The Painter’s Palette


Check out some photography from our favorite Ukrainian, tertius_decimus.

This is the post about my soul mate Danil. He’s a painter, musician and avid metalhead. During our city-of-origin yesteryears, we’ve spent many long days together in the field. He was making his craft, I was capturing his work in progress on camera. Pretty much an art tandem, right? I kid you not. Being a much better painter than myself (I’m more onto graphics/calligraphy bandwagon), he was constantly asking for my advice if he had encountered some constraints on the matter of composing, some detail issues or if colors as seen in person don’t match with what had found its way onto canvas. What you should read between the lines is that he’s no way a selfish snob; quite the contrary. Artists often work really hard to make a living, their income comes from daily jobs, which is the case here, so art has more like hobby status instead of being one’s main activity. Our silence sometimes can be deafening, like nobody cares about the art. We must express ourselves. It is not that huge a price to pay, right?

Warning: the article is picture-heavy.

Ephel Duath’s The Painter’s Palette is one of the most prominent acts in experimental metal. Fourth track matches perfectly to the subject of this article. Click it and scroll down.

There wouldn’t be many words to say. Pictures will speak for themselves. First of all, check out his Deviant Art page. In the second place, I want to thank Thrash’n’Kill for letting me share this article which is complete off-topic to Toilet Ov Hell’s paradigm. Thanks, Joe!


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  • Maik Beninton™

    There goes Capiroto
    Going down Norway’s mountain
    Give it hell to that little cart Carpirotinho
    Give it hell, give it hell.

  • Maik Beninton™

    Cool stuff tertius.

  • Count_Breznak

    In a happy little accident he shaved off his afro ?

  • Mother Shabubu III 12 BRICKS
  • Hubert

    The one with the buildings in the background is beautiful. It has this combination of prettiness and bleakness that I like in all of my entertainment.

  • Tyree
  • Tertius, that 4th from last photo with Danil almost microscopic and the huge housing towers in the background . . . that is one masterful fucking composition. I’d hang that on my wall.

    • tertius_decimus


      • *Skeets thricely*

      • KJM

        I like this and the other pic of him painting with the apartment complex in the background, nice contrast.

  • I have so much respect for people who can paint and draw. My ability to convey anything through either medium is on the level of a kindergartner. I’m really bad at it. I do much better when I convey my images through words.

    • you’ve got the photochop skillz doe…

      • I can use paint(dot)net like a pro. #Filters

        • Well, that picture didn’t seem to post on my screen. If it did, and disqus is being a cunt, ignore this one (the album cover is for my friends black metal band):

    • KJM

      I’m lucky if I can draw a stick person and make it look recognizable.

  • Malted Hate

    I’m just starting to learn how to paint so I can do more band covers. The painted look goes a long way.
    It’s hard as fuck.

    (great post!)

    • Tyree

      I wish I could paint and have the patience as well. I used to draw and paint back in high school/college, but Photoshop has sort of kept me away from it. Good luck with it man. I do a lot of artwork in Photoshop, but I try and make it look like it was illustrated or painted in some way. I’m not much artwork that looks Photoshopped anymore.

      • Malted Hate

        Thanks man. I’m trying to not give up straight away because I suck at it. But really want to give it a fair shot. I’m more of a ink linework+ digital colors kind of guy, but I really feel the need to be able to paint so I can have more physical pieces…

    • JW(E)G

      Bob Ross was one of my childhood idols, yet somewhere along the way I wandered away from painting as a hobby. Sometimes I think I should go back to it. Other times I don’t have spare time to even consider such a thing…

  • The W.

    Hubert looks very pleased in that photo

    • Hubert

      You can read me like a painting Dubz.

      • The W.

        I painted you like one of my French goats.

  • This such a WIN post! Well done, my friend.

    Hail Danil, Hail Tertius.

    Awesome mash of music and media.

    (Great choosing that Ephel Duat song 😉

  • Fantastic photos, incredible paintings. Choice article, tertius!


    • “Gurp made a nice try. Keep up the good work”

      -1/10 – IGN

    • Sir Tapir the Based™

    • KJM

      “I would like to buy your cutting edge artwork for millions of dollars” – Clueless Upper Class Hipster waiting to be fleeced


      Without the words, I think this would actually be pretty cool

  • Stanley

    I’m certainly not a fan of Ephel Duath, But I’ll be damned if the music doesn’t fit the tone of this article perfectly!

