Tech Death Thursday: Aeuphoria


Trees’n’shit tech death? What has science done?!

Ruminate on this while you read the weekly tech news:

  • There’s a new Vale of Pnath song that you all need to listen to right now. Incidentally, it features a Malcolm Pugh guest solo and sounds just like Inferi doesn’t sound at all like Inferi, though VoP’s neoclassical leanings provide an excellent setting for his distinctive style. II will be out June 10th.
  • Katalepsy have premiered a new song, “Critical Black Mass.” It steps away from the band’s slam roots in the direction of brutal death, crushing more dicks than ever before. Look for Gravenous Hour on May 27th.
  • Fallujah have debuted another new song, this time with video! Check out “Abandon” and get ready for Dreamless, out tomorrow.
  • The Ritual Aura have a new album, Tæther, out Nov 11. Also, they have two new songs streaming at that other blog with the weekly tech death articles. Feel free to check them out, but know you will be branded as a traitor and a poser (no but seriously, go check them out. Way different vibe than the hyper-shred of their last album).
  • Terminal Redux is just around the corner, but Vektor have released yet another track from it. Check out “Liquid Crystal Disease” over at Stereogum.
  • Xenomorphic Contamination are streaming their new album right here. Check it out for some crushing brutality.

When you think of Argentinian metal, tech death probably isn’t the first genre that springs to mind. South American metal in general seems to lean more towards the raucous stylings of black metal, thrash, death metal, or a mixture of any of the above (bands like Angra notwithstanding). Perhaps it’s because of this that Aeuphoria has such a unique nature amongst tech death bands, or perhaps they were consciously trying to stray from the pack. Regardless of the reason, Æthernal Velum stands out from its peers in a variety of ways.

I suppose that referring to the band as “trees’n’shit tech death” would be a bit misleading, as there are only a handful of songs on the album that could really be labelled as such. Those few tracks (most predominantly “Neuron Infectio,” “En llantos del Inframundo,” and “Enternamente en las Penumbras“) present an interesting marriage of styles that, philosophically, couldn’t be further apart. Aeuphoria take the mind-bending virtuosity of technical death metal and fuse it with the powerful emotion and imagery of Cascadian and Norwegian black metal. The band will invoke the sinister rituals of First Fragment-style passages as readily as they pass through Alda’s gloomy forests and Vemod’s blazing auroras. It’s startling how well the band makes this work, but disappointing how infrequently they do it. These moments are far and away the strongest on the album, and I hope their future endeavors see them mesh the two disparate sounds even further.

Fortunately, the straightforward tech death parts of Æthernal Velum stand up well enough on their own. It’s musically quite similar to the aforementioned First Fragment’s excellent The Afterthought Ecstasy EP, but scales back the synchronized guitar riffs in favor of complex melodies over big blackened chords. They’re also not afraid of backing off and simply letting the song carry itself forward. There are some nasty bits of hard riffing present here, but they’re used conservatively for maximum effect. For instance, the latter half of “El Upanished II” is downright punishing if you go in unprepared. That’s the beauty of this album; even when the band isn’t doing the thing that makes them stand out, they’re still doing everything right.

Aeuphoria doesn’t just evoke black metal musically, though; it touches on their production as well. The guitars might be completely digital for all I can tell (though they have a pleasantly strong attack), but the rest of the band feels quite earthy. The drums in particular have a strong presence despite being somewhat low in the mix; the toms each ring out in their own voices, and triggering is kept to an absolute minimum if not removed completely. The bass lashes out and bites with otherworldly teeth, and the vocals are downright vicious. The band opted to leave in the vocalist’s breaths between lines in a few places, adding to the anger and desperation of their delivery. It’s not completely organic, but the human element is far more present here than in many other tech death bands.

Bands like Aeuphoria are a breath of fresh air in the genre. There’s nobody that sounds quite like them, and while they have a lot of room to grow, they do more things right than not. Though I thrive on the mechanical drive of the Archspires and Zenith Passages of the world, it’s nice to hear a more grounded band every now and then. Aeuphoria do just such a thing, and they do it damn well. Æthernal Velum is available now on Bandcamp, and you can find the band on Facebook. Drop by and let them know the Toilet loves them.

That’s all for this week, and as always, my friends,

Stay Tech

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  • Lacertilian

    I’m opting to keep my knowledge of the new Vektor restrained to the first track they released until the album comes out.
    Enjoying Aeuphoria quite a bit, cheers!
    This is in no way a rustle (quite the opposite) but the older track you linked in your “Stay Tech” reminds me of Marc Okubo’s riffing and note choices in places, when he decided to shred instead of djent.
    Edit: I’m up to track 5 on the new one and it some some [id] vibes for me too.

    • Spear

      I had to look up Marc Okubo. I’ve never given Veil of Maya a serious listen, but I seem to recall them moving in a much, much better direction on their last album (to my ears, at least).

