Spring Metal Festivals Roundup: Part 2


Don’t be stupid, be a smarty. Come and join the metal party!

Last week we ran down some of the fests you should attend this season. Here is Round 2. Bring sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and have a meeting place in case you get separated from your friends/significant others/parents

Camden-London, UK
April 24 – 26

Sadly, this isn’t Dessert Fest. Personally, I would love to see Orange Goblin play a set in between self-serve ice cream machines and a topping bar. Oh, people will definitely have snacks with them at this show, but you probably shouldn’t eat them. Bring a small pocket fan so you can see through the haze of smoke and dude-stench. I’ll be the one in the Straight Edge shirt and gas mask asking people politely if they could exhale in a different direction.

Bands: Sleep, Red Fang, Eyehategod, Orange Goblin, Minsk, Cancer, SSS, The Atomic Bitchwax, Black Cobra and more.

Sweden Rock
June 3 – 6
Solvesborg, Sweden

Where can you see Toto and Dark Tranquillity on the same bill? How about Meshuggah and Pat Travers Band? Sweden Rock Festival of course! As far as mixed lineups go, Sweden Rock may take the metal cake. This is probably a good fest for dad rockers to bond with their metalhead kids. You’ll really connect on a whole new level when you both agree to skip Five Finger Death Punch to see Exodus.

Bands: Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Opeth, Ghost, Hammerfall, Dokken, Ace Frehley, Extreme, and more.

Out & Loud Festival
June 4 – 6th
Geiselwind, Germany

Say it loud! I’m out and…wait, that’s not right. Wrong gathering. I’m thinking of Out/Loud Festival, the queer women’s festival. ToH is supportive either way. Germany loves their metal. Though it’s not as big as Wacken, Out & Loud certainly packs a metal punch. Break out the denim, leather, and Kasespatzle for this one!

Bands: Helloween, Testament, Arch Enemy, Carcass, Wintersun, Eluveitie, Alestorm, Insomnium, Unleashed, Tankard and more.

Rock AM Ring
June 5 – 7
Mendig, Germany

Rock AM Ring is closer to “truth in advertising” then some other festivals in that it’s mostly rock-based with a smattering of metal. Want to go? Well tough strudel, pal. This thing is sold out. Or as they say in Deutchland “Rock am Ring ist ausverkauft.” Maybe you can ask Dave Grohl aka “the coolest guy in the world” if he has any spare tickets. Or you can ask King 810. Just tell them you like whatever song they play. I dunno. Worth a shot, right?

Bands: Foo Fighters, Slipknot, The Prodigy, Motorhead, Rise Against, Marilyn Manson, Interpol, Bad Religion and more.

Castle Donington, UK
June 12 – 14


Download is one of the big annual rock fests in the UK. The stages are big and you may end up a mile away from the headliners. If you’re only interested in 1 or 2 bands, it may be worth just waiting until they come around on a headlining tour. It’s weird to see a band like Muse on the same bill as a band like Madball. Maybe there will be a mixup and we’ll see the NYHC veterans on the main stage.

Bands: Slipknot, Muse, KISS, Faith No More, Marilyn Manson, Clutch, L7, Andrew WK, Lamb of God, Dragonforce and more.

June 18 – 20
Nummijärvi, Kauhajoki, Finland

I’m sure it’s pronounced something along the lines of “noo-me rock” I’m just going to go ahead and pronounce it “Nummy Rock”. It sounds delicious. Just imagine the stage is made of peppermint, the speakers are solid chocolate, and the lights are just giant lollipops. Of course, maybe someone else is making a yummy sound.

Bands: Testament, Arch Enemy, Heaven Shall Burn, Dark Funeral, Moonsorrow, Insomnium, Mors Principium Est, Korpiklaani, and more.

Tons of Rock
June 18 – 20
Halden, Norway

Not grams of rock. Not pounds of rock. Not gallons of rock. Tons of Rock. This festival is a good example of how extreme metal bands can play next to rock and hair metal bands. These bands may not have the popularity they once did in the States, but there is still major love for them in Europe. Twisted Sister is one of the headliners and I am happy that they are still (as of this writing) planning to play all of their dates following the untimely death of their drummer. I hope they and their fans have a great time.

Bands: Twisted Sister, In Flames, Opeth, Venom, Gojira, Kreator, Testament, Ihsahn, Alcest, Fleshgod Apocalypse and more.

Dark Fest
June 19 -20
Byczyna, Poland


We all know how a chunk of the Polish population feels about extreme metal. Hopefully the folks at Dark Fest keep the rotting goat heads and sheep blood to a minimum. Being an Open Fest will probably help keep the stench of rotting animal flesh low. Not a lot of big names on this one, but that just means you can find plenty of new bands. Don’t forget to bring a flash light!

