This Toilet Tuesday (3/10/15)


Welcome, my crusty compatriots, to another edition of This Toilet Tuesday. Despite the sheer volume of new music coming out this week, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot to get excited about. Still, Karhu, W, and I sifted through the flush-fodder and brought you our favorites. It’s left me feeling a little uninspired though, so instead of a gruesome intro about shitting out your eyes (or something), I bring you a proposition:

As you probably know, this column covers music that comes out the week that it (the column) is published, meaning the preceding Sunday and Monday through the following Saturday. That means there are always a couple items on each list that have already been out for a day or two. It seems to me that it would be more useful knowing about these releases ahead of time as opposed to after the fact, so I ask you this: should we start compiling lists going from Tuesday to Monday, or is the current Sunday to Saturday format just fine? Let us know in the comments!


Eternal Solstice – Remnants of Immortality (Dark Descent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Force Fed Suicide”

I had never heard Eternal Solstice before, but, armed with the knowledge that it will be a cold day in hell if Dark Descent ever drops a total stinker, I clicked the link to fellow metal blog Crown of Viserys (killer name) in full confidence. “Force Fed Suicide” is my introduction to Eternal Solstice, but they’ve been chipping away at this death metal game for quite some time. If this song is any indication, full-length Remnants of Immortality is going to be a grueling testament to riff-laden, straightforward DM, and you can never have too much of that. FFO: Byzantine, Asphyx, Entombed (W.)


Oceanwake – Sunless (ViciSolum Records) [Post-Metal]
Listen to “Avanturine”

Post-metal tends to be a genre that I almost always enjoy even if I don’t love the particular band I’m jamming at the moment. Thankfully, Oceanwake are a capable band, if not entirely original. “Avanturine” brings the feels and heaviness alike. Mix in some of the weight at the deeper ends of The Ocean with the sinuous emotion of Isis, and you’ve got a good idea of what to expect. FFO: Pelican, The Ocean, Isis (W.)


Deathhammer – Evil Power (Hell’s Headbangers) [Black Thrash]
Listen to “Satan is Back,” “Powertrip”

Look, you know what this is going to be: really raw thrash metal with more than a side of blackness. Echoing and torturous howls for vocals and so forth. There are catchy riffs that will slay your neck with the amount of headbanging you are going to do. Just listen to it, okay? (Karhu)


Porta Nigra – Kaiserschnitt (Debemur Morti) [Black Metal]

This here is some punky black metal and far out weirdness going together. The whole album is great and really deserves more words than I can muster today. Some of the material at display is more catchy and some is just memorable through other means, not a single filler. Expect a few wacky and unconventional turns songwriting wise, but not arrangement-wise. (Karhu)


Omnioid – Womb of Infirmity (Ghastly Music) [Brutal Death]
Listen to “Womb of Infirmity”

With brutal death metal, you know exactly what you’re going to get: indecipherable gurgles for vocals, lo-fi production, more blastbeats than are reasonable, and the occasional slam jam. Omnioid like to break the status quo with completely schizophrenic time-changes, some tasty spidery leads, and- gasp!- audible bass. This probably won’t turn any of you into brutal deathheads, but for those of you who are already into it, this will be a damn fine addition to your catalog. (Spear)


Psycroptic – Psycroptic (Prosthetic Records) [Tech Death]

For whatever reason, I hadn’t really given Psycroptic a serious listen before now, but their self-titled is an melding of melodic and technical death metal that avoids the clichés of both. Each song is equally cerebral and emotional without becoming too much of either. It’s a glorious offering at the altar of the almighty riff and already a top contender for my end-of-year list. Don’t skip this. (Spear)

Adamas – Heavy Thoughts (SG Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Heavy Thoughts”

Apocrophex – Suspended from the Cosmic Altar (Independent) [Tech Death] Review
Listen to “The Grey,” “Designs Not Derived from Man”

Aratic – Secret Laws of Hell (Violent Journey) [Death/Thrash]

Ashcloud – Abandon All Light (Xtreem Music) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Abandon All Light”

Attack Vertical – The Great Waste (Tenacity Music) [Metalcore]
Listen to “The Way to Purify”

Bad Axe – Contradiction to the Rule (Cult Metal Classics) [Heavy Metal]

Bewitched – In Via Increatae Lvx (Tyrannus Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “War Blood Victory”

Black Rainbows – Hawkdope (Heavy Psych Sounds) [Doom]

Blacksoul Seraphim – Hymns for the Vanquished (Stillborntwins) [Black/Doom]

Bothers – Naked Flesh (Independent) [Thrash]
Listen to “Naked Flesh”

Bulldozing Bastard – Under the Ram (High Roller Records) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Tornado”

Cancer Bats – Searching for Zero (New Damage Records) [Hard Rock/Punk]

