• StarGazer Merge Into The Voiceless On Stellar New Re-Up

    Two years after blowing our puny primate brains with their 2014 release A Merging To The Boundless, Australia’s StarGazer have decided that wasn’t enough and are set to re-release their sprawling masterpiece without those pesky vocals interrupting the voices in your head.

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    March 31, 2017 • Metal, New Stuff • Views: 859

  • Stargazer – A Merging to the Boundless

    Hey flushers, how many Stargazer fans do we have here? I didn’t see A Merging to the Boundless on many top 10 lists in 2014 (though I know mah boy Simon Phoenix digs) [It was on my list, you dork.Masterlord]; but I think that’s mainly attributable to the fact that the album was intended for a 12.31.14 release (then silently got bumped up to 12.02.14). If you were like me, you were chomping at the bit for more Stargazer music. Their first album Scream That Tore the Sky dropped in 2005, then A Great Work of Ages in 2010… they were definitely due for some new output. And put out they did!

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    January 8, 2015 • Reviews • Views: 1658

  • The Best Albums of 2014: TovH Editor’s Picks

    Today your friendly editors are sharing their picks for the best of 2014. Ch-ch-check it.

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    December 11, 2014 • Opinion • Views: 4068