The OFFICIAL TovH Valentine’s Day Playlist 2K17

Wanna pitch some woo on this, Valentine’s Day 2017? We’ve got the soundtrack for you!

It’s February 14th, which means Valentine’s Day is here. I hope you’ve all secured your requisite champagne and flowers and chocolate and champagne and fancy restaurant reservations and expensive jewelry already! If you haven’t, it’s far too late and your significant other will almost certainly leave you for their sexy coworker Gregg.

For those of you with the foresight to avoid being scorned for the strong, supple Gregg, you’ll also need an appropriate soundtrack of holiday-themed music to properly court your lover. Thankfully, Toilet ov Hell had the foresight to create this playlist of Valentine’s Day music for you and your main squeeze. Click play below and allow the music to move you to declare your eternal love for your best guy or girl and your eternal hatred for the loathed Gregg.


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Published on: February 14, 2017

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