Conceived by Hate/Akheron – Coalition of Death (Morbid Skull) [Death/Thrash]
Listen to “Devotees of Death,” (CbH) “Estigma” (Akheron)

Crimson Swan – Unlit (Quality Steel) [Death/Doom]

Crom Dubh – Heimweh (Van Records) [Black Metal]

Cross Vein – Royal Eternity (Victor Entertainment) [Power Metal]

Dead Earth Politics – Men Become Gods (Independent) [Prog/Thrash]
Listen to “Men Become Gods”

Dead Summer Society – So Many Years of Longing (Naturmacht Productions/Rain Without End) [Black/Doom]

Dehuman – Graveyard of Eden (Kaotoxin) [Brutal Death]
Listen to “Crypts of Blood”

Devast – Into Decimated Reality (Gore House Productions) [Brutal Death]
Listen to “Torture and Suffering with Archaic Process”

Dhampyr – Oceanclots (Acephale Winter) [DSBM]

Dienamic – Afterlife (WormHoleDeath) [Death/Thrash]
Listen to “Revolution for Nothing”

Empires of Eden – Architect of Hope (Melodic Rock Records) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Architect of Hope”

Gospel of the Witches – Salem’s Wounds (Century Media) [Doom]
Listen to “The Alchemist”

Gouge – Beyond Death (Hell’s Headbangers) [Black Thrash]
Listen to “Breath of the Reaper,” “Devil’s Debt”

Harm’s Way – Rust (Deathwish, Inc.) [Hardcore]

Invincible Force – Satan Rebellion Metal (Dark Descent) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Summoning the Black Destruction”

Ironhawk – “To the Point …and Then Some” (Cult Metal Classics) [Heavy Metal]

The Midnight Ghost Train – Cold was the Ground (Napalm Records) [Doom/Sludge]
Listen to “Cold was the Ground”

Mortals/Repellers – Mortals/Repellers (split- Broken Limbs) [Hardcore/Crust]

Motor Sister – Ride (Metal Blade) [Heavy Metal]

My Funeral – Violence Academy (Independent) [Death/Thrash]
Listen to “Speed of Death”

Natanas – Xylophar (Depressive Illusions) [lolbuttz]

Norlisk – The Idea of North (Hypnotic Dirge) [Doom]

Nuclear Detonation – Living Dead, Sons of the Lobotomy (Puzzle Records) [Thrash]
Listen to “People of the Lie”

Ramlord – Ramlord (Broken Limbs) [Black Metal]

Ranger – Where Evil Dwells (Spinefarm Records) [Speed Metal]
Listen to “Defcon1”

Ruho – Pathways Through Flesh (Bestial Burst) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Descending Below”

Sacral Rage – Illusions in Infinite Void (Cruz del Sur) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “En Cima Del Mal”

Sativa Root – Dark Days (Independent) [Doom/Sludge]

Severer – Rituals (Independent) [Doom/Sludge]

Sickening – The Beyond (Amputated Vein) [Brutal Death]
Listen to “The Prophecies of Eibon”

Steel Bearing Hand – Steel Bearing Hand (Independent) [Death/Thrash]
Listen to “The Charnel God”

Steorrah – II: Thin White Paint (Bret Hard Records) [Progressive Death Metal]

Tenggorokan – Execution of Death (Disembowel Records) [Brutal Death]

Thormesis – Freier Wille – Freier Geist (MDD Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Wenn Der Schmerz Dich Lobt”

Thrymheym – Generazione X (Death Portal) [Industrial Black Metal]

Treedeon – Lowest Level Reincarnation (Exile On Mainstream) [Doom]

Venus Sleeps – Dead Sun Worship (Independent) [Doom]
Listen to “Ether Sleeper,” “Age of Nothing”

Void Creation – Deadnology (Metal Music Austria) [Death/Thrash]
Listen to “1984”

Within the Fall – Where Sorrow Grows (Independent) [Doom]
Listen to “Graveyard of Gods”

XII Boar – Pitworthy (Independent) [Southern Rock]
Listen to “Rock City”

Yorblind – Blind but Alive (Klonosphere) [Melodeath]
Listen to “I Am Not,” “The Scapegoat”

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • VVayne Brady

    Retiring the old golden bowl I see. I like this new header.

    • It didn’t have a header when I started editing last night so it was at the mercy of my 2 minute chop jobs.

      • Spear

        Ah, hell. I made and uploaded the image I was going to use, but I apparently forgot to set it. Sorry about that.

      • The change is kinda nice, really.

  • Edward/Breegrodamus

    I’d like to check out Womb of Infirmity. Not much else is grabbing my attention, but that’s Ok, there is always lots to listen to.

  • Tyreeling In The Years

    Hey Hell’s Headbangers, get your shit together. You were supposed to release Deathhammer yesterday. Where it at!?!?!?!

