This Toilet Tuesday (7/22/2014)


Happy Tuesday, flushers. We here at the Toilet have been pounding the Metamucil in anticipation of dumping a new regular feature on you. Every Tuesday, Spear, Deputy Dipshit, Jack Bauer, and Flushgod Apocalypse are going to bring you a heaping list of the ripest new releases for the week. So pull up a stool and clench yourself for the unflushable new movements.

Temple of Dagon – Rituals of the Deep (Independent)
Crusty, thrashy, and dirty as hell, Temple of Dagon’s “Rituals of the Deep” is a monster of an album.  D-beats and chunky riffs abound with the occasional dual-guitar harmony flourish and tasteful use of blastbeats.  A well-mixed bass and throaty shouted vocals round out a package that would make any Great Old One proud. (Spear)


Vile Regression – Empires (Independent)
Vile Regression’s “Empires” is a perfect reminder of why metalcore should not be dismissed as a whole: every riff and harmony feels carefully calculated, but it all flows so well that it manages to retain an organic feel.  My only complaint is that the vocals feel a little thin in some places, but it’s easily overshadowed by the crisp production and excellent songwriting.  Add in a couple of clean pieces (very clearly Opeth- and Scale the Summit-inspired) and you’ve got yourself a winner. (Spear)


Martyrdod – Elddop (Southern Lord)


I was unfamiliar with Matyrdod before listening to the stream of their new album Elddop, but I became a fan the instant I pressed play! Crusty, metallic, melodic – d-beats reign supreme on Martyrdod’s fifth full-length. They’ll be supporting Converge (fitting) on their upcoming European run. (Flushgod Apocalypse)


King of Asgard – Karg (Metal Blade)

Listen to “The Runes of Hel”
It seems proper to compare King of Asgard to Amon Amarth, yet they take a different approach to Viking Metal.  Karg is not overly-cinematic but very dark, which breathes fresh life into the genre and gives King of Asgard a more trve feel over their Norse brethren. (Flushgod Apocalypse)

Crown the Empire

Crown the Empire – The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways (Rise)

Listen to “Initiation”
Hailing from Dallas, TX, this electronic infused, emoish-vocalized metalcore outfit has the Deputy wondering what kind of antics they will pull on their next release coming only a year after their last effort, The Fallout.  Radio-friendly, semi-catchy clean choruses mixed up with breakdowns and theatrical synths these guys are relatively friendly on the ears and no doubt talented, but I’d be really stoked to hear them slip a little more brutality in their upcoming sophomore release, The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways. While they may not be at the top of my playlist, they are not in the auto-flushing Toilet Ov Hell, so I’ll leave the ultimate flush up to you! Anticipatory Flushes:2-4/5. (Deputy Dipshit)


downset – One Blood (Epitaph)
Listen to “One Blood”
One of the first pioneers in the hip-hop infused hardcore genre, the boys from LA are back after a ten year hiatus from their last release, Universal.  As a teenager in the 90’s jamming their self-titled and “Do We Speak A Dead Language?” to the point of obsession, it was only natural it lead to sneaking to NYC to catch them at a hardcore show full of unity and chaos.  These guys put on one of the most memorable shows of my formative years and solidified my fandom for life.  The reunited downset. have a huge and important week ahead of them as they are playing the This Is Hardcore Festival in Philadelphia, PA later this week and One Blood will be released tomorrow. Before there was Turd Durst and the rest of the Hot Topic posers, there were Downset., the OG’s of the genre, the real mother-flushin’ deal.  To say this is highly anticipated by Deputy D is understatement of the year! Do yourself a favor and head on over to the Spotifizzle to check out their back catalog and start from the beginning. Anticipatory Flushes:0-1/5. (Deputy Dipshit)

Other New Releases:

Ancient Altar – Ancient Altar (Midnite Collective)

Bastard feast – Osculum Infame (Season of Mist)

Boneyard – Fear of a Zombie Planet (HPGD)

Bong – Bong (Ritual) 7/21/14

Bowl Ethereal – Bowl Ethereal 7” (Southern Lord)

Corrupt Moral Altar – Mechanical Tides (Season of Mist)

Curse of Disobedience – The Beginning of the Curse (Depressive Illusions) 7/20/14

The Dagger – The Dagger (Century Media)

Dog Fashion Disco – Sweet Nothings (Rotten Records)
Read our review here.