Bands: Vader, Hate, Pandemonium, Furia, Voidhanger and more.

Graspop Metal Meeting
June 19 – 21
Dessel, Belgium

Gird your waffles, boys! It’s off to Belgium we go for the delightfully-sounding Graspop Metal Meeting. All metal shows should be referred to as “meeting”. We can all get together, have some baked goods and punch and discuss the soci-economic ramifications of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal as compared to the first wave of American thrash metal bands. Yeah, that meeting would last about 5 minutes before someone gets smashed with a chair. Good thing the music will be loud at Graspop.

Bands: KISS, Slipknot, Scorpions, Korn, Judas Priest, Faith No More, Motorhead, Alice Cooper, Lamb of God, Body Count, Life Of Agony, Cradle of Filth, My Dying Bride and tons more.

June 19 – 21
Clisson, France

No, this isn’t a return from the American metal and hardcore fest that had the bright idea to include Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza. This is the massive French Hellfest with more awesome bands than you can shake a broken drumstick at. Every stage is awesome. Every day is awesome. Thinking of going? Tough baguettes, pal. This thing is sold out!

Bands: Judas Priest, Scorpions, ZZ Top, Limp Bizkit, Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Cannibal Corpse, Nightwish, Venom, Shining, Mastodon, Dead Kennedys and more.

Tuska Open Air Festival
June 26 – 28
Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland

Who’s a Tuska? What’s a Tuska? Is this guy a Tuska? Apparently, it’s Finnish for “pain” or “agony”. This lineup is pretty good, so no pain or agony over here. Maybe 3 days of standing and rocking out will bring forth the tuska. What’s the Finnish equivalent of Icy-Hot?

Bands: Sabaton, Alice Cooper, Amorphis, Loudness, In Flames, Opeth, Stratovarius, The Sword, Bloodbath, Ne Obliviscaris and more.

Now don’t your worry your pretty little head off. We’ll get to the summer fests soon.

Feel free to list the many other spring fests I’ve missed in the comments section below.

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  • I missed the discussion on Mondays – so I wanted to add a contribution. This song makes my jimmies feel alive and given that it is Spring – there is never a better time to be alive! Even if it is a Monday!




  • Tyree

    Vader needs to get their asses over to the U.S. here. At least for some festivals or some shit. When is the last time they ever played the states?

    Dark Fest looks kind of awesome. I’d love to check out Voidhanger.

    • Dr. Dubz

      That was really the only fest here that appealed to me.

  • Tyree

    The only reason I’d go to Download Fest is to see Billy Idol. Obviously.


    • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan

      i almost died watching korn at download. not cus they were awesome but cus someone landed on my head :/

      – Jodie Fletch, 5 days ago

  • Dr. Dubz

    Man, is Lamb of God playing every single festival in Europe?

    • LoG, Slash, and Testament are on a bunch. Working the circuit.

      • Dr. Dubz

        Serious question: how much money could a band like LoG make from playing the festival circuit?

    • Damn Europeans, stealing my favorite band.

  • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

    Sweden Rock is my favorite of the foreign festivals due to its mix of bands.

  • Sir Tapir the Based

    It seems like Apina, a shitty rap metal band, is going to be playing every damn Finnish festival this year.

  • Wait, who the hell is fronting Dead Kennedys?

  • KJM

    I’d probably enjoy Desert Fest the most.

  • Ricky

    Shining(Sweden) & Shining(Norway) really need to figure out the name thing… I confuse way too easy as it is.

    • JamesGrimm

      blackjazz shining-norway shining

  • My pick in this list is Hellfest:

    Judas Priest, Nightwish, The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy, At the Gates, Bloodbath, Cradle of Filth, Obituary, Ensiferum, Vallenfyre, Ne Obliviscaris, Carach Angren, Fallujah, The Exploited, Orange Goblin…

  • KJM
  • KJM

    Speaking of smoky sludge, gotta go pick up Weedeater tix for Wednesday’s show later. Woo hoo!

  • Dr. Dubz
    • The most baffling part of this whole thing is the decision to end it in Texas in August.

      • Dr. Dubz

        I went to Mayhem in Dallas a few summers in a row. Like 108 degrees outside. No beer for Dubby those days.

        • KJM

          I only saw the 2012 fest(Slayer, Motorhead, Anthrax). It was over 90F with heavy humidity, water only.

          • Dr. Dubz

            That was the last year I went. Pretty sure I just pounded water, gatorade, and free rockstars (bad idea).

          • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

            Free Monster at a Rockstar sponsored festival? That’s just bizarre that they wouldn’t give free Rockstar.

