Blood of Kingu

  • Beksiński and Heavy Metal: A Surreal Love Story

    Heavy metal as an art is a patchwork collage cobbled together from myriad influences. To most, it is music birthed from the pangs of blues filtered through the larger-than-life presence of arena rock. As a visual medium, it is thunder and lightning, a disguised fool in motley traipsing on Shakespeare’s grand stage for the amusement of a rapt audience. As a philosophy, it is an ardent path of enlightenment embraced antithetically by those seeking excess and simplicity alike. Metal is a rich medium that has taken the very best and the very worst from Tolkien, Nietzche, Dali, Leary, and Danto. It is a left-hand path whose rigor and landscape are shaped both by the traveler himself and by the pilgrims that went before. Today we explore another progenitor to the grand heritage of heavy metal. Today we discuss the influence of Zdzisław Beksiński.

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  • Form and… Coma Cluster Void?!

    The Toilet Ov Hell loves death metal vocalist Will Smith – both our writing team and our community. You can find our community on these articles seven days a week and on Facebook. Get on that shit if you haven’t. Interact with Toilet Ov Hell writers and editors twenty four hours a day! In case you don’t believe me, Will Smith’s various projects have been covered at the Toilet Ov Hell here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, and I probably missed a couple stories, fuck. In case you still don’t believe me, Artificial Brain’s Labyrinth Constellation was selected as our community’s favorite heavy metal album of 2014. I even got a chance to meet and chat with Will Smith in 2014. Continue Reading

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  • Community Post: Best Songs ov 2014

    2014 has been a banner year in heavy metal. Dissonant death metal is on the rise. Black metal, in its multifarious forms, continues to seethe and boil over in the underground. An entire army of technical death metal bands unleashed their widdlies, and more traditional stalwarts stood firm. Amid all the chaos of year-end listmania, you may be facing severe option paralysis. Perhaps you don’t have the time to listen to all of the albums we’ve listed and are in dire need of a few songs to help you decide how to spend your precious, fleeting grains in the hourglass. Well never fear, because I polled the writers and members of our little community, and each of us has presented our single favorite song of 2014. If you have a suggestion for the single best song of 2014, drop it in the comments. Let’s get this done!

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    December 15, 2014 • Listmania, Opinion • Views: 2106

  • Newsworthy Releases! Portal/Blood of Kingu Split and Buckshot Facelift Full-Lengths

    On Black Friday, I was hanging out at my folks’ house, watching Godzilla with my dad and casually checking Facebook. Suddenly, something interesting caught my eye. The ever enigmatic Portal posted about a brand new split with black metal titans Blood of Kingu being distributed by the reliably kvlt Hell’s Headbanger’s. Intrigued, I scuttled over to the HH webstore to have a looksee. The split was being released solely on 7″ vinyl, rendering this particularly unholy piece of music particularly exclusive.

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  • The Best Albums of 2014: TovH Editor’s Picks

    Today your friendly editors are sharing their picks for the best of 2014. Ch-ch-check it.

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    December 11, 2014 • Opinion • Views: 4066

  • Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here: Blood of Kingu’s “Dark Star…” Reviewed

    Black metal has easily become one of the ripest sub-genres in all of metaldom. Depending on where you happen to be treading in the twilit kingdom of black metal, you could find yourself traipsing through a gentle mountain wood (à la Agalloch), waging war against infernal enemies alongside an army of effeminate Orlando Bloom look-alikes with pointy ears (with Slechtvalk), locked in a coke-addict’s torture dungeon (as displayed by Spektr), or you could be following Virgil through the fel wastes of the abyss while Blood of Kingu hammer out infernal deathly black music as your soundtrack. Take my hand and walk with me through the nine circles of hell in Blood of Kingu’s newest release, Dark Star on the Right Horn of the Crescent Moon.

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    September 2, 2014 • Reviews • Views: 1494

  • This Toilet Tuesday (8/25/2014)

    This week we don’t have a whole lot to report. This is just like any other regular bowel movement. It comes and goes, and there’ nothing really noteworthy. No corn. No blood. Just the same ol’ same ol’. Still I hope you find something you’ll enjoy. Props to Spear for sloggin’ through the sewage and doing all the heavy pushin’.

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