This Toilet Tuesday (5/2/17)


Welcome to This Toilet Tuesday! Our diligent crew has been hard at work sifting through rivers of sewage in search of everything that needs to be saved from the flush. We’ve found a few things worthy of rescue, but we can’t find it all on our own. Dive in with us and get your hands dirty!

Vhäldemar – Old King’s Visions (Fighter Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Howling at the Moon”

I have to thank Vhäldemar for helping quell my hunger for the power metal I’ve been missing these past few months; there might only be one song out right now, but it’s absolutely brilliant. There are all kinds of shreddy keys and guitars over some excellent riffs (and it definitely helps that the opening lead sounds like the rebel army theme from Final Fantasy 2). It’s very much like a slightly toned-down Galneryus musically, and the little bit of grit in the singer’s voice helps cut back on the cheese factor. Based on this song, I’m very excited for the rest of the EP; now I just have to find somewhere to buy it. 5/4/17 (Spear)

Sentient Ignition – Enthroned in Gray (Independent) [Prog/Tech Death]

Sentient Ignition put out a rad little demo just over a year ago, showcasing a penchant for catchy melody and creative songwriting. With their first full-length album, they’ve doubled down on the progressive side of their sound, adding all sorts of new layers and nuance to their already impressive toolkit. I’m also pleased to hear the variety in the vocal performance remains persistent, with multiple singing and screaming techniques employed wherever extra texture or melody is needed. If you like your tech death more on the melodic side (or your melodeath on the technical side), then you’re going to love Enthroned in Gray5/1/17 (Spear)

Eruption – Cloaks of Oblivion (Xtreem Music) [Thrash]

It’s been a pretty great year for thrash already, and so far there’s no indication of this trend stopping or even slowing down.  What’s especially exciting about Slovenia’s Eruption is that they lean in a very classic speed/thrash direction, which in my opinion is harder to pull off well when compared to say, your typical crossover pizza thrash band of the last several years. Not that I don’t enjoy that stuff plenty, but this is a real treat.  I’m getting a bit of a Heathen vibe from these guys, just off the top of my head, but also a bit of classic Sanctuary. If you know me (or even if you don’t, but you’ve got any amount of sense) then you know that’s one hell of a compliment. As much as I would like to go on about the riffs, the vocals, or even the production, I’ll save you some time and just say they’re all really good, and then you can use that time to listen to this album, which you ought to do if you’re a fan of pretty much any classic thrash/speed/or just plain heavy metal. 5/2/17 (DumpsterLung)

Mudbath – Brine Pool (Troffea Records) [Sludge/Doom]
Listen to “Burn Brighter,” “Fire”

With a name like Mudbath, you could probably guess the band’s overall genre might be doom or sludge, and you’d be mostly right, but that’d be selling these guys quite short to simply leave it at that.  They do tend toward heavy sludge riffs with harsh vocals, but they also veer into black metal, then they even throw in some slower, cleaner melodies to add to the atmosphere and make the whole thing feel more dynamic.  The black metal in their sound, while most evident in the closing track–which begins with straight up tremolo riffing, is present throughout the entire album in more subtle ways, lending a bleak atmosphere to the whole thing, belied by the album’s colorful artwork.  I coincidentally happen to be currently wearing a Cobalt shirt, but as it turns out, I think fans of theirs will definitely enjoy Mudbath, so I’m glad to have made the connection. 5/2/17 (DumpsterLung)

Andy James – Exodus (Urban Yeti Records) [Instrumental Prog]
Listen to “Never Back Down,” “Made of Stone”

Appalling – Secrets of the Adept (Independent) [Blackened Death Metal]
Listen to “On the Backs of Horses,” “Secrets of the Adept”

Arakara – Shadow of Violence (Independent) [Thrash]
Listen to “Black Magic Marionettes”

Avulsed/Mercyless – Avulsed/Mercyless (split- Xtreem Music) [Death/Thrash]

Bleed Again – Momentum (Sliptrick Records) [Metalcore]

Burning Shadows – Truth in Legend (Independent) [Heavy/Power Metal]
Listen to “Day of Darkness”

Call of Charon – Long Forgotten Memories (Kernkraftritter Records) [Melodeath/Metalcore]
Listen to “Essence of Memories”

Cerebral Extinction – Necro Parasite Anomaly (Amputated Vein Records) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Necro Parasite Anomaly”

Dead Season – Prophecies (Dissonances Records) [Prog/Melodeath]
Listen to “The New Man,” “Prohibition of God,” “Guidestones”

Demoniciduth – Enemy of Satan (Vision of God Records) [Black Metal]

Deus Otiosus – Opposer (Great Dane Records) [Death Thrash]

Dezperadoz – Call of the Wild (Drakkar Records) [Can we be done with this?]

