This Toilet Tuesday (3/14/17)


Congratulations on surviving the past week! You get another Toilet Tuesday. March has been absolutely stuffed with great tunes so far, and this week is no exception. There’s far too much to cover here, but Dumpster Lung, Bert Banana, and I have picked out a couple of highlights from this big ol’ stack of metal. Hit that list below; you’re sure to find something you like this week.

Ascended Dead – Abhorrent Manifestation (Invictus/Dark Descent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Subconscious Barbarity,” “Dawn of Armageddon”

At our poor former president’s mention of the butt-chopping he received from this album, I decided to give it a listen myself. It turns out he wasn’t exaggerating; “bestial” doesn’t even come close to describing the ferocity of their sound. “Subconscious Barbarity” is a hurricane of teeth and claws, and “Dawn of Armageddon,” while more focused, is no less vicious. Abhorrent Manifestation is pure vitriolic chaos, and it will shred those who come unprepared. 3/17/17 (Spear)

Forming the Void – Relic (Black Bow/Argonauta) [Sludge/Doom]

If you’re anything like me, you find few things as enjoyable as truly solid riffage, yet you find yourself skipping over most bands labeled with either of the words “sludge” or “stoner.” There’s simply an oversaturation of these bands, and while there may be some riffs to be had, they don’t stand out much from one another, or worse yet, just don’t keep me engaged. Fortunately, I did happen to check out Forming the Void’s newest album, and I’m very glad I did. I would describe them as psychedelic sludge, which while itself isn’t a novel combination, is pulled off extremely well here, and you might even want to throw the tag “progressive” on there to sweeten the deal. The bellowing vocals call to mind Baroness, while the instrumentation on this newest release alternates between solid, heavy riffing, (some of which may remind you of Mastodon a few albums ago), psychedelic leads and cleaner passages. They key here, however, is that it holds my interest where others would probably lose it. The leads and cleaner passages lend a lot of atmosphere, but do so without diluting the potency of the riffs. The tempo itself is just slow enough to feel sludgy, but fast enough to keep me engaged throughout, and doesn’t require me to “be in the right mood” for it. While I did familiarize myself with their first album, Skyward, I think I’ve rambled on long enough, so I’ll just say that while I very much enjoyed it, Relic seems like an a step up in nearly every way. P.S. There’s a “Kashmir” cover on here that kicks ass. 3/17/17 (Dumpster Lung)

Fell Ruin – To the Concrete Drifts (I, Voidhanger) [Prog Black/Death]
Listen to “Spy Fiction Folds in Ready Streets”

This is great. Let’s just get that out of the way, so if that doesn’t come across below, well now you know. I almost didn’t write anything on this one because I was sure someone else with better reference points for this sort of thing (progressive black metal) would, but it’s just too good to pass up. I had not heard any of the bands’ prior work before hearing the preview track for this album, “Spy Fiction Folds in Ready Streets,” but if I can get myself away from the new album long enough once it’s released, I certainly will. There’s a foundation of predominantly black (but also some death) metal intertwined seamlessly with bits of doom, with an emphasis on melody throughout. The production and mix are also superb, managing to lend the album an impressive amount of clarity for every instrument without sacrificing a sense of atmosphere or coming across too sterile in the process. Again, I suck at references, and I was going to come up with some metaphor for how this makes me feel instead, but it’s hard pinning that down exactly. I mean that in a good way, though. What’s important is it’s dark and melancholic, grimy, but not bereft of beauty in its own way, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of this album. 3/17/17 (Dumpster Lung)

Dodecahedron – Kwintessens (Season of Mist) [Weird Black Metal]

Last month, I decided I’d order the new Emptiness based off the reviews it had been getting from fellow Toileteers. So for the last month, I had been going to my mailbox, hoping to find a present from Mailmanbro. But alas, I kept coming home empty handed. This anticipation went on for several weeks (but felt like an eternity) until I got a strange email from Season of Mist. My order had been shipped. Odd, I bought that album after it came out…why are they shipping it now? Well, it turned out that I ordered the Dodecahedron with it and I had completely forgotten about it. It’s last known whereabouts was in New York on 311 day (Happy belated, posers). So I should be getting it in the mail soon. But don’t you worry, I’ve listened to the songs released…WHICH MAKES ME MORE RAGED THAT IT’S NOT IN MY FUCKING HANDS! These songs are right up my alley. Compared to say Deathspell Omega (a band tagged on their Bandcamp), they are a lot more controlled. More focused on atmosphere building like say Zhrine or Phobocosm or Nightbringer…gloomier Nightbringer. I need this album in my life. It’s only a matter of days. (reminder: new Nightbringer in April.) 3/17/17 (Bert Banana)