Electric Funeral – Total Funeral (Southern Lord) 

Entrails – Resurrected from the Grave (Metal Blade)

Exxxekutioner – Fear the Priest (Ulthar)

Fallujah – The Flush Prevails (Unique Leader)

Forevermore – Telos (Solid State)

Fozzy –Do You Wanna Start a War (Century Media)

Ill Nino – Till Death, La Familia (Victory)

Lux Omega Perpetuam – Inhale Chaos (Depressive Illusions) 7/20/14

Omnihility – Deathscapes of the Subconscious (Unique Leader)

Origin of Zed – Origin of Zed (Aural Attack) 7/25/14

Overkill – White Devil Armory (eOne)

Provike, Destroy – Vulture (Indianola)

Silent Screams – Hoper for Now (Artery)

Srednep – Silence (Independent) 7/26/14

Taatsi – Amidst the Trees (Forever Plagued) 7/25/14

Tatzelwurm/Cryptorsatan (split) – …old World (Depressive Illusions) 7/20/14

Varga – Return of the Metal (Vargantuan)

Veldes – Skyward (Razed Soul) 7/22/14

Vices – New Breed (Independent) 7/22/14

War of Ages – Supreme Chaos (Facedown) 7/22/14

We Have a Ghost – We Have a Ghost (Bleeding Light) 7/22/14

Within the Ruins – Phenomena (eOne)

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Deputy Dipshit

    …and so it begins, TOILET TUESDAY!
    *mass flushodus*

    • The downset writeup was a good read! Thanks Deputy!

      • Deputy Dipshit

        Papa Joe, thanks broseppe!!!! Means a lot!

  • This rules! Thanks for getting these together, dudes.

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    • Howard Dean


  • CyberneticOrganism

    We’re gonna need a bigger toilet.

  • Axl says…


  • Sponge Of Mystery

    i have such mixed feelings about Crown The Empire, they’re pretty mediocre live, and they’re not amazing on cd either, oh well, not the worst thing out there i guess

    • Deputy Dipshit

      They’re interesting enough to write about, I am still on the fence on my overall assessment of them. They could end up going down the shitter!
      *Toilet Ov Hell Painted Brown, Flushes Talking!*

      • Sponge Of Mystery

        i agree! in my opinion, the best “warped tour/hot topic-esque bands” are: letlive., Enter Shikari, Issues, aaaaaaand The Ghost Inside. letlive. are by far the best though, their singer Jason Butler is a monster, haven’t heard a vocalist with that much passion in his voice in a long time

        • Deputy Dipshit

          OHHHHHHH letlive. I fucking LOVE them. Got to see them twice with ETID and Code Orange Kids at Saint Vitus Bar back in December and also shot the shit with Jason after the shows. He’s one of the nicest dudes in the scene I’ve ever talked with.

          • Deputy Dipshit

            They’re actually a sick crossover in to non-metal ears. One of the few bands my brother didn’t tell me to shut off hahaha

          • Sponge Of Mystery

            hahaha same!

          • Sponge Of Mystery

            i got him to sign my Fake History album! he’s fuckin awesome, one of the top 5 performers around nowadays

          • That band makes me want to jump off a balcony, injure some kids and then make fun of them online!

            /jk, haven’t heard them. i’ll take a listen.

          • Ann Coulter’s Flaccid Penis

            I think we’d get along real well IRL, Deputy.

          • Deputy Dipshit

            Let’s drink some beers!

          • I like beer, can I join?

          • Deputy Dipshit

            Hell yea!

        • Hank Hill

          To be fair, what they do in the chorus of The Fallout with the melody totally surprised me. It took turns I really didn’t expect.

          • Sponge Of Mystery

            yea like, they’re not bad, they just could be a lot better

          • The Black Dahlia Burger

            Did you know they’re young as fuck too? Their guitarist just turned 20 like a week ago

        • The Black Dahlia Burger

          I just saw The Ghost Inside at warped, they were sick! Randomly walked up to their merch tent later in the day and the whole band was there, so we got pictures/autographs/shirts. Good day.

          • Sponge Of Mystery

            they’re a great live band

  • ALSO, very glad to see King of Asgard spotlighted!

    • Flushgod Apocalypse

      I’m really enjoying Karg!

  • Gurp

    Ooh, is the new Fallujah finally coming out?

    • Today man, today.

      • A Feed From Cloud Mountain

        I thought Amazon usually ships orders before the release date so that you will have whatever it is when it launches.

        Apparently this is no longer the case 🙁 hopefully someone gets a day 1 album upload on YouTube in the meantime.