  • Kevin Nash & Friends

    I enjoy this post greatly. I’m a terrible drawer/painter but I love your friends work.

  • Stanley

    My favorite picture is the black and white with Danil in the center and the Soviet era tower blocks in the background. Great composure and perspective.

  • CT-12

    Interesting article man, thanks for posting! Also, Ephel Duath rules, great song choice to accompany this article

  • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

    Great stuff tertius! “Our silence sometimes can be deafening, like nobody cares about the art. We must express ourselves. It is not that huge a price to pay, right?”

    Well wishes and positive vibes heading your way!

    • Condom Full Of Croutons

      “If you can imagine it, it’s real” -Pablo Picasso


    Blackbeard’s Pro Tips of the Day:
    Part 1. Vol 1: Getting the day off with no repercussions and spending it wisely.
    So, a couple weeks back I was going to ask off a Monday so I could get some shit done (my work schedule pretty much prohibits doing anything during normal work hours). Flashfoward to today, and I wake up with no jobs routed to me. Boss says go ahead and enjoy the day off. Proceed to play ESO all day, grinding like a trve baller. Clean the entire house, so the old lady wont bitch anymore. Keep grinding ESO. Smoke lots of weed. Go buy a gallon of vodka. Make daiquiris. Make dank ass burritos. Work out. Grind more ESO while doing wrist/forearm exercises. Smoke more weed. Have sex. Grind more ESO while getting more drunk.

    There you go. Were you slackin’ today, or were you chillin’ with me . . . in the roid lounge?

    edit: meant to include this for effect


      I meant also to add a comment about your pastoral artwork. It is beautiful.

      I’ll pull a zzzzzzzzzzzzzz and do this

      Listen to vid 1 @ 100% volume while looking at pics from post

    • JW(E)G

      Lazy day, for sure. Mostly spent watching cartoons on the “Retro” secondary channel of our equivalent of the Cartoon Network (Teletoon). I meant to go out, but it clearly wasn’t at the top of my priorities for the day.


        It was intended as a lazy day until the old lady left a “list” for me. I still fared well, considering. Have you watched Mike Tyson Mysteries? Is that part of the same programming?

        • JW(E)G

          It might be on the regular Teletoon lineup, if it’s on the Cartoon Network currently or recently.

          Unfortunately my Digital Cable package tier includes mostly HD versions of basic cable channels plus a tiny random selection of the premium ones – so Teletoon RETRO is included but not Teletoon-the-flagship-channel. Shaw Cable got around the fact that the CRTC recently imposed new per-channel regulations (that they have to let us pick and chose our programming instead of being stuck with a “package”) by making individual channel additions ridiculously exorbitant by comparison.

          It’s okay, though. I’d rather have daily access to the cartoons of my own childhood than ones geared toward my hypothetical children.

        • Condom Full Of Croutons

          Old lady made you get rid of the rum?

      • Condom Full Of Croutons

        Caught up on FB finally, did some drawing for the first time in forever, and kicking it with the cat. Today I’m resting up.

    • If I had a gallon of vodka and a bunch of weed at my disposal I would maybe end up in the ER, definitely end up posting comments that would get me permabanned–assuming I could even still type. So, cheers?

  • Condom Full Of Croutons

    Excellent article!

  • Vladimir Poutine

    Those are beautiful photos. Very well done.

  • JW(E)G

    I really like nature photography – and cinematography.

    Granted, it has entirely to do with being born and raised in a place where the cities grow up with nature instead of over top of it. It’s also why I gravitate toward atmospheric black metal. That and films that fully exploit (in a hands-off way though) the nature of the Pacific Northwest.

    This one for instance:
    More here:

    The more I think about it the more I find myself thinking of it as a variation on a Cascadian Black Metal album rewritten as a film. It’s the sort of thing I’d write more about if I didn’t waste so much of my time on other things (some of which, admittedly, are supposed to be eventually beneficial).

  • JamesGrimm


  • Dagon

    Hey Tertius, sorry I missed this yesterday, I had class. Great write-up and most importantly great shots. I loved your work.