      • Lacertilian

        I couldn’t even finish their last album. I bought Common Man’s Collapse and [id] on release and used to enjoy them a fair bit though.

    • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross


  • Eliza

    Came for tress n’shit, stayed for everthing else.

    • Joaquin Stick

      I was hoping for a little more emphasis on the foliage, but it is good all the same.

      • Eliza

        They are a tech death band after all, they can’t be too tress n’ shit.

  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    I may be able to physically not hate this band, if I get used to the treeless parts. Some of this sounds outright good.

  • Daaaaym, Vemod in a TDT post. My mind is all sorts of fuckered with, Haha! Still super jealous you saw them by the way.

    • Spear

      I figured somebody’s jimmies would be rustled by the comparison, but the high tremolo passages in a couple of the tracks really sound like some parts of Vemod’s last album. I imagine you’ll probably get the most out of track 2. (And I’m still coming off the high of seeing them. Super awesome)

      • No jimmies rustled from me, just strange is all.

        EDIT: I assume you saw the line-up for Caledonian Darkness II?

        • Spear

          That’s the one in Glasgow, right?

          • Nailed it. That line-up is absolutely unbelievable.

          • Spear

            Vemod, Sinmara, Svartidaudi, Devouring Star, Qrixkuor, Barshasketh… I might have to plan a vacation.

          • No shit man, plus I always wanted to visit Scotland.

          • Dave Vincent’s Perm

            See if you can get your band to play Damnation Fest

  • Completely feeling the new Katalepsy and Xenomorphic Contamination

    • Bro, have you listened to In Disgust. Killer grind/PV band from San Jose. I was jamming their San Jose Oldies Vol.1 comp during my run yesterday. Fucking nasty shit, figured they’d be up your alley.

      • I don’t think I have! Will check it out.

      • Edward/Breegrodamus™

        I like that you’re on a d-beat and powerviolence binge, Tyree.

    • Jack Bauer knows a thing or two about xenomorphic contamination, juejuejue

      • Joaquin Stick

        Are you saying he has sex with aliens?

        • kind of… he has been known to play Alien Isolation, if you know what i mean 😉

        • hieronymus bossk

          Meaning they’ll wind up as reposts over on the FB page.

  • CyberneticOrganism

    Pictured: trees, shit

    • Dubs

      The wind shifted this morning to capture the poop smell from the feed lots. If we had trees here, I think your picture would capture the essence of the city perfectly.

    • when you post these, are they ever your own trees and shit?

      • CyberneticOrganism

        That one is; backed up my phone this morning so all my pics are handy

        • heres one from the ridgeline

          • CyberneticOrganism


  • I appreciate the rawness here. It forces the listener to actually pay more attention to what’s going on rather than focusing on the style of the music.

  • Dubs

    That was cool, Spear

    • Spear

      Glad you dig!

  • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

    You have definitely grabbed my interest Spear! Thank you for such a well worded description.

  • Joe,

    Although I was not around for your Flush It Friday post, I wanted to let you know that I thought it was straight outta line. In the end, I can’t find a reason for why I enjoyed the new Gojira song so much. I am sure if I have it in me to justify my ways.



    • it was p funny doe

    • Shrimp in a Pizza Box

      Personally when I first listened to it, it was pretty damn bad, but it sounded SO much better to me when I listened to it again a bit later, just without any expectation. I know, I know, going hard rock is selling out and all that, but it’s honestly pretty enjoyable if you just take it for what it is, just a different style.

      • I think the whole argument of “selling out” is laughable. The fact that hard rock no longer sells anything, simply leaves pundits to argue that is only for the cash grab. Which, compared to historic figures, is nothing as it was before. Meaning that “selling out” is nothing more than a change in sound. Granted you could appeal to a slightly broader base and potential tour with slightly bigger bands (maybe that is a cash grab?), but I doubt you are winning over that many more fans with are harsh as the vocals still are. I am vastly oversimplifying this, but hey, whatevs

        I am really enjoying the tune. Joe’s vocals are the tits!


        • Hard rock is like the only thing that sells, dude. Look at sales numbers.

          • I cannot believe that there will be a substantial increase in sales just due to one song. And I would argue that they are still anything but hard rock. But that is just me.

          • Furthermore, if they sold (make up a number), 75k copies of Le Elephant Sausage worldwide, do you really think that between decreasing sales (year over year), that they could sell an appreciable amount more just due to a small change in sound? If anything they could only hope to do as well as they have on previous efforts, but hardly anything more.

          • Dubs

            Obviously we won’t know until the whole album is out if this one track represents an entire sonic shift, but consider the historical precedent for what Joe is saying. Metallica’s …And Justice for All has sold about 8 million albums in the US. The Black Album has sold twice that amount, yet it still features some heavier tracks.

          • I am just arguing that the classic implications of “selling out” in 1990 is not a apples to apples comparison in 2016. Without knowing the dollars and cents information behind selling even a single album, we cannot begin to quantify those actions.