  • Tyreeling In The Years

    Ramlord is sick, wish those crusties would put out a full length again.

  • Guacamole Jim

    I am fine with the current Tuesday schedule. I don’t actively seek out new releases, so it doesn’t matter to me if it’s been out for a couple of days or not. It’s nice to be able to hop onto here, take a glance through and see if there’s anything that interests me.

  • VVayne Brady

    By the way, folks, Enslaved and Imperial Triumphant both “officially” dropped their albums today.

    • Edward/Breegrodamus



      Just wondering if you saw that album called h**kdope? Do you carry some of that to bait with

    • EsusMoose

      Does that mean those count for rotw?

      • VVayne Brady

        I’d say so!

        • EsusMoose

          Good, means sifting through new music can be put off till after this week is done

    • Do they need help picking them up again?

      • VVayne Brady

        Nah, I think they’ll just leave them where they lie.

  • Celtic Frosty

    I generally use these lists to see if there’s anything I missed and not as a comprehensive guide, but I actively keep up with all this stuff on my own, so I may not be your average reader.

    • Tyreeling In The Years

      Dude, I listened to all of that Invincible Force album last night. What a fucking scorcher!!!

      • Celtic Frosty

        Right? I listened to it on the way to work again this morning and got pumped as fuck.

        • Tyreeling In The Years

          I picked up this album last night too. You might dig it; pretty filthy sounding bestial blackened death metal.

          • Celtic Frosty

            I’ve heard OF Demoncy before, but never listened. I’ll check it out after I finish this Scab album 🙂

      • Scrimm

        It’s quite memorable.

  • Scrimm

    Hey big surprise, two new releases from Dark Descent and I want both.

  • Okay, brolos and sislas! Here I go with my three picks! Thanks again, Spear and co. for making this great work of compiling new releases. You rock!

    #LinkFirstPickOvThisToiletTuesday Crown of Viserys. The FFO’s Asphyx and Entombed are spot-on. It’s melodic with solos, but it also have a very rhythmic behind the kit and chords barrages a la old school Death Merol. Very very good. #MelodicMinisterApproves

    #LinkSecondPickOvThisToiletTuesday Dead Earth Politics. Heavy Thrashy with prog tempo changes. FFO: Tourniquet, Iced Earth, all that crap, but with more harsh vocals. The structures are very good, but the production is very normal but, hey! at least the bass is audible, so everything’s in order and I’m happy with that. Still, it’s a good pick because the galloping riff in the solo and harmonized guitars!.

    #LinkThirdPickOvThisToiletTuesday Yorblind. Kinda generic. Melodic Death is a very difficult genre to pull.

    I think this format is okay, Spear!

  • Reposted Avenged Sevenfold Fan

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    – Gigi Hirokashi, 1 month ago

  • Pagliacci is Kvlt O)))

    I think that might be a little Thormesis on the floor by the corner of the bed.

  • Ferris Mueller

    Holy crap that Deathhammer was laughably bad.

  • I think it makes more sense to talk about only the upcoming releases instead of ones from a few days ago, but it doesn’t really matter to me. The fact you guys manage to consistently put out a list every week is crazy. My one complaint this week is WHERE IS SCAB??

    • Spear

      Would have included it if I knew it was coming. =|

      • Haha. You’re good. You’re doing God’s work.

      • Tyreeling In The Years

        S: Sloppy
        C: Crap
        A: At
        B: Best

        Band fucking sucks. I’m glad it’s not here.

    • Scrimm

      There is only one entry a week allowed in the lolbuttz category and it was already taken.

      • J.R.


  • JJM

    sorry (read: not sorry) for being OT… back from Tennessee and missed circlejerking with everybody. look at this sweet mountain:

    • Scrimm

      It wasn’t the same without you.

    • CyberneticOrganism

      I see something way out there…

    • <3

    • Rubber Balls And Liquor

      The Smoky Mountains are gorgeous. I’ve visited there a few times with my grandparents.

  • Hubert, Goat ov ……Satan

    I thoroughly enjoyed those Deathhammer tracks. I love the quite sloppy playing and messy production. It gives it all that little bit extra SATAN that keeps me going through the day.

    • CyberneticOrganism
    • Tyreeling In The Years

      This goat gets it.

    • CyberneticOrganism

      It’s pretty fun for early 80s-style thrash. Seems like something Fenriz would go nuts over in one of those interviews where he pulls out old vinyl after old vinyl.

      • Tyreeling In The Years

        FENRIZ’ BEST LP’s OF 2012 LIST

        FENRIZ BEST OF 2012 LP’s. I hate to do lists but everybody digs ’em…..

        .. ..

        VOMITOR the escalation. Sounds like Sodom obsessed by cruelty married the incubus (Florida) 7″….