Distillator – Summoning the Malicious (Empire Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “Summoning the Malicious”

Drug Honkey – Cloak of Skies (Transcending Obscurity) [Intensely Uncomfortable Death/Doom]

Echotime – Side (Rockshots Music) [Prog Metal]

Eisregen – Fleischfilm (Massacre Records) [Death/Dark Metal]

Elbereth – Karma (Basque Metal Country) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Nikomedes”

Evil – 邪悪を讃えよ (Rites of Evil) (Nuclear War Now!) [Black Thrash]

Excalibur – Humo Negro (Fighter Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Excalibur”

Extinction – The Monarch Slaves (Independent) [Thrash]
Artwork of the year

Façade – Loathe (Independent) [Death/Doom]

Freiheit – Безумие. Ненависть. Смерть. (Grimm Distribution) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Волк”

ghUSa – Öswedeme (White Square) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Flying in a Dark Dream”

God Dethroned – The World Ablaze (Metal Blade Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Annihilation Crusade,” “The World Ablaze,” “On the Wrong Side of the Wire”

GraVil – No More Forgiveness (Independent) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Decommissioned”

Gurt – Skullossus (When Planets Collide) [Party Doom]
Listen to “Jon Garseeya Later,” “The Ballad of Tome Stones and Reg Montagne”

Hate – Tremendum (Napalm Records) [Blackened Death Metal]
Listen to “Asuric Being,” “Numinosum”

Helker – Firesoul (AFM Records) [Discount Firewind]
Listen to “Fight”

Hero’s Last Rite – Wasted Prayer (Independent) [Metalcore]

Impending Annihilation – Delirium Tremens (Independent) [Japanese Brain Drill]

Imperial Dusk – The Book of Morbid Tales of a Blackened Past (Vision of God Records) [Black Metal]

Infinitas – Civitas Interitus (Independent) [Folk/Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Samael”

Integral – Resilience (Ghastly Music) [Progressive Death Metal]
Listen to “In(Earth),” “Mechanical Existence Construction”

Iron Attack! – Keep Your Faith (Independent) [Power Metal]

The Monolith Deathcult – Versus 1 (Hammerheart Records) [Groovy Death Metal]
Listen to “This Inhuman Place Makes Human Monsters”

Morfin – Consumed By Evil (FDA/Soulfood) [Death Metal]

Murderline – Evil Has No Shape (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Blooswamp” (sic)

Nagaarum – Homo Maleficus (Grimm Distribution) [Blackened Doom]
Listen to “Az elvhű”

Nythis – Dis (Independent) [Black/Death Metal]
Listen to “The Agony Feeds,” “Demagogue”

Odraedir – Legends of the Dark Times (Independent) [Folk Metal]
Listen to “Path of the Wolf”

Oniku – Way to Live (Grindfather Productions) [Meatgrind]

Pictura Poesis – Miseriae Mundi (Independent) [Symphonic Death Metal]
Listen to “Persephone”

Reptilian Civilian – It’s Impossible That Reptilians Don’t Exist (Independent) [Deathcore]
Listen to “Panspermia”

The Ruins of Beverast – Exuvia (Ván Records) [Black/Doom]
Listen to “Towards Malakia”

Scrotoctomy – Born to Eviscerate (Gore House Productions) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Through Maggots and Entrails”

Skinlepsy – Dissolved (Independent) [Death Thrash]
Listen to “The Hate Remains the Same”

Slægt – Domus Mysterium (Ván Records) [Black Thrash]
Listen to “I Smell Blood”

Slagduster – Deadweight (Waterlow Audio) [Progressive Metal]

