Summer’s Laughter Pt. 2: Canadian/West Coast Destruction


In the first installment of “Summer’s Laughter 2k14”, we saw fellow lifelover, Moshoff, in Phillthydelphia viewing Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, Decrepit Birth, and yeah, yeah, a bunch of good bands. Meanwhile, me and the rest of the lepers of the PNW were getting all pissy because there were no dates announced in Seattle. Sure enough, the organizers of Summer Slaughter posted on their facebook that there would be a “Canadian Slaughter”, which was basically a watered down version of the regular bill, but with dates in the PNW and the Faceless headlining. Intrigued, I checked out the rest of the bands, which included Rings of Saturn, Black Crown Initiate, Fallujah, and BUM-BUM-BUM Archspire?! After seeing this, I immediately bought a ticket and eagerly awaited the 26th.

The Locals

The local bands who were probably only there because they won some battle of the bands that got them on the bill were Ashes of Existence and Prometheus. Now, I’m not one to rag on bands just because I don’t totally like their genre, but a fair portion of the audience clearly were holding back some laughs and giving the occasional eye roll to both core-rollers. Ashes of Existence were a fairly standard deathcore band, but they had enough sort of melodeath moments to get my head bobbing. I didn’t really hang in the crowd to watch Prometheus, as I was too busy checking out Archspire’s budding merch booth. Here is Ashes of Existence’s bandcamp. Prometheus’ bandcamp (if they have one) was impossible to find because their name is used by every metal band on the planet. If you’re really that curious, Prometheus are a deathcore band from Bremerton, WA; happy hunting.

Black Crown Initiate

Didn’t show up. I halfway expected this because each event page I saw for this show did not have BCI listed in the bill. It makes sense, and I can’t really say I was disappointed as their subtraction got me out of the show earlier and I didn’t really know their music to begin with.


While there has been a ton of talk about Fallujah online, and no doubt, “The Flesh Prevails” is probably going to be on the internet’s top 3 AOTY, I really didn’t know this band that well. I was music-cramming on a burnt copy of “The Harvest Wombs” the week before the show, so I at least knew “Cerebral Hybridization” when it came on. All in all, the band was very tight and energizing live and they piqued my interest. (I now am an official owner of “The Flesh Prevails”).


All kidding aside, Archspire were one of the main draws for me to this show and really helped sell the ticket. I got right up in the front, but had to wait a bit for the first set of numerous technical difficulties (no pun intended) of that night to get figured out. After everything was fixed, they proceeded to the stage and immediately ripped into “Scream Feeding”, which turned every innocent, curious listener into a rabid, meth-starved barbarian. My memory gets a little hazy here, but I’m pretty sure they played “Plague of Am” next, though I could be wrong. What I know for certain is that they soon ripped into “Fathom Infinite Depth”, which has one of my favorite fucking drum sections in a song of any band ever (dat weird cymbal fill tho)! Without a doubt, Spencer Prewett dethroned Dave McGraw as the fastest drummer I’ve ever seen live (and without a snare trigger, to the best of my ears capability). Anyhow, they played “Rapid Elemental Dissolve” (Season of Mist, get on top of reissuing this album please), “Seven Crowns and the Oblivion Chain”, and then closed out with, of course, “Lucid Collective Somnambulation”. For the band’s first U.S. show, Archspire went over incredibly well; the pit was a clearly established, corporeal force, and people flocked to their merch after they played. On a side note, the singer intermittently kept saying weird shit between songs like “My father doesn’t love me” or telling dead baby jokes. I’m stoked to see them again in October (Jack Bauer eat your heart out).

Rings of Saturn

So yeah, you may have found out through some of my comments I am one of the few who don’t vehemently hate this band. In fact, I actually kind of *looks around, whispers* “like them”. If you can’t say any of this band’s material makes for a good, cheesy listen at times, then that stick up your ass probably needs a little loosening. I won’t get super detailed here to spare my TOH brahs, but they opened with “Corpses Thrown Across the Sky”, starting the show off well enough. I will say, in the midst of me bro-ing out and slamming to some breakdown-city, ROS seemed like they really didn’t want to be there that night, which earnestly affected my judgment of their performance. They played tight, but their live sound almost seemed like a sanitized version of their recordings (not a positive for any band). Near the end of their set, Joel Omans broke a string, and the rest of the band seemed to be having equipment malfunctions as well, which led to a complete halt in their set. After all problems were sorted out, they had to end their set short with (no surprise) “Seized and Devoured”, which is one of the most meatheaded, sing-a-long metal songs that exists outside of Bloodbath’s, “Eaten”.

The Faceless

Ah, the Faceless; the tech death/deathcore band that has enough androgynous qualities for both trve death metal fans and chubbies-wearing core kids to enjoy equally. While I’ve had numerous opportunities to see The Faceless live, none were quite right. They’d either be on horrible bills (ex. Cradle of Filth) where they’d assuredly only get a 20 minute set, or crazy unforeseen circumstances came up like when I was supposed to see them and BTBAM last year, but then Dave Chapelle announced a standup set on the same day. Finally, this was the show I had been waiting for: The Faceless headlining with a long ass set that touched on each album of theirs with care.

