This Toilet Tuesday (3/15/16)


Greetings, fellow flushers, and welcome to another This Toilet Tuesday! Weeks heavy with new music like this one are a double-edged sword; there’s a lot of crap out there, but there’s also more good stuff. Fortunately for you, W, Jom Pootersan, Reptile, and I have listened to all the crap so you don’t have to. Check out our picks below and take a crack at that massive list to see if something else deserves to be elevated above the others. Enjoy!


Convulse – Cycle of Revenge (Svart Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Cycle of Revenge”

Seminal death metal titans Convulse are back with a brand new expectation-defying exercise in right-brain brutality. Convulse have always played fast and loose with genre norms, but I’m genuinely surprised by the amount of melody on “Cycle of Revenge.” The soulful riffs build into a solo that can only be described as triumphant, yet the music remains as durable and dependable as the phone brand named after their hometown. If you want to hear one of the greats in action, don’t miss this. FFO: Scythian, Demigod, Abhorrence 3/18/16 (W.)


Korpse – Unethical (Rising Nemesis Records) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Collateral Casualties”

I hope you have your flat-brimmed cap, mesh shorts, platinum grill, Wu-Tang Clan tattoo, and Taylor Swift tank top, because Korpse are about to get brutal. You won’t find anything unique or progressive on “Collateral Casualties,” but there are plenty of BRRRRRRREEEEEES and trash snares and slams. At the end of the day, that’s enough for an ignorant good time. FFO: Decimated Humans, Disfiguring the Goddess, Guttural Secrete 3/18/16 (W.)

universe 217

Universe217 – Change (Ván Records) [Experimental Doom]

Female fronted doom bands in 2016 may be a dime a dozen, but the niche can still deliver quality when bands actually do bother to stand out; enter Universe217. Vocalist Tanya will almost inevitably draw Janis Joplin comparisons, although I highly doubt Janis ever delivered blood-curdling screams to top off some of her verses. When doom is at its best, a profound sense of hopelessness and despair is evoked akin to almost no other. So let the slow, hypnotic dirges and well-built crescendos grace your earholes and embrace the void! 3/18/16 (Jom Pootersan)

rapheumets well

Rapheumet’s Well – The Exile (Test Your Metal Records) [Symphonic Tech Death]
Listen to “Resurrecting the Blood Gate,” “Planetary Cenotaph”

How to automatically get Spear to listen to things: 1) be technical, 2) be fast, 3) have some sweet synths’n’shit, 4) have hooks for days. The newest from Rapheumets Well checks off each of those criteria with almost comical ease, opening in a maelstrom and never losing pace. If you’re looking for a different flavor of tech death, then look no further. 3/18/16 (Spear)

condition critical

Condition Critical – Extermination Plan (Independent) [Thrash]
Listen to “Interminable Surgery”

Looking skin-deep, you’d be justified in writing off Condition Critical as just another of the many modern thrash bands that are completely indistinguishable from one another. There’s no mistaking this for a thrash album just looking at that logo, and the opening riff of “Interminable Surgery” could certainly belong to any number of other bands. That said, there’s just something about it that leaves me craving more; the solos are surprisingly intense and technical, the vocals are more than your typical Tom Araya knockoff, and the bass has some incredible kick to it. The song actually has motion to it as well, instead of just starting off at 100 and staying there for its duration. I’m optimistic for the rest of Extermination Plan3/18/16 (Spear)


Mesarthim – Pillars [E.P] (Atmospheric Black Metal)

After having recently dropped a stand-alone track titled “Suffocate” in late February, Australian space-lovers Mesarthim return with a 4 song EP which was released independently on Monday. Having middled on their debut album mid-way through 2015 (review here), which many of you enjoyed, I was interested to see how things panned out on Pillars. The result? While not sounding incredibly different to Isolate, Mesarthim manage to incorporate a little more energy into the overall mix. The strata of synth-derived ambience still prevails, but the guitars and drums have what seems to be a little more spirit this time around. With a running time of over 37 minutes, Pillars is practically the same duration as their debut but it doesn’t seem to drag as much upon re-entry. (Lacertilian)

Ad Baculum – Opening the Abyss (Hammer of Damnation) [Black Metal]

Angertea – Snakes in Blossom (Inverse Records) [Prog Metal]
Listen to “Sinking in Strain”

Bärglar – Grim tha Darkness (Cvlminis) [lol tha buttz]

Bestial Deform – …ad Leones (Satanath Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Spirit. Rage. Flesh.”