          • Dr. Dubz

            Ah, my mistake. It was Rockstar.

          • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

            They would give out free Rockstar at their festival just because it makes their product look better. It tastes awful though.

          • #JJDmarketingfacts

          • KJM

            All those energy drinks taste like flavored jet fuel. I’ll stick with Diet Dew(not that it tastes much better).

          • The Beargod

            Tomato tomato (that really makes no sense written).

          • J.R.

            Dying over here m80

          • The Beargod

            Of laughter, right?

          • J.R.

            And bears. Protip: do not cuddle uninvited

          • Big Poppa Penis Pump
          • J.R.

            Isn’t this narrated by Ishnifus Meaddle of Metalocalypse fame? Love that dudes voice.

          • Big Poppa Penis Pump

            Werner Herzog I think did the narration.

          • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

            I like that they have Slayer, King Diamond, Jungle Rot and Code Orange but they’re not going to SPAC and I’m not traveling to Wantagh to see 4 bands because Long Island is a dump.

          • KJM

            I’m certainly not missing the last train home to see 50% Slayer.

          • Dr. Dubz

            They must be paying Kerry King nicely. Seems like Slayer has played almost every Mayhem since 2009.

          • You would think people would burn out from them. Unless they are they are the festival’s “dad rock” band -which seems quite likely.

          • Dr. Dubz

            I guess they’re just extreme enough to appeal to both the extreme metalheads and the radio-friendly metalheads.

          • JamesGrimm

            dad metal. its a thing.

          • The Beargod

            Don’t know why everyone keeps writing Paul off lile that. Pr thinking that Hanneman had much anything in him anymore. Not. For. Years.

          • KJM

            I’ve seen Slayer w/Bostaph twice. He’s just fine, but Slayer without both Dave & Jeff? No thanks. Also, keep in mind that I’ve seen Slayer 7 times since 1987. I’ve had my fill.

          • The Beargod

            I don’t mean it personally. I juat think the whole 50% thing is supid overall. Overall I also hate the Jeff-worship which today is undeserved(fvck King tho)

          • KJM

            My respect for Jeff is based on his classic work, not what he’s done since the early 90s.
            Also if I find myself taking anything here personal, that means I need to take a break like last time. No worries ever.

          • The Beargod

            I think most people take/say internet stuff like it’s personal.

          • KJM

            I know better than to do that here.

          • The Beargod

            Yeah, I don’t there been many more than maybe three days anybodys been serious for ober ten minutes hereparts of the web.

          • i wouldn’t miss anything to see 100% Slayer. seen them a handful of times and every setlist has been the same(ish).

    • Oh hey, finally something comes to Sa–oh wait. Well, there’s still hope for California Deathfest…

    • KJM

      They’re gonna try and do 2 N.E. dates with that weak of a bill? Good luck with that. Unless they’re willing to take huge losses, some of those dates will be canceled for lack of sales.

      • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

        Damnit. I have no desire to travel to Hartford or Wantagh to go to this. There needs to be a new metal festival for the US that travels and isn’t this. Why can’t they bring Ozzfest back to the US?

        • KJM

          Because Sauron won’t pay good bands what they’re worth to play?


          • KJM

            Thanks. It has the extra added bonus of being 100% true.

          • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

            That is a good point. This isn’t even going to Saratoga where they have gone every year. If they do decide to add dates and go there maybe I’ll go but unless they go there and get a good lineup I say fuck Mayhem Fest with a giant cactus.

          • Big Poppa Penis Pump

            Actually, she charges bands for spots on the bill.

          • KJM

            The smaller bands do pay-to-play, but I remember her pissing and moaning because she had to pay SOAD around 1-2 Mil for 2006.

          • Big Poppa Penis Pump

            Good, fuck her!

          • KJM


          • KJM

            What she did to Jake E Lee alone earned her a place in Metal Hell.

        • Big Poppa Penis Pump

          Because people don’t want to pay to watch Sharon literally egg bands and turn off their equipment, and bands aren’t up for paying her insane money to play with minimal return?

    • Formerly Known As Oli Sykes

      I feel bad for you americans, at least Hellyeah have been abandoned to the early main stage slots at eurofests.

    • I’m still holding out hope for a decent Summer Slaughter line up.

      • KJM

        As am I.

      • Between The Buried & Smee

        I really, really hope they pull for Necrophagist. Also, at least we know we won’t have to deal with Thy Art is Murder on it this year.

    • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

      Better than last years lineup…imo. I went 2 years ago and actually had a good time: Mastodon, Amon Amarth and others…fuck it!

      No comparison MDF or the European shows but fuck it..when you get lemons…haha.

      • The Beargod

        …ask for salt and tequila.

