The Porcelain Throne: Dog Fashion Disco


On this additional edition, we have a submission of some suspicion from Poseur Disposeur that is no snoozer unless you’re a loser. I’ll stop now. Check this shit out:

Dog Fashion Disco is one of the all-time elite bands. I recognize that this is a controversial statement, but it stands up to close scrutiny. They are largely unclassifiable, freakishly talented, and gloriously bizarre. DFD were at their peak in the dying days of nu metal, but they have little in common with the genre besides their accessibility. They broke up at the height of their creative output, and have remained a strange footnote in the history of metal ever since. Internet nerds deride DFD to the point of emesis as ripping off Mr. Bungle, and the influence is obvious in the band’s numerous genre and style changes within their songs. Dog Fashion Disco’s music is much more linear and accessible than Bungle, but their weird mash of styles gets across the same schizophrenic confusion that makes Bungle one of the sickest bands of all time. They couple this with a bizarre sense of humor that is too wacky to be disturbing but too dark to really be funny. They are metal for children who go to the circus in the vain hope that they will see someone devoured by lions. They are the metal band equivalent of that movie Balada Triste de Trumpeta.  They are unjustifiably obscure despite having such obvious commercial appeal, largely because their style is an utter mockery of metal and everything it stands for.

I know essentially nothing about Dog Fashion Disco’s biography or anything about the members. I live very far from any city with any kind of musical culture. Outside of my circle of friends, I really have no idea what DFD means to the metal culture at large or if they have any significant following out there in the real world. I now demand that any readers who are pathetically ignorant of the musical legacy of one of metal’s most underrated bands immerse themselves into the comic lunacy that is Dog Fashion Disco.

Erotic Massage, Experiments in Alchemy, This Embryo’s in Bloom (1997-1998)

Their first couple of albums contain only a little to anticipate the group’s more metallic future sound. The band’s debut Erotic Massage is actually just unconventional, eclectic rock. As the albums progress, the sound becomes more aggressive and metal focused. Many of their early material was subsequently re-recorded in higher quality on future albums, so early Dog Fashion Disco is non-essential but highly entertaining listening. At first they sound like they could have turned out to be a slightly heavier Reel Big Fish. The song “Wait” from Erotic Massage is like what would happen if college rock bands were aping Steely Dan instead of Weezer. “Siddhis”, from Experiments in Alchemy, could totally be a radio rock hit in some alternate universe.

Anarchists of Good Taste, Committed to a Bright Future (2001-2003)

These two albums encapsulate what I consider to be the canonical Dog Fashion Disco sound. They are wacky, eclectic, and heavy. The lyrics are an unsettling orgy of cartoon violence from the urethra of Hell. The tunes are hooky as fuck and built around massive sing-alongs that erupt from the slime of the band’s truly deranged vibe. A huge part of Dog Fashion Disco’s appeal is their goofy, morbid lyrics about the body’s many wonderful and revolting fluids. Picking standout tracks from these albums is a fruitless endeavor, and I highly recommend everyone give them a complete listen. Though it is not exactly the best of their songs from this period, I submit for your consideration the track “Dr. Piranha” from Committed to a Bright Future, largely because the opening lyric and album cover should appeal to you people:

The Exotic Sounds of the Alter Boys (2005)

No story of Dog Fashion Disco can be complete without mentioning the Alter Boys. The Alter Boys were a one-off side-project featuring members of Dog Fashion Disco, the tough guy singer from Mushroomhead and the late Ryan Dunn of Jackass (plus a bunch of other guys). It was released to little fanfare and made no impact on anyone who wasn’t simultaneously a die-hard fan of Mushroomhead, DFD and Jackass (I was). I don’t know if this stuff appeals only to me, but their only album is one of my favorite musical recordings ever produced. It is a mix of ballads, funk, surf rock, metal, jazz and a righteous Tom Waits cover. They are so forgotten and inconsequential that only five of their songs are on youtube. Their best track exists only as a custom Guitar Hero playthrough video from 2007, with just a hair over 3,000 views. Check it out:

Adultery (2006)

The final album of Dog Fashion Disco’s original run is the strangest in the catalogue. This album carries the most Mr. Bungle influence, and is a narrative concept album describing adultery and its violent aftermath. Though it does not rock as hard as the previous two releases, it is very ambitious and original in both its music and overall presentation. Every song sounds different, and there are only a couple tracks that really carry the definitive DFD sound from the last two albums. To represent this album, I would have given you the song “Desert Grave”, which sounds like the singer was simultaneously possessed by the restless spirits of both Johnny Cash and John Hinckley Jr. Unfortunately, the album version isn’t on Youtube yet, so enjoy “Moonlight City Drive” or, as this youtube person has labelled it “DOG FASHION DISCO-FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS”:

(Writing this article has made me realize that I am going to have to upload a lot of DFD music to Youtube. I didn’t know they were THAT obscure.)