Black Ceremonial Kult/Kratherion – Har​-​pa​-​jered/Abdicación divina​.​.​.​ ascensión de la muerte infinita (split- Veins Productions) [Blackened Death]

Black Shape of Nexus – Carrier (Exile On Mainstream) [Sludge/Doom]
Listen to “Facepunch Transport Layer”

Blaze Bayley – Infinite Entanglement (Independent) [Heavy Metal]

Blessed by Perversion – Between Roots and Darkness (Razed Soul Productions) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Into Funereal Darkness”

The Body – No One Deserves Happiness (Thrill Jockey Records) [Sludge/Noise/Electronic]
Listen to “Shelter Is Illusory,” “Hallow/Hollow”

Boris – Mr. Shortkill (Daymare Recordings) [Could be anything]

Boris/Merzbow – Gensho (collaboration/split- Relapse Records) [Experimental Noise/Rock]
Listen to “Heavy Rain” (Boris), “Goloka Pt. 2” (Merzbow)

Cannibal Accident – Ritual Paprika (Nailjar Records) [Deathgrind]

Castle Freak – Human Hive (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Human Hive”

Circus Maximus – Havoc (Frontiers Music) [Prog Metal]
Listen to “Pages”

Cliteater – From Enslavement to Clitoration (War Anthem Records) [Goregrind]
Listen to “CalipHate”

Crisix – From Blue to Black (Listenable Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “Strange”

Damage Source – …Come Deterioration (Crawling Chaos Records) [Thrash]

Dark Horizon – MetalheaD (Underground Symphony) [Power Metal]

DarkRise – Fear, Hate & Corruption (Punishing Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Cold”

Deathkings – All That Is Beautiful (Independent) [Sludge]
Listen to “Sol Invictus”

Deep Mountain – Enchanted by the Blooming Echo (Pest Productions) [Folk/Black Metal]

Den Siste – Borderline (Cvlminis) [DSBM]

Destroyers of All – Bleak Fragments (Mosher Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Death Healer”

Devoured Flesh/Squirm – Faces of Death (split- Independent) [Death Metal/Goregrind]

Edgeflame – Liberate Then Separate (Independent) [Thrash]
Listen to “From the Cursed Lands”

Endlos – Im Fallen verlaufen (Symbol of Domination) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Spiegelbild”

Evig Natt – Evig Natt (Independent) [Gothic Metal]
Listen to “How I Bleed”

Fahrenheit 212 – Vaka Teatea (Soundfire Records) [Heavy Metal]

Funeral Moth – Transience (Weird Truth Productions) [Funeral Doom]

Funeral Whore – Phantasm (FDA Rekotz) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Phantasm”

Furor – Architect the Invisible (Trailblazer Records) [Metalcore]

Gloria Morti – Kuebiko (Willowtip Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “The Foul Stench of Vomiting Blood,” “Josef Fritzl”

Godslave – Welcome to the Green Zone (Green Zone Music) [Thrash]
Listen to “My Journey”

Grailknights – Dead or Alive (Intono Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Dead or Alive”

Grausamkeit/Khaomega – Anfahrt Liegend Kranke (split- Narbentage Produktionen) [Black Metal]

Heresy of Dreams – Ante la bestia (Art Gates Records) [Heavy Metal]

Human Fortress – Thieves of the Night (AFM Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Thieves of the Night”

Hundred Headless Horsemen – Hexagon (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Blackmindfulness”

Infernal Outcry – Mass Extinction Requiem I (Independent) [Progressive Death Metal]
Listen to “Eclipsed”

InnerWish – InnerWish (Ulterium Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Rain of a Thousand Years”

Lords of Black – II (Frontiers Music) [Heavy/Power Metal]
Listen to “Merciless”