Spätjahr Melancholie/Rotten Light/Drowning Deeper – Misery Among Ourselves (split- Cvlminis) [DSBM]

Spoil Engine – Stormsleeper (Arising Empire) [Metalcore]
Listen to “Stormsleeper”

Stheno/Facada – Primitive (split- DIY Kolo Records) [Deathgrind]

Suns of Sorath – Flowers of the Lily (Independent) [Progressive Black Metal]

Viscera/// – 3 | Release Yourself Through Desperate Rituals (WOOAAARGH/Drown Within/Unquiet) [Sludge/Post-Metal]
Listen to “Über-Massive Melancholia,” “In The Cut”

Zaklon – Viatry Karačunavaj nočy (Possession Productions) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Adal (Viecier nad Kryŭjaj hałosić…)”

Zmrok – Achviara (Possession Productions) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Addaju Baham Ja Płoċ…”

Zombie Lake – The Dawn of Horror (Iron Shield Records) [Thrash]

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan2

    Avenged Sevenfold is my rock band’s most capacity to be the best rock band in the world, because all these guys have the capability that is remarkable to me like M. Shadow with a voice scream, Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance guitar memankan swiftly, and Arin Ilejay also pretty good playing drums since he had entered into avenged sevenfold in January 2011 and so is johnny christ with a nice play bass, so I hope, all supporting avenged sevenfold become the best rock and metel band in the world to FOREVER

    -AllAustrianReject, 12 October 2011

    • plz halp: what does “memankan” mean?

      • Dumpster Lung

        Put it in Google translate, and looks like it’s Indonesian for “play.” Given the context, I think that might actually be what it is supposed to mean. Maybe they didn’t go through Google to do it, or maybe if they did, it wasn’t working as well as it does today at that time. I think that’s probably it, though.

  • Spear

    Eruption very much sounds like a thrashier Sanctuary. Highly recommended.

    • tigeraid

      Oh my. You have my attention.

    • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

      New or old?

    • Brutalist_Receptacle

      Their logo says GROUPON?

  • The new Full of Hell also releases this week, bruhs:

    • Edward

      New Oxbow, too. I should get my vinyl in the mail this week.

  • Slægt and Vhäldemar are my picks this week!

  • Joaquin Stick

    I have no earthly idea what a Sentient Ignition is, but I can dig it.

    • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

      It’s when your lighter starts going off on it’s own in your pocket.

  • tigeraid

    I think I need to check out that Vhäldemar, just based on that cover.

  • FrankWhiteKingOfNY

    Based on the namedrops:

    * Vhäldemar : Galneryus

    Yeah…that’s not gonna happen…

    * Sentient Ignition

    Great. More modern melodic technical death. PASS.

    * Eruption : Sanctuary

    Consider my interest piqued.

    * Mudbath : Cobalt

    Yum! Interest piqued (2)

    HIP HIP FUCKING HOORAY; new The Ruins of Beverast!!!

  • Señor Jefe El Rossover

    Slægt falling in at numero uno this week. I have a mild interest in the new Ruins of Beverast, Burning Shadows, Evil, Excalibur and Iron Attack. We shall see

    • holy crap, that Slægt. four minutes in i was like “dam son!”

    • Hans Copronym

      Slægt is amazing! Listening to their EP right now, looking forward to the album.

  • Pagliacci is Kvlt

    I had good intentions of writing something up for Viscera/// – 3 but didn’t get to it in time. The two tracks streaming are pretty wild. I initially gave up on the 1st track 30 seconds into it thinking it was going to be 12 minutes of boring doom. For whatever reason then, I tried the second one. If I didn’t know better I would have thought I was listening to the intro to a new Rush song, and it stayed in that style pretty consistently. Then I gave the 1st track a second try and I was not disappointed. Eventually that track goes all over the place, crushing HUSH-like doom, shimming BM tremolo picking, Yob-like psychedelia. It’s like a tossed salad of metal styles that shouldn’t work, but does amazingly.

  • Howard Dean

    Deus Otiosus is highly recommended to any of you fiends who enjoy dirty death/thrash. Dirty no-frills riff-based death metal mixed with some thrash. Undergang isn’t a perfect comparison, but it’s close. I haven’t heard the new album so I can’t say much about that, but their back catalog is pretty solid–particularly their debut album, Murderer. I’d bet money that the new one will be solid.

