Tech Death Thursday: Isomorphic


It’s time to melt your face off once again.

First off, let me just say that this particular edition of TDT is going to be a bit on the shorter side since I’m absolutely swamped for time right now. With that said, let’s take a look at Isomorphic:

These dudes emailed me asking me to check out their material. Being the nice guy that I am, I did just that, and I came away pleasantly surprised. In the email, the band mentioned that they are influenced by Necrophagist, Spawn of Possession and Antithesis era Origin. Big words for a band that I had never heard of. However, I would say their description is spot on. I can totally hear Origin in the guitar tone, and Spawn of Posession in the bass and the unique way in which the song’s flow feels very much like Necrophagist. The production is very raw sounding, but at the same time easy to listen to. It’s also much easier to hear the bass in this song than in most of tech death (a trend I like and want more of). These guys are clearly oozing with talent, and I will be watching them closely to see what happens next. For the record labels watching these posts, sign this band. If you dig them like I do, you can grab their EP for free on Bandcamp and follow them on Facebook.

I don’t have any guest submissions this week. You all need to send some. I think there are only 4 people in total who have sent some, a few multiple times! Stop being lazy lifelovers! Like I said before, it doesn’t have to be anything super new. It can just be one of your favorite songs or something. After all, I like to know what you guys/gals in the comments like. I do feel bad about this being so short, but I have to make money so that I can pay bills and other stupid stuff like that. Next week will be back to normal, I swear on my Lucid Collective CD.  Still though, I will leave you with this badassery as an apology for being lazy/busy this week :

Until next time,

Stay Tech 

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  • NefariousDude

    Am I really first? Will I have to shoot my bacon down from the sky now??

    • Nordling Rites Ov Edward

      You did it, Nefarious Rites ov Karhu.

  • Nordling Rites Ov Edward

    “being the nice guy that I am, I did just that” story of my life, right there.

  • Heh I just now realized the album art features Bob!

  • Tyreeling in Titty Fish

    How far can you stretch your scrotums (If you have em)?

    • VV.

      Pretty far with practice. I can use mine to glad like a flying squirrel.

    • Kim Jong Un Pardons A Turkey

      I envelope my people (the proud citizens of Best Korea) with it in a show of love and transparency. And during the holidays, it gets rented out by the FAA to use as a windsock.

      • Stockhausen

        That’s quite benevolent of you.

        • Kim Jong Un Pardons A Turkey

          I am a kind and supremely benevolent freely elected dictator and Ruler For Life!

  • Nordling Rites ov Karhu

    Pretty Snarling

  • Jack Bauer >>>>>>>>>>

    • Isomorphic was good! The raw production gave them a different dimension.

  • Hubert, Goat ov Doom (and Void

    Good Tech-Death >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bad Tech-Death. STAY EMTECHEND.

  • JWG

    I swear I just saw a TV ad with a guy who looked suspiciously like you promoting Cuervo tequila, Mr. Bauer.

    I can’t imagine you being into anything so clearly un-American though…

    • Probably one of my body doubles working his side job.

      • hey i wanna put in a submission before anyone else. can you e-mail me? i don’t have yours. cyrollan[at]gmail[dot]com

        • dude just message me on steam lol. If you don’t want to I’ll email u though.

  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain
    • Hubert, Goat ov Doom (and Void

      Hey KSOFM, what’s your opinion on the SKRONK?

      • King Shit of Fuck Mountain


        • Hubert, Goat ov Doom (and Void

          Posers call it Dissonant Death Metal, But it’s more commonly known as the SKRONK. bands in the genre are Gorguts, Ulcerate, Portal, Artificial Brain. You know, bands that do the SKRONK.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Gorguts is cool. I dig Portal too.

          • Ulcerate’s Destroyers of All >>>>>>>>>

          • Stockhausen

            That album rules butts.

          • Nordling Rites ov Karhu

            But(t) does it rule the bosom too?

          • Nordling Rites Ov Edward

            Destroyers of All >>> Vermis

          • Oh yah, by a long shot.

          • TrickleDownTacoRiff

            I spent the last half hour on you tube in an effort to stay in formed. I am now able to identify skronk as a dm subgenre in a ramdom dm audio test mixing subgenres…try me.

  • Nordling Rites Ov Edward

    Hey, this is not on topic, but, are you guys aware of what is happening right now in Buffalo, New York? Holy shit.

    • Google tells me the Void visited NY in snow-form

    • Tyreeling in Titty Fish

      The Void is strong in Buffalo.