Magma Rise – False Flag Operation (Nail Records) [Doom]
Listen to “Shroud of Hologram”

Malefic Mist – Il Richiamo dell’Inverno (Adimere Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Il Richiamo dell’Inverno”

Mesarthim – Pillars (Independent) [Black Metal from Spaaaace]

Mob Rules – Tales from Beyond (SPV) [Power Metal]

Monolith – Mountain (Final Gate Records) [Stoner/Doom]
Listen to “Mountain”

Mudface – The Bane of Existence (Independent) [Groove Metal]

Mystic Prophecy – War Brigade (Massacre Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Metal Brigade”

Nadja – Sv (Essence Music) [Drone/Ambient]

Necronomicon – Advent of the Human God (Season of Mist) [Symphonic Death Metal]
Listen to “Crown of Thorns”

Ninja – Into the Fire (Pure Steel Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Thunder”

North – Light the Way (Prosthetic Records) [Sludge/Post-Metal]
Listen to “Earthmind”

Paragon – Hell Beyond Hell (Remedy Records) [Heavy/Power Metal]
Listen to “Hell Beyond Hell”

A Perfect Day – The Deafening Silence (Scarlet Records) [Feelscore]
Listen to “In The Name of God”

Purgatory – Omega Void Tribvnal (War Anthem Records) [Death Metal]

Ravage – Poseidon (Independent) [Heavy Metal]

Rotten Sound – Abuse to Suffer (Season of Mist) [Grindcore]

Sacrilegium – Anima Lucifera (Pagan Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Venomous Spell of Fate”

Separation of Sanity – The Crucible (Independent) [Metalcore]
Listen to “Armed,” “Bag of Blood”

Soulburner – The Throne of Armageddon (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Lord of Emptiness,” “Destroyer of Angels”

Soul of Slamming – Agresi Prematur (The Evil Production) [Slamphetamine]

Spiritual Beggars – Sunrise to Sundown (InsideOut Records) [Stoner/Doom]
Listen to “Sunrise to Sundown”

Stam1na – Elokuutio (Sakara Records) [Progressive Metal]
Listen to “Kuudet raamit”

Subliminal Crusher – Darketype (Revalve Records) [Death/Thrash]
Listen to “Archetype”

Surgikill – Sanguinary Revelations (FDA Rekotz) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Psychopathic Awakenings”

Sviatibor – Le havre du seigneur céleste (Sound Age Productions) [Ambient Black Metal]
Listen to “Funérailles”

Tarpan – Ruins (Independent) [Sludge/Doom]
Listen to “The Argument,” “The Wolf, The Rat, The Whore”

The Temple – Forevermourn (I Hate) [Doom]
Listen to “The Blessing,” “Remnants”

Toxic Waltz – From a Distant View (Violent Creek Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “Generosity Exploited”

Vredehammer – Violator (Indie Recordings) [Blackened Death Metal]
Listen to “Light The Fucking Sky”

Wicked Maraya – Lifetime in Hell (Massacre Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Suicidal Dawn”

Wizz Wizzard – Where the River Runs Cold (Rock Sector Records) [Wizzzzz]

Wyrd – Death of the Sun (Moribund Records) [Black Metal]

Xoresth – Yeghanku Madde (Cvlminis) [Drone/Doom]

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

    That Korpse artwork. So bad.

    • Dubs

      Won’t argue with that. To be fair, almost all brutal death art is bad.

      • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

        Yeah, that’s pretty damn accurate.

        • Dubs

          To be fair, there are probably more bad album covers than good ones in metal anyway.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Probably that way for all genres. More bad than good, period.

      • Edward/Breegrodamus™

        One of the things I liked about both Incessant Hallucinations and Church of the Five Precious Wounds is that they didn’t have horribad gore cover art.

        • Dubs

          That Church of the Five Precious Wounds album was really cool.

          • Edward/Breegrodamus™

            They both were!

    • They’re bringing back #KONY2012

      • Dubs

        I’m glad to know all my friends’ hashtags brought that criminal to justice.