Aevum – Dischronia (Independent) [lolbuttz]
Listen to “The Vitruvian Condition”

Allochiria – Throes (Independent) [Sludge/Post-Metal]
Listen to “Lifespotting,” “Counting Fives”

Alunah – Solennial (Svart Records) [Doom]
Listen to “Fire of Thornborough Henge”

Angel Martyr – Black Book: Chapter One (Iron Shield Records) [Speed Metal]
Listen to “Turn On the Fire”

Anomalie – Visions (Art of Propaganda) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Vision IV: Illumination”

Assimilation – The Laws of Power (SAOL) [Death/Thrash]
Listen to “Sigil of the False God,” “Apotheosis”

Bog Wraith – Mire (Independent) [Deathcore]

Bridear – Rise (Radtone Records) [Powerish Metal]

Cauldron – Regnum-Phobos (Darkness Within) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Severe Martyrdom”

Consummation – Ritual Severance (Invictus Productions) [Black Metal]
Listen to “The Weightless Grip of Fire”

Dawn of a Dark Age – The Six Elements, Vol.5 Spirit / Mystères (Razed Soul Productions) [Experimental Black Metal]
Listen to “Il Viaggio”

Decaying Days – The Fire of a Thousand Suns (Independent) [Death/Doom]
Listen to “Waves of Neglect,” “Tempest”

Délétère – Per Aspera Ad Pestilentiam (Sepulchral Productions) [Black Metal]
Listen to “III – Horae Leprae : Cantus IV : INOPIA ET MORBO”

Demonic Resurrection – Dashavatar (Independent) [Progressive Death Metal]
Listen to somebody trying really hard to be Christopher Lee

Devastator – The Throne Belongs to Us (Kernkraftritter Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Unleash Your Ardent Longing”

Doomocracy – Visions & Creatures of Imagination (Steel Gallery Records) [Doom]
Listen to “Guardian Within”

Dusius – Memory of a Man (Extreme Metal Music) [Folk Metal]
Listen to “The Rage of Gods”

Entartung – Baptised into the Faith of Lust (WTC Productions) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Black Dog of God”

Enter Obscurity – Poser Terminator (Cavernous/Hellfire) [Black/Speed Metal]
Listen to “Poser Terminator”

Fange – Pourrissoir (Throatruiner/Lost Pilgrims) [Sludge/Hardcore]
Listen to “Ressac,” “Agapes”

Formis – Chaozium (Defense Records) [Death/Thrash]
Listen to “Haeresis”

Harvest Gulgaltha – Altars of Devotion (Nuclear War Now!) [Blackened Death Metal]
Listen to “Serpentine Path”

Hatefulmurder – Red Eyes (Secret Service Records) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Tear Down”

Heaven’s Scum – Beyond Human Footsteps (Independent) [Death Metal]

King of Asgard – :taudr: (Trollmusic) [Viking Metal]

Lantern – II: Morphosis (Dark Descent Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Black Miasma,” “Cleansing of the Air”

Locust Leaves – A Subtler Kind of Light (I, Voidhanger) [Progressive Metal]

Mahakala – The Second Fall (Supreme Music Creations) [Doom]
Listen to “Army of the Flies”

The Mighty Wraith – Outcast (Independent) [Power Metal]

Mothership – High Strangeness (Ripple Music) [Psychedelic Doom]
Listen to “Helter Skelter”

Naddred – Sluagh (Invictus Productions) [Black Metal]

Obituary – Obituary (Relapse Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “A Lesson in Vengeance,” “Turned to Stone”

Panikk – Discarded Existence (Xtreem Music) [Thrash]
Listen to “Eyes Don’t Lie”

The Raven Age – The Darkness Will Rise (BMG) [Melodic Metal]
Listen to “Salem’s Fate,” “Promised Land”

Regulus – Quadralith (Off Yer Rocka Recordings) [Doom]
Listen to “Dominion”