They opened up balls-out with “Shape Shifters/Coldly Calculated Design”, a song that turned a tired crowd ravenous. After playing a few other scorchers, I had to slip out of the front, but only after mandatorily suffering to see “The Ancient Covenant” up close. I chose the right time to catch a breath as they segued into a perfect cool down of the collected “Autotheism” movements. Kleene’s vocals were really impressive here and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the newer songs that the internet world has seemed to collectively shit upon. “Legion of the Serpent” coerced me back to the front, and they really did it for me when they played “Hymn of Sanity”, which may be my favorite Faceless song of all time. They concluded their set with “Xenochrist”, but not without Michael’s guitar crapping out (strike three for the night) at the end of the song, to where he just tossed the guitar and started giving out high fives.

All in all, I had a blast and this was one of the first bigger shows I went to alone, so I had a really pleasant time just doing whatever the fuck I wanted. Definitely in my top shows I’ve seen this year. With this, crazytaco_12 leaves you with the wise advice bestowed upon me by an ancient group of sages in the northern land of Vancouver:




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    • They wear the core version of chubbies, which are skinny jeans cut off at chubby length.

    • Guacamole Jim

      Ah, chubbies.

    • crazytaco_12

      Dude, ROS were selling chubbies at their merch booth, pretty painful to watch

      • HAHAHA, that confused the hell out of me. Nah, Chubbies are short dad shorts for bros. (they are very comfortable)

        • sky’s out, thighs out.

          (upon googling these “chubbies”, i have shuddered violently)

  • “he just tossed the guitar and started giving out high fives.”

  • Tyree

    Suave, man. You’re so fuckin’ suave.

    Here’s to crazytaco_12

  • Howard Dean

    Dude, that sucks. Summer Slaughter Tour headlined by Morbid Angel and featuring Dying Fetus. Canadian Slaughter Tour headlined by… The Faceless? And featuring Rings of Saturn? What a shit tradeoff.


    • Scrimm

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. Yeah that is a weak bill.

    • Mother Shabubu III

      And in between sets, Michael Keene would come out and try his comedy routine.

      • Howard Dean

        Michael Keene: Now for my next joke: You know what’s not funny at all?

        Crowd: [silence]

        Michael Keene: The Faceless. This is serious shit, man. We’re very serious and deep.

        Crowd: [silence]

        Michael Keene: Whatever, dudes. You just don’t even understand it. I’m the voice of a generation!

        Dude in the crowd: Yo, where the fuck is Morbid Angel?

        • Mother Shabubu III

          Morbid Angel was too busy shopping for latex clothes.

          • Howard Dean

            …in Philthydelphia.

          • Mother Shabubu III

            Every time I hear that I get chills of the douche variety.

          • dingus

            It’s amazing how actively, aggressively horrible his stage banter is

          • MoshOff

            Conversely, eating pizza in their underwear while their techs soundcheck.

      • The lyrics to “Hail Science”:
        “The day is drawing near when all of mankind will bow to a new god–a god known as Knowledge that will abolish the archaic belief systems designed for those who fear their own mortality.
        Science is on the verge of debunking the preposterous concepts of mythological superstitions and enlightening the world to a new age of self-empowerment.
        An age of unfathomable possibility. An age of prosperity. An age of universal advancement and understanding. An age in which the faceless will have to say… We Told You So…”


        • Mother Shabubu III

          Lyrics or Wikipedia article?

          • it’s a spoken word interlude on the album. 5/5 cringes. he’s probably wearing a fedora whilst speaking it.

          • MoshOff

            It’s Microsoft Sam. 10/5 cringes.

    • crazytaco_12

      Yeah, I know what you’re saying there, but the ticket price went down phenomenally with this said lineup.

  • i think most of us can collectively say, “check out Black Crown Initiate… you’ll dig it”

    • Mr. Bojangles

      I think your mom can say the same thing.

      -Mr. Bojangles.

      • BAD CAT

      • Elite Extremophile

        *obligatory joke about pussy as a double entendre*

        • get a room you two!

          plus you look too innocent to make sex jokes.

          • Elite Extremophile

            the truth to that statement is ridiculous

    • Keegan Lavern Still

      I’m jonesing for my preorder of the new album so facking hard.

      • no joke. the boyz at Heavy Blog is Heavy gave it 0.5/5 flushes (their equivalent). i’m green with envy that they got it this early!

      • Howard Dean

        You can’t beat the rush that accompanies finally receiving an album in the mail after preordering it, hyping it in your mind, and having to wait.


      I’m actually listening to it for the first time right now. Yes yes yes, I know, why so late to the party. Not bad so far. Glad they got past this clean prelude at the beginning of this Stench one. When does the new one come out?