        • At the height of all that armchair activism, I edited my facebook profile pic to have the equality symbol and #KONY2012 in comic sans overlayed on top of it. Many jimmies were rustled that day.

        • When I first saw it I thought he was running for President.

    • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

      It looks like they dug through the trash cans behind Robert Mugabe’s campaign headquarters.

  • nbm02ss

    Totally unrelated, but go see 10 Cloverfield Lane, bros and brodettes.

    • Dubs

      How is it connected to Cloverfield? You may not be able to answer it without being spoilery, but I’m much more likely to toss money at it if it features a big goofy monster, preferably in a cheesy rubber suit.

      • 10CL stands on it’s own.

      • nbm02ss

        I think there was an interview where it was stated that this film wasn’t even originally intended to carry the Cloverfield name, so take that for what it’s worth. Still, though, great flick.

    • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

      Read some of the reviews, and hoping it would answer some of the unresolved questions from the first film, but from what I’ve read, it’s Cloverfield in name only and is mostly a bunch of people running around and arguing. If I’m watching a new Cloverfield, I’m wanting to see shit getting ruined like the first one, so most likely I’m waiting until the DVD comes out.

    • A) john goodman B) mary elizabeth winstead.
      surprised i haven’t already seen it! thx for the heads up

  • Boss the “Hoss” Ross

    Haha! Boris – “could be anything” Spot on.

  • Wow, really surprised to see Grausamkeit on TOH. The links broken anyways. Great one man German black metal project! I have the dudes one demo compilation. Pretty sure this is that split he did in prison.

    • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

      What did the dude do, to go to prison? Cunting enlighten me, bro!

      • I honestly don’t know, but he’s been in and out for sometime now. Apparently he’s out now. We’ll see how long that lasts.

        “He was in jail from winter 2003 – autumn 2004, winter 2004 – autumn 2005, summer 2006 – 2012 & from 2014 – September 2015. During his time in prison he played in a Böhse Onkelz coverband and in a Hells Angels band called 81.”

        • Dubs

          The biker gang Hells Angels?

        • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

          Yeah, I just saw this on the archives. I see his ex-wife died in 2013 too. Fucked up bro.

        • Black metal malandro!

      • Tax evasion

        • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

          Yeah, happens to all those black metal musicians. They just want it all for themselves.

    • Spear

      The link worked for me

      • Ah, there we go. Internet at work is shotty today.

    • Edward/Breegrodamus™

      Why is that so surprising?

      • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

        Either, due to obscurity, or there’s 1.6 billion bands?

        • Well, that and they are technically NS.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain


    • RJA

      Were you discussing the band White Death the other day? I just listened to the 7″ from 14′ this morning – this thing kills. Is there something new out?

      • Yes sir. Yes that 7″ rips!!! No new shit that I know of. Need a full length for sure.

  • Toss up between “Black metal from SPAAAAAAAACE” and “Wizzzzz” for best part of this week’s haul.

    • Dubs

      Dorkbeard and I were discussing the other day that Mesarthim write good background music for strategy games/reading/general dorkery.

  • Boss the “Hoss” Ross

    Long list this week, I don’t know if I can handle it all.

    • Spear

      Most of it sucks, if that makes things any easier.

      • Boss the “Hoss” Ross

        So it seems. Hahaha!

        • Woah, reversed Scanners head explosion.

          • Boss the “Hoss” Ross

            I thought it was pretty bad ass.

      • Edward/Breegrodamus™

        No One Deserves Happiness is out Friday, peeps need to get on that though.

        • Spear

          I finally got around to listening to those preview tracks. That’s some vile shit right there.

        • I’m listening to the first track on that and I’m trying to figure out if that’s a rooster, a frightened woman or sonething else on vocals.

          • Edward/Breegrodamus™

            I think the first track has a woman singing and then my boy Chip comes in later after the build up. So, the frightened woman you’re thinking of is probably Chip King, lol

          • He does a rill good impression of a frightened woman.

          • Edward/Breegrodamus™

            Perhaps the best part is that he’s actually this huge fuckin’ dude.

        • i’m excited edward, got that beast pre-ordered!

