Tech Death Thursday!


It’s time for another adventure to the wonderful world of Technical Death Metal. Say goodbye to your face.

Where to start? Alterbeast sounds like a power metal band name, but fret not, my fellow tech heads, for these Californians are so much more than that. I love everything about this band, and every time they come on I get a little bit happier and a lot bit moshier. Check out “Flesh Bound Text”:

I feel like the violin is trying to lure the listener into a false sense of security before the song erupts into a menacing stampede of double bass and blast beats. It’s reminiscent of The Black Dahlia Murder but, in my opinion, sounds much better. Alterbeast’s cocktail of face-melting sound waves is insanely technical, but they don’t forget to inject a little melody into the maelstrom. Their debut album “Immortal” came out earlier this year on Unique Leader Records and is a must have for any fan of this kind of music. Keep an eye on these guys; they’re gonna be big.

Weedling on, we have Inanimate Existence out of Santa Cruz, California. These guys make what I can only describe as beautiful tech-death. I know some of you are all like “Jack, what the heck? have you been spending too much time in the rift? Beautiful and death metal don’t belong in the same sentence!” This is when I’m all like “Archs… uh… YOU’RE WRONG!”  Take “The Rune of Destruction” as an example:

This band just bleeds talent. The instrumentation is precise and perfectly executed.They even throw in a curve ball in the form of those haunting female vocals. It’s not something that you’d expect to make an appearance in a tech death song, but it works really well, adding even more life to what is already a ridiculously vibrant song. It’s harder for me to describe how I feel about this band than most because I tend to get lost in their songs. They take me on a journey to an ambient realm that I never even knew existed [It doesn’t. — MSD]. There’s something about it that relaxes me and makes me want to think about the meaning of  life, or other useless shit that I wouldn’t normally think about. Anyway, their album Never-Ending Cycle of Atonement dropped earlier this year on Unique Leader. They also released another album titled Liberation Through Hearing back in 2012. I highly recommend both.

Now for something a little less on the weedily deedily side and a little more on the rip your head off, put it on backwards and continue moshing side of the tech death spectrum. Man Must Die is a badass group from Glasgow, Scotland who specialize in impeccable drumming, awesome riffs, pissed off vocals, and lyrics that are a lot more meaningful than your typical tech death fare. Bask in the brutality of “Antisocial Network” before we continue:

This song is menacing. I imagine it’s similar to what was going on in the heads of Miami Heat fans during the NBA finals. There are no fancy solos or intricate melodies here, and there don’t need to be. Those drums could hold the song all on their own. Their most recent album, Peace Was Never an Option, came out last year on Lifeforce records. Be sure to check out their whole catalog because it’s all really good.

Finally, Ghostflusher has returned with yet another guest submission:
I have heard a lot of bands in my time on this planet. When it comes to music scenes, some states have a whole host of solid bands to go watch locally, like Colorado with Allegaeon, Vale of Pnath, and Cephalic Carnage. There’s just something unique about the quality of music that comes from certain local scenes, like Tennessee’s Enfold Darkness, Inferi, and Diskreet. Among their ranks is a new band called Animality with some sick grooves that are sure to make a statement for themselves in their new self-titled EP. It’s the song “Anthrodisfigurement” that stands out as the biggest groove-fest of the all, something which will sure leave fans of Soreption, The Zenith Passage, and Diskreet with their jaws on the floor and moshing around their desks. Not a single riff that falls flat, and each new one builds upon the previous. It makes me wish that we still had Diskreet around so they could do a co-headlining tour and groove everyone’s faces off on this side of the Atlantic.

That’s it for today.  Until next time,

Stay Tech Listen to Power Metal and remember… lolbuttz.

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  • MSD with his power metal jokes. So funny I forgot to laugh.

  • OMG, Alterbeast requires high-res link:

  • W.

    I’m still going to flush you Jack for not including Ageless Oblivion, but I approve of Man Must Die.

    • Tyree

      Man Must Die is quite good. I got into them when they signed to Relapse Records years back. Really have not listened to them since that first album though.

      • W.

        The one they dropped last year was really good. Just straight up aggression all throughout.

        • Xan

          It’s got a pretty cool cover too:

    • I will do ageless oblivion, I’m gonna do a post with them and a few others like them eventually.

  • Alterbeast always makes me think of this.

    • Flushgod Apocalypse

      Countless days of my youth were spent playing this on the Genesis.

    • W.

      As it should.

    • Gurp

      Is that… Seanbaby?

      • It sure is. There’s a bunch of those Broken Pixels videos on youtube. They’re hysterical.

        • Gurp

          Crap. Add another thing to my ‘To Watch’ list…

    • Sight Vnseen

      I always wanted to use the lines “rise from your grave!” and “welcome to your doom!” from the first level to start and end a song.

    • Simon Phoenix

      I’ll just leave this here.