        GOAT world music. Freshest new thing I heard all 2012. And in the 2010’s for that matter…..

        HOUR OF 13 “333”. One of the few bands I feel Darkthrone is strangely akin to. Brilliant and worthy…..

        CHRISTIAN MISTRESS possession. Old metal with a different feel. Ballsy and I supported them LONG TIME….

        NEKROMANTHEON rise, Vulcan spectre. It’s just so damn solid, and I adore Arild’s vocals and leads. ….

        DEATHHAMMER onward to the pits. No surprise there, been loving their sound since the demos. ….

        GOLD interbellum. Shave away the first song and from there on the songs are incredibly strong…..

        VANDERBUYST flying Dutchmen. Shave away the first AND 3 more songs and you got killer hard rock!….

        ROYAL THUNDER “CVI”. How solid can a band get? Dynamic as hell and one the best bass drum sound….

        SHIPWRECKED the last pagans. Totally atypical ’79’84 punk/hc from Norway! I can’t believe it!….

      • Indeed.

        Guest List from Fenriz of Darkthrone 2012:

        I hate to do lists but everybody digs ‘em.

        VOMITOR – The Escalation. Sounds like Sodom obsessed by cruelty married the incubus (Florida) 7”
        GOAT – World Music. Freshest new thing I heard all 2012. And in the 2010’s for that matter.
        HOUR OF 13 “333”. One of the few bands I feel Darkthrone is strangely akin to. Brilliant and worthy.
        CHRISTIAN MISTRESS – Possession. Old metal with a different feel. Ballsy and I supported them LONG TIME
        NEKROMANTHEON – Rise, Vulcan Spectre. It’s just so damn solid, and I adore Arild’s vocals and leads.
        ***DEATHHAMMER – Onward To The Pits. No surprise there, been loving their sound since the demos.***
        GOLD – Interbellum. Shave away the first song and from there on the songs are incredibly strong.
        VANDERBUYST – Flying Dutchmen. Shave away the first AND 3 more songs and you got killer hard rock!
        ROYAL THUNDER “CVI”. How solid can a band get? Dynamic as hell and one the best bass drum sound
        SHIPWRECKED – The Last Pagans. Totally atypical ‘79’84 punk/hc from Norway! I can’t believe it!


  • CyberneticOrganism

    New Psycroptic is the tits.

    • Scrimm

      I really want to love something else they put out but it’s just not happening. It is much batter than the last album though, and thats only hearing part of it.

      • Enemy Of The Free World

        Digging this far more than any album before.

  • VVayne Brady

    Yo dudes, I’m not really feeling this new Enslaved album.

    • Keep your voice down!

    • Tyreeling In The Years

      I pretty much gave up on Enslaved.

    • Scrimm

      I have been strangely uninterested. Have yet to hear a single note of it.

    • MoshOff

      Dude I was literally falling asleep listening to it yesterday (I did wake up at 6 A.M. though, but still).

    • Enemy Of The Free World

      I did like what I have heard so far, but it is a little too dreamy (and not in a gaze-y way) to be listened as a whole.

  • You guys are probably going have to shift to Friday’s in a few months because that is going to become a worldwide release day for albums.

  • Guacamole Jim

    Oceanwake is making for a good Tuesday morning. A good blend of heavy and ambient.

  • I’m liking this Oceanwake track. Porta Nigra and Omnioid sound interesting too, I’ll give those a listen at some point in the future.

  • HessianHunter

    XII Boar is pretty sick Southern Metal from the UK. Excited for this new jam.

  • More important than any piece of music is this which I totally just bought:

    • JJM

      need more info. your link wants me to sign in to something

      • Oh fuck, it’s a link to a potato keycap. I forgot that you need to actually make an account to use the website. Here’s a screen shot of what it looks like:


    That Dhampyr is pretty dope, and I’ll check out Oceanwake when I get home

  • Reichsmarschall Dean von Steel

    Preorder for Obscura and From Wisdom to Hate went up on cmdistro yesterday. The Reichsmarschall will get his Obscura in April.

    • JVVG

      I would like a reissue of Considered Dead so I won’t have to buy Erosion of Sanity a third time (second in CD format).

      I just don’t understand why the ‘Vault” one is still so easy to find, yet the stand-alone slightly-more-recent reissue is not.

      • Reichsmarschall Dean von Steel

        It’s because the “Two From the Vault” is a massively pressed and ubiquitously distributed reissue/remaster by Roadrunner, while the more recent Considered Dead repress was a more limited release by Metal Mind Productions.

        • JVVG

          I probably should have known that.

          At least the principle of it is familiar if not the specific labels.

    • CT-12

      Thanks for the reminder

  • tertius_decimus

    Will wait for Steorrah. Nice teaser.

  • Rubber Balls And Liquor