          • Edward/Breegrodamus™

            I saw your mug on the Bandcamp page!

      • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

        Only one I’m seeing that might tickle my pickle is the new Mob Rules. Maybe Human Fortress if they finally got out of their ‘World’s Most Blatant Maiden Ripoff’ phase.


    Greetings and Salutations

    • Dubs


      • Boss the “Hoss” Ross

        Hail and kill.

        • Maik Beninton™

          Hail and kill, brothers of metal.


          • Boss the “Hoss” Ross

            HEAVY METAL!!!!!!


          • Boss the “Hoss” Ross

            Dammit GL!

          • Dude, Asgards always been my home. You cannot force me to comply!

          • Boss the “Hoss” Ross

            Are you from a different blood? Will you overthrow the throne?

    • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

      Greetings and Slam-mutations

  • Maik Beninton™

    Holy shit, Grim Tha Darkness is so bad, in every possible way.
    It’s like a kid that wants to show how cult and evil he is by showing his black metal album that he recorded on his parents basement.

  • 365ChaosRiddenDays

    Their third album Triangle will be distributed by Prosthetic Records on April 29th, 2016.

    • Dubs

      I’ve included this in the upcoming news post! Very excited for this.

    • This is nice. I like this.

      • Boss the “Hoss” Ross

        Their first album is 80 cents on bandcamp.

        • too many cents, gotta pass.

          • Boss the “Hoss” Ross

            That makes too much sense.

          • I sense that you are correctly sensing, that it is too many cents, obviously?

          • I am ready for a dong expansion. This must be the correct place and setting. I just know it.

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            You must find the dong inside of you, grasshopper.

          • There is a dong inside of each of us, you just have to look inside yourself. Release your inner dong.

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            First, young grasshopper, you must snatch the dong from my hand.

          • I feel like this is where we have to draw the line. lol

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            Lol, I’m running out of ideas on where to take this one. Tired as shit, and been up since 8 last night.

      • 365ChaosRiddenDays

        Very good, this will be a triple album, a “risky” choice maybe because the running time is 110 minutes, try to check their previous album in “Contradiction”

        • Dubs

          I had not heard that. That might be too ambitious.

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            Only Dream Theater could pull off a triple album.

          • welcome to the toilet!

          • Maik Beninton™

            You know that a guy with a nonsensical picture and handle like that can only be KJU, right?

          • son of a —-

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            It’s KJU, silly buns! You know, your favorite person who lives in Chicago and VA at the same time a la Fringe. 😉

          • 365ChaosRiddenDays

            I will listen this upcoming album but talking about their previous record (85 minutes) the first part recalls traditional Death Metal enriched with Oriental music pauses, similar to what Behemoth did on “Demigod” just to give you an idea with the typical Black Metal tremolo assault. The other record is more complex and becomes more stratified with liturgical murky chants, more thoughtful I can say, try to give a chance to these songs in “JHWH-Serpent Silence” and “Split My Tongue”

          • Dubs

            I’ve listened to and enjoy both of their previous releases. Very thoughtful black metal.

  • Dat Rotten Sound tho

    • Edward/Breegrodamus™




  • Janitor Jim Duggan

    Yay, new Blaze Bayley and Circus Maximus!

    • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

      I love ‘Silicon Messiah’, but past that Blaze’s stuff is pretty awful (yes, the Maiden years included. Especially the Maiden years!).

      • Janitor Jim Duggan

        I liked his Maiden stuff though.

  • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

    That Barglar stuff =

    GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I dunno which is worse, that or new Circus Maximus. Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster In Stripper Factory Heaven, they have fell hard since ‘Isolate’!

  • Universe217 – Change >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  • Scrimm

    I’m just waiting for WORMED…

  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Cycle of Revenge makes me convulse and in case of another mix up and heyho, that ain’t no good thang, man.

    • Dubs

      Your opinion will change as it often does. Don’t rain on my parade, bear.

  • Good job, gang!



  • Boss the “Hoss” Ross

    Condition Critical isn’t too bad.
    I wish they had a better name though.

    • Boss the “Hoss” Ross

      Eh, who am I joking, the name is cool.