    • Hubert, Goat ov Doom (and Void

      No, I’m not, enlighten me my dear human friend.

      • Nordling Rites Ov Edward

        These guys are right on point, The Void came to Buffalo in a massive six foot (yes six feet) snowstorm. I’m looking at flics of it now shit is insane.

        • 🙁 wow..

          • Nordling Rites Ov Edward
          • that’s insane! I mean, I don’t know how can you get out of your house with 3 mts of snow parked in front of your door..

          • Oh my god. This just means that winter is going to be brutal this year. I mean it’s still fucking fall!

          • Nordling Rites Ov Edward

            Technically, but November in MN is winter.

          • I dont think its fall anymore Jack. Besides, this is lake-effect snow, so unless you live in a similar area, I doubt you’ll be seeing this from a regular storm. Here we only get bursts but they last for days, that is something I dont ever expect to see, even in the mountains.

          • If you all need our sunshine caribbean climate you can all come to Venezuela. I will cook for all of you 😀 (only if I find food lol). Today was so hot that everyone in the streets were with tanktops

          • sun’s out… guns out!

          • This country is always sunny and armed!

          • One of my favorite scenes ever, and apparently it was pretty much all improv.

          • Embedding fail

          • Refresh the page, you cvnt.

            Edit: Oh shit, doesn’t work on other sites 🙁

          • yes, dear

          • I present to you a ‘malandro’. A definitive cultural product of the guettos of Venezuela. don’t thank me 😉


          • IS THAT YOU LINK???

          • OMG, NO! God forbid me if I become a thug.

          • Look at those fuckin’ ex-clips. Dem gunz >>>>>>> sry link. I was soooo waiting for him to blow his own idiot head off though.

          • do you mean this clip? This was national tv:

          • Venezuela > Ghetto

          • just the worse people on earth deserves to be in a guetto (politicians, bankers, etc). There are a lot of humble working people living in the hoods of our country trying to make a better life :/

          • LinkLifeLessions >>>>>

          • jajaja, thanks for the publicity, pirate. In those places you got two options: work/study/hard way or go easy way/thug life. That’s the easiest explanation of why we have so many insecurity.

          • Well, I think you missed the part where Pimpin’ Aint Easy, Link.

          • well, here they have a privileged position by being a seed of terror. in 7pm you are automatically scared when you hear a motorcycle behind you. it’s synonym of a robbery with gun in hand.

          • Jajajajajaja, he doesn’t inspire that terror. He would def have it hard!

          • KJM

            Morbid obesity and he smokes cigarettes, the picture of health right there.

          • I guess I shouldn’t write up a new Swellin’ to the Jammiez, then =/

          • KJM

            I’m far from Mr Healthy but this cat makes me look like an Olympian. I also used to be much heavier and had to bust serious ass to lose that extra baggage.

          • KJM

            That happens in all places where income inequality is rampant. Even hard, honest work is no guarantee of success.

          • You have to find your food, Link?

          • Venezuela is having a bad economic year and we have suddenly shortage of some products. For example, right now in the supermarkets you can’t find like usual razor blades or food oil. You have to do laaarge files of hundred of people to buy those products.

          • So shouldn’t we be inviting you here, not the other way around?

          • Well, we can find with overprices those products in the black market. My father is helping me with the shops and I have 2 packages of toilet paper, corn flour and chicken. I feel like a rich man.

          • Well now I feel like an asshole.

          • omg, no, don’t say that. I try to stay fine and positive despite all this crappy economics. It’s very sad that we’re having a debacle of the middle class and a loss of social/political conscious. But we still have a beautiful country. Even with this awful economy you can still come and enjoy the natural treasures of Venezuela, like the tepuys, Margarita, ayahuasca and Los Andes 😛 AND OF COURSE DA MUSIC!!!

          • KJM



          • The Old Believer >>>>>>>>

          • that is the only “drug” that gives me curiosity.

          • KJM

            Closest I’ll get in Boston is mushrooms, and that’s NOT the same thing at all.

          • I dont even blast off with hallucinogens anymore. Well, i dont think that means I wouldn’t do more

          • KJM

            I’d do shrooms again for sure, but LSD? NO.

          • I really dont have much desire to those or any of the others ive done again. #age

          • KJM

            As a man of a “certain age” also I don’t care much either but, if someone handed me a small cap or two, I wouldn’t say no.

          • Ugh. I’d rather go to the dentist than trip. No damn fun.

