This Toilet Tuesday (11/4/14)


Welcome, fellow denizens of the porcelain palace, to another Toilet Tuesday!  Though the tide of releases has stemmed somewhat this week (since every metal band on the planet NEEDS to release their album on Halloween), the quality of said releases has not!  Grab a seat and take a listen to the aural gems below. -Spear

ne obliviscaris

Ne Obliviscaris – Citadel (Season of Mist) [Avant-Garde Metal]


Australia isn’t known for its death metal so much as it is for the terrible ways it can cause your death. Of course, to call Ne Obliviscaris just death metal is doing a disservice to the range of sounds this band produces (much like referring to an agonizing end in Australia as just “death” is severely underselling the brutal way it’s going to finish you). Ne Obliviscaris seamlessly weaves black, death and even violins to form something that sounds like it’s actually progressive. Fans of Portal of I will surely dig it. (Leif Bearikson)

nader sadek

Nader Sadek – The Malefic: Chapter III (Independent) [Death Metal]

Listen to “Carrion Whispers”

Nader Sadek is the curator of one of the most intriguing death metal supergroups in the biz. For those of you unaware, Nader is an artist that spearheads the creative direction of his self-titled project featuring members of Cryptopsy, Cattle Decaptiation, Cannibal Corpse, Neuraxis, Decapitated, Sepultura, Death, and Moonspell. If that list doesn’t make you salivate, the tasty tune “Carrion Whispers” most certainly will. This is excellent, bone-crushing death metal that brings out the best in each performer and unites every element into a palpable force. Plus, if you purchase the upcoming issue of Decibel, you can get The Malefic: Chapter III for free. All you bums get on that, because Nader Sadek rips. (W.)

cavalera conspiracy

Cavalera Conspiracy – Pandemonium (Napalm Records) [Thrash]

Listen to “Babylonian Pandemonium”

I’m just going to flash my poser badge here right from the get go. I like a lot of Max Cavalera’s work. There are several Soulfly albums I enjoy, I thought Killer Be Killed put out a fun record, and I dug the first Cavalera Conspiracy album. That said, I thought the second CC album was a big dud. Maybe a year ago Max mentioned that he and Igor were working on a grind album, and my interest piqued again, despite how disappointing the last few albums (aside from KBK) he’s put out have been. Fast forward to the new CC album. I wouldn’t call these songs grind, but “Bonzai Kamikaze” and “Babylonian Pandemonium” are certainly much better than anything on Blunt Force Trauma. These songs are a gripping blend of thrash and hardcore perfect for getting your headbang on. Not perfect, but perfectly adequate for a circle-pit inducing barn burner. (W.)


Sidious – Revealed in Profane Splendour (Kaotoxin) [Blackened Death]


Ever wonder what you’d get if you gave Fleshgod Apocalypse better production and a splash of black metal and tech death?  The result would be Sidious, a monstrous blackened death metal outfit from London.  While Sidious don’t quite approach the velocity of the former, they have a similar bombast to Fleshgod’s writing style and some of the string parts sound reminiscent of parts of Fleshgod’s Agony.  However, I believe that Sidious have a few things going for them that Fleshgod could learn from, most notably the production.  The mix is crisp and clear, resulting in a much less muddy sound than Labyrinth or Agony.  Furthermore, there is much more variety in Sidious’ songwriting.  All in all, Revealed in Profane Splendour is an excellent death metal album and an especially impressive debut. (Spear)


Absentia Lunae – Vorwarts (Aeternitas Tenbrarum) [Black Metal]

Adimiron – Timelapse (Scarlet Records) [Progressive Metal]
Listen to “State of Persistence”

Aeurtum – The Depths of Which These Roots do Bind (Insidious Voices) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Frozen into the Grain”

Animus Mortis – Testimonia (Aeternitas Tenebrarum) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Testimonia”

Annihilation – The Undivided (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “The Great Cycle”

Arkadia – Unrelenting (Inverse Records) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Unrelenting”

Apostle of Solitude – Of Woe and Wounds (Cruz Del Sur) [Doom]
Listen to “This Mania”

Battalion – Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War (Shiver Records) [Death Metal]

CETI – Brutus Syndrome (Metal Mind Productions) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Wizards of the Modern Worlds”

Circuitry – Circuitry (Independent) [Djent]
Listen to “Watch our Shadows Cast”