        • My understanding was that they ship it the night before so that it gets delivered on the release date. I have also gotten stuff early though so who knows.

          • A Feed From Cloud Mountain

            Yeah that’s what happened for GTA 5. They’ve shipped it as of release day and I was informed that I am able to download it anytime due to how Amazon works, which is news to me.

            Makes me wonder why I even pick the MP3 option. I could have had a hard copy of Parallax 2 AND MP3 backups as well!

        • Phuo

          The new Fallujah is Autorip enabled on Amazon, so if you buy the CD you can download it immediately. I got it that way a couple hours ago.

          • A Feed From Cloud Mountain

            Oh props man, I did not know this. I went all day yesterday by making a YouTube playlist and playing it on repeat but the beginnings of each song have an annoying fade in and doesn’t flow well.

            Thanks for that, now I have something to jam to tonight 😀

      • Gurp

        Awesome! I’ll be sure to PURCHASE IT LEGALLY THE NEXT CHANCE I GET.

  • Tyree

    Alright alright alright for Martyrdod, Bastard feast, Entrails, and Temple of Dagon! Guess I have some homework to do too.

    • Who knew homework could be fun!?!

      • Tyree

        I’m so excited to do my homework. Yahoo!

    • You’ll like the Bastard Feast, judging by what else you like. Killer stuff!

      • Tyree

        Bastard Feast is my shit. I completely forgot about their new album coming out. I was telling Dubya earlier that I got into them when they were called ELITIST.

        • They are totally new to me but that stuff is all kinds of crusty and grimy! Just like I like it!

    • Spear

      That Temple of Dagon album destroys. Go buy it.

      • Tyree

        I’m on it!

  • Tyree

    Fuck! EXXXEKUTIONER is so good!

  • Kazz

    King of Asgard kicks ass. Looking forward to checking that one out.

  • Gluteus_Maximus_Rage

    That’s it, I’m out. I gotta get up in 5 hours…see y’all on the flip side… can’t believe I said that…

    • Gluteus_Maximus_Rage


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      • one more flush may be necessary, ya know, for the remainder.


    This is a damn good start. Definitely going to check these out.

  • Guest

    Heads I win, tails you lose
    out of the way turds coming through
    roll the dice don’t think twice
    and we flush, flush ’em

  • Mother Shabubu III

    Heads I win, tails you lose
    out of the way turds coming through
    roll the dice don’t think twice
    and we flush, flush ’em

    • Flushgod Apocalypse

      Lave estos compositores en el inodoro del infierno!!

  • UnamusedMusician

    Not putting Bowl Ethereal on the title photo of this post was a missed opportunity.

  • Guppusmaximus

    Sorry, Temple of Dagon made me wanna listen to some Choking Victim…

    • Howard Dean

      0/5 flushes.
      Byyyaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! (the sound of a choking victim attempting to clear their airway)

      • Guppusmaximus

        I’m still getting used to the rating system,but, 0/5 flushes is a good thing,right? *Remembering what Paris said*

        • Howard Dean

          Byeah! 0/5 flushes is the best!

        • Steve Smithwick

          Yup. The lower the number of flushes, the more respect the album is receiving!

  • we’re all very concerned about the new Ill Nino.

    • Deputy Dipshit

      … and Fozzy. I’m losing sleep over the fact I didn’t review both… :

      • Flushgod Apocalypse

        I seriously considered having a blurb on how awful the two songs I’ve heard from the Ill Nino release.. but you can look at the album art and come to that conclusion yourself.

        And to think, these guys were actually a mid-tier “metal” band at one point in time.

    • Flushgod Apocalypse

      I actually listened to the two tracks that were streaming.. they were so bad I wanted to flush myself.

      • Further Down the Metal Hole

        I’m an Ill Nino fan (shoot me with the edgy gun on the cover) and the one song I heard from the new release didn’t sit well with me, because “let’s get hard like we don’t give a fuck” might just be the worst lyric I ever heard.

        I might actually not buy this one, but I’ll let a stream decide in a few months time. Fingers crossed because I’ve been a fan since their first album.


      sexy woman on the toilet tuesdays. Don’t worry its CONAN lite, i have been tryin’ , i really have.

