This Merzbow/Pitbull mashup is nightmare fuel


I’m taking this blog from a positive to a negative, I just want you to know that.

What’s more terrifying than the noise music composed by Japanese artist Merzbow? The harrowing debauchery of Mr. 305 Worldwide, of course. For 16 years, Pitbull, the Miami Beach Madman, has been terrorizing the streets of the greater 305 area code and parts abroad, bringing his sordid reputation for guns, sex, and hard liquor to the club and beyond. Sure, Pitbull has a squeaky-clean public image, even traveling as far north as Kodiak, Alaska as part of a Walmart promotional event, but don’t be fooled by his clean shave and disarming charisma; Pitbull is pure filth. Don’t believe me? Listen to his philistine antics and raw debauchery rendered bare on “Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera).” That’s “Tongue Out” for you innocent gringos.

Disgusting! Wretched! Profane!

So what could make an artist as perverse and dangerous as Pitbull even more unfit for consumption? A pairing with the deranged noise alchemist Merzbow. Pulse Demon alone is a harrowing trudge through demonic static wastes and industrial refuse, a bilge-encrusted slog of hellish terror. Adding Ne-Yo‘s vacuous incantations over the howling hiss of the infernal industrial dread only compounds the nightmares. It’s as if a charming incubus has stepped forth from the very abyss itself in a white suit and a clean shave to offer you his hand, but what waits behind that lopsided grin is damnation itself. “Give Me Pulse Demon Tonight” is hell.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Many thanks to Tumblr user Mandatoryupgrade for the mashup and Doug Moore of Pyrrhon for the link. You can see Mandatoryupgrade’s original post here. If you want to hear Merzbow’s Pulse Demon sans the demon cackling, check it out here.

Bonus journey into inferno.

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  • Eliza

    Listened to the whole thing

  • Guacamole Jim

    This is significantly better than regular Pitbull. I really don’t like the singing, though. If it had just been rapping, it’d almost be like Clipping., which is kinda hilarious.

    • Eliza

      This doesn’t say much though, regular Pitbull is awful.

  • Howard Dean

    [go to local post office with gift in ~14x14x5″ decorative box]

    Me: Hi, I need to ship this to a friend, please.

    Postal Worker: Ah, you’re going to need a shipping box for that.

    Me: Right. I know, that’s why I brought it here rather than just slapping postage on it and tossing it in outgoing mail.

    Postal Worker: Ahhh, well, that’s kind of a big box. Um, yeah, that’s kind of a big box.

    Me: People don’t send boxes this big to people?! It’s barely over a square foot.

    Postal Worker: Ah, well, yeah, they do. But that’s kind of big. I’m not sure we have a shipping box for that.

    Me: For real?

    Postal Worker: Ah, yeah. The largest box we have is 12×12″. Can you locate a larger box?

    Me: Well yeah, sure.

    Postal Worker: Good. Now, I don’t want to send you away, but I need to ask you to go to Staples or Best Buy or something, buy a Postal Service shipping box, and then bring it back here so we can send it.

    Me: You mean you want me to leave, go to a different town and buy a US Postal Service shipping box at Staples, and then bring it back to you so that you can then charge me to send it?

    Postal Worker: Ah, yeah.

    Me: Right now?

    Postal Worker: Ah, I don’t want to send you away, but that’s a pretty big box you are sending.

    Me: You know that when I leave here I’m totally going to UPS or Fedex, right?

    Postal Worker: Yeah.

  • Where the drums at?

    • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs

      Keeping time is for posers

  • BobLoblaw

    Started out sounding like spoken word. Should have kept that up…

    That second videos still image is great. Kinda went a little low with that faux jawline, defeats the purpose of the ruse.

  • M Shadows!


  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    I kinda like this. Ne-Yo’s parts are stupid though, should’ve just erased them.

    • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs

      I’m curious about how this would sound like with a pop artist with actual singing chops. Someone should mash Merzbow with Shakira

  • Hans

    I dug that second video. It’s fit to put an end to All Star being a meme.

    I’m approaching harsh noise ever so slowly. One of the things I like about it is when it ends – and I don’t mean that negatively. The silence that follows is somehow absolute, like I’m wrapped in cotton.

    • “It’s fit to put an end to All Star being a meme.”
      …so it can rightfully go back to just being a fantastic song.

      • Hans


  • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs


    • GoatForest


  • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs

    This mashup >>> all other mashups

    • Hans

      I tried, okay? I really tried not to post this guy again. Alas, I am a mere mortal.

      • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs

        Wow, this is much better than the actual song. As in, it actually makes for an enjoyable song

  • Oh, boy, it’s Pitbull… Here we go again…

    5/5 flaming scared normies emojis?

    • Listened to it.

      0/5, it sounds exactly like the original.