      • Eliza

        But isn’t is grammatically incorrect? I’m just curious, not criticising.

        • YourLogicIsFlushed

          It would make more sense if it was Condition: Critical, but what band name has a colon?

          • Operation: Mindcrime


          • Eliza

            It makes more sense as the name for an album.

          • YourLogicIsFlushed

            They should tour together and call it “The Colonoscopy Tour”

          • Eliza

            I see. It doesn’t matter anyway.

          • Pagliacci is Kvlt

            I’m sure there’s a grindcore band with a colon in their name. Probably a Goat Colon too.

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            Colon: Critical.

            There, fixed that for you.

    • Maik Beninton™

      Critical Condition was probably taken.

      • Boss the “Hoss” Ross

        Most definitely taken.

  • Stanley

    If you’re not a member of the FB group, you might not be aware that FIN released a new song of black metal excellence on Saturday. Riffs, one legged blasting and more glorious riffs. And check out the choirs. The atmosphere is strong on this one.

    • Heard this finally this morning.

      • The guitar tone/vibrato(?) is really neat. Frantic-ish and buzzy. Interesting. Damn.

      • Stanley

        What do you reckon?

    • Holy fuck.

      • my heart just skipped a beat…. the song was only 3 minutes long 🙁

        • Stanley

          I think the brevity is what makes it so impactful.

          • Interesting point. I would tend to agree with you.


      these guys are gud

      still prefer Fen

    • Stanley, do you recommend a release from them for me to start with??

      • Stanley

        Yep, the last one, The Furrows of Tradition.

      • I clearly remember having a in-depth discussion about The Furrows of Tradition with you a little whiles back. I’m sure you’ll remember it once you hear the tracks.

    • as much as i enjoy the musicianship on The Furrows of Tradition, this band is in desperate need of some song variety. JUST MY OPINION.

    • Waynecro

      Yes! Thanks, man!

  • Eliza

    Universe 217 tickles my fancies in all the right ways.

    • for the record, I want to redact my statement about Mgla about not being all that great. I have been steadily listening to the 2015 effort and it has seriously grown on me. 10/10/willlistenagain

      • Right on.

        • DVRKBEVRD

          i wonder if we’ll ever get a repress of With Hearts Toward None

          • That would be rad.

          • DVRKBEVRD

            i would say the odds are good, with the success of Exercises

          • Surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

          • Stanley

            I think M said that they are coming.

          • DVRKBEVRD

            ill BOLO

      • i think that’s happened to everybody at some point in time. others just grabbed it right away

        • Ted Nü-Djent ™


      • Ted Nü-Djent ™

        It happened like that for me too

    • Stanley

      Is this a first?

      • First one I’ve read at least.

        • Stanley



    still waiting on my Isolate vinyl, the bastards

    • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

      The Circus Maximus album?

    • Lacertilian

      How long ago did you order it?
      I’m guessing it’s gotta travel across the Pacific.. via Nigeria, then to Guam, back to Slovakia before reaching the USA.

  • CyberneticOrganism

      dont be wyrd, CO

      • CyberneticOrganism

        your byrd is wyrd

    • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

      I can practically hear the narration to those old Pure Moods commercials looking at that pic.

  • Sir Tapir The Based
    • Scrimm

      I made it 50 seconds

  • JWEG

    1. ‘Angertea’ sounds, in name, like the complete opposite of Sleepy-time Tea.

    In sound, though, it’s only halfway between the two.

    2. Wizz Wizzard is members of White Wizzard barely skirting name rights, isn’t it?

  • Waynecro

    Korpse, Rapheumet’s Well, Rotten Sound, and Cliteater sound pretty swell.

  • Count_Breznak

    Cliteater never disappoint. Killer live act, too..they might have even played that song 2 weeks ago, but my memory of that evening is rather fuzzy.

  • Celtic Frosty

    CANTIQUE LÉPREUX comes out Friday as well. So fucking good.

  • tigeraid

    Oooh, that Godslave is surprisingly catchy…

  • The_Dude

    That Universe 217 is amazing almost like Janis was reborn