  • Dëpütÿ Dïpshït

    That Inanimate Existence tickles my ear boner so well. m/

  • Alterbeast does sound a lot like TBDM with more technicality. The vocalist even sounds quite similar. Inanimate Existence is fucking fantastic. Real good post!

  • MRW reading my favorite recurring post and then seeing Stay Tech crossed out and replaced with slanderous lies:

    • Randall Thor

      A blatant misuse of power, but for the greater good

      • Incorrect, I will find him and interrogate him.

        • I don’t know if my dragon is a match for your laser-equipped space ship. 🙁

          • I dont need a space ship. I have my pistol.

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  • Randall Thor

    What’s up with the fantasy/power metal-ish featured image at the top? Not tech.

    • Scrimm

      That is the Inanimate Existence cover.

  • Scrimm

    I bought that Inanimate Existence on the release day. Love the art.

  • YourLogicIsFlushed

    Can the guy in Inanimate Existence hold his guitar any higher?

    • Randall Thor

      Hipsters will soon replace their neckbeards with neck-guitars, allowing for convenient and comfortable abuse of sweeping arpeggios wherever they go!

      • Cock of Steele

        The horror is not over, whence that happens, they may alter the very definition of “beard” to “Djent hairs”

        • JWG

          Unless you’re in a rush, it’s always safest to shave djently.

  • FeelTheDarkness

    How about just some Techno!!!!!

  • Randall Thor

    I definitely need to invest some time into Unique Leader’s roster. You aren’t kidding, they’re like Sumerian if every band wasn’t a cookie cutter clone of the Faceless and didn’t suck.

    • With the exception of rings of saturn.

      • Lord Ov Kapsko

        What’s the name ov the band from the pic?

        • Inanimate Existence

          • Lord Ov Kapsko

            Thank you based Jack.

  • I’m patiently awaiting a nasty comment from a heat fan.

    • crazytaco_12

      Hey, just wanted to say I enjoy seeing this column each week and I appreciate the work you go through to feature such bands on this site. I like the variety (which by the way, there needs to be more doom and thrash articles on this site).

      • Thanks man, glad you like it.

      • I need to quit being a lazy dick and cover more thrash.

        • crazytaco_12

          Let me know if you need any help

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        • lolbuttz


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      My spines are hard.

  • Cock of Steele

    I hear Decapitated released some new stuff, anyone care at all?

    • Last I saw from them was song preview vid. Anything else?

      • W.

        Several songs were dropped over the weekend I think.

        • Hmm, looks like I need to calibrate my tech detector.

        • Howard Dean

          Yeah, they released a four track preview I believe. I listened to a couple. Was not overly impressed, to be honest. I fear they’re headed down the groove-infused pseudo-death metal rabbit hole of shit.

          • W.

            I have not heard them yet.

  • OT: Am I the only one who thought ‘Skillet’ from Chapter 3 of the BDubs Bro Saga was actually referring to Skrillex? I just noticed the Skillet logo and realized that’s a real band name. Yikes, TMYK!

    • Never heard of them either.

      • W.

        They’re a mediocre Christian rock band that gets a lot of radio play.

  • Howard Dean

    Whoa. I come back and the design is all shiny and sleek. I like it.

    Opinion: Modern “UniqueLeaderCore/Sumeriancore” tech death might be my least favorite “new” subgenre of metal. And I fucking love death metal. I just can’t do the stuff that sounds like a video game. Listening to it is almost as painful as getting curb stomped by Derek Vinyard.

  • Howard Dean

  • Gurp

    I listened to Inanimate Existence’s Liberation Through Hearing earlier this year, but I was pretty underwhelmed by it, to be honest.

  • pigchop™

    tech death? not my cup o’ whatthefuckever.

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    • I want a miniature version to put on my car as a hood ornament.
      Edit: Or a miniature version where the penis moves left and right and I can put it on my dashboard like the hula girl figurines.

    • this is a petition i can stand behind.

    • Metaphysical Anus

      Had to sign this.

  • Mother Shabubu III

    Inanimate Existence remind me of Decrepit Birth. And their guitarist kind of looks like a non-redheaded Louis CK.

  • That Inanimate Existence is killer….Winner of the article imo


      Yeah man.

  • Mr. Satanicat

    It’s weird because I’ve heard all three of these albums just this past day. Alterbeast is an awesome tech-death Black Dahlia. Inanimate swirls you into a land of awe and musical splendor. I have their banner too, sweet mountains 😀 And Man Must Die is true aggression, those vocals are thunderous and yet totally understandable.

    • W.

      Man Must Die is my favorite off this list.

  • Xan

    Man Must Die is a great band. I honestly enjoy their first album the most despite the 11 or so breakdowns throughout it. The drums are my favorite part about the band. The bitches smash you into the floor.

  • JWG

    I posted a link to Animality bandcamp in one of the recent Band Submission/Open Swim posts (I was trying to fill in the lack of Tennessee entries). Just so you’ve got some kind of a link for listening:

  • Lacertilian

    Animality track was nice. It started automatically and woke me the fuck up!