          • KJM

            Well, last time I was in a dentist(i.e. oral surgeon) office I got Nitrous and a scrip for Percocet so…

          • Daaaang. You must have better coverage than my bum ass dental plan.

          • KJM

            Let’s just say it’s one of many reasons I will NEVER move away from Massachusetts.

          • Lacertilian

            That is by far the craziest thing I’ve seen you say!

          • Yeah, thats probably about where I’m at. The old lady is more inclined to that spectrum than myself. #BlastsOff

          • had you tasted that? I never dig any other drug than sugar lol

          • KJM

            OMG yes, I’ve had shrooms and LSD plenty of times. I had friends that attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology who were VERY skilled chemists, or should I say alchemists. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve cared about that though.

          • Stockhausen

            You are a better man than us all.

          • jajajaja, no way! we’ll have something to offer to build a better place. Just remember that if you visit our country you can come to our city to eat good food and share some coffee

          • Stockhausen

            I would be all about that, I bet Venezuelan food and coffee are awesome.

          • the bad economy won’t prevent me to have some of this bad boys on december. These are Hallacas, a traditional food on christmas. It’s a mix of beef, pork and chicken with raisins, capers and olives inside of a corn flour dough, fold in plantain leaves:

          • CT-12

            That looks fucking awesome

          • the flavor is a perfect mix of meat, sweet and salty. in this country, when you use raisins and capers you automatically thinks of december lol

          • What are you doing in the mountains? You are supposed to be at sea!

          • Pirates get around. (you didn’t see my sweet new cutla$$ supreme?)

          • Janitor Jim Dvggan is #teamedw

            Is it a low rider and does it have shag carpeting?

          • It’s what you’d call a “Hood car”

          • Janitor Jim Dvggan is #teamedw

            I’ve always wanted either one of those, a 87 Buick Regal or an old Chevy Impala. Those cars are awesome.

          • and 80’s Regal would be a car I’d love to own.

          • Janitor Jim Dvggan is #teamedw

            I’d love to own a convertible of any of those cars I said or a Pontiac Firebird. I’ve always wanted a Pontiac Firebird. Does your car have a nice stereo?

          • Oh, I dont actually own one. Cutlass is another name for the shortsword pirates used to carry. So, puns?

          • Janitor Jim Dvggan is #teamedw

            I just got that pun. It made me laugh.

          • Ive got a couple other good ones in the werx

          • Grand National GNX FTW!

          • *Sees article is on Buzzfeed, dunks computer in gasoline and lights it up*

        • I liked the hashtag #SNOWMAGEDDON14

        • Janitor Jim Dvggan is #teamedw

          The Void will come to Poughkeepsie at some point this winter. I just know it will.

          • Nordling Rites Ov Edward

            JJD vs. The Void, round 1.

          • As if you can fight teh void. Pah!

          • Janitor Jim Dvggan is #teamedw

            I can’t wait for it to come. I love the winter and if The Void comes I shall embrace it like it was my trve love.

          • just wait til The Void gets THE PILEDRIVER!!!

          • Janitor Jim Dvggan is #teamedw

            I can’t wait to see The Void get hit with my good old 2X4 tough guy! Hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!

          • KJM

            In Boston, it’s just a matter of time.

        • I really wish my real life friends had any concept of the void so that I could use these expressions around them.

          • Friends? What dat is?

          • I’m referring to the decaying bodies I keep chained to the supports in my basement. They’re the only things that will listen to me these days.

          • Death

            You’re lucky to have them.

          • Janitor Jim Dvggan is #teamedw

            I have friends that aren’t chained in my basement. I don’t see them often enough.

          • KJM

            95% of my friends are hundreds of miles away and I almost never see them. That’s part of the reality of middle age. Take steps to see your friends more if you can.

          • Stockhausen

            That is acceptable.

        • On the bright side, think of all the snow days.

          • Janitor Jim Dvggan is #teamedw

            It will be hard to get around when it snows here, let alone enjoy the snow.

        • Death

          Sounds beautiful. Looks like I have to go to Buffalo.

          • i hear they have good wings.

          • Janitor Jim Dvggan is #teamedw

            They sure do. My aunt used to live there and she said they have great wings.

          • Death

            I can’t keep up with you rascals and your name changing.

          • Nordling Rites Ov Edward

            I don’t want to give anything away, but look for a special throwback namechange edition tomorrow on the Toilet Ov Void.

          • Death

            I have to ask, why did you choose to change your name to “Nordling Rites?” He doesn’t deserve the honour.

          • KJM

            Bears are cool.