    • Edward

      Undergang is tight.

      • Howard Dean

        Edward Negrodamus! Byaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

        • Edward

          HD, how’s it hanging?

          • Howard Dean

            Good man. Busy as ever, but good. Listening to tunes when I can, though I’ve scaled back new music quite a bit (both purchasing and listening). Not finding a lot of new stuff super exciting at the moment, so I’ve basically just been listening to old favorites and have been really picky with new stuff that I pick up.

            How are things with you?

          • Edward

            I’m good. Also busier than hell but hanging large and in charge. I’ve been kinda doing the same with tunes for awhile, it’s pretty awesome just jamming whatever. I did check out the Artificial Brain last week a bunch though, and there are a few other upcoming releases on my poorly managed radar…

            I did finally pull the trigger on a record player so that’s a thing. My short-term goal is to purchase the first Leviathan album on vinyl. It’s spendy, everywhere I look!

          • Howard Dean

            Wow, I just checked the usual suspects (discogs, eBay, etc) and the cheapest Tenth Sublevel of Suicide LP I could find was $50+shipping (from Germany). Damn. Guess Leviathan is in an upmarket right now. Still cheaper than the Lurker of Chalice LP, though.

            I definitely could never pull the trigger on a record player. And my wallet thanks me for that.

          • Wet W’s Whistle

            I’ve been looking for a copy of Anubi’s Kai Pilnaties Akis Užmerks Mirtis, and the cheapest I’ve seen for CD is about 50 bucks on discogs. :/

          • Howard Dean

            The markets for some releases explode so dramatically that it seems to defy reason. Usually it has something to do with scarcity driven by limited releases and new/increasing awareness and interest after the fact, but that isn’t always the case. In some cases it almost feels like price-fixing, though it seems unlikely that random metalhead sellers from across the world could collude so effectively.

          • Wet W’s Whistle

            I suspect that Discogs enables that behavior to a degree since you can check for what recent going prices were and what highest bids were.

          • Edward

            I just want that record on vinyl in particular so bad, lol

          • RJA

            They just released the moribund years on cd – vinyl reissues may be in our future!?

  • Hans Copronym

    Clicked Dezperadoz to get the pulls. Have a bunch of cattle now. What do.

  • Howard Dean

    Saw word “Eruption.” First mental image:

  • Hans Copronym

    Oi, that Stheno is LOUD. Also pretty fun so far, but mostly LOUD.

  • “Discount Firewind”


    • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

      Is it because Firewind is already discount power metal?

  • Not listed here but the new Incendiary sounds like it’s going to be pretty tight if you like your metallic hardcore well done.

  • GrungierNine0

    Entrails (as of five minutes ago) just released a new track. Some fat riffs on that one.

    • if noone has done so already… welcome to the Toilet!

      • GrungierNine0

        Glad to be here! Long time lurker, first time poster (and all that jazz).

  • Joaquin Stick

    Having a grand old time with Mudbath. Thanks Mr. Lung.

  • KJM, Dr. Disco
  • New MindMaze is my AOTY so far. Only one (unannounced) album competes for me right now. Anyone listen yet?

    • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

      How accurate a descriptor the first single is?

      • try rephrasing that for me

        • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

          How accurately did the first single/video song portray the style and quality of the entire album?

          • 1) thanks
            2) it’s a really good song that took a while to grow on me (wasn’t stoked on it at first), but the album gets pretty diverse. Fight the Future and Shattered Self are FURIOUS shreddy tracks

  • The Tetrachord of Archytas

    Can confirm rebel army similarities

  • Waynecro

    Sentient Ignition, Dead Season, God Dethroned, Hate, Impending Annihilation, Oniku, and Stheno/Facada sound pretty swell to me! Thanks for the awesome roundup, dudes!

    • Back Jauer

      I’m still stuck listening to Shadow of Intent holy fuck

      • Waynecro

        That band is a bit too deathcore for me at times, but I can’t deny how ripping some of those jams are. Definite gym jams.

  • SomeGuyDude

    That Gurt album is soooooo fucking solid.