Replacire – Do Not Deviate (Season of Mist) [Tech Death]

Rimthurs – Graveskrift (Ketzer Music) [Black Metal]

Saille – Gnosis (Aural Music) [Black Metal]

Savant – Serial Killers’ Tales (Independent) [Thrash]
Listen to “Suicidal Premonition”

Scythra – Human Cesspool (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Asphyxiated Cadaver,” “Submit to Slaughter”

Serpent of Eden – The False Existence (Bluespoon Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Under the Bleeding Moon,” “Altar of Rotting Blood”

Signum Regis – Decennium Primum (Independent) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Damnatio Ad Bestias”

Tormentor – Morbid Realization (Iron Shield Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “Kill With No Excuse”

Valhalore – Voyage into Eternity (Independent) [Folk Metal]
Listen to “Across the Frozen Ocean”

Vangough – Warpaint (Independent) [Progressive Metal]
Listen to “Knell”

Venenum – Trance of Death (Sepulchral Voice Records) [Death Metal]

Waterland – Signs of Freedom (Independent) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Can We Go Home?,” “Beyond the Light”

Wild Freedom – Set the Night on Fire (The Fish Factory) [Eyeliner Metal]
Listen to “Full of Love”

Woe – Hope Attrition (Independent) [Black Metal]

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Lacertilian

    Lotsa good shit this week, was about to try and go to bed but this Ascended Dead is aggressively dry humping every orifice on my head.
    Also my favourite album of the year so far is buried in that list somewhere too, someone who is far greater at doing the word thing is covering it later this week though so imma refrain from gushing too much here.

    • Entartung?

      • Lacertilian


      • Lacertilian

        Also, NOSPOILERSIN2017!

        • Good call. I don’t wanna know the plot of Transformers 5 just as I don’t wanna know which album it was (and is going to be)

          • Lacertilian

            I think you’re already on to it judging by some of your other comments, damn detectives!

  • Rain Poncho W.

    That Ascended Dead album is so heckin’ good. It beats out Ululatum Tollunt and Death Worship for best war metal release this year so far.

    • Dumpster Lung

      I will definitely be checking that out!

    • Howard Dean

      Oh man, Dubz. I dunno if anything is going to beat out Death Worship this year in the war/bestial black/death realm. That is such a monster. Will definitely check out that Ascended Dead on this recommendation, though.

      • Rain Poncho W.

        All three of those mentioned are great. Note that Death Worship is a bit more on the straight up battering, Revenge-side, whereas Ascended Dead get a bit weird and pull in some Antediluvian-type riffs.

        • Howard Dean

          I’m a big fan of Antediluvian, so my interest is piqued (peaked).

    • Óðinn

      Yes. It sounds like an abhorrent manifestation.

    • The album cover looks like a greyscale version of Mortification’s first album. But, I’m assuming, with music that’s better and lyrics that aren’t militantly born again.

  • Señor Jefe El Rossover

    Lots of stuff to check out this week! Putting four of these on the docket today for sure. Good work everyone.

    Bert and Dumpster, I like you here.

    • Dumpster Lung

      Thanks man!

      • Señor Jefe El Rossover

        When are we getting a full review?

    • Bert Banana

      Danke…i try

  • Howard Dean

    Dodecahedron was one of the better “DsO-related” bands I encountered during my explorations back in 12-13 when I was desperately trying to find similar artists to DsO (sidenote: I never found a suitable analog to DsO, but did discover a few cool bands). Their debut was pretty cool and creepy in all the right places. Will definitely check out this new one. Will be hard for me not to compare it to Synarchy, though.

    • Dumpster Lung

      I first heard some Dodecahedron a few weeks ago when a friend showed them to me. With a name like that, I was 99% sure it would be more standard prog stuff, maybe shred, but definitely nothing like DsO. Not that I’d have minded, but that was a pleasant surprise.

      • Howard Dean

        Yeah, name and cover art are a bit misleading. They seem very “black/prog/Ihsahn” metal, but the sound is waaaaaaay different, haha.

        • Count_Breznak


          • Howard Dean


        • GoatForest

          K. I’m interested now.

    • Rain Poncho W.

      I loved their first album. The lead-up tracks on this new one have been pretty weird and oddly melodic, so I’m curious to see how far they’ve evolved/changed.