Cycle Beating – Age of Depression (Independent) [Groove Metal]
Listen to “Burning Down the Bridge”

Decaying – One to Conquer (Hellthrasher) [Death Metal]

Dickless Tracy – Paroxysm of Disgust (On Parole Productions) [Grindcore]

Exalt – Pale Light (New Damage Records) [Hardcore]
Listen to “Pale Light”

Folkstone – Otre… L’abisso (Folkstone Productions) [Folk Metal]
Listen to “In Caduta Libera”

Forced Kill – Hard Death (Independent) [Thrash]

Forgotten Land – Omnia Fert Aetas (Independent) [Viking Metal]

Foul Body Autopsy – So Close to Complete Dehumanization (Grindscene) [Death Metal]

Ghost Brigade – One with the Storm (Season of Mist) [Post Metal]

Heart in Hand – A Beautiful White (Century Media) [Metalcore]
Listen to “A Beautiful White”

HeKz – Caerus (Cherry Red Records) [Power Prog]

Hell in the Club – Devil on my Shoulder (Scarlet Records) [lolbuttz]
Listen to “Bare Hands”

Incincery – Dead, Bound, and Buried (Independent) [Thrash]
Listen to “Silent Supremacy”

Kauan – Muistumia (Blood Music) [Doom/Black Metal]

Larva ov Cum – Existenza (SheepUnitedNation Productions) [Black Metal]

Light Bringer – Monument (King Records/Nexus) [Power Metal]
Listen to “Clockwork Journey”

Liv Kristine – Vervain (Napalm Records) [Melodic Metal]
Listen to “Love Decay”

Longobardeath – Old Time Balbiott (Anger Music) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Dai Dai L’e’tardi” (Misfits cover)

Malefice – Bare Hands (Transcend Music) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Forsaken”

Mare Cognitum – Phobos Monolith (I, Voidhanger) [Black Metal]

Morrigu – Before Light/After Dark (Dark Balance) [Flushcore]
Listen to “My Curse My Sweet Revenge”

Nangilima – The Dark Matter (Xtreem Music) [Doom]
Listen to “Stain of a Broken Life”

Obtruncation – Abode of the Departed Souls (Vic Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Abode of the Departed Souls”

Odyssey – The Turning Tide (Monolithic) [Instrumental Prog]
Listen to “The Devil’s in the Details”, “The Turning Tide”

Piss Vortex – Piss Vortex (Indisciplinarian) [Grind/Experimental]

Psychostick – Revenge of the Vengeance (Rock Ridge Music) [Comedy Metal]

Saturnine – Mors Vocat (Razorback/Avantgarde) [Doom]
Listen to “Bones and Regrets”

The Skull – For Those Which Are Asleep (Tee Pee Records) [Stoner/Doom]
Listen to “Sick of it All”

Spectral Haze – I.E.V.: Transmuted Nebula Remains (Soulseller) [Doom]

Spiders – Shake Electric (Spinefarm) [Doom]
Listen to “Shake Electric”

Supertanker – Songs from the Ashes (Klonosphere/Season of Mist) [Groove Metal]
Listen to “Below Ground”

Thee Maldoror Kollective – Knownothingism (Argonautica) [Experimental]

Tongues – Thelésis Ignis (I, Voidhanger) [Black Metal]

Toothgrinder – Schizophrenic Jubilee (Spinefarm) [Progressive Metal]
Listen to “The Hour Angle”

Triosphere – The Heart of the Matter (AFM Records) [Power Metal]

Tyranny Enthroned – Our Great Undoing (Blast Head) [Black Metal]

UnKured – Mutated Earth (Independent) [Death Thrash]

Without God – Circus of Freaks (Solitude Productions) [Psychedelic/Doom]
Listen to “Flood”

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • W.

    Gonna check that Sidious.

  • TheCheezFace .

    Time to go barn burning.

    • Light the hay – light the corn,
      Watch the flames – raise your horns,
      As you watch – look to the sky,
      Look for MSD – as he rides!


    • Edward

      I don’t know you, but I like what you’re doing here.

  • I’m a Cavalera hater but the two new songs I’ve heard from the CC record are pretty rad.

    • W.

      I’ll definitely give that album a listen.

    • MoshOff

      What’s weirdest is that the vocals don’t sound like Max sometimes, which is obviously a good thing.