Sweet Nothings (2014)

Much to my surprise, Dog Fashion Disco returned to glorious form with 2014’s Sweet Nothings album. The same old sound we love so damn much. Buy it. Buy it twice. Disco is back in style fools! Dat ASS THO!!!

(Editor Note: Video is NSFW)

I sincerely hope that this brief introduction inspires more people the way that Dog Fashion Disco has inspired me for so many years.

Thanks to Poseur Disposeur for this wacky and groovy submission, and as always, if you want to take a turn check out The Official Porcelain Throne Guidelines.

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  • I’m a huge DFD fan. I have just about every album. Distinctive sound and vocals and a diehard fanbase that ponied up 84k for the new albums.

    You could’ve also mentioned Polkadot Cadaver, Knives Out!, and El-Creepo

    • JamesGrimm

      The superior band.

    • Dagon

      The chorus riffing here is dope. Visuals sorta creepy.

      • They’ve got 3 albums out. When you listen to the lyrics, they’re actually pretty creepy and disturbing. It’s a good juxtaposition to the dancey happy music.

        • Dagon

          I read the lyrics for that video, interesting stuff even though I don’t know what it means. I’m gonna dig more on these dudes soon.

          Off to the everlasting queue…

      • I dig that fast surf punk riff. Lyrics and the singing are great as well.

    • Singer also has a nu metalish band called Knives Out. I enjoy this song and video, no shame. Lots of blood from old horror movies in this vid so it may be NSFW.

      • Yup, I mentioned Knives Out. Having 2 members of Nothingface probably helps the nu-metalish sound.

        • Kevin Nash & Friends

          Nothingface rules. I wish they’d reunite.

        • Nothingface’s 1st album is pretty good by nu metal stanards. I own it, still no shame.

    • The lyrics/video are so creepy, but the vocal hooks are very very catchy.

    • Poseur Diposeur

      Everything you have said is awesome and correct

    • Poseur Diposeur

      Oh and I would have mentioned those things but I stuck scrupulously to the suggested word limit.

  • JamesGrimm
    • Dagon

      Hahaha the autotune fucking killed me. This chorus really is an autotuned Fall Out Boy chorus. I don’t understand how I was into these dudes at one point.

    • Poseur Diposeur

      Not sure if you are aware but DFD has a rarities collection called Beating a Dead Horse to Death… Again!

  • Dagon

    Video #2 didn’t work for me, but #4 suits Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas so damn well. This is cool.

    • Call the Slambulance

      I love the little sound he makes when he blows the amyl. *snooort* “EEE”

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    bands like these–back til the 90s–as Clinton cash controlled “fake fashion”–to try to brainwash people—into being “controlled”—but also to promoted agenda 21 human style and behavior

    “status quo”—non rebellious—neat and clean—-possibly bisexual——“Appealling”music
    that’s just from looking at them—to be fair—>didn’t listen to them
    agenda 21—as multilevel control on all citizens—in the “internet of things”—–forced atheistic—-

    • JamesGrimm

      Counter culture sure is big business…

      • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        its about dividing people —they use themes that seem positive from a bleeding heart “liberal” type perspective—in order to try to get public support

        but then twist the concepts secretly–into totalitarian–completely anti liberal
        slave bullshit—
        they play whatever sides against each other—like..
        let’s say “sexual liberation”—->free love was promoted by the u.n.—to justify introduction of the birth control pill====in order to eventually reduce the “love” –for population control
        gay acceptance—promoted as acceptance and well meaning openness for all people—but used as justification for anti religious persecution–and promotion of more direct sexual harassment/manipulation—by the media
        racial equality—after the u.n. shot martin luther king—ended all black nationalism–except for controlled groups –who had to be portrayed as “racist”—then the msm created “perpetual msm race war”—to justify “controlled” riots/quasi war–against pro usa police forces–in the name of race—–a perfect excuse–to use to attack perceived enemies—-
        ‘the race card”

        • JamesGrimm

          wow……I need more drugs and late night t.v……

      • Do you listen to Look What I Did?

        • JamesGrimm

          yes and that was a quote, lol. love that album.

  • The Beargod

    A friend of mine got into these guys big around the same time I became a MR.Bungle fan-of-sorts. Neither of us could get into the other band but I checked out Polkadot Cadaver sometime ago and liked some of their material so this might be a good time to try to check this band out again.

  • Call the Slambulance

    This is a great article, man! Every time I hear DFD I fall in love, but I never think to look into it any more. You’ve inspired me to buy their shit <3

    • New album out at the end of the summer.

      • Call the Slambulance

        Awww snap. I’ll definitely keep my eyes and wallet open.

