Progressive Death Metal

  • Tech Death Thursday: Moonloop

    We managed to make it a whole week without featuring something weird! We can’t have that becoming a regular thing, though, so here’s some prog. Let’s jam the new Moonloop.
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    March 30, 2017 • Tech-Death Thursday • Views: 882

  • Review: Sunless – Urraca

    Looking at some of the conversations held here in the comments and on the Facebook page, some of our community have expressed “genre fatigue” towards dissonant death metal, remarking that the market is too bloated and that bands are becoming homogenized. It’s easy to understand why; the subgenre has had significantly less time to germinate than things like thrash or black metal, and yet there’s been an explosion of such bands in the past couple years. As such, these bands have only a handful of progenitors from which to draw influence, thus leading to some similarities between them in terms of sound. Continue Reading

    February 21, 2017 • Metal, Opinion, Reviews • Views: 1219

  • Somnus Aeternus: The Re(Inter)view

    Is it a review or an interview? In this “chicken or the egg” situation, the review came first, but I thought it might be interesting to get some insight from the band on this very complex album.

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    September 13, 2016 • Interviews, Reviews • Views: 948

  • Inanimate Existence are Calling from a Dream, and You Should Probably Hang Up

    One of the most vivid dreams I ever had came to me several years ago, and I remember it clearly to this day. At the time, I worked as a morning cook in a small post-op healthcare and physical rehabilitation facility. My job was simple: make a couple large batches of some staple breakfast foods, check the patients’ meal tickets for any special dietary requirements, and serve them accordingly. This dream I had was the night before one of those shifts, and came to me right at the edge of sleep; not quite sleeping, but not quite awake. In it, I stood in the small kitchen by the dining room and was serving food to the patients. It was extremely detailed, but that was it; no preamble, no dreamlike oddities, nothing special- just me doing my job. I forced my eyes open after a minute or so, refusing to let my day be bookended by kitchen duty. The dream was very detailed, yes, but it was also one of the most profoundly boring ones I’ve ever experienced. Continue Reading

    September 13, 2016 • Metal, Reviews • Views: 891

  • Track-By-Track Review: WitherscapeThe Northern Sanctuary

    Let’s “murder the path of dependence” together with the first use of our experimental Toilet ov Hell track-by-track-o-meter.

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    September 9, 2016 • Metal, Reviews • Views: 1065

  • Groundbreakers: Symbolic turns 20

    “I don’t mean to dwell / but I can’t help myself / when I feel the vibe / and taste a memory / of a time in life / when years seemed to stand still”

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    March 18, 2015 • Discography, Groundbreakers, Metal • Views: 1727