Take a Ride on the Backs of IRE WOLVES


Duluth is a great town for music if you’re a white person with dreadlocks and a Bob Marley poster lazily tacked onto your dorm wall. If you want to groove to a vanilla-flavored jam-band or some impressively shreddin’ folk tunes, the western tip of Lake Superior is where your soul truly resides and you must answer the harbor’s call to become part and parcel with your patchouli-scented banjo. If you are any other kind of music fan, however, you best just be in town to hike, ski, or enjoy the majestic view of the world’s largest body of freshwater. Thankfully, there are a few brave pioneers that seek to make the lakeside trading port a happier place for greasy longhairs who wear black, instead of greasy longhairs who wear tie-die. Among these precious few is Ire Wolves, hard-stomping post-metallers from America’s scalp.


Ire Wolves’ debut album The Ascetic is everything you want from post-metal. They’ve got the whole rollercoaster dynamics thing down to a sexy, sexy science. It’s heavy and ugly, except for the times when it’s quiet and pretty, and the other times when it’s both heavy AND pretty. Oodles of other bands do this too, but what Ire Wolves has that I don’t see too often in post-metal are riffs that got DAT BOUNCE. Album opener Enduring Molasses is a jam that shakes my tuchus in addition to my noggin, especially when the guitar goes into higher register on the chorus. Unff.


Although sparingly used, the human voice is a compelling capstone to Ire Wolves’ tone-monolith. The growls throughout the record are a force of nature, powerful and full of the Truth of Ages. Ire Wolves also deserve megaprops for having a couple of real-ass singers in the band; the clean vocal dynamics on Beholden to None range from “sleeptalking Maynard James Keenan” to “young Ozzy performs The Wall under duress” to “Simon and Garfunkel bewail your viking funeral with a pagan death chant”, a transformation I am happy to experience on repeat.


Give these cool cats a listen, and consider donating the $5 to download the shit. Do it now, before they abandon all hope and pawn their full stacks to buy mandolins and vintage trousers!

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  • Negrodamus

    Minnesota >>>>>>

    • I’m inclined to agree. According to Google Analytics, Minnesota loves this site more than any other state.

      • W.

        Even more than Texas and NY?

        • Yep!


            we used to have a thingy for our site where everytime there was a visitor it would record where they were from and make the sound of a cash register. It was great.

      • Goats love this site. Check out the kahunas on this bad boy.

        I doesn’t even seem like this is possible!


        • W.

          Hey GL, I’ve been fartin’ around in AutoCAD these last two days.

          • Nice man, I am all Solidworks all the time. I am using it as we speak!


            Proof: a small cross section I am working on.

          • W.

            I’m importing a portion of a street network into AC and marking it up.

          • Howard Dean

            Looks pretty sweet! Though I wish I knew what I was actually looking at.

          • Cock of Steele

            It’s so awesome, it seems to have replicated itself thrice!

        • He looks awfully proud of himself.

          • With babysacks like that, who wouldn’t be?

          • Proud and majestic.


          • W.

            That looks like it would hurt if he were to go running.

          • The women run to him. He just sits and basks all day. No running required.


          • W.

            So, the SMOHLG method?

          • Negrodamus

            I bet it doesn’t bother him at a full gallop. #swingingnuts

        • Homo sapiens metallum

          These kahunas are actually it´s cockles.

      • Negrodamus

        dem analytics tho

      • Sponge Of Mystery

        hell 2 teh ya

    • Stockhausen

      I was spawned Minnesota. It’s a great place, dontcha know.

    • Spear

      I have mixed feelings on your state. On one hand, you’ve got one of the best underground music scenes in the country. On the other, I’ve never found a place there where I can buy alcohol on a Sunday. It’s a conundrum.

      • HessianHunter

        Our liquor laws are slowly stepping out from the dark ages into enlightened territory, but for now Sundays are an excuse to drive 30 minutes to go see a friend in Wisconsin and pick up some New Glarus brews.