    • Sponge Of Mystery

      It’s like we’re the same person

    • Further Down the Metal Hole

      I Like most of Soulfly’s output every now and then (it does get bland though, I admit), but I do think that it would have been better had he done CC from the get go instead of Soulfly.

  • Hey guys,

    I am not a Within Temptation fan (I definitely could become one). But I found this video this morning and I am digging it. I realize it is not “new” music. But it is new to me, eat it.

    GL, Lifelover

    • God

      Big within temptation fan. Love this song.

  • Damn, Nader Sadek fucking rips.

    • W.

      I really want to hear the whole thing.

      • Sponge Of Mystery

        I subscribed to Decibel just to get it lol well not true i’ve been wanting to subscribe for a while but that just gave me an extra reason. But that EP is awesome

        • W.

          I was subscribed for like 3 years but recently let my subscription lapse

          • Sponge Of Mystery

            im excited for their 100 best doom albums edition

          • Xan

            Fuck. I’m about to buy 100 doom metal albums.

          • Sponge Of Mystery

            ikr lol part of me kinda hates reading about so many cool records when i cant get them and listen to all of them /:

      • the instrumental breakdown in Carrion Whisper around 2:00 minute is siiick!!

      • Pagliacci is Kvlt

        Looking at the credits for this EP, it lists all lyrics by Nader Sadek. But on the music end, he only has a shared credit on one track.The other three were written entirely by Eriksen and Mounier. Also, the credits don’t list him playing any instruments or doing any production/mixing/mastering. For an eponymous band, his contributions seem a little…light. He’s like the Andy Warhol of death metal.

        • Howard Dean

          I believe Nader Sadek is a visual artist who decided to take a stab at a musical project. I think he floated the idea past a few legends/main figures in death metal, and they bit. I also don’t think he contributes much of anything–if anything at all–to the musical side of the project.

    • Lacertilian

      AHHH…thunderstorm interrupted Nader Sadek just as my neck began to give way to uncontrollable whiplash.

  • New lolbuttz and flushcore? Praise be, Lords of Mediocrity!

    • KJM

      Don’t know how I’d cope without my weekly dose of Flushcore.

  • Beunhaas

    I want to listen to the new Ne Obliviscaris RIGHT NOW. FUCK.

  • Sidious is pretty rocket, shame that record company decided advertising their website on top of the album artwork and the band’s name was a good idea. Yuck.

    • Spear

      Yeah, definitely a dick move on their part.

  • Hell in the Club sounds like it would fit right in one of the lesser 80s Stallone films.

  • Nordling Rites Ov Karhu

    Unbelievably few releases of interest.
    Without God is good, but I’m not sure I like this faster direction as much as the slower. Ghost Brigade and Kauan are both fine too. Only Nader Sadek and Mare Cognitum are likely to really get ‘neath my skin (and maybe Piss Vortex).

    • W.

      That Piss Vortex album is pretty neat.

      • Nordling Rites Ov Karhu

        Definitely a nice twist to their grind.

    • Lacertilian

      Nader is kicking my arse.
      Also, new Psycroptic.

  • W.

    When you say experimental for The Maldoror Kollective, what does that imply? I’m curious but can’t jam any new tunes right now.

    • Long acoustic parts of a vaguely “classical” sound, accordions, ladyvox, dubby jazz-isms, mellotrons. I guess it kind of reminds me of a darker Stolen Babies or Diablo Swing Orchestra without all the genre-hopping. There are actually a few parts that remind me a bit of Menace Ruine. If you wish Danny Elfman’s music for Tim Burton movies was a little more upbeat, you might like it.

      • W.

        Interesting. I’m intrigued.

      • Nordling Rites Ov Karhu

        Sold! will return with an opinion

        • Nordling Rites Ov Karhu

          Did listen, did like. But not enough to buy, actually unsure whether this will lead to more listens or am I done with them. Time will tell, Wilhelm Tell

    • Spear

      What Christian said. I really couldn’t think of anything else to call it, and their self-description certainly wasn’t helpful.

  • Stockhausen

    I checked out Battalion because I really like the Plato quote they used for the album name, but their label is apparently not interested in letting us hear anything before it comes out. Their old stuff is fun though.

  • Spear

    I wanted to do a blurb on Folkstone as well, but I wasn’t feeling terribly ambitious. For anyone interested, they sound like a less core-y Eluveitie (hurdy gurdy and everything).

    • W.

      I’d be interested.