  • Guppusmaximus

    “One of the first pioneers in the hip-hop infused hardcore genre”

    Not to be a dick because I could care less for either band but Biohazard covered that ground first. I’m pretty sure Anthrax w/ P.E. paved the way…

    • Deputy Dipshit

      “one of…” Biohazard were one of the first as well, no doubt.
      Also, I would not consider Anthrax hardcore…

      • Guppusmaximus

        Well, what Wikipedia won’t tell you is that Anthrax were considered a “cross-over” type band in the NYHC scene. Granted their first album was more Speed Metal, the rest of their albums not only were influenced by Punk but took on a Hardcore tone and they covered some Hardcore tunes (Protect & Survive, Anti-social,etc)…

        • Deputy Dipshit

          Never really a big Anthrax fan to begin with, minus one or two albums.. I would take anything Wikipedia says with a grain of salt anyways, and certainly not a reference point.

          • Guppusmaximus

            That’s cool, man. I completely loved “State of Euphoria” but that was also in a time when I was young and the internet didn’t exist where we have access to music from all over the world…

          • Deputy Dipshit

            State of Euphoria and Among the Living are the goods. I’m also a sucker for Sound of White Noise, call me a fan of Bush. Hahaha 😀

          • Guppusmaximus

            Speaking of Hardcore(ish)…”SoWN” was a damn good album. I mean, it took a while for it to hit me because I was so used to the Belladonna years (and because I love 80s Guitar solo-laden Metal),but, I loved Bush (still do *giggle*) in Armored Saint so it was only a matter of time. Speaking of time, I also loved Persistence of Time (which I saw live – Anthrax opened for Maiden @ The Centrum)

          • crazytaco_12

            I’ve been listening to “Spreading the Disease” and it’s definitely shaping up to be my favorite Anthrax album, you should check it out if you haven’t (or if you were too skeptical to check it out in the first place)

  • Mithrandir
  • Spear

    One to add to the list: Cwn Annwn just released “Metamorphosis” on their Bandcamp today (though it’s been available physically since last Friday). Check them out, they kick ass.

  • Poop Mango

    I’m kind of excited for the new downset. Their last album was a letdown but Check Your People was easily one of the best albums to come out of the rapcore/rap metal trash heap. It seems criminal that they get lumped in with that scene, they were more of a hardcore band to begin with and were so much better than all the white kids with dreads, JNCO jeans and guitars that came later.

    • Guppusmaximus
      • Guppusmaximus
        • Max

          “Maybe if I cup the mic the audience won’t hear either of us.”

      • Deputy Dipshit

        So many memories seeing these guys in the 90’s, every show was so much fun. I feel like they were non-stop playing shows with VOD. m/


        i own the white one , never wear it, stay with the dark colors when wearing bandanas. I sometimes break out a red, been wearing bandanas since my hair fell out. It’s not for everyone, color and pattern can make or break the look. Also they shrink and if they don’t color your whole head its looks shitty. Also some people wear them like an old lady in chile would.

        • Guppusmaximus

          Sorry for the delayed response. I’m an early riser…

          It’s one thing if it’s your style and you truly own it (not following a trend). But, you know damn well that this display was merely representing a uniform. Straight Edgers were a tad bit militant. What cracks me up even more is the whole “bandana, no bandana” lineup. Honestly, though, I’m just bustin chops:)


            no prob man, i take it as a joke. For me i kind of got it from roger glover who has been doing it for nearly 20 years at least. At least he still has some hair, hahhahahaa. I wore a cap for years and when it wore out i could never find another one i liked as much so i switched to the bandana. I don’t like going around with the bald dome, people always seemed to assume i’m a skinhead, i’d rather be mistaken for a dope peddler, or biker.

    • Deputy Dipshit

      I’m stoked to actually see them again, too. I’m also extremely grateful that JNCO’s never got a reboot like these bands have!

  • Poop Mango

    Stream link for Martyrdod is broken by the way. Unless there is no stream, in which case, my bad.

  • Guitarzan2112

    Hey dubs. How’s your head?

    • W.

      It’s good, homey. healed up nicely. Thanks for asking!

  • OldMetalHead

    Really digging that King of Asgard. The content on this site has been stellar so far. I hope you guys continue to have the significant time it must require. Props all around!

  • Fromwisdomtohate29

    King Ov Asgard is my jam.

  • SleepingStars

    Soooo much new music for my earholes. I apologize in advance to anyone I am stuck at a red light beside on my commute tomorrow, but my car doesn’t have functioning AC (it’s either windows down or I melt) and King of Asgard must be played

  • Ayreonaut

    Completely banned the site that shall not be named and i couldn’t be happier.