      • Next Tuesday, I believe.


          will be looking for that one. thanks!

      • i think Black Crown Initiate can fulfill the Opeth-shaped hole in my heart.


          so it’s shaped like the vortex of a toilet flushing?

          • Lord Ov Kapsko

            Or a gay dude with a stache.

    • crazytaco_12

      Will have to do

  • Gurp

    I’m still pissed I didn’t get to see Summer Slaughter the first time around.

    • Guacamole Jim

      Like, the very first time?

      • Gurp

        Naw, the first lineup this year with Morbid Angel and Dying Fetus.

    • i saw a summer slaughter almost a decade ago, the headliner was Necrophagist. Muhammed was all like, “we’re working on a new album!” little did we know…

      • crazytaco_12

        You lucky sum’ bitch

      • Gurp

        No one could have known.

    • crazytaco_12

      Same here dude. Me and my buds were all planning on going because we thought there was going to be a Seattle date announced, but it never happened.

  • frozengoatsheadupanunsarse

    One ‘o these days I gotta start going to metal gigs again. Been too long, especially since I used to even like going to see bands I’d hardly heard of before just for the sake of metal.

    • Lord Ov Kapsko

      Why metal gigs are fun:
      1. You hear metal.
      2. You can laugh at dudes that take it too seriously (inked body, piercings everywere).
      3. You can drink some ov most crappy beer ever made by man.
      4. You can buy a t-shirt with tour dates printed on them – the’re cool and you get clothes at the same time.

  • TrickleDownTacoRiff

    I dig Rings of Saturn too CT!! Cool post!

    • crazytaco_12

      Thanks man!

      • TrickleDownTacoRiff


  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain
  • IronLawnmower

    At least you HAVE metal festivals. We have one a year in a field behind a pub.

  • Am jealous! Side note, I am digging the second rings of Saturn single.

    • BAD JACK!


      • I’m sorry! I tried to hate it, I did! But it just sounds so good on my car stereo!

    • The Black Dahlia Burger

      It’s really great, but the video for it is so so bad

      • Lyric videos are a plague that should be wiped from existence.

        • The Black Dahlia Burger

          I like ones that are just the lyrics, I don’t need the flashing artwork and twisting/turning the words, that’s just stupid

  • Scrimm

    New bloodbath sounds like ass.

    • is that good or bad? kardashian or cyrus?

      • Scrimm

        Neither. More like big sweaty sumo wrestler. Sounds terrible to me.



          • Scrimm

            I’m in good company.

        • (well miley cyrus’s ass looks terrible to me)

      • Lord Ov Kapsko

        Her pic’s from the fappening 2 shows that she clearly has a kapsko.

        • please explain.

          • Lord Ov Kapsko

            She took a picture in front ov the mirror with no panties, all kapsko out.

          • which one, kim? cause i could look at kim all day. miley cyrus grosses me out.

          • Lord Ov Kapsko

            Kim the kapsko Cardashian.

    • Howard Dean

      Needs moar Swano.

      • Scrimm

        Exactly. They should have got on their hands and knees and begged him to return.

        • …and i agree, the vox suck lemons. music’s good tho

      • MoshOff

        And Tagtgren.

  • Mother Shabubu III

    Speaking of tech death, what in the living fucking happened to Job for a Cowboy? I mean this destroys!

    • I was literally just about to post about this song, as I’m listening to it right now. It’s fucking fantastic. Their songwriting has improved exponentially.

      • Mother Shabubu III

        Since I’ve heard “Genesis” by them, I’ve been waiting for them to step up like this. I’m actually excited for this release.

        • this is great, but i also thought dem0nocracy was a solid 8/10 death metal album

          • Ruination is the only album of theirs I have, I’d rate it maybe a 2/5 flushes. It’s a competent album, just not too interesting to me.

          • Mother Shabubu III

            I haven’t heard “Demonocracy” yet, only “Genesis” and “Ruination”. There were some awesome songs on both as well as some forgettable ones. I like when JFAC slows things down.

        • The Black Dahlia Burger

          Honestly, they’ve been steadily getting better with each release.

    • Howard Dean
      • hehehehe. i didn’t see you as being a JFAC fan!

    • Also, it was somehow one of the top trending things on facebook last night, kinda crazy. I really fucking dig this song.

      • The Black Dahlia Burger

        I saw that! I figured it was personalized based on music I have liked on there or something, but if it was nationwide or something, that’s crazy

    • pïgchop™

      The music was moving along most excellently. All was great until those horrid vocals kicked in and destroyed the moment. Yup, it was like eating a good steak and suddenly biting into a bit of broken glass.

  • pïgchop™
  • Xan

    I think Archspire needs to cover Dragonforce’s Through the Fire and Flames and make it faster.

  • HugoBoss_Enema

    Archspire was so incredible that night. And what he said was, “I don’t know who my real father is.” I thought it was a riot.