  • Poseur Diposeur

    Max Cavalera is not for posers (poseurs), he is a metal god and international superstar (I’ve seen Soulfly headline for like 200 people in Spokane, Washington and for over 200,000 people at Rock al Parque festival in Bogota). Soulfly is the only band I know of to effectively mix reggae/metal, they were the best band of the nu-metal era and now they just put out generic, ripping metal. What is the deal with all the haters?

    • Personally, I just don’t dig on Sepultura or Soulfly’s tunes.

      • Poseur Diposeur

        That has got to be like, the worst reason not to like a musician in the history of posing

    • Lacertilian

      Eyesburn do some Serbian reggae metal that proves to be a fun drunk listen.

    • Further Down the Metal Hole

      I’m a fan, but even I passed on Savages because I was like “yeah, not really much jumps out at me here” and I really liked Enslaved.

      I don’t think they deserve as much hate, but they do supply enough material for jokes, that’s for sure.

      • W.

        I really dig the trilogy of Prophecy-Dark Ages-Conquer, but their last three albums haven’t done much for me :/ I feel like Max has sort of settled into a routine.

        • Further Down the Metal Hole

          Yeah, Omen especially sounded a lot like Conquer. Enslaved changed things up a bit with less groove elements, but it’s still more or less the same. He’ll be back…with a revengeance. When that man opens a dictionary, hilarity ensues.

  • OldMetalHead

    I’ve been really excited about the new Ne Obliviscaris. Just a note, Amazon has the released date at next Tuesday, Nov 11. Maybe I’ll check out the new CC in the mean time.

    • W.

      It can be a pain keeping track of staggered releases

    • Spear

      It’s going to be out everywhere but the US by the 7th. I always put the earliest release date first since I know there are a few lunatics out there who like to import CD’s if it means getting it early.

    • OldMetalHead

      Thanks for the explanations guys. My intention was just to provide additional info. You’re doing a great job with the site.

      • W.

        Glad to have you aboard!

  • All my fukks are given for the new Ghost Brigade album.

  • This week i personally recommend The Skull.. Crunchy Stoner Doomy guitar tone! thanks for the list, Spear!

    • Spear

      My pleasure! One of these days I’ll actually have the time to give a proper listen to everything I post, but I’ll move The Skull near the top of my short list.

      • If you like Trouble, or melodic/guitar driven doom/heavy metal in general I think you def love it.. 🙂

  • Scrimm

    I need angry music today.

  • DeadButtDreaming

    Everything about how you described Sidious already makes me think they’re lolbuttz.

  • Guest


  • Nordling Rites Ov Karhu

    And the Lord of Pagathorn is comin’ out

  • EsusMoose

    Ne obliviasis and toothgrinder make today grear

  • Mother Shabubu III

    New Job For a Cowboy leaked. I couldn’t help myself. Wow am I blown away. What a transformation this band has taken since DOOM. It’s like a quantum leap ahead. I can tell it’s the best thing they have done. Every track is good. Some of their other albums dragged on or got redundant, they keep it fresh with every track on here. Again, wow. They stepped it up to the max.

    • Any bit of hype this album is getting is well deserved and absolutely justified. Holy sweet fuck.

  • Xan

    Nader Sadek is amazing. The music is disturbing (music videos are even more disturbing).

  • Lord of Bass

    God damn you Spear God damn you! This site has turn me on sooo many new bands that I literally had to say “Stop… for now”. Now you tell me Sidious is a cleaner produced version of Fleshgod Apocalypse. I love Fleshgod Apocalypse but the problem I’ve always had with them is their shoddy production. It often hinders my ability the listen to their albums all the way through. Now I have to listen to these assholes and break my rule. Thanks man… Just kidding bro good write up, I’m stoked to listen to them. But still pissed nonetheless

  • Gluteus_Maximus_Rage

    Meanwhile, in Australia…

    • Gluteus_Maximus_Rage

      And finally…

  • Further Down the Metal Hole

    Need to get my hands on a stream of Cavalera Conspiracy. I completely agree with you on their second outing, which left me wanting. First album was excellent and a really pleasant surprise for a Soulfly fan like me.

  • Howard Dean

    There are bands named Dickless Tracy and Larva ov Cum.

    That’s all I have to say about that at the moment.

  • Pagliacci is Kvlt

    I listened to Odyssey and all I could think of was Spinal Tap’s jazz odyssey.