overthrow – System Overthrow (Independent) [Thrash]

Ultha – Pain Cleanses Every Doubt (Ecocentric Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Crystalline Pyre”

Vulvodynia – Finis Omnium Ignorantiam (Vicious Instinct Records) [Brutal Death]

Witchgrinder – Haunted (Firestarter Music) [Industrial Groove Metal]
Listen to “Bloodlust”

Xandria – Fire & Ashes (Napalm Records) [Symphonic Metal]

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Kevin Nash & Friends

    I’m liking that Kataklysm and that Strife Machine.

    • Maik Bozinton™

      Strife Machine is crappy raw blackened doom with lulzy vocals.




    That Barshasketh is remarkably unremarkable.

  • OldMetalHead

    @disqus_4cmy05mgrZ:disqus I didn’t know there weren’t a lot of Melodeath fans in the toilet. I’m firmly in that camp, so thanks for featuring the Kataklysm! 🙂

    • Spear

      Good to know! I know Link and I are both into it, and I suspect McNulty is as well, but I don’t really know who else is.

      • Herr Schmitty

        I dig Melodeath too; never really given Kataklysm a shot though. I’ll check out some of the linked stuff. Maik notes there are chugs, I tend to like chugs!

      • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

        Beargod is, has been and will be.

      • EsusMoose

        I dig some, dislike others, really no reason why

      • Waynecro

        I like Melodeath as well. In fact, I’m kind of digging that Hollow World song.

    • I enjoy a lot of different music. But, melodic death is one of my favorite genres when is made in a good way 🙂 Last week, an Aussie band dropped this. Is in Soilwork vein:

      • OldMetalHead

        Pretty good Man. Thanks!

    • Maik Bozinton™

      I’m listening right now, a lot of chugs that some people might hate it.
      I like it though.


    Perversor guitar tone is crushing my dick

    • Bozamole Jim
      • The Fish Boz

        Gotta love the older UFC events. My dad and my godfather used to watch that shit on VHS when I was a little kid. It was very influential for me, character-wise.

        • It was then that I realized I should study hard in school and become a doctor instead of getting my dick beaten in by a career criminal in a savage bloodsport.

          • The Fish Boz

            Because my dick was metaphorically crushed

        • I watched some matchs with my mom at 11pm when they were aired in a local sport channel.

          But, then it got stale very quick because the fighters always ended hugging each other.

          • The Fish Boz

            On the ground, you mean? It takes some time to start appreciating ground game. Some people never do.

          • Jajajaja, yeah. They always hug each other.

          • The Fish Boz

            It’s very sensual.

  • Tyree

    New Antarcht, fucking sick! I think I did a write-up on them way back. There demo from earlier this year is located below and it kicked ass.

    Perversor should be fucking killer.

    • The Fish Boz

      You did, and they were criminally underappreciated back then. Young dudes, too.

      • Tyree

        Yeah, shameful. They are practically giving their shit out for free too.

    • DCLXVI

      yeah Antarcht is groovy dude

    • Tyree

      According to their Facebook page:

      “And as a reminder, our new EP, “Bastard Dawn,” will be coming out as a free digital download this thursday (7/30), so look forward to that.”

    • RJA

      I’ve had that Antarcht in my wishlist since you mentioned it – just now listening to it and it is real nice – I will have to throw them a few bucks. thanks.

    • Nice to see the demo getting a proper physical release. The new bonus track is quality shite. These guys are going places.

  • Spear

    Full Barshasketh stream, courtesy of our resident lizard man:

  • RustyShackleford

    That was a fucking metal intro. Yep.


    this Veilburner sure is theatric, is that their thing? this is the first time I’ve listened to them. I don’t dislike it. Haven’t really ever heard anything like this before…

  • Duuude. That intro… o.o)>

  • Bozamole Jim

    Spear… that intro… :’)

    All these are for you.


    This song goes REALLY good with reading this articles introduction

    Ultha – Pain Cleanses Every Doubt (Ecocentric Records) [Black Metal]

  • RustyShackleford

    Kataklysm sounding pretty tight. Never really listened to them before. I’ve been slacking on my melodeath for quite some time now but I’m in the mood for something catchy. Give me some jams!

  • The Fish Boz

    I loved the Friday The 13th vibe on the opening kill, Spear. Good shit.

  • KJM

    Giza >>>

    • Pagliacci is Kvlt

      I gave that first track a listen. It felt like it was building up to something that never happened.

  • Void Dweller
  • Celtic Frosty

    Barshasketh was the other side of the split with Void Ritual earlier this year. I don’t blame you for not remembering them. They never stood a chance.

  • Maik Bozinton™

    Shroud of the Heretic is some detective proof metal.
    Really liking the second track.

  • Maik Bozinton™

    Witchgrinder is pretty killer.

  • Atomic Wedgie Massacre

    *putting Xandria and Kataklysm into my basket*

  • Pagliacci is Kvlt

    Pentagram fans need to check out that cover of “Forever My Queen” by Destroyer of Light. They slow that main riff to a crawl.

  • The Fish Boz

    Golden Bats + The Steady As She Goes split is a win. Good stuff. Slow, sludgy rock, shouted vocals, feeling some Melvins, less-experimental Swans vibe. I dig.

  • CyberneticOrganism

    There is too much music out there. Please eliminate the crappy bands to make things easier. Thank you.×363.jpg

    • Maik Bozinton™

      It’s essential to put something that is lolbuttz.

      • CyberneticOrganism
        • Maik Bozinton™

          Good, you used Papa Roach and not my favorite band.


          • Maik Bozinton™

            Nothing but LP>PR.

          • Kevin Nash & Friends

            I prefer Korn or Taproot over LP and PR.

          • Maik Bozinton™

            Korn is good, and I never got to check Taproot.

          • Kevin Nash & Friends

            Taproot is good. Their big hit Poem was actually very catchy and much better than most of their contemporaries. It’s a shame they haven’t released a new album yet.

          • Kevin plz! i’ve spent over a decade trying to forget about Taproot

          • Kevin Nash & Friends

            I love Taproot though! I love all nu metal and I’m hoping Korn comes here with their tour of the 20th anniversary of the debut!

          • I prefer Chevelle over them all

          • KJM

            That’s like saying vomiting is preferable to diarrhea, but okay…

  • Kevin Nash & Friends

    Speaking of new albums here’s a review of Public Enemy’s latest album. It’s very short for a PE album at 27 minutes long but I enjoy it.

    • KJM

      Guess he’s been spending too much time making excuses for Bill Cosby and victim-blaming to actually make new music,

      • Kevin Nash & Friends

        I enjoyed it. It annoys me that it’s so short though. It should be longer.

        • KJM

          A 3 year hiatus and they could only come up with a 27-minute album?

          • sunday’s TD was the bee’s pajamas!

          • KJM

            Eh, I’m still waiting for it to get more interesting. I thought the party would have a bit more of a Bohemian Grove vibe.

            “These contracts…they have signatures all over them.” Um, what else would a contract have on it? Poop? That Charlie Sheen-esque mountain of coke doe.

          • more beer

            That`s about the same amount of time flavor flav wasn`t in jail.

  • I love melodic death metal but I thought the new Katakylsm album was garbage. I enjoy a couple songs from the previous album but I much prefer earlier releases.

  • first-time listener of Veilburner, holy cow it’s gud. thanks for the write-ups, everyone!

    • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

      Never read the interview at ToH, huh.

  • Waynecro

    So fucking pumped about the new A Loathing Requiem album.