    • Poseur Diposeur

      I am enormously happy to hear that dude. I couldn’t believe when I started doing this article and seeing how many of their songs aren’t on youtube, and then seeing that a lot of the ones that are on there have under 1,000 views

  • Guacamole Jim

    Rad. Solid dig.

  • I liked this a lot more than I thought I would.

    You might enjoy this band from Charlotte. I’m not a fan of this song since it doesn’t go anywhere but this is the only one with good quality. I think they’re on spotify

    • Poseur Diposeur

      I love this. Vocals sound pretty weak in the mix though

  • Hot Squirt Of Best Korea Love

    Sounds more like Voodoo Glow Skulls than Mr. Bungle! Not bad though.

  • Spear

    I’ve ignored this band until today. How wrong I was to do so. Side note: “Moonlight City Drive” kinda sounds like a wilder That Handsome Devil.

  • Good to see others get in on the PT action. The past few selections have been really good. Nice work Poseur! Anarchists is the only album I own by DFD but this has me wanting to revisit their other stuff.

  • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS

    These folks sound like they enjoy Mike Patton’s bands. It’s like Bungle meets Tomahawk.

    • Pretty much, if you are a Patton fanboy, you’ll like these guys.

      • KJM

        Patton’s best project is Fantomas imo. I’m just not a fan of the whole “look at us! we’re whacky!” thing.

        • Guppusmaximus

          I’d probably agree about Bungle had that glorious s/t not been released in ’91. Very few people knew of it, there was no internet and the album showcases the talent that landed them a deal with Warner Bros. I don’t believe they were just vying for attention, imho.

          But, I’m biased because my mind got fucked by that album when I got it back then. I had no idea what in the hell I was listening to…

          • KJM

            Check out the Barrett era Floyd I’ve been posting if you’re not familiar with it. You might dig it if you enjoy weird/whimsical.

          • Guppusmaximus

            I’ve listened to quite a bit of Barrett era Floyd and it’s just a bit too dated for me. No offense, but it sounds amateur to me…just my opinion (no more .02 -right Link – lol)

          • KJM

            It’s all good, can’t like everything.

          • Guppusmaximus

            So true:)

          • Sir Tapir the Based

            Disco Volante is better than their s/t imo.

          • Guppusmaximus

            I think it is better in an experimental mode. I just loved the Metal meets Stephen King Side Show world that the first one birthed. However, I also got introduced to Jazz around the same time as their s/t (The Dolphins – Malayan Breeze) ,so, ‘Carry Stress in the Jaw’ was my fav track from Disco Volante.

        • Never got into Fantomas, shit’s too spazzy and all over the place.

          • KJM

            I love ‘Director’s Cut’, some of the best cover songs I’ve ever heard, and it’s a lot more straightforward than their other material.

          • Guppusmaximus

            That album is GENIUS!!… Timeless too:)

          • KJM

            Confirmed! I saw them opening for Tool on that tour. The audience was completely polarized. I heard people say “That was the worst crap I’ve ever heard!” and “I’m buying that cd after work tomorrow! Fucking awesome!” within a minute of each other.

          • Guppusmaximus

            If they played anything off the first album (I love it) it would’ve evoked all sorts of hatred especially at a Tool show.

          • Óðhinn
          • Sure it wasn’t Tomahawk? That’s who I saw open for Tool once.

          • KJM

            Fantomas opened in 2001. Tomahawk opened in 2002. I saw both tours.

          • Ah, I see!

          • Agreed, that was the only one that grabbed me.

  • This is a.. Weird, but awesome induction into the Throne, Poseur. Thanks for sharing this. Never listened them!

    This Dr. Piraña is very wacky.

    Also, the bass sounds excellent in all your picks. Bravo!

    • Poseur Diposeur

      Gracias pana. Estoy feliz que tu lo has disfrutado

  • KJM

    I’m not done talking about Floyd so I’ll just say that anyone who isn’t familiar with the Syd Barrett era Floyd should check it out. I know plenty of people who prefer it to the early 70s and Wall era stuff.

  • The Devil

    Not really representative of DFD’s quirky sound (which was always something I could pretty much take or leave), but I always dug this jam.

    • Poseur Diposeur

      This was originally the one I put up for Adultery, but I felt Moonlight City Drive was more representative

  • KJM
  • KJM

    Sorry if I’m a thread or two off topic but I wuz busy and I’m a big Floyd fan.

  • KJM

    Knew I’d heard Dog Fashion Disco before today.

  • KJM

    In my paisley shirt, I look a jerk.

  • Actiondonkey

    I fucking love DFD. Saw/met them in Pensacola a few months back. Class acts.

  • xengineofdeathx

    This band is pretty rad, Anarchists of good Taste is my favorite. That weird ass disco part in Vertigo Hotel is one of my favorite things ever… I read on theprp that they changed their name to DFD because Hug the Retard was too controversial a band name. But that was in like 1999 so who knows if it’s true.