Tech-Death Thursday!


This cat is clearly stoked for Tech Death Thursday. Are you?

To start things off, we’re gonna check out a band out of Oregon, called Omnihility.  Check out their song “Disseminate”:

I don’t know about you guys, but I get major Origin vibes from these dudes. Their songs explode into a whirling dervish of blast beats and riffs and don’t let up until the song is over, and I mean that in the best way possible. I also like that the vocals sound pretty damn brutal and intelligible at the same time. The bass is heavy as hell, but the phenomenal production doesn’t let it take over the song. Every instrument, every little note can be heard clearly. Their most recent album, Deathscapes of the Subconscious came out earlier this year on Unique Leader Records (They sound familiar…).

Next up, we have Gorod, out of France.  If you are a fan of tech death and you are unaware of this band, I’m jealous of you because you get to hear them for the first time today. This will inevitably lead you on a starry-eyed journey through their discography. Check out “5000 At The Funeral.” Starts at 19:06.

This is a seriously awesome song; one of my all time favorites. I love the way the guitar and piano start it off. Just when you start to wonder whether something is ever going to happen, the bass kicks in, then the drums, then the intro riff, and then the eargasming commences. This is what I call a perfect intro. It’s all about the buildup. Gorod does a perfect job of mixing prog and tech and making it sound damn good. That’s some pretty badass album art as well, even if it does remind me of one of my ex-girlfriends. A Perfect Absolution dropped in 2012 on Unique Leader. I might as well rename this post to Unique Leader Thursday. One last important thing I should mention, HURRY UP WITH THAT NEW ALBUM DUDES!

To finish things off today, we’re gonna get skronky.  Let’s have a little chat about Chicago’s Gigan. Gigan plays progressive, Gorguts-y tech death. Check out “Mother of Toads”:

This band makes me feel like I’m some space astronaut [Far superior to all those non-space astronauts. —MSD] who’s ship got sucked into some crazy-ass wormhole and started bouncing off of various dimensions and inadvertently traveling through time to a period where the universe was at war and planets are exploding everywhere, entire galaxies are imploding, asteroids are colliding with everything, and black holes are ripping things to shreds. One of the black holes sucks in my ship and instead of dying or something, I come out the other side, right back where I started. So, I sit there for a bit, wondering what the fuck just happened and eventually decide to go back into the original wormhole, because I really enjoyed that shit. Gigan’s most recent album, Multi-Dimensional Fractal-Sorcery and Super Science, came out last year on Willowtip. Buy it.

That’s it for this week, until next time, remember:

Stay Tech.

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  • W.

    I’d like to draw attention to the fact that Gigan are named after one of the more unique monsters Godzilla has battled:

    • I didn’t know this, toiletovhell teaching me stuff every day.

      • W.

        You would if you read other people’s articles…

        • I do, I just totally forgot about that article.

          • W.

            Just giving you a hard time because I’m a Godzilla nut

          • what did u think of the new movie?

          • W.

            Loved it, although I would have liked a little more monster action. I’m actually going to watch that and Pacific Rim this weekend.

          • I was disappointed at the lack of godzilla footage but the ending totally made up for it.

          • The whole theater cheered when he killed the final MUTO when I saw it.

          • Same here.

          • W.

            I think that happened at mine too. I went to the midnight premiere.

          • Same here! It was a great movie, but I might have to just skip the first 45 mins when I watch it…

          • I watch Pacific Rim at least once a week.

          • I had no idea this was McNulty, I was so confused who this new dude was that happened to have a ton of comments.

          • Hey buddy!

          • I didn’t know it was him until he started praising me for posting gorod and gigan lol.

          • Janitor Jim Dvggan

            Pacific Rim rules. Godzilla ruled as well.

          • Dëpütÿ Dïpshït

            Pacific Rim is the best Rock’emSock’em Robot Movie EVER.

          • Tyree

            Hey me too Dubya! I saw that It’s on demand the other day for free. I’m a huge Guillermo del Toro fan.

          • W.

            Noice. I own Pacific Rim and bought Godzilla with birfday money.

          • I didn’t realize it was out in stores already, goin to best buy this week to pick up this and edge of tomorrow.

          • W.

            Came out this week.

          • Watched Edge of Tomorry last night; now THAT’S a good sci-fi movie! (And Emily Blunt is fantastically, stupendously good-looking. Just FYI.)


            I like her very much, very much indeed. I want to be a time traveller.

          • crazytaco_12

            I was stoked they made him chunky as fuck


      I thought they were named after this hog in my basketball trunks

      • W.

        Gigan’s a weird name for a piglet.


          you got me bro, what gave it away, the lift on my truck or the smokestack?

    • Mother Shabubu III

      If I had a techdeath or deathgrind band I’m naming it Orga.

  • Janitor Jim Dvggan

    I completely forgot it was Thursday. Anyways, hooray for Tech Death Thursday!

  • Janitor Jim Dvggan

    Also when it comes to tech you can’t forget everybody’s favorite technical hair metal band Winger! Trust me, they are the Dream Theater of hair metal which is the words of Kip Winger and quite a few other people. They’re coming to my area and I am seeing them because they have the same lineup as their heyday except for Paul Taylor. Here’s a Winger concert from 1990 which proves their technicality live.

    • Howard Dean
      • Janitor Jim Dvggan

        That’s not me. I don’t have blonde hair and I’m not short.


      I don’t care what anyone says, these guys are among the best of them(from this era) when it comes to musical proficiency. Imagine if Nuno was with them instead of Extreme?