      • RJA

        I haven’t liked what I’ve heard from the new one nearly as much as the self-titled. but i’ll still give it a listen when It comes out.

        • Rain Poncho W.

          That’s where Christian and I are at (since we’ve been talking about it). I’m wondering if it all makes sense in context.

          Note that I still like what I hear, but the debut was just untouchable. This may be a case of band trying to not just replicate past work and attempting to find some new territory.

          • Bert Banana

            This. Listening to the songs…they’re nice. However, this is why I’m peeved; I can already tell that I need to listen to the whole album to really like them. The best example I can think of with a similar situation was Alter of Plague’s Teethed Glory and Injury. I remember listening to the odd track here and there…it was alright, wasn’t my thing but when I listened to the whole album and context was put into play, those songs became incredible.

            I think I’m going to listen to that cd now

  • Death metal nerds, do not skip over Lantern

    • Howard Dean

      Yeah, Lantern is legit. Their debut album, Below, was super. Looking forward to this new one.

  • That Venenum is the boot-scootin’ boogie I needed today.

    • Rain Poncho W.

      it is amazing?

      • Yeah heel toe do si do
        Come on baby let’s go boot scootin’

  • Dumpster Lung

    Dawn of a Dark Age seems pretty cool too, but I knew there’d be no way I’d absorb enough of that to really do it any justice. It’s black metal with woodwinds in it, though, so that’s exciting.

    It’s apparently the 5th volume in a series of 6, with each revolving around an element, so there’s some additional context I’d have not been really prepared enough to comment on. I dig it, though.

    EDIT: anyone know why sometimes there’s no Wishlist option on some Bandcamp pages? Been using that as both a literal wishlist, and a way to kind of bookmark things to follow-up on later.

    • Joaquin Stick

      Did you get Forming the Void from that doom/prog/sludge post I wrote? It’s interesting stuff. Glad someone else likes it!

      • Dumpster Lung

        I actually did not. Just checking out various items in the list, but I’ve been slacking about being on here again the last couple weeks. A combination of being busy with work, starting to work out/exercise again, and a fair amount of concerts lately (and still more coming up), so I’ve been barely consciously binging TV shows in my downtime and anything less passive than that (even video games) has not been happening haha.

        EDIT: I’m going to find that article now, actually. I wanna hear more of that kind of thing today for sure.

      • Dumpster Lung

        If you could actually send me a link, I’m having trouble finding it :/

  • CyberneticOrganism

    Aevum… yeeesh.

    • Bert Banana

      I wrote a review for it…but I just ended up taking about a cake I made and it was panned

  • Dumpster Lung

    I also considered doing one on Wild Freedom, as I found that video linked to be pretty silly, but I talked myself out of it, especially the more videos I watched. It’s not exactly for me, and while I think there’s a bit of it you could make fun of, it kind of becomes endearing in its own way, and the guys involved seem really enthusiastic and like they love what they’re doing, so why rain on their parade?

  • HessianHunter

    Boy oh boy that Aevum band just keeps bringing the lolbuttz, huh

    • HessianHunter

      “Why are we so divine
      of flesh, bones, and blood, being so fragile
      Able of doing good
      It’s way much easier to do evil”

      Fucking Christ on a cracker is that some bullshit. This band got robbed in the worst metal song contest tbh

      • Rain Poncho W.

        It was way much easier to do evil in the bracket.

      • Hans Copronym

        Way much robbed.

  • Sid Vicious Promos

    News: Animals As Leaders is announcing a US tour with Veil Of Maya and a band whose name I can’t read. I know this because the venue near me announced a date.

  • Sid Vicious Promos

    I’m trapped in my castle due to an evil ice maiden summoning frost elementals. I tried to fight them off with a staff but I was overrun. Now my kingdom is in a state of peril due to these frost elementals.

  • Count_Breznak

    D12! I have been waiting for this.

    • GoatForest

      Like Eminem’s group?

  • saprophial

    My jimbos are too ready for this Fange album. It gets the blood going.

    For some fun catchy stuff, I’m looking forward to the Hyborian release on Friday.

  • Waynecro

    That Dodecahedron album sounds rad as shit, and I’m definitely picking up Replacire. Thanks for the excellent roundup, dudes!