          • Death

            But that fucker is not cool. He’s been banished to Estonia and no one in Estonia is cool.

          • KJM

            Estonia = Newark, NJ?

          • Death

            Does Newark have cheap booze, dirty whores and fear of Russians?

          • KJM

            2 out of 3 at least. I’ve only been through there twice. It smells really bad. That was a long time ago though. It might not be as bad now.

          • Nordling Rites Ov Edward

            Lol. I dunno. The day before I was Edward, Goat Ov Void as a reference to our buddy, Hubert, Goat Ov Doom. I thought putting Edward at the end of Nordling would have a nice ring to it, and it did catch on!

          • don’t deface his name! he is a lovable bear.

          • Death

            He’s already on my lowest list possible. He has disgraced us Finns with his positivity!

          • SQUEE!!!!! i think i have an idear!

          • KJM

            My name is linked to my Twitter account instead of Disqus so I try to keep it stable.

          • Death

            I think I may be chaning my name soon.

        • Stockhausen

          Holy crap. That’s too much snow, man. I hope our NY friends are all ok.

    • mother nature sure can be a cvnting lifelover sometimes

    • JWG

      All I knew before about Buffalo NY is how useful it is in the complete sentence ‘Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo’.

      But yes, I’ve read of current events. My father adamantly refuses to acknowledge that it might even be worse than the city-stalling snowstorm in Montreal in like 1976 despite the fact that his brother lives in a nearby State and has repeatedly suggested otherwise.

    • Janitor Jim Dvggan is #teamedw

      I live in New York and I feel bad for the people there. Six feet of snow is too much snow.

      • Kim Jong Un Pardons A Turkey

        I’m from Chicago, been through the super-blizzard of 2011, and even I have to feel bad for the folks in Buffalo.

    • Nordling Rites ov Pagliacci

      Buffalo is trve kvlt black metal.

  • Hey, Jack. I want to know your opinion on this record:

    • VV.

      Pestilence >>>>>>>>>>

      • Gvrp


    • I haven’t heard that one actually.

      • CT-12

        LISTEN TO IT!

      • tech death jazz fusion flavor, that’s the side of the tech death that I like.. hope you like it, that record is very hard to get on, but when you are inside those vibes you will appreciate it. the lyrics are very deep and spiritual, but also very positive. it’s a def good record, with JP Thesseling in the mix, of course.

  • Kim Jong Un Pardons A Turkey

    Here’s my best friend’s technical death metal band, since you asked for submissions. Always up in the air if they’re doing new stuff though, because of school and whatnot, and distance. Enjoy!

    PS, Isomorphic is pretty fucking badass so far! I can also hear a bit of Obscura in the mix there.

  • Xan

    This might be some of my favorite album artwork of all time.

    • are you familiar with the upcoming game SOMA from Frictional Games? looks scawwy!

      • Xan

        I haven’t. I just looked it up and saw it was from the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the Penumbra games so it is probably going to be pretty scary.

    • WHAAAAA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> #ONBLAST

    • avenged sevenfold?

        • Metaphysical Edward

          Stomach Earth = underrated imo.

      • CT-12

        Fuck yes dude, I fucked loved “Summon the Faithless”, can’t wait for “Poisoned Altars”, these guys kill

      • old_man_doom

        Fuck yeah. I’m seeing these guys tonight at my local bar/venue. Stoked/10

    • INB4 VV. can say “I got a Noothgrush on my toothbrush”

    • Tyreeling in Titty Fish

      @Stockhausen:disqus uses a Noothgrush to brush his teeth.

      • Stockhausen

        Do you not??

        • Tyreeling in Titty Fish

          I cunting do.

          • Stockhausen

            Mmmm. Yes. See to it that you do.

  • CT-12

    Pretty good though I wasn’t digging the drums, but a good pick nonetheless, thanks Jack!

  • Further Down the Metal Hole

    “You all need to send some”. Before I met the crew a year back I couldn’t name one Tech Death band, now as I’m slowly catching up I’m supposed to pull some yet unmentioned bands outta my arse?

    I’d rather just follow the gospel of Jack Bauer, thank you very much. Each week I’m wondering just how much is out there and when, if ever, you will run out of tech.

    • If I ever do run out of it, I will simply materialize more and it will spew from my fingertips like glorious mana from the archbauer.

      • Lacertilian

        I guess I could try and submit something if you’re struggling, it won’t be special.
        Email submissions?
        Just to the main ToH email?

  • OldMetalHead

    That Enfold Darkness track is sweet.