      • Howard Dean

        I can’t even imagine that! It would have been simply… More Than Words.

      • Janitor Jim Dvggan

        If Nuno was with them that would be pretty kick ass. I do like Reb Beach though because he is an awesome guitarist.

  • W.
  • Ironically I didn’t even know Gorod was on Unique Leader until I was writing this.

    • That article about them destroying the competition is 100% correct. They have one of most stacked rosters I’ve ever seen.

      • Yup, and they’ve just kept adding on after I wrote that lol.

      • Howard Dean
        • W.

          Willowtip > Unique Leader

          • Stockhausen

            I stand behind this man.

          • Simon Phoenix

            Willowtip had Commit Suicide and Rune.

            *Willowtip drops mic and walks away.

          • W.

            Also Baring Teeth and Phobia. And Defeated Sanity.

          • Arsis, misery index, spawn of posession, vale of pnath,ulcerate, sophicide.

          • Dudeman, Sophicide’s “Perdition of the Sublime” might be my favorite tech deth rekkid yet.

          • crazytaco_12

            Are you sure those bands are on their roster? I was sure that Ulcerate and Misery Index were on Relapse. Also, why doesn’t Arsis’ “We Are the Nightmare” get more praise? That album fucking rules

          • Some of them might not be anymore but they were all listed on the site. And idk it’s a great album

          • crazytaco_12

            Might be a distribution partnership or something now that I’m thinking of it

          • …then again, Willowtip has Crotchduster. Un-fuck-with-able.

        • Profound Lore and Unique Leader are both killing it.

        • You make an incredibly compelling argument there (VHOL?? they win).

          On a site note, I forgot how much I enjoy Vaura, specifically Incomplete Burning. Tell me if this gets a BYAH!

      • Only if you actually like tech death, they are a TERRIBLE power metal label.

    • Spear

      Not entirely surprising that you missed that. They’ve label-hopped a few times now. I know they were on Willowtip for awhile.

    • crazytaco_12

      Me neither til I read this. Fuck yeah pointless, agreeing comments!

  • Tech Death Thursday is my favorite holiday. Let’s get some legislation put through to get this thing to be a nationally recognized holiday.

  • Cock ov Steele

    I always thought of Gigan as an amorphous wall of sound.


      MOVIE PIC OF THE WEEK. DEATHSPORT 1978. Starring david carradine and the gorgeous claudia jennings ( playboy playmate of the year 1970) She tragically died in a car accident a year later at the age of 29. ( r.i.p. miss claudia) This is a roger corman produced quickie production that delivers on all levels. Post apocalyptic setting, great fights, motorcycle stunts, naked girls, bush, it’s right fuckin’ on man.


        Thanks God for taking away innocents like claudia and leaving us with shitheads like varg.

        • Cock ov Steele

          I stand by this comment.

  • Mr. Bojangles

    fuck you jack bauer go back to pleb school

    -Mr. Bojangles

    • So yea, you look a bit dirty, lemme get the dust buster.

    • What’s a pleb anyway? Also, Plebian Grandstand.

      • W.

        Pleb = plebeian. Literally a commoner.

        • Edward Meehan


          • W.

            Blue collar

          • Mr. Bojangles


        • Mr. Bojangles

          shut the fuck up pleb!

    • I read everything you write in the voice of King Kai

      • Mr. Bojangles

        I sound like a mix of that and meowth.

  • So glad you mentioned Gigan, Jack! I love them so much. (And Gorod too.)

    • Edward Meehan

      I knew of your love for Gigan even though you are someone else.


      is McNulty in protective custody or on a top secret case for the cia. Bottom line. Will he be back ? This is a jarring change man.

      • He’s got himself locked in the interrogation room and thought it wise to swallow the key for whatever reason…

        • It was exhausting being sent back every other day. Might as well make it easy on myself…

  • Did the gorod link stop working?

  • Xan

    Omnihility was good but it feels like there is something missing from the song. It might be that there’s only one guitarist. I felt a little hollow though the riffs were great. That drumming was top notch.

  • Simon Phoenix

    Gigan are fucking boss for three reasons:

    1) They write songs about kaiju.

    2) Their guitarist is a lefty.

    3) Their current singer (the one who sang on Multi Dimensional..) is Eston Browne. He has a sweet death grind band called Humanity Falls.

    • Wholly cow, I did not know they changed vocalists! This stuff is pretty good too.

  • MoshOff


    I *might* get to see them in October with Ulcerate and Wormed. I’m going to be super bummed if I miss that show.

  • Got my copy of Weedeater’s Sixteen Tons this morning. Continued to have a metal nerd-gasm. Before I continue, Season of Mist, or whoever packages the US mail orders, always throws in little goodies, such as promo CDs or stickers. This time, not only did i get my Sixteen Tons, but also my fourth copy of Kylesa’s From the Vaults, and for some odd reason, a trading card of Mark Slaughter from ’91….I’m still laughing at the card and i don’t know why.

    • crazytaco_12

      First off, that album is fucking tremendous and well worth the money. Secondly, that other shit you posted was hilarious.

  • Gurp


  • RustyShackleford


  • Count_Breznak

    Let’s see if this works…

  • crazytaco_12

    Personally, I liked “Process of a New Decline” lightyears ahead of “A Perfect Absolution”. Just not enough moments that grabbed me on that album. Anyhow, I’m fucking hung up on that Gigan. Wanna buy something from them so bad, but don’t want to regret it after it’s too late.

    • Just do it, you wont regret it. I mean come on, wormholes!