Tech Death Thursday: Unbreakable Hatred


Make peace with your gods, fools; Unbreakable Hatred are going to snap you in two. This is Tech Death Thursday.

First, some news:

– Abhorrent have a new album coming out November 20th. Check out “Ifrit” from Intransigence right here.

– Brutal tech-deathers Cerebric Turmoil have posted a song from Neural Net Meltdown, out November 13th. Brace for weird.

– Somehow, I missed the release of Atlas Entity‘s new EP last week. If you like your death with a side of prog, check out Enceladus right here.

– Theory In Practice dropped a two-song EP earlier this week entitled Evolving Transhumanism. Check it out on Youtube here and here, because I’m not linking to goddamned iTunes.

– Nile have released a new song! Check out “Evil to Cast Out Evil,” and look for What Should Not Be Unearthed on August 28th.

I’m going to preface this by saying that I didn’t care for Unbreakable Hatred’s debut, Total Chaos. It was very by-the-numbers death metal with the occasional solo and sweep fill. The riffs weren’t anything you hadn’t heard a hundred times before, the solos lacked voice, and even the vocals weren’t backed by much power. It was a wholly forgettable experience, and though there were hints of something greater there, I honestly didn’t expect much more from the band.

So why am I choosing to feature them? Because Ruins, their second album, is a complete turnaround from Total Chaos. The band has grown tremendously in the four years between the two albums, honing their craft and shaping their sound. Everything has shown improvement; the drums are far tighter than they were on Chaos and the beats are way more creative. The riffs here have a pummeling Dying Fetus quality to them, and the technical elements have been integrated into the riffs themselves in a much more gratifying manner than simply bookending phrases. The title track (posted above) and its follow-up, “Unpredictable Brutality,” are the best examples of this new fully-formed sound.

Ruins is an immensely satisfying new step for Unbreakable Hatred, and moreover, it’s a damned fine death metal record. Stream it here and look for it on August 21st.

That’s all for this week, and remember:

Stay Tech

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    Spying Fajitas

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            Flying Viscus

          • I was gonna say Archspire but then it occurred to me that they are nowhere near my favorite anymore. Seems I need a new band name to blurt out at times like this. I’ll be taking applications in the interrogation room.

          • Or maybe just don’t!

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            The choice is pretty obvious:

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            How about Pip Pip Da Doodly Doo? Also, Papa Doo Run Run.

  • The new Nile song makes me feel good.


  • I think we need to start calling this feature:



    • Unique Leader, Metal Blade, Lacerated Enemy, Willowtip, best tech death labels. Unsigned is a really good label too though.

      • Spear

        Lacerated Enemy has pretty consistent output, too. Some of their stuff is trash, though.

        • I had to include them because Primordium

    • Unique weedily deedilies.

      • The Haunting Presence of Tyree

        They used to straight up awesome death metal. Now it’s mostly all tech and slammy shit.

        • sweetooth0

          Their best album. I did like the last one though, particularily the vinyl which sounds to my ears like it has a lot more dynamic master than the hyper compressed CD release.

          • The Haunting Presence of Tyree

            I agree. Path of the Weakening is such a raw release. I fucking love it! Can’t get into the newer Deeds, too techy and plastic sounding.

        • I saw these guys play a few times back in the day they were tight but they never really stood out for me. Although I do prefer this style of DM vs then hearing riffs fly all over the fretboard.

        • CyberneticOrganism

          Sweet van art, man.

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            I’d totally drive in a van with that painted on the side.

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            Why? Vans that have art straight out of the 70’s are the best kind of vans.

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            That’s a somewhat NSFW van.

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            Just drive it on weekends then.

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            I have not suluted anything since I got out of the service 30 years ago.

  • You can definitely hear the Dying Fetus influence with these guys. Vocals remind me of Pyrexia a little bit.

    • Spear

      Yeah, with a little David Davidson in there too.

  • Hubert

    That’s a pretty minimalist cover for a Tech-Death band.

    • The wife and I are considering getting a couple of goats next spring. I was told that you cannot get just one, or it will be lonely and cry/wail a lot. Interesting information, my goat friend.

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        • Hmmm. Never heard that phrase before. Makes sense!

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        • Went on a date with a vet tech. She told me that sometimes the goats are the dependent animal and the horse just lets them hang out all the time. Animal friendz.

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            That happens to birds too, specially parrots who live next to each other. So I’ve heard.

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            It happens with people too. Old couples who have been married for long periods of time. Often one dies and the other dies shortly after. It happened to an old guy I worked for. He died and a month later she died. They were married for 65 years. When he died she lost her will to live.

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        I’ve learned a lot of trivia about goats ever since I’ve started doing this Hubert character lol.

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        • How about I just get a beer tent instead?


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            Solid plan. The money you save on feeding pairs of animals. Is much better spent on beer!

  • Dubzlinger, Malandro

    This Cerebric Turmoil song IS weird.

  • The Haunting Presence of Tyree
  • CyberneticOrganism
  • Disgustache

    While I am not the biggest fan of tech death, I listen weekly in hopes that I will once again find a great band from this blog. I also really really like to hear the drumming from these bands. It’s tight butthole.

  • 365chaosriddendays

    Nile, ah, Nile, what can we say about Nile? a sonic massacre structured with logic like in this new song by them, around the minute 1:50 George Kollias destroys the earth, good riffs, the opening riff is tasty!

  • tertius_decimus

    > Theory In Practice dropped a two-song EP earlier this week

    What? Wait, WHAT?! Between this new EP and “Colonizing the Sun” lies the abyss 13 years long… Dreams come true. The best goes to those, who wait…

    • tertius_decimus

      Holy shit, the new stuff rips! Everything “The Armageddon Theories” and “Colonizing the Sun” were known for and a little more! I am happy camper.

  • tertius_decimus

    Hey, ToH, it’s new Theory In Practice here and there’s not a single comment on it! What’s wrong with you? Do you need a plumber?

    • Spear

      I checked it and I dug it. I hadn’t heard of them prior to yesterday, though, so I guess I wasn’t as hyped as… well, everyone else into tech apparently.

  • Waynecro

    Thanks for the great post, Spear. Man, I love Tech Death Thursday. The tech-death jams go straight to my head, and then I get all snippy with management during the weekly meeting. I think they’re going to move the meeting to Monday, when I have much less spirit.

  • Scrimm

    I dug Total Chaos.

  • Óðinn