This Toilet Tuesday

  • This Toilet Tuesday (2/21/17)

    Wow! Look at that; it’s a Toilet Tuesday! And one with an obscene amount of new music at that! Seriously, good lucking sorting through it all, especially if you get caught up on anything that sounds even remotely interesting (as I do). There are a lot of sweet new tunes down there, so help your fellow metal nerd out by checking a couple out and reporting back. Perform your civic duty and help lead us to a better, brighter Toilet. Continue Reading

    February 21, 2017 • New Stuff, Open Swim • Views: 673

  • This Toilet Tuesday (2/14/17)

    Welcome once again to This Toilet Tuesday! You all know the drill: new music, big list, author picks. W. and I found a couple good ones, but we’re hoping you can pick out a few more as well. Let us know what else we need to hear in the comments. Continue Reading

    February 14, 2017 • New Stuff, Open Swim • Views: 962

  • This Toilet Tuesday (2/7/17)

    This particular Toilet Tuesday is going to be short, as it’s abnormally slow week for new music. Fortunately, most of it is quite good, so you should still find enough to sink your teeth into; I actually had a hard time deciding who to write about due to abundant high quality albums for a change. Check out our recommendations and hit that list for more good stuff. Continue Reading

    February 7, 2017 • New Stuff, Open Swim • Views: 1234

  • This Toilet Tuesday (1/31/17)

    Welcome once again to This Toilet Tuesday! W, Lacertilian, and I have gathered some music to distract you from the pit of increasingly absurd Orwellian nightmares the world continues to spiral into. Hit that list below for plenty of other great stuff; it’s a solid week overall. Enjoy! Continue Reading

    January 31, 2017 • New Stuff, Open Swim • Views: 1068

  • This Toilet Tuesday (1/24/17)

    Welcome once more to This Toilet Tuesday! January continues its momentum this week with a couple big releases supported by a host of solid smaller names. W. and I have picked out a couple of the standouts, but they’re just a few of the excellent albums coming out. Let’s skip the small talk and get straight to it. Continue Reading

    January 24, 2017 • New Stuff, Open Swim • Views: 1172

  • This Toilet Tuesday (1/17/17)

    Welcome, flushalos, to This Toilet Tuesday! This seemingly constipated January has finally pounded some Pepto and spread wide its resplendent posterior, a powerful wave of new music gushing forth in all its putrid glory. Karhu, W, and I saved a fistful of the chunkier bits for further examination, but you can be assured that we didn’t catch them all. Check out the full list below for more good stuff and share it with the group! Continue Reading

    January 17, 2017 • New Stuff, Open Swim • Views: 1584

  • This Toilet Tuesday (1/10/17)

    Thinking about how much good music oneself will never hear is a little depressing. We’re inundated with so much new music that even if we were listening to music constantly, it would be impossible to keep up. Yet here we are every week, searching and digging for new tunes to please our ears. We’ll never be able to listen to everything we want to, but we can at least keep giving ourselves that rush of excitement that comes with finding something fresh and new. For that, we can provide. Continue Reading

    January 10, 2017 • New Stuff, Open Swim • Views: 1048

  • This Toilet Tuesday (1/3/17)

    Welcome to the first Toilet Tuesday of 2017! Last year was excellent for extreme metal, and I’m looking forward to what this year will bring in the music world. This week’s offerings are somewhat slim, but there’s some good jams to be had. W. and I have picked out a couple standouts; let us know if there are more that deserve to be heard! Continue Reading

    January 3, 2017 • New Stuff, Open Swim • Views: 1004

  • This Toilet Tuesday (12/20/16)

    Winter is very nearly upon us, and I’m about ready to die. Christmas is right around the corner, and the thought of having to spend time with other humans is not terribly appealing. More worthless political bickering, more questioning of why I don’t plan on having kids while I’m surrounded by screaming children, more passive-aggressive crap flung between family members… Just let it end. Fortunately, we’ve been provided with an excellent soundtrack for all this nonsense this week, and W. and Stockhausen have picked out a couple of the best. Check those out and come wallow with me. Continue Reading

    December 21, 2016 • New Stuff, Open Swim • Views: 1449

  • This Toilet Tuesday (12/13/16)

    Trying to keep up with new music is painful. Just when you think that it’s starting to slow down and give you some time to clear out your considerable backlog, Grafvitnir and Teitanblood decide to drop new albums in the same week. Plus, you’ve come across a handful of bands you’ve never heard of that have some awesome songs out, and your backlog just got that much bigger. You may never catch up, but at least you’re in good company; W. and I have picked out a couple of the choicest cuts to save you some time. Let us know what else we need to hear, that we may all suffer in solidarity. Continue Reading

    December 13, 2016 • New Stuff, Open Swim • Views: 885