      • Negrodamus

        Ah, they call those “blue” laws I think. No liquor store sales and no car dealerships are open. Bars are pretty much the only ticket, other than driving to Wisconsin like @HessianHunter:disqus already suggested. We do have tight music though!

  • W.

    Great post, hessianHunter!

  • TrickleDownTacoRiff

    Im looking California….pheelin Minnesota.

  • Dang. The vocals on this ARE really good.

    • HessianHunter

      All I’m saying is AMIRIGHTORAMIRIGHT????????

  • Howard Dean
    • Sponge Of Mystery

      life alert didn’t save my grandma……….lul jk


    I read this as IRIE Wolves, and I’m not going to correct myself. I could get Irie to this all day.

  • Keegan Lavern Still

    If you’re like me, you’re in the area to escape to the smallest state university in Wisconsin and to enjoy the frigid winters and overall cooler climate. Well, it looks like I’ll get to see these guys in September. Get jelly.

  • Gorgasm

    Damn good stuff.

    I’ll give these fuckers a “Like”

    Noticed there was no FB link… so: https://www.facebook.com/irewolves

  • Wizard Aura

    Id rather listen to Rye Wolves

    • Mother Shabubu III

      mmmmmm Rye Wolves….

  • Dire Wolves
    Game of Thrones m/

    • J McNulty!

    • Negrodamus

      Game of Thrones is pretty frickin’ metal.

      Direwolves is also a name of a rad French punk band on Throatruiner!

      • W.

        Especially The Mountain that Rides.

        • Negrodamus

          Also, Beric Dondarrion!

          • W.

            Bro, did you ever get the Beric Dondarrion tat?

          • Negrodamus

            Ha, I did not. We were talking about that on here and it is a legitimately sweet idea. The last one I got was a Goat Commander.

          • Did the Goat Commander tat have accurately sized balls? See my image I posted above if you are confused….


          • Negrodamus

            Check it out GL!


          • Howard Dean

            Wait, NegroD’s not black?!

            [world comes crumbling down around me]

          • Negrodamus

            Sorry you had to find out this way HD. I figured most everyone knew from the FB group lol

          • Howard Dean

            Haha! I’m just messing around. I haven’t fucked with the facebook group too much yet; I find it enough of a challenge just to keep up with this site while going through my workday. I don’t know if I could keep up with both. I’ll start looking around more in there, though.

          • Negrodamus

            It was scary at first but it’s actually pretty fun. Hard to keep up with, but so can this at times like you’re saying.

    • NDNOvHell

      They’re like regular wolves…. but dire.

  • Lady SteelDragon

    This rules.

    • You rule LSD.


      • Det. Flushin Bohl

        LSD also has a killer abbreviation for her name.

  • W.

    Hey George Lynch, I saw this squirrel and thought of you.


    • Dude, fox squirrels are the best. I will have to take a picture of the one hide I have. It is gorgeous. They are a lot bigger than the greys too… Although the hide is great – they taste a lot worse than the greys.

      Thanks for thinking of me lol


      • W.

        Where I grew up in Colorado, we used to get a lot of black squirrels. http://www.howtogetridofsquirrels.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Squirrel-trap.jpg

        • I have never seen any black ones in the wild before – seen a few in towns both in Indiana and Michigan, but never any in Ohio. I am sure there has to be a few though. The albino squirrel as more frequent. The season starts September 1st – I am looking very much forward to it.


      • Howard Dean

        The gray squirrels around me are massive. They are like the size of my cat* and are not to be fucked with.

        *slight exaggeration, but they are indeed massive

  • crazytaco_12

    Sounds pretty sick, btw I’ve got a ton of family in Minnesota, Rochester and Winona areas.



  • George Clarke

    pretty cool i guess but nothing special really.

  • J.R.

    how the heck did i miss this. the Toilet is the first thing I check on my RSS Feed and I read everything. Man…what else have I missed?