      • Big Poppa Penis Pump

        I’m amazed them, Jungle Rot or anyone would work with Victory Records given their track record, much less give them their own stage.

        • Ahmed Johnson The Reef Eater

          That is a good point. I’m going to go eat some reefs and I will be back soon.

          • Eddie, you ain’t Eddie no more

          • Ahmed Johnson The Reef Eater

            I know that. Ahmed Johnson is my favorite wrestler so I changed my name to honor his incomprehensible gibberish promos.

          • does he like drugs? is that what Reef means?

          • Ahmed Johnson The Reef Eater

            No. It’s a joke because he said of in a week he said eat a reef in a promo.

    • Óðhinn

      Yeah, that’s a stinky line-up. No offense to the 1/2 of Slayer remaining, but I won’t show up to see Hellyeah, The Devil Wears Prada, and Whitechapel. What a stinky garbage tour.

  • The Beargod

    I don’t know why people always try to pronounce Finniah words funny. The only language in the world written and pronounced the same.

    • HessianHunter

      How about Spanish and Japanese? No silent letters or vowels with multiple sounds there.

      • The Beargod

        Ah. I must admit I am poorly versed with the art of Japanese language. It seems to be similar in this fashion indeed.

        • EsusMoose

          Japanese is exactly as it appears when it’s written out in characters instead of kanji. Though people will slur some pronunciations when they speak

  • The Beargod

    I is amused ’cause you ised Tuska as a banner last time and only included it now.

    Also you didn’t include Steelfest. 🙁

    • Tuska was originally in the first article, but the article had to be split in 2. Cramming all those fests into one article would’ve been excessive.

  • I love how every time I post about Devin Townsend some one down votes it 🙂


    • Guacamole Jim


      Naw, I kid. I can dig some DT. Especially Ocean Machine.

    • KJM

      Don’t care for him, but I certainly wouldn’t go that far.

      • nobody goes that far in the tarlet. must be an outsider

        • Dr. Dubz

          We know for sure it isn’t Howard Dean.

  • Formerly Known As Oli Sykes

    The Hellfest lineup makes me wish I was french.
    Nothing should make me wish I was french.

    • I do not think I want to be French because they are always wee-wee-ing everywhere…

  • I want to know how Dokken snuck into that Sweden festival. They are so darn terrible!

    • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

      I don’t know how, At least they have Toto and Manfred Mann and a lot of other bands I like.

      • Why they sure do, dang. I looked through all these festivals – the only bands I would want to see is In Flames and Gojira.

      • KJM

        Mikael is probably psyched for that fest. He loves 70s rock.

        • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

          I’m fucking enraged I don’t live in Sweden to go see that.

          • KJM

            Every year the N.E. Metal/Hardcore Fest taunts me with its lameness, only an hour away yet so not worth it.

          • Sir Tapir the Based

            I could go there quite easily.

          • You could.

          • Sir Tapir the Based

            Indeed. But I will not. Only one band I would like to see.

  • Mother Shabubu III

    Tons of Rock Saturday has Seigmen and Dunderbeist…damn brah. They will both stick out like sore thumbs compared to stuff like Gojira and Fleshgod Apocalypse, and I mean that in a good way.

    PS: Seigmen just released their new album today and it’s beautiful.

  • KJM

    As I surmised, Derek is making Axl/Vince look like rank amateurs over at FFB: 5(!!!!) interviews and a video game article.

    • The Beargod

      This has really been the best day since Hessian’s. The interview have been really nice.

    • 🙂

    • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

      It’s good? I’ll give it a look.

      • KJM

        It’s what FFB should be like every day. He could’ve spread the content over a couple of days and it would still be worthwhile.

  • Tyree
  • J.R.

    “Don’t be stupid be a smarty come and join te metal party” is the vocal line that opens the TovH collective super album of friendship. So it is written.

    • Piece by piece you’re really giving me pictures of this CD compilation, jajaja!!

      • J.R.

        I’m going to have to go look at all my posts on the subject and get it all written out somewhere. So I don’t contradict myself next week and say “[witty chunk] is the opening line lol lol lol” or something.

    • *te merol party



      • J.R.


  • Big Poppa Penis Pump

    I’d go to that one German fest just to see Subway To Sally, since I know like hell they’ll never tour over here. Hold onto your pantaloons and behold the fiddly diddlies!


  • Max

    Getting to the Hellfest flyer is kinda funny. You read it and think that instead of listing all the acts, they may as well just leave a big blank space and print “Um…pretty much everybody…”

  • Óðhinn

    Desertfest looks great. Why is Five Finger Death Punch playing so many of these festivals? Yuck.

  • Brendan Campbell