          • Dubs

            You mean “dollars and cents information behind selling even a single album” for this upcoming album? Then yah, you’re right. We don’t know. But, if I was a gambling man, I bet this sells at least 1.5x as well as the last record. If you compare Elephant Sausage to Art of Dying, Elephant Sausage had a more commercial-friendly sound and was released on a more commercial friendly label (Roadrunner) and sold almost three times as many units in the first week as Art of Dying.

          • Do you really need to know the P&Ls on this? Appealing to a broader audience means that you can sell more albums. More albums sold > Less albums sold.

          • I blame ‘murica and capitalism.

          • Conventionally that has been true. But, when comparing the albums you sell on an album released in 2016, compared to that from the prior album say in 2012, does not mean you will make more money due to album sales over the prior album. Given the fact that will likely not out sell the album you previously released due to decreasing year or year album sales.

            It seems to me that it is in Gojira’s best interest to try to broadening their base such that in 10 years from now they can remain doing what they are doing today; making music. Maybe that could be considered selling out?

          • I would be shocked if album sales have dropped off enough in the last four years for the band to instead focus on an extreme niche audience instead of a larger audience that still buys records for the most part. The last Gorguts album sold like 500 copies first week. You keep getting hung up on this idea of “selling out” like it’s a bad thing. These dudes have been at it for 20 years. It makes sense that they would want to get bigger and better opportunities.

          • I guess at the root of it all I was just surprised by the lukewarm reception of the song. The collective “selling out” analysis was poor in my opinion, which as you have pointed out, is what I have been hung up on.

          • Dubs

            I don’t remember seeing much call of “selling out” around here, and if there was, it was probably tongue-in-cheek. I think, as fans, we can acknowledge it’s okay to not like everything an artist we like creates.

          • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

          • You’re right, Joe.

            I think also that the lyrical topics and concepts of “spirituality”, “ecology” and “nature” are some of the things they want to push to a bigger audience. Joe Duplantier’s activism is a side he would probably want to share to gain more adepts.

          • I always thought that “selling out” was more a lack of artistry for the sake of obtain more monetary gains while making accesible music.

            I don’t know if Gojira walk on the route of capitalism for the sake of becoming famous, that’s up to their conscience. But, I think they were moving to a more “commercially succesful” model with the L’ES record and the intro to Roadrunner Records.

            I don’t know Gojira’s intentions at all. I presume they are dealing with a more instituionalized part of the “music industry” to broad their audience range to the non-underground side.

          • brokensnow

            Best case scenario they are getting 4 dollars an album.

          • brb, #NowListening Blackened.

          • Five Finger Death Punch sold sold 290,000 copies of his last album, for example.

          • Edward/Breegrodamus™

            Adele would like to have a conversation with you about this.

        • In my Venezuelan conception I can be with you: there’s not a clearly distinction between rock/metal genres in the mainstream/underground.

          But, like Dubs tried to point me a few months ago (and that I understood at my own, because that doctor talks with twisted sentences and weird words) in the first world, hard rock is still selling.

          • Dubs

            Speak in riddles and allusions, I am known to do.

          • My head hurts again.

          • Shrimp in a Pizza Box

            Old records definitely still sell, but there hasn’t really been any big new hard rock band in quite some time. Metalcore has been the new fad for a while, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away that soon, if my sister’s musical tastes are to be trusted.

          • Are you considered a government worker, Link? Working for the university?

          • Nope, because I worked to a private university and I’m now with a IT company.

          • gotcha, I didn’t know if you were affected by the “2 day work week” thing I heard about this week!

          • Indirectly, we are all affected by it.

            If your wallet is stolen with your ID, for example. How will you do to generate a new one?

            The identification offices, for example, are always crowded and the office personnel always demand extra money (like a bribe) to not shut the door in front of you.

            Also, the 4 hours blackouts that started this week are obnoxious. Red lights stops and the streets collapses with the traffic.

            So, uh… Viva Venezuela, I think.

        • have you set foot in a Hawt Topic? that’s a storefront that sells KINDA heavy metal like Cradle of Filth and Children of Bodom. they do not sell Batushka. this simple fact alone, that some albums are peddled in store-fronts rather than on Bandcamp, should make the situation clear ;0

          • brokensnow

            They used to sell Dir en grey.

          • Waynecro

            I like Dir en Grey.

  • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

    2 bucks on bandcamp?

    *blind impulse buy

    • Spear

      Yeah, it’s hard to argue with that.

      • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

        I couldn’t think of an arguement. Spear? Check. $2? Check.

  • Trees’n’shit Tech Death from Argentina?!

    This is the wildest TDT edition ever!!!

    Great job in the review, mighty warrior ov Thousand Spears.

  • Waynecro

    Thanks for another always-excellent Tech Death Thursday, Spear!

  • That other blog’s weekly tech articles suck 95% of the time. Also this band is cool, but the name pisses me off lol.

  • EsusMoose

    good stuff, they had a weird light section where they went widdly but lacked anything heavy underneath.